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It hadn't been like they knew each other extensively. Mostly just seen one another in passing in what used to be the village hidden in the sand. They met once more after the exams that had been held in Kumogakure in the cafe they had just left, where they'd shared a meal and chatted like old friends. Or was it more? The young man's mind was unsure of what they could or would be seen as. True, they'd only just shared a meal and sweets, but their conversation had mostly been about their puppets and their ideas for such things, not really the romantic content one would expect from something more. Then again, he had invited her to sleep at his home for the night to ensure she'd be safe and not have to travel outside of the city until the morning. That was simply him being nice, wasn't it?

'Or there could be more to it, I suppose. She is rather beautiful.'

The young puppeteer shook his head, trying to clear his mind of such thoughts. He didn't want to be one of 'those guys' who thought in such a way. He was sure Nova wouldn't appreciate it. He shot her a look and a smile, using his chakra strings to contort and control Omukade and Sakyu. The two puppets moved in tandem to his will, following along as they left the cafe's front stoop. The giant centipede would be skittering with many sounds of 'tik tak' upon cobblestone. While the puppet resembling a young girl would have slightly heavier steps, like those of a metal laden person. It was possible that she was heavier than she appeared due to the modifications he had installed in her, but that was likely to be expected of any puppet with high power weaponry in it. Tenno stopped to look around, trying to remember the exact path he normally used. By this time it was much later than when he had arrived at the cafe, prompting his eyes to try adjusting to the new darkness he saw. Though it had been dark before, this was the type of inky blackness of a late night. Thankfully there were street lights to help guide their way.

He waited to ensure Nova had time to collect her own puppet and held the door if she needed it, before leading her by her side towards the market district's inner workings on their way to his workshop. It wasn't actually far or anything, but he wanted to take his time to spend more time getting to know the young woman he now walked with. "So, we're heading to my workshop, which is connected to my home now. Do you happen to have a workshop of your own? I remember I had to work many long hours to pay for the addition onto the modest place I have now. It's a good thing that my type of work is always desired I suppose." He smiled once more to her at the end of his sentence, locking his eyes with her own for a moment.


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Nova smiled warmly at the boy that she had shared a meal with. Though she was unaware of it, her cheeks would blush slightly as she look to him. Hoping that he had missed her sidelong gaze at him she would stand to leave the restaurant and gather up the pile of books that had been forgotten for the last bit of time at the cafe. With less care than she might normally take, she piled the books loosely in the seat of Kurogokegamu as she intended to walk beside Tenno to his home. Turned away now, she let the shy smile cross her face at spending more times with the old friend, or was it a new one? Though she remembered him from her childhood and it felt as though they might already know so much about eachother, this was the first time in many years that they would have come face to face and after both having gone through the trauma of loosing their home in very different manners. Was it an actual affection growing or was it her aching homesickness that seemed to strike at the most unusual and inconvenient of times. Inside she would worry that the offer of her spending the night at his home was an act of instinctual courtesy or of actual concern for her safety, but either way she would worry about inconveniencing him.

Nova's lips would curve in a bright smile as she saw his chakra strings tug at his duo of puppets, a feeling of camaraderie and happiness coursing through her as she felt as though she had met someone who might fully understand her interests. As he would draw his puppets along, Nova would do the same though she would wrap her threads like a ball of yarn before severing her connection to it and placed it to the front of her spider puppet. Slowly he glowing emerald orb of chakra strings would sink into the metal surface, the glow lingering for a second before the puppet would jolt life apparently of its own accord. Only if one had watched her strange actions would they know it was she the one piloting it, though it would skitter along after her like a dog on a leash. The tapping of the duo of puppets belonging to Tenno seemed to tap out a melody in coordination with the movement of her own puppet, a spur of jealousy would prod her as she hoped she would complete planning and construction of the scorpion would complete soon.

Tenno was surprisingly accommodating to her slower travel than he might be used to, walking slowly beside her as their constructs skittered along behind them. Though it was dark out, Nova felt unusually safe and comfortable as they strode in the direction that he motioned that his workshop lay in. Though most of their travel had been quite, Tenno would turn to speak as they walked side by side, "So, we're heading to my workshop, which is connected to my home now. Do you happen to have a workshop of your own? I remember I had to work many long hours to pay for the addition onto the modest place I have now. It's a good thing that my type of work is always desired I suppose.", Tenno's voice was warm and welcoming as his brown eyes locked with Nova's emerald for a moment as he spoke and a smile was on his lips. “I haven't had a real workshop since I've left Suna and have been moving around so much since. I have a room in the mansion that is big enough to work in though its not a proper workshop by any means. I seem to manage though, I still have all of my tools and I take them with me. Some are what was salvaged from my fathers shop and others I've accumulated. I suppose I have enough that I have a traveling workshop though I must go to the supplies rather than take them with me.”, Nova's words were soft, she was in awe that he had managed to own his own workshop in the city. She supposed she could have bought one here with her winnings from the exams, but the thought had never crossed her mind until now. “How long have you been set up there? Im excited to see it”, Nova was sincere, she was truly elated to share a craft for which they both had such a passion.

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