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Syekren silently moved through the ruined streets of a desolate city. Visions of what used to be Sunagakure no Sato flooded his mind and assaulted his thoughts. Everywhere in the streets he saw something that reminded him of his former home. The ruined shop fronts, the dilapidated homes, everything spoke of a place once bustling with life but now lie silent. He didn't know where he was, not truly. He knew where he was not however. He was not in the ruins of Sunagakure, not at the moment. The weather was far too mild, too cold, to be a village in the desert. The air far too clouded with heavy mists to be anywhere near his former home, no this was somewhere else. The man had no idea how he had come to arrive where he was currently, last he knew he was in Kirigakure at a tavern, the bottle was even still in his hand. He looked at the bottle's label, the familiar "Fire Brand" name of the whiskey he favoured scrawled in burning calligraphy. The bottle was only half gone, so he couldn't be too drunk, he must have been over taken by something subconsciously to make the journey wherever he was at the moment. The ninja silently took a sip of his bottle, turning into a healthy swig. He made a face at the water infused after taste, a far cry from the flaming coal taste he was used to in his cinnamon whiskey but tried to not let it bother him too much. He was obviously at his current location for a reason. Whatever reason that may be, he would have to figure it out as he went along.

Syekren checked himself to find he was clothed in his black long sleeve tee shirt and blue jeans. He wore the normal black sneakers upon his feet and even had his belt which had his tanto attached to the back left, his trench knives laid horizontally on the hooks in the front. He wasn't missing any equipment, nor coin, so it really must have just been him subconsciously making his way through the mists to the location he happened upon. Syekren sighed to himself and took another healthy swig, looking about the place he was in, taking careful but confident steps through the streets trying to find any sign of life, were there any to find. He had come here for a reason and would like to find that reason before he headed on his merry way. Could he be here to find more warriors who might be worthy of his cause? Likely not, or he wouldn't be here alone. Still, such a place held a lot of opportunity for those who might need a body guard to assist them in search for pieces of the past. The ninja stopped and rubbed his chin quietly, thinking to himself. He would have to remember this place for the future, but it seemed that he was no longer alone. Some feeling in him told the Uchiha that there was something or someone nearby, he just didn't know what or where it would be. He stayed at the ready, and took another swig, his eyes peering carefully around to try and pick out any obscure shapes that shouldn't be there. He wouldn't allow himself to be accosted while he was unawares.



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Sero would settle on a roof. Holding his aura to a mere ten meters but for him this was close enough. He was well away from the people as the sun was high in the sky. Still the mist blocked out most of the light. It was just light enough to tell it was mid day. One couldn't even point out where the sun was above. Still he had chosen to restrict himself to this place. Where he could hear the distant noises of the inhabitants if they were loud enough. Yet didn't threaten to be stumbled upon. Some time ago it wouldn't be possible but now, now he was much different than he was then. His grey eyes scanned the roof tops to make sure no one would stumble upon him. Instead his ears would twitch slightly. Picking up on the subtle sounds of a voice rising into the air. A girl in the village was singing. Sero would kneel down on the partially destroyed roof he was previously standing on. Her voice was pleasant to the ears. A cresendo of soft tunes rising. Perhaps it was how they made it through this dreary world. Existing so long as there was still beauty to be found. It made him question to himself. Had they paid their price for their crimes? Should Kiri have accepted some of them as prisoners instead of the law being enforced endlessly with the blade? They were not fighting among themselves even with so little. Choosing instead to survive.

Still her voice carried on the wind. Another presence entered within his senses. He could feel a potent pull somewhere behind him. Not familiar in any way. Certainly not one of the inhabitants here. He breathed in the air as he glanced over his shoulder. The scent was strong with cinnamon. He shifted as he stayed low. Moving across the top of the crumbling roof as he spread his weight between for limbs. Careful to place himself so nothing crumbled under him. His grey eyes shifted over the edge as he viewed a man. He appeared to be drinking whatever that scent was coming from. Alcohol if he wasn't mistaken. However Sero had felt his presence from some distance. Already he could see the man shifting his gaze over the area. Even with Sero holding his aura in check the man had sensed him as well. He wasn't as pale as the others here so it wasn't an inhabitant. This man likely came through the portal. Sero shifted through his memory. He had looked over the crowd. For now he suddenly stood in the crowd he had pictured in his mind. Each face detailed and still. His form moved between the picture in his mind for a moment before finally coming across this man. How careless he had been not to sense him before. Still that confirmed he wasn't from here. Likely he needed Sero alive to return. Or at least for the answer of how to return. There was no reason not to go and see for himself.

Suddenly from the roof tops a red blur shifted down. The cloak throwing off the gaze if looked at even of the most perceptive. Creating a strange sense of distorted movement. Sero had stepped off the roof in plain view and landed as if it was only the distance of a single step on a set of stairs. A strange grace about him even from several stories up. Still the white haired man would stand there eyeing the darker haired one. His red cloak hanging about him as even standing still it distorted the image of him. Like he was vibrating or shifting. Still at this little distance Syekeren would feel it. There was some danger here. A man stood before him but he appeared hollow. Like a vision put forth to hide some inner beast. As if the flesh might part and some unspeakable thing might spring forth. Still Sero stood still as he watched the other man. Waiting to be addressed. With most the instant reaction was fight or flight. What would this guest in his kingdom do? Would he flee? Would he fight? Was he drunk and needing out? It was yet to be seen.


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