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Books Everywhere | WC:

Mission name: Books, Books everywhere!
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Work in the Iwagakure library, don’t get any of the books damaged.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Attention: Librarian wanted for short-term position in the Iwagakure library. Please come to the Iwagakure library ASAP, help needed for shelving position.
Mission details: Don’t damage any of the books or you won’t get paid.

The training grounds. If there were one place he enjoyed immensely, that tapped into the part of him which is suppressed when in normal society, and allowing it to run freely, it is this place. One of the only areas were he could release control of his body, allowing it to act in the way it desperately wanted without worry of causing damage to anything not belonging to him. Whenever he felt depressed, angry, or any other emotions, coming to the training grounds is where he usually found himself at, and today was not any different. But instead of him going by himself, another had tagged along, and they were the ones who suggested the trip.

Thus, before the crack of dawn, he was woken up by his father and told to get dressing in clothing he would not mind being ruined, but not the standard training gear. No sooner afterward doing his morning ritual, did he has whisked away to an abandoned training ground, and unceremoniously dumped on his ass. Recovering quick enough to dodge an earthen spear which could have caused severe injury if connected. No breathing wound was given as his father assaulted him with a ray of different elemental ninjutsu. He is forced to play a defensive game as he dodges, duck, and weaved through the storm of ninjutsu while keeping an eye open for a chance to counter-attack.

The chance came, with any openings being quickly covered by a myriad of ninjutsu. His father orchestrating the metaphorical storm with easy, unlike anything he ever saw before. Though that was not the scary part. No, the lack of perspiration on the older man's brow was more worrying and concerning. The man did not look like he was losing steam while handling him. He, on the other hand, was covered in a thin film of sweat and was begin to pant hard.

He did not know how long the training session last, but, by the time it was over the clothing he wore were in ruins. Nothing about them being salvageable in the slightest. “Good work out.”, he nodded at his father’s words. Though he did not manage to land a hit on the older gentlemen, there were much to gain from the man.

Grabbing his bottle of water on the ground, he drunk his fill of the cold liquid, it is a welcome sensation. Despite the cold temperatures outside, he still took off the shirt, it is completely ruined anyhow and poured the fresh liquid onto his body. The action being noted by his father who was also bare-chested,“You are going to catch a cold.”. He did not say anything, only shrugging at the words to spoke to him. There was no way he would catch a cold after doing something so random. The chakra which was wafting from his body made sure of that.

Walking into the house, Kensaku moved to the kitchen, giving his mother a kiss on the cheek, “You stink”, those being the first words she spoke to him before going back to cooking breakfast. Chuckling at his mother’s bluntness, he walked passed her, and up the stairs, “Going to take a shower.”, He spoke. Making it to his room, Kensaku did not was any time in removing his clothing, putting them into the dirty bin before stepping into the shower.

Fifteen minutes later, Kensaku walked out of the bathroom and moved towards the closet to find clothes to wear. Shifting through the different attire, his thoughts drifted towards his plans for today. Having completed another C-rank mission with Niala, he had decided he would take on a simple D-rank one by himself. The mission he had chosen, yesterday, having him work at the library. He did not have a problem with the mission, tt being a place which he frequent visit, hence why he took it. Dressed in typical shinobi attire, Kensaku headed downstairs, spotting his twin who was busy eating breakfast. Words were exchanged between the two, both seemingly had the same mission, as he quickly at, and left the house.

It did not take him long to reach the library, stopping a front to appreciate it’s beauty before stepping inside. Immediately, Kensaku’s eyes fell upon the elderly library lady, “I am here to work.”, He spoke, grabbing the woman’s attention. After confirming that he indeed was here to work, the lady had one of her assistance to show him about, detailing him the duties he would be expected to accomplish. Understanding what needed to be done, Kensaku went to work.

Five hours passed by with the young man moving about the library, organizing books, putting them in their correct places, sweeping up any dirt on the floor, and helping those who were looking for a particular book. After finished his duties, he reported back in with the librarian, who told him he did a job well done, and signed the mission form, showing he had completed the mission. Exiting the building, Kensaku headed home.

846 | 750 = Mission Completed

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