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1Librarian for a Day [D-Rank Mission][Solo] Empty Librarian for a Day [D-Rank Mission][Solo] on Sat May 12, 2018 10:21 pm



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Mission Taken - Books, Books Everywhere (D-Rank):

Mission name: Books, Books everywhere!
Mission rank: D [Repeatable]
Objective: Work in the Iwagakure library, don’t get any of the books damaged.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: Attention: Librarian wanted for short-term position in the Iwagakure library. Please come to the Iwagakure library ASAP, help needed for shelving position.
Mission details: Don’t damage any of the books or you won’t get paid.
...It’s like a beautiful fortress of knowledge…

The library. Her favorite place in the world. Niala loved learning and the three story high castle-like structure was the place she preferred spending the majority of her time. Each floor was dedicated to different sections of books, the building holding hundreds of thousands of volumes, books, and scrolls packed full with information for the picking. The glass of the building was stained beautifully in different various pictures that reflected the villages history and which stood out against the gray stone walls. The doors to the building were heavy and large with golden handles with which to pull them open. This same golden design was on the inside as well, the wood finishes of the walls and baseboards trimmed with the beautiful gold, giving the room a warmer and more homey feel to it. Plush chairs, and high polished tables were littered about with a roaring fireplace along the west wall though this was by no means the only source of heat in the well build building. Bookshelves lined the walls and created aisles upon aisles while an ornate winding set of stairs sat almost directly in the middle of the library, the easiest way to reach the second and third floor where the more restricted volumes and scrolls were kept.

... Ah, that is the quietness I was looking for…

There was something to be said about the way libraries made Niala feel: everything from the smell, to the general peacefulness in the air, to the quietness just sat so well with her soul. It didn’t matter her mood when entering it always became relaxed and happy - not that she was in a bad mood or anything as she walked inside and out of the high noon sun that did little to nothing against the general coldness and chill of the day. The thin and short female paused mere feet from the heavy wooden doors - doors that looked as if they had been a struggle for the female to open - to reach up and pull from her head a woolen green beanie from the top of her head that matched the scarf and peacoat she also wore. The hat was stuffed into her pocket before she pulled her long and pin straight light sandy colored brown hair out of her scarf so that it could hang loosely down her back.

With honey brown eyes she looked around until she spotted the librarian, a smile instantly breaking out across her face as she lifted her hand and waved. The elderly woman paused in what she was doing to point to a stack of new books sitting behind the circulation desk with a smile on her own face that matched Niala’s. With a bow of her head in thanks Niala made her way behind the desk - a place she often was considering she put time in working at the library and volunteering - and grabbed up the stack of books before making her way back around and towards a table further in the back - near the roaring warm fireplace - and which had a small stamping and sticker machine on it along with several pens and a neat stack of blank papers waiting to be filled out. Placing the books down carefully - handling them as if they were valuable crystal - Niala finally took a moment to unbutton her jacket and carefully remove it, revealing the light beige colored baggy turtleneck sweater she wore beneath - a sweater that did nothing in trying to hide her thin form. Her jacket was folded carefully in half and then half again before being draped over the chair next to her. Her scarf was likewise removed, folded, and then placed on top of her jacket. After a moment of dusting a few snowflakes from her tan colored leggings and knee high boots that added less than half an inch of height to her five foot even self she sat within the plush chair, rubbing her hands together and cupping them to her face to blow hot air on them to warm them up.

...Am I alone today?...

Despite the libraries quietness, and even as she pulled the pile of books towards herself, she couldn’t help but glance around to see if there was anyone else nearby. Most in Iwagakure tended to avoid where she sat because they considered it too hot, but for her thin form it was the only way of truly getting warm: she might have lived here her entire life but her lack of body fat made it hard to adjust to the temperatures, and today it was cold enough to snow.

Once her glance around was completed she opened up the new book which creaked as it was open with the crisp sound only a brand new book could make. With another smile forming on her face and the smell of new book in her nose she went about picking up one of the pens nearby and writing the libraries name on it, as well as numbering it according to the sheet nearby, pausing to likewise write the name of the book down on the sheet next to the correct number: checking in new books was always one of her favorite jobs. In silence she worked, going through one new book after another and properly logging them in. Her pile dwindled down as minutes turned into an hour, then an hour into two and three. Finally, as the clock chimed once more throughout the grand stone building, indicating that four hours had passed, she found herself logging her last book in and adding it to the cart. From there she went along her way helping the librarian to put them away appropriately, not stopping until he was finished.

With a wave goodbye to the librarian Niala turned on her way and headed out the door, off to seek her payment.
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