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1 I'm Not Lost, You're Lost [Kirei/Mokusai] on Mon May 14, 2018 9:56 pm



Mission Details:

Mission name: Find the Village
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: Discover the Location of the Lost Village
Location: The Forest
Reward: 300 ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: You were told there is a village out here, now you just have to find it. Stay on the path, or you might find yourself lost.
Development References: Death Camp, part II
Mission Details: Lost in the middle of the Dead Forest is a Village; you must find the village, however this is no ordinary forest you will not want to be out here after dark so you better hurry or risk spending the night with the dead. The village will be in the middle of the forest and will be easily found so long as the play stays on its path, the village itself looks to be the Ruins of Kirigakure.

The day started out with a simple sentence: "It's about time you go meet your uncle Sero." The words spoken by Jun's grandmother were empty at the time, loaded with little to no meaning. Of course the girl had heard of her distant uncle and his odd habits. She knew he lived in an island off of the coast of the village. She had also heard it was infested with spiders and something about the efficiency of eating dead bodies. All in all, the man seemed strange from what she had heard, but what of it? If grandmother wanted her to meet him, then by all means. They could host a family dinner or something. What was it to her? She'd do her part, say hello, sit and eat. If she could fit a training session with her newfound uncle, even better. He was, after all, her grandmother's boss, technically speaking.

Jun should have known right then and there that it wasn't going to be that simple. She now stood at the edge of a forest, covered by a thick layer of fog. At her side stood Gin, strapping a giant tower shield to her back. "Take this shield to your uncle. There are ruins in the middle of this forest. He should be there," the older woman instructed.

"Hah? What do you mean should? And can't I just seal this thing in a scroll?" The teenager asked. The impatience was evident in her expression. She didn't particularly want to carry out this task but knew that she had no choice if she didn't want to spend the next month in a hospital bed.

"No can do, kiddo. I want him to see it as soon as you go in there. Besides, wouldn't want to make this little trip that easy for ya," her grandmother countered. Both were bullshit excuses. Jun would seal the giant tower shield into the scroll as soon as she was out of her grandmother's line of sight. "Now get going," she said, pushing the younger girl forward. She probably meant to give Jun a light shove, but wound up almost launching her against a nearby tree. The younger girl recovered her balance soon enough, though, and began to walk. "And remember: stay on the path!" Gin called to her.

Jun shook her head. "Yeah, yeah, old hag. Leave me the fuck alone and I'll keep being your pack mule," she mumbled, unsure of whether her grandmother would hear. Well, it didn't matter anymore. She was on the path to this forgotten village place. She felt the temperature drop sharply as soon as the fog enveloped her. She could barely see more than a few meters in front of her and the way back was beyond obscured. It was eerie how a place like this could make her lose her sense of time and direction so quickly. She had the feeling that it was the sort of area that would make animals growl at the empty air and compasses spin out of control. It definitely sounded like the type of place her uncle would enjoy, from what she knew.

Deciding it was as good a place as any, Junichi unstrapped the shield on her back and placed it on the ground alongside a scroll. It was an average looking thing, although sleek and functional. No doubt the materials were first rate. She traced her finger along the indentures in the middle that spelled out a word. "... Dumbass? What kind of gift is this?"[/color] the silver haired girl asked herself. No matter. It wasn't her problem. She rubbed her hands together and felt a chill run down her spine. She ignored it as she began to trace a basic shield on the piece of paper. Each hand placed on the seal and shield respectively, she activated the jutsu.

And nothing. No result. Nothing except a small caricature of her grandmother tap dancing appeared on the scroll. Jun gritted her teeth. It seemed like carrying this thing to the village was her only option. Wonderful.

She hoisted the slab of metal onto her back. Cursing under her breath, she kept moving on the path.


Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju

1 hour and 15 minutes ago

"The day has come." Mokuzai said within the dark of his room. Following his decision to remain in Kirigakure for further training after his visit to Yuki No Kuni to see Lady Verdandi, he was now preparing the last of his things he needed for the next phase, Mokuzai and the others who had participated in part one of the training course devised by the shinobi's Nozomi and Sero knew this day would be coming. The plan was Nozomi taught the first half her way, and Sero taught the second half his way but the real question was "What was his way?" The young Senju despite staying at the manor never meant Sero, to him he was just a mystery as the question to life with no firsthand knowledge.

By the time the young Senju arrived a crowd had gathered and he would sigh in aggravation, he wanted to stand in front of Sero if he appeared but with he crowd he though it be best to just stand on the building seven meters from the masses, this way he won't have to struggle to see through the crowd. Before even four minutes past Mokuzai could hear voices in the crowd telling others to leave or it was too dangerous to pursue, It's not a choice the Senju would have made but to others it was only logical to avoid or run away from something possibly life threatening, especially one that a shinobi known throughout the land was in charge of. Within minutes the large mass of people now dwindled down into a small group and Mokuzai now felt satisfied with the amount of people present and jumped down, just as he landed in a empty spot that was the used to be the middle of the crowd the man of the hour himself appeared "Sero Osada"

The young Senju was stunned, he had been watching the area since he had arrived and not once did he see a hint of the ninja's presence, this small example only proved for Mokuzai to see the gap between their powers and made him feel his decision to pursue this training was even more right then before. The legend himself begun to speak with a tone devoid of any real emotion, "You all have gathered her with purpose set in your minds. There is a need for your skills and it will test your limits. Both physically and of your sanity. I will soon create a seal to take us through this arch. When you step through the seal, you will arrive in a land I have named Hansha. A place of destitution and fear. When you step through you will find yourself within some woods. To the North west of the woods is a village. I urge you, make it there before nightfall. Things go bump in the daylight here but they will do more then bump in the night. Once there I expect you to help as needed. Push yourselves as you can but be aware of your limits. Perhaps you thrive here..perhaps you survive."

Despite the lack of emotion his message to all present was clear, "Choose to follow him and you may become a legend, or fail and perish to a early grave." Mokuzai luckily had already been prepared to die for quite a bit of time, at this point death was just another occupational hazard that came with the life of a shinobi, a few months ago he might have turned back but it was far too late for that now. Sero turned to the arch as he drew hand seals made from his unique chakra that created a mirror that rippled, he simply looked back before telling everyone he would see them there.

With the powerful shinobi gone everyone left now had a choice, surely to those who value their own lives running away was still a option to undertake but once you entered  the mirror you would be transported to the place he called Hansha,With his mind made up already Mokuzai moved to the back of the crowd to take a running start and then rushed forward and took a quiet literal leap of faith into the mirror.

Present Time

Within seconds the young Senju found himself rolling out of the mirror into a patch of dirt before stopping with a light groan escaping from his lips, as he got up and dusted himself off he could tell that he was still in the same place he was before but different, instead of the manor he was now in a bare patch of land surrounding by a trees. He quickly recalled the words Sero spoke of and realized that he was indeed in the mirror and was now within the woods, the legendary shinobi told each person present that once you entered it was important to set course north west to find a village as from his warning it was clearly dangerous to be out in the wild at night.

With his path already decided for him Mokuzai begun to head northwest of the woods in order to find the village, it wouldn't be long until he was completely surrounded by tree's but something wasn't right as with each step he could hear the sound that resembled the sound of keys jumbling about in ones pocket nearly thirteen meters away in front of him that made him stop moving, as he stood there the sound only seemed to be closing in on him and in alarm he quickly jumped above into one of the tree's and waited for whatever was coming his way to arrive, what would come would be shocking if not alarming about what was to come during his stay here.

Before any real shape came into view first would come the smell.The young Senju knew the smell well as he had became accustomed to it, the smell of a rotting corpse was all to clear to him along with the sound of rattling keys, at first he didn't want to logically put one and one together but sure enough the creature making the sound was no other then what appeared to be actually two  rotting corpse's dressed in armor with one carrying a cross bow and the other a giant sword that curved at it's end. If not for his previous encounters of the super natural with Di Mokuzai may have very well flinched and showed fear for the undead creature's below his feet, but right  now his mind though back on Sero's statement about things that go bump in the night and chuckled as this is what he meant, unfortunately that chuckle was loud enough for the undead soldiers to swing their heads up and see Mokuzai right above them and the soldier with the crossbow was quick to aim for the young Senju's head making him start cursing under his breath at his own foolishness.

Undead Soldiers:

Just as he watched the undead abomination lift their arm upwards aimed at him while pulling back on the draw string Mokuzai jumped from the branch of the tree into another towards northwest, there was no need for him to start fighting now unless he had too, right now he is in a place called Hansha in which he knows nothing about, it would be beneficial for him to gather information about where he was then to waste his energy but first he needed to find that village before he gets stuck out in the dark. As the young Senju jumped from tree branch to tree branch he would hear the persistent sound of the undead soldiers moans
ant their armor making clanking noise as they moved, although they looked rather frightening it seems their rotting bodies weren't built to chase down a ninja and were quite slow, despite having a crossbow the undead soldier couldn't aim it well enough to make sure it hit.

Now further along the path Mokuzai spotted eleven meters out a small disconnection with the tree branch's he was traveling on, such a thing usually meant that it was a path that lead in or out of this forest to a village which was very good news for him, In his haste Mokuzai increased his speed and bursted the full eleven meters in a second and could now see a path that lead further northwest and immediately jumped down. "What a strange place this is, i haven't seen an-" The young Senju choked on his words as he didn't notice that out of the corner of his eye stood a lady that he had accidentally jumped in front of that was carrying a large scroll and what appeared to be a shield, he would simply stare at the shielding wondering why someone was lugging such a thing deep into the forest, however he could hear the skeletons approaching from the woods as the familiar sound of their armor clanking grow closer, "I hope you know how to defend yourself, it seems while on my way here i attracted some nasty creatures, ah by the way im Mokuzai Senju nice to meet you.



"My blade's flow with the blood of my enemies, will yours be next Guest?"

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"Go through the portal and find the village which lays beyond. Simple enough, I guess."

Kirei's eyes rose from the missive which he held between his fingers, folding it in turn before tucking the paper away in his pocket. The Uchiha was entirely unsure how long he intended to traverse the second Camp, after all, his meeting with the Mizukage was fast approaching, and he couldn't afford to waste much time. Before him, the blonde could see a dense forest, drenched in thick fog with the canopy made invisible by the impermeable whiteness. All this cold and mist, being surrounded by creepy woods and strange creatures was starting to annoy Kirei, who longed for the bright green trees and warm weather of his home. In all honesty, the boy was utterly sick of the Mist and everything going on within its walls. This city's legacy of violence and the increasing severity with which it dealt with the criminals its very laws created made the Uchiha proud to be undertaking his tasks differently from the other shinobi with whom he shared a village. When first arriving, Kirei had made it his goal to emulate the strongest ninjas he could find in the Mist, but now he found himself valuing his own strength far above that of the paranoid killers which inhabited Kirigakure.

Using the second part of the Swordsmen's Death Camp as a pretext, Kirei had passed the information along to his partner, Di, who would hopefully be joining him in this realm before too long. Unfortunately, Kirei's real motives were not for the training, but because the man running the camp, Sero Osada, was one of their chief suspects. The Yatagarasu murders plaguing the city became the focus of the detective duo, and while they continued to research the latest evidence, they planned to question at least their small list of suspects. There existed only a handful of shinobi possessing the rare combination of strength and skill required to commit the ongoing killings, and with the Osada's propensity for theatrics and violence, he was the primary suspect. Kirei was unsure, as of now, how precisely the pair would go about interrogating the captain of the Seven Swords but between the two of them, they hadn't been stumped yet.

Carefully wandering into the treeline, Kirei recognized right away the impairment which the fog would have on his vision. The boy closed his eyes, opening them along with his Sharingan, which effortlessly pierced the veil of clouds and into the woods, mapping, along with his chakra, the surrounding area. Kirei had spent little time studying the directive from the administration and entered the woods from an odd angle, not aware there was even a path to follow but navigating by way of his visual prowess. Calmly pressing onward and absorbed in thoughts of the impending investigation, Kirei wondered when Di would be here and how they would even find Sero Osada to begin with. It wasn't until the boy shook his head free of the daze that he noticed the sun hanging much lower in the sky than when he'd arrived. Kirei's eyes narrowed, and he spun around, looking through the identical trees in all directions and immediately realizing no matter how far he walked nothing appeared to change. The Uchiha cursed under his breath at his own idiocy, having fallen into some kind of enchanted woods, midsummer night's dream fantasy crap instead of a typical mission.

In the end, it mattered little, and the young Uchiha made his way through the fog and trees looking for any sign of a path or of the village he sought. Unless the forest were indeed cursed in some way that made it impossible to navigate, Kirei would have no trouble staying aware of whatever lurked in the distance with his eyes burned red by Uchiha chakra. As Kirei navigated the woods, his ears filled with the distant sounds of rattling metal and eerie wind, causing him to wonder precisely what power caused this place to exist. The boy had arrived late, unable to witness the Osada's speech which would have explained to him at least some of the day's context, instead he had come of his own accord and wandered through the portal into this strange land alone. Through the fog and trees, Kirei could spy movement in the form of chakra flow; blue lights easily pierced the white veil and guided the Uchiha as if a ship to port. Breaking into a run, the boy lept and found purchase on a branch to watch from above in case the chakra he was spying belonged to a being with less than noble motives.

When finally Kirei broke through the treeline to overlook the path, his Sharingan laid eyes on the forms of two fellow shinobi. The first person put a smile on Kirei's face as he observed Mokuzai, a fellow Leaf ninja and someone the Uchiha trusted to have on any mission. The second was a girl that Kirei had never seen before but who carried a shield seemingly far too broad. The boy cocked his head and pulled from his forehead the cat's face ANBU mask which he often wore, timing this act with his descent from the trees into view. The pair would spot Kirei falling and likely only be able to observe the long hooded cloak and white mask as he stood and produced a gloved hand from beneath the pitch-black folds to wave gently. Having arrived after Mokuzai's introduction, Kirei was oblivious to any incoming hostility, and the corpses were without chakra flow so lost to the boy's Sharingan in the thick fog. It wouldn't be long after Kirei himself spoke before the Senju's pursuers would encroach upon their path, but for now, Kirei spoke, mask mimicking the voice of Itai, an ANBU captain, until he knew more about this other ninja. The sound escaping Kirei's lips did not match his usual candor, instead presenting as intense and deliberate, carrying with it cold distance copied from years of military service.

"Is this the path to the village? I've been lost for ages now. I'm looking for Sero Osada, I have some questions for him."



J U T S U | | I T E M S



Grumbling and complaining under her breath, Jun continued her march towards wherever this path led. Really, she hadn't been there for Sero's speech and was unaware that it had even happened. She had received no description of this place - what it would remain a mystery to the young Kuroka. She had only been told to follow the path and find her uncle Sero. It was a deceptively simple set of instructions, she knew. Everything with Gin had a tendency to be that way. The white haired girl sighed and adjusted the shield on her back. How could suck a lumbering thing be useful in battle? She supposed it could serve as cover, but it would restrict movement otherwise. Armor would have been a better choice, in her opinion. Then again, she was only a Genin. Her opinion hardly mattered, since her experience was limited.

Jun came to a sudden stop, hearing the telltale sound of someone jumping from one branch to the next. Her body tensed reflexively. She should have figured that travel through here wasn't going to be without danger or risk. She readied herself, summoning her wakizashi into her hands. The blades had taken a more solid form since the first time she had conjured them. Keeping the fine balance between her chakra and her very soul - both of which crafted these blades in combination - was an art. After some diligent training, she was now even able to add more functionality to them. She braced herself for whatever came but... What was the sound that came with the incoming intruder?

It sounded like... Moaning, the kind you would hear from someone who was in intense pain, someone who was dying. But along with it, chains rattled, metal grated against metal. Whoever it was was wearing armor. She readied herself. A wicked smile spread across her face. This would be fun.

A young boy jumped from the dead branches of the tree overhead and landed in front of her. He mumbled something under his breath that the girl couldn't quite hear, but interrupted himself when he turned around and saw her there. He was much too relaxed to be an enemy. Moreover, his first reaction wasn't to attack, but to stare at her - or rather, the shield on her back.

Jun's expression twisted into a grimace. This was disappointing  in more ways than one. Company was last thing Junichi wanted or needed - especially not company that brought with them a bunch of... Whatever those things were. She now saw the silhouettes past the fog. The dark creatures stumbled through the thick layer of mist hanging in the air. Sure, the young Kuroka appreciated the opportunity for a fight, but rarely did she enjoy sharing the battlefield with someone else.

At his question, her expression turned into one of mild annoyance and anger. Could Jun defend herself? Well no shit. She was a kunoichi, a fact she was damn proud of. Worst case scenario, she could hide behind the lumbering shield on her back. She was unable to activate any of its abilities, but hey, it would block strikes and Jutsu all the same. On top of that, there were two short blades in her hands. "Tch, you're an idiot," she said, her first words to the newcomer. She got into a stance next to him anyways her back close to his. "Don't get in my way," she snarled. Arrows began to fly over and around them, missing both by several feet. Still, their attackers were only silhouettes in the distance.

Before their opponents arrived - however many there were - someone else did. Someone else jumped from the decaying trees above ń, dressed in a black cloak and the infamous mask of the ANBU. A lost ANBU. And here she thought these people were meant to  be competent, experts in all matters of survival. What hell was one of them even doing here of all places? The answer to that came almost immediately. Looking for Osada Sero, huh? That made two of them. The way Jun saw it, she sooner she delivered this shield, the sooner she could get the hell out of here. She dislike this Hansha place already.

Turning towards the man in the mask, she spoke again. "Yeah, you're finally on the right path. Congratulations. I'm sure Sero will be thrilled to see you," she said. Sarcasm dripped from every word. And as she spoke, finally the undead creatures came into view.


Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju

Although Mokuzai had been thrilled to see another person his arrival and question was meant with the face of annoyance and anger before she spoke as she slipped into a stance that put them back to back, "Tch, you're an idiot. Don't get in my way." The shinobi begun to chuckle to himself at her answer as even though she seemed rather annoyed she put her back to him which was a bold move if she hadn't trusted him enough to back her up, "You got quite a tongue, but i like your spirit!"

As the undead creature's continued  Mokuzai could seem to point out that although he had only been chased by two originally there was now the sound of three more approaching and tightened the grip on his blade for a tougher fight, suddenly a  long hooded cloak and white mask fell from above out of nowhere but waved gently at Mokuzai and the kunoichi, upon closer investigation he remembered that Kirei had dressed himself in such a fashion the last time they had meant on a mission in Kumo and the fact the figure was not alarmed by them meant he knew atleast one of them and the kunoichi held a face of irritation and not familiarity. However his arrival was poorly timed as Mokuzai could now see the undead soldiers behind Kirei and one of them held a large bastard sword up in the air ready to swing down at his friend, although he knew if he had gave Kirei a simple warning he could easily avoid the blade the young Senju's need to protect his friends overtook his sense of logic as he yelled out to his friend while ignoring their words about Sero Osada "Jump, Kirei!"

He quickly bursted past Kirei to the undead soldier holding up the large bastard sword with both hands, as he closed in Mokuzai twisted his left leg to add spin force as he kicked the undead soldier in the center of their body with enough force to send them flying back one meter towards the other undead making them all collide and fall to the floor like pins, after that Mokuzai slowly put down his legs as his back was towards his friend "Kirei..." He then looked towards him with a sweaty faced expression that looked like he was either constipated or really nervous  "Let's clear it!" The young Senju quickly begun to sprint the other way as he yelled out to his two companions "You want to join the dead tonight?! Let's move it!"


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"My blade's flow with the blood of my enemies, will yours be next Guest?"

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