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Symbol: Kusari Clan Mobius11

Kusari Clan FAHfQ33
Clan Name: Kusari
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Bukijutsu (Onujutsu) and Taijutsu (Hybrid, Chen Sento)
Elements: Any

Kusari Clan HhU72Pp
Clan History: The  Kusari originated long ago, the offspring of a powerful shinobi of the ancient era that was able to manifest their spirit in the form of an unusual weapon. They developed a means to forge the soul into a physical instrument, specifically the chain. Marked soul chain, it became the core instrument of the clan and every variation of it. Their descendants enhanced the art, developing unique martial arts combining their soul chains with Taijutsu to further enhance them. Over years of progress, the Kusari developed into a small, but respectable clan scattered throughout the hidden villages. They have come to be known as some of the most exceptional close-combat fighters in the world, but other than that, have kept a mostly low profile. While many have come from the clan, both good and evil, it has rarely played a huge role in anything itself. Each member is free to choose their own destiny with the gifts they've been given.

Malvrick Kusari- Founder of the clan in ancient times.
Okara Kusari- Modern age member of the clan from Kirigakure.
???- Anyone else that joins.

Kusari Clan Y4syLuV
Kekkei Genkai Name: Soul Chain

Kekkei Genkai Description:
Soul Chain- The primary ability of the clan and what it has been derived from, the Soul Chain is a physical chain manifested from a person's soul. All members of the bloodline are trained to do this, or even develop it naturally over time. The chain directly ties to the development and growth of the person wielding it but does need to be trained and mastered as well. If the chain is broken, it can be quickly repaired as well but does have a chakra cost for doing so.

D Rank- Given automatically on creation. At this stage, a person can manifest the soul chain around one of their arms.  It can be manifested at will for no cost and has the durability of a standard C-rank weapon. It is long enough to completely cover the limb it is created around and can extend as far as ten meters when the wielder wills it.

C Rank- Requires 2000 words of training to unlock. At this stage, the chain can now be manifested around both arms simultaneously. It will now have the durability of a B-rank weapon and the quality of a C-rank weapon and be able to extend as far as twenty meters from the wielder.  As a note, all chains formed from the Soul-chain share their length. Meaning that if one chain is extended twenty meters, the other cannot extend at all.

B-Rank- Requires 2500 words worth of training and Chuunin rank to unlock. It will now have the quality of a B-rank weapon and the durability of an A-rank. It can extend as far as thirty meters. Additionally, at this point, any member of the clan can submit an application for a custom soul-chain weapon with its own special ability. This ability is mediocre at first, on par with what should be expected of a B-rank weapon. However, it will grow stronger as the user develops. These apped for weapons do not cost ryo, as they are just unique variations of the clan's inherent ability.

A-Rank- Requires 3000 words of training and that the person is B-rank. The chain will be upgraded to A-rank with S-rank durability and a new application can be sent in to improve its special ability. Range is increased to forty meters.

S-Rank- Requires 5000 words of training and requires the person is A-rank. Upgrades the chain to S-rank status and once more allows the user to upgrade the chain's special ability. Its durability is legendary, matching SS tier weaponry. The chain can now manifest around both legs as well, giving four total segments for the user to use. Its range grows to fifty meters.

Chainlink Form- Upon obtaining an S-class soul-chain and becoming an S-class ninja, a person may take on a ten thousand word quest or training mission to access the peak of their potential. Once completed, they may enter their Chainlink form. The Chainlink form allows the user to manifest chains from and around their entire body, sort of like an armor. It will empower them greatly and bring their kekkai genkai to its peak. This form will give the user the bonus from Tug of war constantly, giving +2 tiers to strength. It does not stack. It will also allow them to make a custom application for a free SS-rank soul-chain weapon or armor.that becomes accessible only in this state. It heavily focuses on bolstering the traits of their soul chain's special ability to its absolute peak, often granting access to a special technique that pushes the boundaries of its ability. It can only be used during plot missions and plot threads or rare occasions where SS-caliber weaponry is allowed.

Chain Manipulation- Any member of the clan can manipulate their soul chain as if it is an extension of their body. This allows them to change its direction mid-throw, manipulate it to wrap around, bind, and grab things, defend and attack with it, essentially have complete control of how it acts. This gives them a very versatile extra limb for each limb the chain can manifest around. (D-rank having one chain, C-rank having two, and S-rank having four.) The chain's strength and speed are equal to the rank of the soul chain.

Chen Sento- Chen Sento is a unique martial art specific to the Kusari. It combines striking and grappling with their soul chain in a powerful blend of Taijutsu and Bukijutsu. This is their default fighting style and takes advantages of their numerous abilities with chains to add a fresh, dangerous dynamic to close combat.

High Durability- The Chains are incredibly durable, functioning one durability level higher than a weapon of its rank.

BukiTaijutsu- They have special training combining these arts together. As such, any member will start with both at B rank rather than S and C. They will also level up both specializations at the same time and only need the training for one to improve both.

Tug of war- Due to their experience with the chains, in any contest where the user is pulling on a target or object wrapped in the chains or an enemy is pulling on the chain, the user will have +2 tiers of strength.


Lower Chakra- The reason the clan can manipulate the soul chain so freely without cost is that it is already made from a fragment of their soul and chakra. This reduces their chakra pool permanently by 20.

Repairs- When the chain is broken, it can be repaired, but each time doing so costs chakra. The person can choose not to repair the chain, but doing so will reduce the range of all manifested chains by the amount that was broken off of one of them. It costs 20 chakra to fully repair the soul-chain, though it is a quick process.

Increased Weight- Due to a large amount of metal they carry around in the form of their soul chain, any member of the clan has their speed reduced by 1 tier and is generally heavier than they would appear.

Clan Jutsu:  Will be added when techniques related to it are approved.

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Hiya I hope you can forgive me for the bland text today. While I may be here it is the mini, phone me. So expect lots of spelling errors and boring grammar this time around. 


Soul Chain (General): First, there's only one chain manifested at any rank right? Your description for the C-rank says you can manifest it around both arms simultaneously. While we're on the particular subject, can this chain be manifested at any point of the Kusari clansmen? Additionally when you app the chain at B-S ranks is this separate from the chain you summon or simply the chain but now with an effect? Your Chain manipulation also hints at being able to have multiple chains.

SS-rank Chain: Even if it's a clan item, SS-ranked items can only be used in plot threads. I would ask one of the admins, Mitsuo/Takayuri would be my first choice to talk too, to see if an exception could be made, or to clarify if clan weapons are also bound by this rule.

Soul Chain (Suggestions): I would add that the ryo cost for these weapons, the ones you app at B rank and above,
are decreased by 50% .

Reinforced Limbs: Seeing as the chains would take the damage first I would instead change this to be that the chains themselves have the durability of an item one rank higher. Yielding better utility. Besides, since you can freely manipulate this chain it doesn't have to be coiled around a limb to protect it. Ya get me?


Drawbacks (General): With the massive amount of chakra you're giving up I think you can get rid of all your drawbacks except Lower Chakra, Repair, and Heavy Lifting.

Lowered Chakra: You can change this to a flat -20 chakra reduction.

Heavy Lifting: If you still plan to go on with the limb tangling thing I won't stop ya and we can revise from there, but for now Im going to ask that you change the -1 when wrapping these chains to a constant -1 deduction to speed if you will.

As always feel free to message me on discord! ^_^


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3Kusari Clan Empty Re: Kusari Clan on Fri May 18, 2018 7:44 pm



I'm going to be helping Kisei in his modding here, and step in with a few of my own edits.

Clan Jutsu: Please remove that bit from this as clan jutsu haven't been a part of clan applications for a few years now.

Soul Chain: I'm going to ask that if they are given it freely at D-Rank and it is able to move without chakra cost and extend up to ten meters, it be as durable as a D-Rank weapon. Each rank also needs a speed that it extends or moves. Essentially, start from D-Rank and scale each rank from there. D-Rank starting equipment should not have the durability of C-Rank equipment. Given the utilities of such a chain. On another note: you're giving your clan essentially a free weapon addition to the chain. B-Rank weapons can only have elements, not abilities by the way. In any case, I'd request another drawback since you're getting weapons and they apparently don't need bukijutsu to use them if I'm reading this right.

Last notes on the chain: How strong would it be wrapped around someone? I'd take out the SS-Rank bit because you're either saying it's plot thread only or making an S-Rank chain/piece of equipment stronger than it should be.

Chain Manipulation: You'll actually need to list the speeds and strength of this chain, using the jutsu guidelines for speed and giving a stat check or other check for how strong the chains will be binding someone.

BukiTaijutsu: No. Normally Kekkei Tota and Advanced Releases work this way, but I don't see why Bukijutsu and Taijutsu should work this way. you're not combining elements that need to work in tandem, unless an administrator has something else to say about this, I'm taking a hard Denied.

Chainlink Form: I'm not comfortable with this giving clan members a free SS-Rank Weapon or Armor. Especially given how strong and rare they are. No.

In General: Given that Ninjutsu is required to control chakra outside of the body, manifesting chains in this way and controlling them to the extent you do will REQUIRE Ninjutsu.

Repairs: Give a post time it takes to repair the chain based on each rank of the chain.


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