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1 A Flashback in Panic [Ryuko/Invite Only] on Tue May 15, 2018 11:28 pm



Time was such a fickle thing that to think of it in any growing expanse of time was surely to bring about the existentialism of his very existence. Though, perhaps that was just the way that he was, to overthink over every possible situation and to meet it with the same nonchalant and even careless demeanor that came with the confidence of his intellect. How many times did he have to have it drilled into him to take proper escorts with him and not a band of genin? How many old voices would scold and scoff at how he decided to carry himself in the most tense and serious of situations?

The sound rang out heavily as it burst into life loudly at the front of their formation where Karumo lead. The smoke and sand blew up all around him and covered him in an instant. Like he had stepped on a bomb of some sorts that he wasn't paying enough attention to notice. Always like he'd learned and tried to instill into others, it only took the slightest hesitation or slip up to lead to total disaster and in the beginning expanse of the desert as the countries began to shift away, he'd lowered his guard for the slightest moment.

All the words that would weigh heavily against his mind in the fleeting moments as it all shrunk away from his person and the dust stopped growing. It was quick and well-planned as might even the strongest of ninja would execute and though he couldn't feel the pain strike him as his own blood spilled out from his body and his leg, he could certainly feel the weight of the mistake that he had made all the same. His purple gaze would be strewn across quickly as the scene enveloped and he began to fall to the ground. But as his eyes searched his ears rang with the sound of the explosion around him all the while his mind was filled with the words of those close to him reiterating every lecture he chose to ignore. The disproportionate and twisting viewpoint at which he held still figured out the small details as he looked around to his genin to act and find their expression. They needed to do something and he needed to act along with them, to lead his squad into the thick of their oncoming battle.

His body would rotate and his right arm reaching to the ground to grab hold and bounce away, aiming to recover his fall but his gaze found his arm covered in blood and the clothing tattered. As his hand hit the ground it folded instantly under the weight of his body and he gained another moment to think, instantly as his gaze was carrying around, his eyes would quickly meet the eyes of others but his expression would remain calm as he tried to silently instill the fear to act.

The ringing of the explosion would just be fading, maybe a simple paper bomb hidden under the sand? His limbs had seemingly stayed attached so probably a degree weaker but he needed to plan instantly and quickly as he saw the shadows moving around in the distance near him.

His left hand would reach back to his pouch to grab a few shuriken while he could still move his arm about. The lack of information began to overwhelm his senses, not knowing what was there and how damaged he truly was began to weigh against his mind. A final gaze, he needed to get them to leave, their retreat would save their lives and he could probably make out enough of a stand to live up to the name of Tsuchikage. Though, on the off chance he didn't, maybe he should convince one of his students to exaggerate their circumstances a bit.

As his hand would pull out the shuriken, unbeknownest to Karumo, the metal square that held a few of his cigars would fall and stick into the sand behind him, leaving him there to plan and make a final stand for the sake of his own squad.

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2 Re: A Flashback in Panic [Ryuko/Invite Only] on Wed May 16, 2018 7:43 am



The Tsuchikage had found himself a little ahead of the squad. This wasn't uncommon for them traveling, Karumo drastically outpaced them, if he even lost a little bit of focus, And Ryuko herself wasn't too worried, as he was certain that he would notice shortly there after... she was wrong. As almost the moment this thought occurred to her, she watched her sensei touched his feet too the ground. A loud 'Tick' could be heard, and then the world around them changed.

Mines, or at least what Ryuko considered to be a mine, didn't work in the fashion she thought they would have. She would have assumed there might be some grand fireball, or that the head of the mine would be noticeable from the ground. Or that there would be some warning or indication as to what was going on. Instead, there was just the noise. That 'Tick' noise, and then the world seemed to erupt from underneath them. bits of dirt, and debris shot up from the ground behind. Ryuko didn't even have time to get her arms up to shield her face before she was knocked back by the shock-wave. the sand, dirt, and debris, working as shrapnel and giving ryuko a few nasty cuts.

After the seemingly never ending onslaught of earth, and the dust faded, Ryuko looked around, her bright red eyes scanning the environment. Taeru, seemed to come out of the blast mostly unscathed. Though this didn't exactly surprise Ryuko, the impression that she got from the girl was that she could handle herself well. She had made it to Chunin after all. However then her eyes turned to Anri. and her stomach lurched. The poor boy had collapsed over, several deep cuts in places, however, more aptly, there was a kunai headed straight for the boy. In an instance, Ryuko's bag disappeared from her shoulder, and a kunai appeared in her hand. As she threw it, almost directly above Anri in order to make it in time to intercept the other kunai. And as her kunai hit, She heard a ting behind her, signifing that Taeru had deflected her own kunai. It was then that Ryuko felt a sharp pain in her lower back. She did her best to hide her pain, and remain strong, but she had never been in a position like this before.

It was during this moment that the dust had cleared enough that Ryuko could see into the epicenter where karumo lay. His body, even more torn up than that of anri's. He was attempting to raise himself, but his arm folded underneath his own weight. Ryuko let out an audible gulp. The one meant to protect them, their kage in fact, had been rendered useless in a matter of moments. Hearing the whistle of another kunai going past her head, snapped Ryuko to her senses. She couldn't be standing here. They had to move, they had to get help. flickering the effect of her seal, Ryuko would snap the kunai back into her hand, turning and deflecting another kunai headed her way. These guys were toying with their food. That or they were either too scared to face the squad up front, unsure of what they were capable of. Either way, it didn't matter. "Taeru! Anri's hurt! take him and get out of here. I'll hold them off long enough for you to escape." She would shout out to her squad mate. They hadn't been squad mates for long, but they needed to trust each other.

Ryuko would run over to taeru, and take a defensive stance between her and the shadows that lurked around them. She would hear what sounded like an argument begin to kick up in Tae's voice, but before she could finish what she was saying Ryuko would yell "Damn it just go! I wont let them follow!" She would say turning away from Taeru, and facing the shadows that lurked in the tree's before her.

Almost immediately, could see a huge mass of color in front of her. Chakra. She quickly made hand-signs, and unleashed a fireball straight into the on coming torrent of wind. creating a massive explosive of fire, in between the forest, and Taeru. Ryuko would shout one final "GO!" as the flames began to dissipate, though creating just enough of a smoke screen, for the two squad members to slip away. A sense of ease slipped into her, but it was in this brief moment her guard was eased, she was caught off guard. As a man emerged from the flames, and drove a sword straight through her abdomen.

Ryuko looking down, grabbed at sword placed just a little above the hip to prevent it from going any further.. Exhaling chakra as she did so. Her attacker was grinning from ear to ear. "You shouldn't have let your guard down girl... You'll pay for letting those other two grunts get away." Ryuko would pause for a moment. Before simply muttering the words "You're one to talk" She would say before grinding the blade of her kunai along the blade of the sword creating sparks in the gas filled air. The resulting explosion would encompass both her and the man. Giving the both of them numerous burns, and send the man flying back towards the forest from where he came from and causing ryuko to collapse from the pain. Whatever would happen now, would be in karumo's hands. She had to trust him.

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3 Re: A Flashback in Panic [Ryuko/Invite Only] on Thu May 17, 2018 1:27 am



His gaze shifted as he rolled to his chest and began to press up with his good arm. He looked to his right and saw a slight shift as that arm was near useless but had a minimal amount of life left in it. His body shifted up slowly as the dust had fully settled and he could see the shadows moving and dancing about with a few shuriken and kunai trading places. They were slower than he was, he could have easily taken them on but his body moved so sluggishly in it's pace. It all felt weaker but he only needed to watch after one person for now.

His hand gripped the shuriken tightly as he tried to push himself to standing but found his weight carrying too highly as his body began to shake and fight against him as he stretched out his person. Too much though, his body shrank down and he fell to a knee as he breathed out heavily, the exhale filling his person and finding it's way out quickly. The very breath filled him as he felt his lungs weak, looking down at the blood on his person and on the ground, he knew he was reeling and in trouble but his eyes quickly snapped back towards the scene unfolding around him. The words rang out in the air as he twisted his head and watched wistfully the image of Ryuko fade and impress against another familiar face that looked almost exactly like hers.

"Damn it, just go!" seemed like a direct connection as his heart rate dropped and his eyes almost couldn't believe what was seeing. Her head turned just as her mothers did and the brown rocks and sandy earth that set the backdrop of their current situation quickly folded to a blink of forest and shrubs with lush grass around them. It was different though, she wasn't talking to Karumo like the first time and instead was thinking on their squad. A squad that Karumo had to protect and kept under his charge.

Karumo shook his head and blinked heavily as he imagined the change of pace coming about, looking back and seeing her image fading away and back to his student that he knew. That feeling of regret and the urge to action picked up in his stomach as he began to push himself upward again. The shadows closed in quickly around them but their swatches of grey and their general rugged appearance were obvious. It was almost frustrating not being able to move and act at his normal pace. At his full strength, he could take them on with ease, or so it felt like it.

Not even jounin with how weakly they moved and how little effort they put into concealing their movements. His approach to standing was nearly as sedated as it was at first but this time, shaking limbs would be stricken back down by several kunai, landing into his thighs and biceps to restrict his movement.

A better tactic. Karumo thought as his attention was taken away from his student towards the nearby ninja that had surrounded him. They each covered their face with grey cloth and it distorted their voice as they spoke out to each other, urging them to remain calm. It was a slow transition as his eyes flickered around the scene and ended on Ryuko being impaled. He had to act, there was no more room for error here. His hands moved shakily to feel at the kunai in his opposite arm, wiggling it slightly as an explosion went off and a bit of fire carried around the scene near him.

His plan grew immediately, knowing he had to act in the small distraction while their heads were turned slightly more dust of the ground was kicked up. He pressed chakra throughout his body as best he could, knowing he was sacrificing his person to strike outwards, the chakra flowing into his arm as one of the ninja descended upon him to capture him, restrict his movements, and take him away or end his life. It didn't matter, Karumo leaned in the direction that the man came from, his arm extending out quickly and violently as he pressed his fist into the chest of that man and let the chakra burst out in a small explosion.

The man went reeling backwards, blood flying into his mask as he gasped away, the other impaling their weapons into his joints as he moved, pinning his legs to the ground and then kicking him in the chest to break him. With three or four around him he began to feel the collapse of his position rapidly but it was just Karumo and Ryuko now. All he had to focus on was getting out of this position and saving his student.

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