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1 Early Morning Routines [Open, NK, Social] on Wed May 16, 2018 11:48 am



As the cool morning air starts to lift and the orange golden sun begins to rise Kichi arises from his slumber. With groggy eyes, he looks out his window blinded by the bright golden orange sun at first before his eyes start to adjust to the brightness. As his eyes finally come in to focus starts his day by thanking Sun Wukong “thank you for this beautiful day.” Then gets up and starts to get ready for the day. He takes his pajamas and puts them in a Neat pile folded up with his other dirty laundry in the corner next to the door he then puts his black mesh undershirt on arm by arm then pulls it over his head and down to his waist then grabs his green trousers and puts them on one leg after the other and pulls them up to his waist making sure to get his tail out through a small hole in the back along the waist band then buttons them up and grabs his green cut off hoodie and puts it on and grabs the hood and throws it up to cover his spikey dark purple hair with the spikes going towards the front.  He then grabs his gear and goes to the door takes a seat and puts on his open toe sandals along with his wraps around his arms and legs. Once finished he heads out the door to do some morning running.

As he's leaving his house he looks up to the waterfall in the distance and decides that he’s gonna run there and back. He starts to make his way out of the village with the other clan members making their way through the village, he greets them while he jogs to the gates. As he’s jogging his hood starts flapping in the wind but stays on top of his head as the forehead protector weighs it down. Once he makes it to the gate he picks up his speed and starts to run slow picking up more and more speed till he starts stepping from one boulder to the next without out missing a step at a rapid speed. Once he gets to the base of the Mountain between two of the waterfalls he looks up to the top of the Mountain about 1.5 kilometers high. he stands still at the base of the Mountain and brings his hands up together to start gathering chakra in his feet once he thinks he’s ready, he crouches in to position and springs himself as high as he can and lands on the rock coming out of the face of the Mountain only making it about 40 meters up. Looking down to the bottom and back up to the top he says to himself "Dammit I thought for sure I was going to get higher than this” then takes a kunai out of his pouch sitting on the backside of his right hip with his tail. His tail goes through the hole at the base of the kunai and wraps around the handle. He marks the spot with his kunai at the bottom of his foot. So he knows if he doesn’t pass that line next time he hadn’t gone as far as he could which meant he wasn’t trying hard enough and he can do better.

He continues to climb to the top of the Mountain jumping from one rock to the next gradually ascending and becoming more exhausted as he makes it towards the top. Only making it about 1 km up the mountain before starting to feel like his energy is draining. Another 240 meters later and he stops to rest on a big sturdy rock coming out of the face of the mountain he sits with his back leaning up against the face of the mountain and his legs bent with his knees towards the sky and his feet flesh with the ground. As soon as he was situated Kichi takes out a small canteen of water and holds it up to his lips slowing drinking only a small amount of the refreshing water to reserve what's left for later. after a small amount of time, he gets himself ready for the last 260 meters to the top of the mountain. Kichi again ascends to the top of the mountain jumping from one rock to the next.

Once he makes it to the top of the Mountain he looks out down at the village and is just in awe of how great of a village he comes from. He then sits down crosses his legs and puts his hand to his knees and calms himself to start meditating. While calming himself he takes long deep breaths in through his nose and slow exhales from his mouth and closes his eyes and getting a feel for the nature around him like the clan elders have taught him. He starts the morning meditation that will help him to one day be able to become a great monkey sage. While meditating the wind rushes elegantly across his skin and threw his clothes bringing along the crisp morning air and droplets of water from the nearby waterfalls allowing him to drift deeper and deeper into his meditation by paying less attention to what his physical body see’s and getting a feel for the nature all around him.

Word count: 903  characters: 4518

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