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Raiu Mizuki


Part II, Through Heaven and Earth

Day 10

The storms in the Land of Clouds were well known to those who lived there, and Mizuki was no exception. But to be caught within one at a moment like this was ill timed at best. The road behind had proven treacherous and the road ahead was uncertain. The path had become slippery due to heavy rainfall, forcing the kunoichi to hang on tight with the help of the chakra flow in her hands and feet. The clouds had darkened everything to the point of dim light, their discontent being poured out on those that had dared to undertake the path of the forgotten kami, their voice rumbling at such close proximity Mizuki could feel her heart shrink with every strike of the thunder. The mountains themselves, used to the complaints of the skies, remained unfazed, their apathy for the fate of others apparent in the fact they merely waited for this all to pass. Those who thought the Trial of the Thousands Stairs had passed were wrong - the trial had only just begun.

Soaked to the bone, the howling wind cruel in its execution, Mizuki's clothes stuck to her body like an uncomfortable second skin, her hanfu not quite fit for such a tremendous storm. Moving like a turtle, the kunoichi boldly stepped forward, one step at a time. Foot first, then hands, then the second foot. Rinse and repeat. Eyes blinded by the down pour and the darkness, she could hardly see a hand before her. The sound of thunder and rain combined made her so much as deaf as well, forcing her to shut down those two senses as good as possible and rely on her sense of touch alone. That, and her well-trained sixth sense, as she remembered the most basics of her sword style. Taking a deep breath against the wind, Mizuki shifted her focus of five senses, pushing the noise of the storm and the blinding rain to the background. With renewed focus, she moved onward through the storm.

Hours passed. Hours not registered by the kunoichi, whose focus was held wind-still before her, but eventually she had broken through. Exhausted. As the clouds cleared and the early evening revealed a cloudless sky, Mizuki finally reached the end of the path and arrived in a secluded valley. Lush green grass had grown abundantly in the area, trees young and old dotted the landscape as it rolled out downwards into a large green grassland. The mountains had since long turned brown without the kunoichi's knowing, meaning she was no longer in Kumogakure, but at this moment, only three things truly mattered: warmth, food and sleep.

Resolving the first by draining the water out of her clothes with the help of suiton mastery, she was one step closer to warming up in the late sunrays. She would sill need a fire to be comfortable, but at least the risk to catch a cold would be lowered. Taking her bow, she would soon resolve the second problem as she explored this remote little area where rabbits, wild goats and deer had made their home. With well aimed shots, she took down two rabbits with clean hits and ordered her hawk to bring it to her, upon which she allowed them to bleed out on a makeshift rack. Lastly, she would gather as much dry wood as she possibly could, made herself a small fire after quite some trouble, warmed herself as she roasted the two rabbits, ate one of them together with her equally hungry hawk and eventually tumbled into a deep sleep sitting before the dying fire.

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