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It had happened in the market. Di was still mulling over the details of the Yatagarasu murders and in his reveries had almost missed the signs. How foolish he though to himself as his senses focused taking in all the tiny signifiers. Deep thought was necessary to crack such a diabolical case as this but one should never become dead to the world around themselves. Her chakra was unmistakable. Di kept his suppressed most of the time. He didn't want the ninja of Kirigakure catching onto his true nature. There was no telling what they would do – especially if they considered him to be a spy.

She didn't care about that though. Walking through the market, a porcelain goddess looking every part the divinity that she was. Alabaster hair trailed down her back and pointed ears granted her an appearance suggestive of the elves that were sung about in the lands far across the sea. Not a blemish marred her countenance or form and unlike the detective she hadn't covered up this little detail.

In short she was beautiful. Too beautiful and too perfect. While Ninja families bred some strange and striking features none Di could think of had quite the same level of unearthly grace present in a member of his own clan. The question was did she know the danger she was in? As she walked so brazenly through the streets of Kirigakure did she know just how threatening the human world could be?  

So he had trailed her to her lodgings. Possibly not the most gentlemanly thing to have done but propriety be damned in this case. He needed to talk to her, make a few inquiries for his own peace of mind. Should she come to harm just because he had complacently stood aside and watched he wouldn't forgive himself. So drawing a scrap of paper from the notepad he kept within his coat Di scrawled a hasty message in a language known as the imperial tongue of dragons. Few would know what the message even was and even fewer could decode the symbols. But to Shion it would read

“Please forgive the hastiness and the manner in which I conduct this greeting. I recently noticed you while  travelling in the market and recognized you as my kin. While you are under no obligations I would be greatly relieved should you take me up on an offer of morning tea tomorrow at the peregrine cafe where we might discuss certain matters.”

Di supposed this might sound somewhat suspicious but really it would be better than bursting into her house. Besides he wanted some time to arrange several things before the meeting occurred.

The next day

Di sat at a table looking out on the streets of Kirigakure. The sun shone bright in the sky, for once dispelling all trace of the near perpetual mist that shrouded the land. Keeping his eyes peeled his gaze swept across the street searching for the girl. Somehow he didn't think spotting her in the crowd would be that difficult.

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Underneath the small sturdy roof of a living quarters complex building the sound of a door clanking as it comes to a close, followed by the sound of keys fumbling between the hands of a small pale female citizen, although her clothing that consisted of a  simple bra strap combined with a small black shirt with outer white lining matched with black shorts that were tied around her waist by a belt which carried the symbol of Kirigakure at its center while wearing four inch black shinobi sandle's for ease of comfort, despite her clothing giving off the appearance of a rather bold girl when in truth  Shion was more shy then she looked.

She had only just left the quite safe oceans that she called home for land just five months ago, during that time she had taken the accelerated ninja course and graduated from the ninja academy as a genin and begun  preparing herself to initiate her plan of getting closer with human kind but once she got there a question was posed "What do i do now?" After searching the village for her answer she found out about the positions of the kage, powerful ninja that with a word can change a village's perception of things, she though if she could get that powerful to the point of being recognized not just as some type of monster but as a ninja who endured all difficulties then maybe she could get people to accept her clan and they may start living in peace. However at the moment that environment of the future was a pipe dream as she begun to hold but a single key tight in between both hands as her body was shaking from nervousness as she attempted to lock the door, her plan today was to leave for the weapon shop to get the items all new genin got on promotion while looking bold and mature to attract attention, despite being sure she could pull it off when it came too it right now she felt like her body was slowly turned into stone.

Now that the door was locked she fumbled her shaking hands and put the keys to her home back in her pocket, she now took a deep breath in and held it for a few moments before exhaling back out in a attempt to calm herself down, the exercise although simple in nature was oddly effective as she felt a great dealer calmer about everything now. As she was now free of her own self doubt enough to control her movements she begun to make her decent down the stairs of the building and then proceeded to walk to the weapons ship, as she moved on route to her destination she walked with light steps that any normal citizen wouldn't be able to hear with graceful steps that gave off the appearance of a swan seemingly gliding across the top  of a a beautiful lake as they come to a stop on it's surface,perhaps it was due to the training she had endured as one of the princesses before her status was stripped from her that allowed such grace which brought along the thought of if she would have been much better if things had remained the same ran through her mind.

However despite her best wishes for the day, her walk to the shop was not as pleasant as she had hoped it would be. As she made her way she quickly realized her choice of clothing that she though would make her seem bold and open to conversation only  proved to make her seem like a loose, demonic, arrogant, and over prideful girl to their eye's as she heard the citizens talk freely of her as if she could not hear them, their rejection was rather harsher then Shion had planned but she also didn't expect things to go so smoothly for her either and would keep working on building that relationship another day.


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