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Haka Osada

Haka Osada

Stepping inside the library with bare feet, Haka halted slightly past the entrance and turned her head to take another good look at the war-themed fresco that had caught her attention during her previous visit as well. She had not been able to link her own fate with that of the fresco's theme back then, but today this was different. Noiralane's little games of manipulation were tightening with every passing day, giving Haka the impression that for one reason or another she was to play a crucial piece in her plans. Her birth seemed to be but one piece of the puzzle, another being the genjutsu she had to struggle through. This time it was the discovery of Unmei living on and off Spider Island that didn't seem to hold Momma or Sero in high esteem. Was this all about it? Haka Osada, an Unmei born to eradicate those who didn't recognise Sero? No, she didn't believe so.

Moving forward to the desk, Haka pulled back the chair and sat down, her arm upholding her head as she eyed the different scrolls and books about Fuinjutsu. One of those had been the teacher of her Summoning Technique, and on a whim the girl decided to trace the contours of the book with her finger. She looked pretty much bored, but the truth was different. As she sat there, her mind pondered upon a couple of concerns. What was there to be done about the rogue Unmei? Did they pose a danger to the manor, to the clan in general? And if not, what were Sero's and Momma's approach to them? To her, it didn't matter that much. The laws of the Spider Clan were pretty simplistic in approach - domination through power. Those who had proven to be stronger, had the rights to dictate. So by that account, any Unmei rejecting Sero and doing as they pleased was fine if Sero didn't enforce any loyalty. And yet it bothered her. Not because Haka wanted to indoctrinate a sense of loyalty, but more because these Unmei could prove a liability with the plans she had for the future of mankind.

This also brought in the next problem. The Unmei were scattered. Unlike the Spider Clan who mostly lived in the Summon world, the Unmei lived mostly on Spider Island. Each of them, with the exception of those living in the manor, had their own little lair. It was something Haka had yet to bother with, but the fact remained the Unmei were scattered while together they could become a clan to be reckoned with. This, of course, brought forth new problems. Firstly, how could she bring the Unmei together under one collective, and secondly, where would they live? A giant lair? The manor full of humans? Haka's eyes trailed back to the war fresco, wondering. Where did all these soldiers live before they went to war? Where did they grow stronger? Where did they train? It was clear she needed answers, and Sero's library could probably provide those. If only she could read the human language.

Considering the lack of reading skill, Haka would have to deal with her problem the way she had always done. Observe and learn. She had analysed the build up of the manor and that of the fortress Verdandi and her had to protect during a mission. While she couldn't do the calculations architects did nor had the precise knowledge of what to look out for, the spider was able to copy recurring details. The position of beams, the reinforcement of specific areas, an estimation of the maximum room size derived from the position supporting beams had. Details as such already allowed a crude form of architecture. It was a matter of finding someone who could improve upon it to complete her plans. Of all the people she knew, there was but one man that might approve of her ambitions, so he would be the one to show her the missing details - Sero.

Haka didn't stop there just yet. Crude sketches and guesses were not her alley. She wanted precision, perfection and facts, and thus she left the chair to move over to the library, allowing her eyes to roll over the backs of the books that filled the library's shelves. She would take them out one by one, flipping through the pages until she found at least one book that would reveal architecture. If she found one, she could fine the other. With the patience of a saint, she gradually ran though half the library before she found the section containing a couple of books about architecture.

The image in the books revealed a same architecture as the one present in the manor. Line with scribbled text explained the several parts of a the various pieces of construction. The parts of a wall, that of a bow, the details of support beams and suspenders, the stairways upward. For every picture there was a wall of text explaining what it was all about. None of those letters made sense to the illiterate spider, but she could certainly relate the images to what she had seen in the manor or to that of the new fortress of Kirigakure and the lengthy explanation of its construction master. Like a puzzle, the spider would link one thing to another as she flipped through the pictures, creating the beginning of an understanding how the constructions of man had come to be.

But all of this was too humane. Haka didn't want it to be humane. The plans she wanted to design would serve the Spider Clan. Or more precisely, the Unmei. One big lair for them to live in. No longer in the human-riddled manor, but in a place of their own where they would be able to train, sleep and plan. But more than that, she wanted to try out something. Something possibly never done before. The Unmei compound would have to be build following a distinct Fuinjutsu pattern. The entire lair would be a web of its own. As soon as someone stepped into it, they would become a little fly caught in the weaver's web. Information would be revealed about those not of the clan, intruders instantly identified. A simple but effective idea. But was it possible to translate the schemes of the mind into the tangible form of reality?

It had to be. Sero had somehow created Hansha. If such a world could exist through Fuinjutsu and whatever other components that allowed its existence, then the creation of a Fuinjutsu patterned lair was definitely possible. But how? Sero's maze of creation had proven to be too tight and difficult to crack so far. Nothing told her how he had created that pocket domain or how the Seal Gate came to be. The only pieces of the puzzle were the criminals locked up, taking her appearance as that of Sero's. Their fear for him was palpable. The pocket domain a sort of prison to those that had done him wrong one way or another. Haka wanted to know his Fuinjutsu secret, how it came to be.

Disregarding the stapled books on architecture for now, the Unmei would proceed to search trough the few books on Fuinjutsu. The first one to be picked up by her hands being the first one she had read. Fuinjutsu Basics. She could not read the title, but she recognised the human scribbling. Sitting in the chair once more, she would slowly flip through the pages and identify the seals that were revealed in the progress. Most of these were known now. She used them like toys. Sealing, unsealing. Opening, closing. Summoning, unsummoning. The dual principle of Fuinjutsu practised on so many objects and in so many ways. To think that this book had once been difficult to understand was a strange feeling, its only secrets yet to spill being the human lettering.

Placing that one on top of the architectural books, she picked up the next book and flipped through its content. Body Seals. The title betrayed itself as various concepts of fuinjutsu techniques were applied to the body. Seals that allowed hands to 'absorb' incoming chakra, seals that held or weakened targets, seals that grew to cover the entire body as they unleashed some transformations. Once again walls of text would provide an explanation Haka would not understand, but the concept was clear. They sealed and unsealed aspects of a person. Pondering about her new findings, it would not only inspire the spider-nin to try out new techniques but the idea of shaping a lair into the form of a seal grew more feasible by the moment.

The soft step of a servant entering the room would pull Haka out of her focus. She turned her head to see him bow lightly before asking if she was in need of any assistance. He was easily a head taller than her, dressed in the typical style of a servant. White dress shirt with a sleeveless black jacket on top. Black dress pants, squeaky clean shoes. Armed with proper etiquette and serving with flawless formal manners.

"Bring me scrolls, ink and quills. And some pudding."

He would bow again and leave at those words. How compliant, the spider thought as she saw the well-dressed servant disappear from sight. Caring not, she would turn to flip through the pages of the third book on fuinjutsu that seemed to speak about an enhanced form of techniques. The book consisted of a more elaborate explanation on Summoning, its history and relations to Senjutsu, and speculations on larger scale effects such as barrier techniques. Without access to literacy, it was hard to determine to full extend of the book for Haka but one thing she did recognise - Summoning. The rest contained a couple of sketches, mostly hinting at the size that fuinjutsu barrier techniques could take on. The size, the power. Even if those were high ranking techniques, the possibilities being revealed was all the Unmei needed to push forwards towards a solution for her problem.

As she moved the last book on Fuinjutsu onto the staple, the servant returned with her request. A thick bundle of scrolls, a small pot of ink and a couple of quills were neatly displayed on a silver platter, counterbalanced by a good amount of small pots with pudding. Proceeding to the table, the tools would delicately be placed on the desk, followed by the pudding and a single spoon. With his duties fulfilled, the servant would leave the room as quietly as he had come in, leaving the little misses to her personal project. As soon as he was out of sight, she picked up the spoon and the pudding and emptied the first cup while leaning backwards against the chair, linking the various pieces of the puzzle together to get a better idea of what she aimed to achieve. The idea was there. The options were there. All she needed now was a place and the power to bring it into reality.



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