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Sero Osada, a madman with a licence to kill grated by the ever charming state of the bloody mist. Truth be told Di wasn't thrilled with the way in which Kirigakure carried out it's business as it more often than not involved a butchers fee paid in offal and loss. Being nobility himself Di had read more than a few treatises on good governance and the oft touted virtue of benevolence was lacking in the extreme. That sort of sweeping reform wasn't his immediate problem however. Even a malevolent order was preferable to the chaos that was total anarchy. However those in power needed to be held to their own rules and it was clear in the case of the Yatagarasu killings that someone with an excess of potency had either gone totally rogue or elements of the state were acting in a manner that could only be described as hypocritical.

Osada was the first of these suspects. He had a muddied history involving numerous lurid events which evoked the most base bestial aspects of human nature. He was also quite powerful as far as the children of men were concerned. The fact that Di had had to traverse a mystic gate into what could only be described as a demi-plane created by the man's chakra attested to that. It was actually some wonder that the entire thing didn't collapse given that it seemed to owe it's entire existance to a single being.

Though perhaps this could be chalked up to a case of perception. Did not every mind create it's own  version of the universe either through the bodies senses as an empiricist believed or through hidden depths of ones own being as the solipsist would have it. The tricky part was of course letting other people into this domain.

Di had come across some highly useful information regarding this strange spatial anomaly. Apparently it acted as a magnet for departed souls drawing them into it's confines when Osada sent them from the mortal coil. If the man was to ever attract the attention of King Yama or his various servants then he would doubtlessly be in no small amount of trouble. The wheel of reincarnation was a greedy beast and it didn't let those who would flout it's clutches off easily.

But for the moment this strange detail had proved to be something of a blessing in disguise. Sero Osada had a record of everyone he had ever killed and had just opened the door for the viewing public to sidle on in and inspect the place for skeletons in the proverbial closet. Di had made plans to meet up with Kirei on this side of the dimensional breach. Together they could better investigate the shades of the deceased and confirm once and for all if the victims of Yatagarasu were among them. Di had heard that Nova and Mokuzai were among those who had chosen to undergo Sero's trials. Should he come across them on his travels he would ask either ones assistance in keeping an eye out for Yatagarasu's victims.

So far Di had been walking through the forest on foot making sure to avoid pitfalls and tangled roots that stuck up through the soil. So far progress had been quite slow and more than once he had come dangerously close to toppling over into what he suspected were deep mires of encompassing bog. The one or two souls he had come across had been pitiful shades barley advanced from the state of hitodama . Though they did give off the traditional blue glow that was common among ghosts meaning that he could possibly see them better should he take to the air. Weighing the pros and cons of such a decision Di finally settled on it being the superior choice. This wasn't Kirigakure and the presence of a dragon flying across the sky while notable would not cause total panic as it would in a human city.

This was after all a spectral realm and there were already ghosts walking about openly. Also if his senses were accurate larger creatures were also roaming the area. Possibly manifestations of Osada's subconscious or possibly separate entities which had been attracted to the mental landscape. Besides unless he was rather circumspect about where he transitioned back to his human state the other wandereres would be none the wiser.

As his body shifted into the serpentine state that was his true self Di began to ascend on a current of air. Doubles if Kirei, Nova or Mokuzai were to look up they would see him and understand who it was riding the wind.

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Before Hansha.

Pounded by the blithering rain, Kirei ascended the hillside with deft precision. Draped in climbing equipment, wire cables and grapples which he thrust into the rock to conserve his momentum as he darted up the mountainside. Outside of Kirigakure, the Tenkako Forge shone even in the storm, like a lighthouse atop the venerable peak guiding the souls of warriors to its molten resonance. Kirei had come in search of the temple's master, a swordsmith said to have created weapons for many prominent Mist shinobi throughout the generations. Beneath the Uchiha's soaking cloak, reproductions of the crime scene he and Di had investigated remained bone-dry, the boy had spent seven days now canvassing information from the various smiths within the region, going so far as to traverse the entire island several times over. Circumnavigating the Land of Water gave Kirei tremendous time to consider his situation, and as each destination proved to yield no results, the Uchiha wondered what he was really getting himself into.

Finally reaching the landing of smoothened stonework which led to the steps approaching the forge, Kirei let out a sigh which was lost in the wind's howl. In the amber light beyond the temple's entrance, Kirei could see the shadow of a figure cast along the wall, and with his Sharingan, he could easily track the forge master who slaved away even through the thunderous weather. Kirei breached the safety of indoors and tugged away the hood from obscuring his mask, which met with the haggard face of his target. The master of this place knew, as all rulers should, who trespassed upon his domain and had followed the boy's ascent closely, sensing through the mountain's surface the Uchiha's movements, entertained by his struggle. Kirei's voice rang out from the mask deeper than his natural pubescent cadence, mimicking the sound of a Jonin from the Mist. While he spoke, the boy produced a gloved hand with exquisite reproductions of the wounds imparted on the victims of his investigation.

"I am not here to waste time. I seek the blades which have left these marks. You, who is a legendary smith in service to the Mist, have you seen this weapon?"


The boy had been searching for Di all day. Since arriving at the village with his small posse, Kirei had only briefly taken the time to observe the ruins before venturing back into the woods. The objective of his trip was to investigate the perpetrator of this realm, and he could not do that alone. Every so often, Kirei glanced to the sky in hopes of seeing the serpentine form of his partner gliding along in the search for him as well. Thus far, the Uchiha remained disappointed, unable to find any trace of his draconic companion. Kirei had considered the possibility that time was flowing differently within Hansha than outside of Sero's portal and perhaps while he had been here the better part of a day, it may have only been minutes since he left Kiri behind and ventured into this strange realm. How long then, would he be waiting for Di's arrival? With no way of knowing without leaving, something which Kirei still was not entirely sure he could do, it was a guessing game.

The boy made use of his time in the best way he could think of, scouring the forests and slaying the dark creatures who lurked within before they could assail any passing shinobi. More curious still was the presence of civilians within the city walls and encampments which dotted the forest, were these also conjurations of Sero's nightmare world or had these people been imprisoned here? Perhaps, Kirei thought, they were shinobi of generations past who had undergone this same test and failed, left here condemned to this world of monsters and ghosts. They came from all directions but were no match for the boy's devouring blaze, which roared in tempestuous plumes, engulfing and incinerating undead creatures and monstrosities while leaving ash in its wake. Almost gleefully, the Uchiha took pride in the perfection of his signature technique, one which he had already seen replicated by numerous shinobi who trained with him. Though he still worked to perfect more of his craft, the Uchiha found himself slowly becoming obsessed with the mastery of his power.

It was after one such purging of a meadow outlying the village ruins that Kirei paused to look at the sky and his eyes lit up with happiness. There, twisting through the clouds, was the unmistakable azure prince that Kirei knew so well. The boy shouted out the name of his companion before realizing he would surely be far too high to reach with his voice alone. Instead, Kirei brought his arms high, pointing both palms heavenward and willing his blazing inferno to climb high into a burning flare above the canopy which would doubtless catch Di's attention. Kirei would be stood waiting in a clearing far below, dressed in his usual initiate's cloak and ROOT mask, but radiating the same relaxed demeanor as ever.



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