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Mission Details:
Mission name: Help the Villagers
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: Build Shelters for the Villagers
Location: Village Ruins
Reward: 300 ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Help survivors of the carnage here rebuild what you can, they need shelters
Development References: Death Camp, part II
Mission Details: The villagers have pale skin as if they have been without sunlight for years, their skin is as cold as ice. they need shelter and fires for warmth, as far as what happened to the village it is up to the writer. However they will have to look for supplies across the Ruins of Kirigakure, to build some kind of shelter for those still alive as well as something to build a fire.

Jun woke up with a start, breathing heavily and staring up into the sky. She sat up abruptly, as if waking up from a nightmare. She panted, trying to calm herself down and get her breathing back to normal. What had happened? The last thing she remembered was going to sleep in one of the abandoned houses on this cursed island. No, wait, something had happened after that. It all came back to the young Kuroka in a flash. Her head pulsed. There was probably a headache coming, or maybe it was a concussion. Had she hit her head on something? Jun rubbed her temples, groaning. Yeah, she had definitely passed out and hit the floor.

Odd that that was the only injury she felt. The rest of her body was sore and stiff, but there weren't any visible wounds that she could tell with her lack of medical expertise. Broken bones were another story, though. She really hoped that wasn't the case, seeing as her aunt Misao was nowhere to be near this place. Her mother's younger sibling always took care of the family's injuries. She was the only medic that any of them trusted. And being an Uzumaki, all she had to do was offer a bite into her skin and that was that.

Jun rubbed her eyes before looking around her. It was still hard to tell whether it was night or day, mostly because of the thick layer of mist that clung to everything in its path. Nothing in this island could be simple, could it? She sighed and turned to look at her side. Two blotches of red hair caught her attention. Two women were sitting close by, each heavily armed with their own choice of weapon. "Hah?!" Jun let out. The last thing she remembered was falling unconscious in some catacombs underground. The two of them must have moved her. "What the hell are you two still doing here?" She asked, her expression akin to a snarl.

To them, it must have seemed like a kitten trying to bare its teeth in an effort to be intimidating. After all, no matter how much determination or promise she showed, Jun was still only a Genin, and a low leveled one at that. Her eyes darted from one woman to the other, trying to piece together what she remembered from her brief interaction with each. Both looked alike, with freckled skin and unruly hair. They stood at about the same height, although their builds slightly differed. Neither of them looked particularly bulky. They probably shied away from taijutsu or bukijutsu. It seemed to Jun that the one with the brighter colored hair was the leader of the two. The puppet master had deferred to her orders before. She had also mentioned something about them being girlfriends. Funny, the young Kuroka would have assumed they were siblings instead. "Do you want something from me or what?" Jun asked, her tone slightly more subdued.


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Nova Makato

Nova Makato

Nova's chest rose and fell softly as she leaned back against the hovel's wall, head sinking to the side and resting on Izumi's shoulder. The sun, if it even rose in this place, would still be far below the horizon and Nova had tried to keep Izumi company as she kept a lookout unsuccessfully as she had fallen asleep quickly. They had brought the girl here after she had lost consciousness, Nova lightly berating Izumi for pushing the girl to hard to have her in this state. However, she would push the issue no further as she knew that knowledge and experience came with some pain along the way, a lesson the young girl would learn this day if she had not already learned it. "What the hell are you two still doing here?!” the exclamation would yank Nova from the light sleep she had slipped into, her head slipping off Izumi's shoulder and shooting upward. Fingers twitching, her hand was already raised and forming the emerald threads that sought out her puppets in corner beside her as she prepared to deal with whatever threat had intruded upon them.

A mildly amused expression would cross her sleepy face, as she saw it was the white haired youth that they had laid across the room from them. Still seated upon the cloth they had laid her upon, she sat with an attempt at ferocity in her sharp eyes and scowling lips directed at them. Letting the chakra in her fingertips fade and dissipate, Nova would take a deep breath to relax though her heart was still pounding at the start. The jump was more from being unprepared for the noise, not in fear at the girl. In fact, as they had discussed the evening before as she had slept, they both found the girl adorable in the fashion one might find a wolf pup; Cute and overconfident, though one day would have the fangs to match the irate demeanor. Taking a moment before responding to the small outburst, Nova would stretch her arms over her head and let out a wide yawn. “Izumi wanted to leave you there,” Nova would say in a jesting tone, “But I wanted to make sure you were okay first. Are you?”. Doubting inwardly that she would even admit injury if present, Nova slowly began the process of pushing herself off the ground awkwardly with her wooden left leg sticking awkwardly to the side before rising to her feet. With a pronounced limp from the soreness of having worn the leg through the night, Nova would wobble towards the girl slowly, combing her fingers through the mess of auburn and teal hair that hung down her back and shoulders.

"Do you want something from me or what?", the young girl would snap again, defiance at the world channeled through her voice. Again the bemused expression would light Nova's face, “Nothing. I don't want anything from you. Though if you'd let me, I can take care of that lump on your head from the fall. Probably hurts pretty bad right?”. Before she even waited for a response from the sharp tongued girl, Novas soft hands were pushing the silky hair back from her face and leaning down to look closer at the wound there. A swollen lump stood out, shiny and red with scabbed over abrasions. Gently Nova's thumb would slide over the wound, pressing gently and diagnosing the injury making sure there was no worse damage beyond being visible. Expecting the girl to wince, Nova's other hand was already running softly though her hair as emerald chakra would glow on her palm over the wound. Her fingers still running through her hair, she would begin to speak softly as the wound would slowly shrink and heal altogether, “So how did you end up neck deep in grave dirt?”

[651 Word count]


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Izumi was having the nicest dream, she was back in Suna. For some reason she was in her old apartment in the slums snuggled up with Nova in her tiny twin bed and everything was perfect. She was perfectly warm and the sun was just starting to rise. It even smelled just right. All of the happiness of her dream only served to make her grumpier at being woken up by the offensive screeching of that white haired bitch. “ What the hell are you two still doing here?”, at first Izumi didn’t fully process what was going on, mumbling out a nonsense statement for her servant Tokei to go away. It was too late for Izumi as soon as she stirred all the soreness from her antics the day before made themselves apparent making further slumber impossible. Izumi had to be careful pushing her body to the limit, there was no sense hurting her own self by going over the top. Izumi blinked, reluctantly allowing the reality of the situation to set in. They weren’t in Suna, they were in the hovel she’d taken them to take shelter. “Izumi wanted to leave you there, but I wanted to make sure you were okay first. Are you okay?” Izumi attempted to make some sound of affirmation but it came out as more of a quiet growl. She wasn’t fully awake yet, I should take it easy with the adrenaline rushes.

Another shriek from the white haired annoyance they’d picked up in those catacombs rudely shook the rest of the cobwebs from her brain, “Do you want something from me or what?” Nova was a very woman, something that couldn’t be said about Izumi, who was literally biting her tongue to try to suppress the rage building within at this little brat who thought herself a threat. “Nothing. I don't want anything from you. Though if you'd let me, I can take care of that lump on your head from the fall. Probably hurts pretty bad right?” Nova’s voice would soothe Izumi’s temper slightly allowing the Karisuma woman to prevent herself from drawing her own blood. Izumi had gotten better at not letting her anger boil over like it used to. Had the white haired banshee encountered Izumi when she were a younger woman it would have doubtlessly led to a painful lesson for the little hellion. Nova didn’t waste any time before she was mothering the girl, brushing her hair to the side to get a better look at the wound she’d sustained. It reminded Izumi slightly of when Nova had healed Izumi after beating her at the exams. Sometimes Izumi felt that she didn’t deserve Nova, who was far kinder and further so surpassed Izumi in her innocence. “So how did you end up neck deep in the grave dirt?”

Izumi heard something else though, a faint sound outside their hovel, it sounded … like … FOOTSTEPS! Izumi had snap reaction to shush the two younger women. Izumi hoped to get their attention with her sudden interjection, should she succeed she’d make a motion to the two that someone was outside and hold a finger to her lips indicating they should stay quiet. Memories of Suna still running through her head, Izumi would remember a time she ran through ruins on the outskirts of her home village chasing cats. Smiling at the memory Izumi would send her Raiton chakra out into the area, there was a small group of humanoids approaching the hovel. An amateur would extinguish the fire but they had clearly already seen it and were still approaching, rarely a good sign. Avoiding another rookie mistake, Izumi would allow the lead two to pass by the window she’d crouched near. When the third figure went to pass it she’d reach through and drag the person through easily pulling the man through and covering his mouth with a single motion. Once Izumi had a good look at the interloper she’d see the terrified visage of a teenage boy trembling as he looked up at the serious face of the red head that so easily captured him. Izumi would release him and he’d scramble away from her into a corner. Izumi sighed and took a deep breath, her mind trying to switch tracks from murder mode to talk to the village boy mode. She was too late in her recovery as the young man would start screaming and the others in his party would burst through the door looking for the young man. The situation seemed to be devolving fast.

776 words.

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