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1 Nature's Wraith{Nova/Mokuzai} on Thu May 24, 2018 8:54 am

Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju

B-rank Mission:

Mission name: Destroy the Monster
Mission rank: B-Rank
Objective: Find and Kill the Monster
Location: Forest
Reward: 500 ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: A terrible creature is rampaging though the forest making it impossible for the villagers to gather food and water, find and kill the beast.
Development References: Death Camp, part II
Mission Details: The beast will be deep within the forest, there is no sneaking up on it, it forms from the forest around you once yours in a clearing in the forest.

It had not been too long since Mokuzai and others wishing to better themselves had taken the daring risk of rising to Kirigakure's legendary shinobi Sero Osada's challenge to become stronger, he knew not of the personal reason's why others took this challenge but for him it was all to gain power that he couldn't reach through solo training alone, with that one reason he dived into the mirror only to find that he was now in a world that reflected Kirigakure as if it had been a thousand years and was now taken over by the forest and became a desolate ruin of it's formal self.

Mokuzai had contemplated that the world he and many others were in was actually a very complex place made by a power jutsu seal, but without more knowledge he had no idea of actually being able to tell if that's true. The only information he had at the moment was that this world was crawling with dangers in every corner but especially at night , in this place the sky always seemed to carry a black hue but the nights here were piratically pitch black making every corner of it more dangerous than before.

The young Senju was sitting on top of a cylinder shaped building that although was quite sturdy looked like it could collapse at any moment, it was by far one of the tallest buildings in the area which was why he liked sitting there as he could better scout out the area and search for clue's that may contain more information about his current situation but he had no such luck yet. Quite suddenly the sound of a piercing scream pierced the shinobi's ear's from northwest of his spot in the forest, he couldn't see them yet but it was most clear from the way they sound that they had been spooked beyond belief, when they finally left the forest Mokuzai would see a ghostly pale thin man with long brown hair with white streaks keep running as if he was trying to still escape whatever he had encountered.

Although he knew there was things out there the man's reaction was so fearful that it was enough to shake even him, wanting to investigate the young Senju jumped down at angle so that when he landed it would be directly in the path of the pale man screaming his head off, just as he landed the man ran straight into his chest but didn't care as he attempted to go around him and keep running until Mokuzai put two hands on his shoulders while speaking to him in a soothing tone to ease whatever fear created from what he saw out in the forest, "Calm down sir, please tell me what you saw out there. Maybe i can help you" It took a few moments as the man was quite petrified to the point that his body was shaking violently and his sweat glans seemed to be working overtime to cooldown his body before he spoke, "B-b-branch's!! M-m-m-me and my father and brother went out deep into the forest to hunt for some medical herbs for the village, but just as we found some before i knew it both of them had been impaled with at least four different branch's that looked sharper then knife's as they got dragged into a forest clearing! Dear god there dead, were all dead!"

In attempt to show mercy to the man who was now overrun by fear to the point that he had lowered to the ground and curled into a ball while crying like a baby without it's mother milk Mokuzai aimed for his expose neck area and put him to sleep with a quick clean chop, now that he could think the shinobi looked onward to the forest while thinking "Branch's...moving branch's? Impossible..the only people capable of that should be me and members of my clan..this is worth investigating, but i should seek help as four eye's are better then two, especially in this place." Mokuzai lifted the man's body taking it under his left arm before moving out and heading for the center of the ruin-like village, just like in Kirigakure there was a small fountain although in this place it was devoid of water and cracked and deformed but it was good enough for now. The young shinobi layed the man against it before jumping up on the ledge and then cleared his throat so he could speak loud and clear, "Attention villager's! I ask that nobody venture deep into the forest for this man kin had been killed without mercy by a unidentified presence within before even he could see what accomplish it. I also humbly ask that a shinobi brave enough to face such a creature step forward and come help me, in the task of eradicating this monster so that we may all sleep better knowing one less monster is hunting us down. Who will join me?"



"My blade's flow with the blood of my enemies, will yours be next Guest?"

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