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1I'ma Wild Boy! [Open] Empty I'ma Wild Boy! [Open] on Sat May 26, 2018 4:56 pm

YamI Maru

YamI Maru

It started off as a pretty slow day, things were looking pretty beautiful in konoha.  Blue colors that made up the sky the air feels great and smells that of the delicious food being cooked all over the village. Some would even say, things were pretty peaceful and boring. If you were a Nara, that famous ‘what a drag’ saying might cross your mind…. But just as the day would've seemed to be going pretty slowly, someone within the crowd was running like hell. Moving his little legs as fast as he could to try to get away from some really big shinobi who wasn't too happy about his nice gold watch coming up missing.

  “Get back here! You little bastard!” The man roared at the thieving black cat who was wearing his watch. People would even try and help, but the slap jawed onlookers were too busy looking in amazement as the small black cat ran on two legs like a normal person. Some people thought that Maru was just some summoning contract who stole his summoners watch, or perhaps he was summoned by some wicked academy student looking for a quick laugh. But in all actuality, he was an actual leaf shinobi trying to escape from some guy he stole from. “Eep!” Maru yelped, feeling the strong hands of his chaser nearly grab his head, ducking at the last minute then he shot in between the man's legs then ran into an alley. Fast as he was, the thieving feline managed to confused the man for a moment before he realized where he went.

 Maru was ahead of his chaser, he might would've gotten away if he haven't made a wrong turn. “Oh….” He stopped when meeting with a brick wall."SHIT!”his voice was loud and squeaky. It wouldn't be long until the man would find where he was, but lucky maybe on his side because there were a lot of dumpsters and trash cans around. Maru hopped on the side of a dumpster, using his claws to hang on before he threw himself inside of a open trash can and covered himself with garbage. Maru couldn't hear the footsteps of the man stop, probably looking around before moving on to find the thief to get his watch back. Cursing himself for letting a little cat get the better of him. Maru waited a couple moments before peeking his head out of the trashcan, the Ninneko’s ears perked up listening to see if the big guy might've circle around while a banana peel rested on top of his head."Heh.. Heh… coast is clear.” He said, using his paw to remove the banana peel. The Ninneko hopped out of the trashcan, landing on his feet gracefully before looking at his new watch then purred at how nice it looked."Was the risk worth it? Sure it was!”He laughed to himself, then strolled down the alley cockily. "Bored! What to do, what to do?”The mischievous cat said, holding out his little arms as he skipped his way to another way out of the alley.

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Akito Miku

Akito Miku

While walking through the village this day, having been scolded by some people over going a bit overboard with some of his training, he heard a man screaming about some little bastard. On reflex alone he took notice of that since he was usually the one they were referring to when they used those words, since he was originally considered weak. Though he performed in the chuunin exams, some just figured it was because the competition that year had gotten weaker. In truth Kirigakure had begun to take of the world in a sense when you realize the big match ups the kirigakure shinobi had in the event. Either way he felt that whether they complimented him, or still hated him he would still be Miku, or Airi's little Jamie.

He noticed the cat was running on two legs as he felt that seemed a bit silly, but out of curiosity he followed the man and the cat as his ears twitched and his tail swayed. He found it to be a bit funny and people were too focused on the cat to notice him as he jumped up the sides of the walls to get on to the roof of the buildings so he can look at them from above. The cat was not that fast, then again the cat might be fast enough to out run some genin as he felt they probably needed to train harder in that respect.

He was following from above and he felt like this could be a fun way to play with his new jutsu he learned. He noticed the cat ran into what seemed to be a dead end as he decided to look on from above as the cat seemed too panicky to realize he could probably get to the roof with several good jumps, though that might be a bit difficult and this might not be a normal cat. Then he changed his mind as the cat dove into garbage as he felt like catching this cat would be a bit bad for him since he did not want to be forced to take a bath again.

The man seemed to curse as Miku did not care about the man or the watch much, but he had an excuse to catch the cat at least as he quickly performed his technique as he made four clones of himself who were all smiling as they prepared to begin their game of cat and cat.

One of the Miku's dropped down in front of the gleeful cat and said in a strangely over the top cute voice. "Stop your evil ways, you demon cat!" as he pointed as if to make this a bit cliche as the other two clones remained hidden on the roof while the other clone went up behind the cat, to be honest he was not really going to catch the cat now, at least not when the fun was only just starting as the real Miku took out his snack bar and began chewing on it.


Chakra = 200 - 15(casting jutsu) - 40(4 clones formed)
Clones 1 - 4 = 10/10 chakra

Jutsu Used:

Name: Kaze Bunshin (Wind Clone)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Wind
Range: Clones cannot travel more than 30m away from the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Until clones are destroyed or cancelled
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: The Wind Clone jutsu is similar to the other shadow clone techniques, however its applications are different.

The user can make anywhere between one to four clones, with each clone having ten chakra. The chakra is divided after the payment for the initial cast of the jutsu.

Like other clone techniques, if the wind clones are injured enough they will revert to a gentle breeze when dissipating. Wind clones are capable of only using fuuton jutsu provided they have enough chakra to cast it. Regular jutsu cooldowns apply - if a technique is used by one clone, it cannot immediately be used by another clone.

The clone automatically disperses when it runs out of chakra, or when hit by any attack that can cause the equivalence of a C rank technique in physical damage [major bruising, 1-2 inch cuts, etc.] or a C-rank/2 D-Rank offensive jutsu. The user may willingly disperse a clone - returning any chakra the clone has left to the user - but this can only be done under the condition that the clone is not under direct attack.

Clones which have been dispersed by other means - ie. taking damage - do not return any chakra to the user.


I'ma Wild Boy! [Open] B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

3I'ma Wild Boy! [Open] Empty Re: I'ma Wild Boy! [Open] on Wed May 30, 2018 3:08 am

YamI Maru

YamI Maru

Bored as he was, the mischievous feline thought he was alone in this alley now that the huge dude was gone… Little did he know, someone else had been secretly watching over over him waiting to pounce down upon him at any moment. As the gleeful black cat was about to skip happily out of the dirty alley, he was stopped by a boy who came down from nowhere and landed just a few feet in front of him! ”WEEEEEEEEEEWO!!!!” Startled by the sudden appearance of he flailed his paws in the air then yowled. Preparing to make a break for it, Maru turned almost forgetting that there would be a dead end waiting for him, but there was a clone behind him as well. Turning back to the boy who pointed at him, he pointed back at the boy in the similar fashion of finger guns, attempting to charm his way out of trouble.

 “Ayyyye… Buddy. Pal. Friend. Comrade. You got it all wrong. You see I am not evil nor a demon, if i was I would probably have an extra tail.“ he explained, before telling his bogus story. “You see, I was trying to get a quick meal from this lovely trash can when suddenly I heard some screaming. When I peeked my head out I saw some evil cat running around with some guys watch, go figure!" Bringing a paw to his face, he began to look away for a moment to think of what would make this lie more believable. “That one was my evil twin…Err.. Haru! He's been on the edge for a while now the poor, poor kitty.” He dramatically heals his paw to his forehead, trying his best to seem sad and disappointed in this twin he made up.“Ohhhh… such a talented feline gone to the dark side." He peeked at the boy, seeing if he bought his little sob story which to Maru was believable… If he didn't have on the stolen watch on his paw that rested on his forehead.

 Quickly he his hand behind his back, smirking goofily knowing he was as good as caught already. “Uhhh… this watch was a gift from my grandmother!”again an obvious lie, it didn't take detective work to know that he was full of it. Plus him not knowing that this boy had watched the whole scene play out would kinda not help his case either. It was starting to look like trying to charm the boy into letting him sly wouldn't work so now he had to think of an escape plan, there was only two so if he played just right he might could run between the boy’s legs and hope the other one would tackle the one in front of him, then in the confusion he would escape. This human looked to be a Genin at best, probably fresh out of the academy looking to save the world and have high hopes of becoming hokage one day. ‘Okay.. I'm gonna try to run through him… 1.. 2..’ Without thinking he made a dash for it to try and run as fast as he could between the boys legs. If his plan went as great as he thought, he might could get away from the second human for today.

4I'ma Wild Boy! [Open] Empty Re: I'ma Wild Boy! [Open] on Tue Jun 05, 2018 4:49 pm

Akito Miku

Akito Miku

The flailing paws and the strange yowling sound, this was definitely no ordinary cat. However Konoha boasted actual shinobi cats as well as some hybrids who seemed similar to him, but at the same time so different too. The clone just looked at the cat as it turned tilting he's head to the side and twitching his cat ears as the cat seemed to be shocked at finding the boy on both sides of him.

As the cat pointed back at him, it just seemed rather weird as he just waited for the reply as the cat announced that he was a buddy in several different words. He said that it was all wrong and that he was not evil, nor was he a demon. He mentioned having extra tails, which actually seemed like something that would be nice to have.

The cat began to describe his story about how he had been collecting food from the trash can, when he suddenly heard a scream of sorts as Miku listened. The two clones on top were looking at the sky, while the last clone was busy also approaching from behind silently. So now there were two clones right behind the cat listening to the story as Miku himself also listened to the story.

The cat suddenly started running at him as he looked at the cat wandering if he wanted to pass, it looked like the cat was aiming between his legs as he just sidestepped out the way and put his foot in front to maybe trip up the cat. Whether the cat tripped or not the other two clones from the roof would block the path passed that while the other two who were behind would simply catch up. In terms of speed other then a high ranking experienced chuunin, he was good in that regard as the main Miku would be thinking of the most fun way to catch the cat in this five on one game he was playing.

The clones would then respond with the reply speaking at the exact same time, "We the five twins, the legendary magical cat boys and we will stop you and your evil ways!"


Chakra = 145/200
Clones 1 - 4 = 10/10 chakra


I'ma Wild Boy! [Open] B2GS6lV
No one can see a red leaf hidden in the autumn fall, but can you see my bright red fire in the frozen winter white

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