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Clan Name: Kaneko 金子
Location: Kumogakure no Sato.
Specialization: Ninjutsu.
Elements: Katon | Raiton | Fūton

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Clan History: Throughout the dense jungles of the unknown lived a savage empire where the art of the shinobi was unheard off. The empire would live within a single gigantic pyramid, built by the hard labor of it's inhabitants and the bodies of their victims, it was said that every new moon, the tears and cries of the dead would weap from their infinite slumber within the exterior of the pyramid. The colony was named 'Thyualu' and was inhabited by nearly 6,000 people, and as savage and uncontrollable as they were, they would begin new traditions, and create the religion, the religion of a single god. A god that had shun above them from the beginning of time, his presence was warm and invited the inhabitants to bask it's embrace, yes the Sun became their god. Traditions and rituals would begin to rise, as the religion became more serious, the village would experiment of their events, such as temples and shrines which would be built widespread across the village, whilst mid-day and the 7th of every month would be devoted for praise to their god.

Assuming their prayers would be answer, the village would rely more on it's religion than their own hard work and thus the village would begin to crumble. Not only did their morale take a harsh beating toward the unresponsive prayers, but they would soon become lazy allowing it's productivity to shrivel up and corrode. That was until, a shaman would begin the new king of Thyualu. His presence left warmth toward his people, and his voice alone would implement a positive warm feeling allowing his presence to bless those in his vicinity. The citizens would adore him, and then the 100th 7th day of the month would come. His eyes would turn gold whilst his body would tremble affront a crowd of 5000. Blood would drip from his mouth before falling across a marble tablet, dying atop the tablet for no apparent reason, the blood from his body would flow from the top of the tablet and trickle down the steps until pooling to the ground. Within the instant the blood would take shape of the sun, the sun itself would throb brightly, before enveloping the entire city. The villagers shocked by the occurrence before them would then cheer, as a new tradition was born. Every 7th of the month, they would make a sacrifice across the stone tablet placed at the tower.

The village would begin to prosper as this so called 'Sun god' blessed the land. Basking in the suns embrace, the villagers would begin to grow more bloodthirsty, especially the Kaneko Clan. This specific clan praised the sun and treasured it's life source more than anyone else in Thyualu. The biggest reason being they were the ancestors of the shaman king himself, and they would praise themselves on being the first clan to have had the first sacrifice. With the Kaneko clan having the strongest relationship with the Sun God, they would live out a particular process, one in which they would live till their early twenties, reproduce, and then offer themselves as sacrifices. This would continue for 77 years, and the village would life peacefully, and the Kaneko clan would overwhelm the village in numbers. As they all offered their life to the Sun god, only one woman would decide not too. She adored the sun light, but hated the idea of sacrificing herself for the good of everyone else. So the day her mother decided to offer her own life, the girl would make her way to stop the sacrifice.

Making her way to the top of the tower and stoping the sacrifice, the village would uproar as the skies would grow black. This so called 'Sun God' was not happy, and in turn would turn on the village. The savage village in which now hated the girl for destroying their tradition would begin to march up the tower and slay the girl. But her fury was too strong, unknowing of her abilities, chakra would begin to cloud around the village, and her body would throw a vibrant red. Within the instant of the first flash of red from her skin, a plasma explosion would erupt outward from her body, destroying everything and killing every member in the village, except Kaneko clansmen.... It would seem that the energy of the sun was bestowed upon the Kaneko clan, and the Sun God would cease to exist. Her rage would give her the chance to flee into Kumogakure, where she would hide and eventually find love, which would bring forth the future of the almighty Kaneko clan.


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Kekkei Tōta Name: Kaneko - Redux. [WiP] 300?cb=20120825225628 Star Release | 星遁 Jōton
Kekkei Tōta Description: Star Release is a semi-symbolic name for the Bloodline Selection resulting from the simultaneous use of the Fire, Lightning, and Wind elements. This nature allows the user to directly control plasmas - not simply those of the constituent elements, but the state of matter itself. It is typically created with the Fūton that makes it up by forming a vacuum, superheating a small amount of isolated gas with Katon and ionizing it with Raiton. The resulting matter can vary from flecks of light to a fluid, unearthly fire. Depending on the jutsu and gas used, some plasmas can be invisible.

They start with only two of the needed Fire, Lightning, or Wind Releases. At a ninja rank of C, they may learn the third for 1000 words, and using the rules for secondary elements thenceforth; once they know all 3 of Fire, Lightning, and Wind, they innately gain Star Release, which is automatically set to the lowest of the three constituent elements' ranks.

Properties wrote:Jōton is energy-laden gas. It can displace itself in the face of physical obstacles while imparting that immense energy simultaneously. As fire and lightning are weaker plasmas themselves, they possess no inherent benefit against it. Star Release has no weaknesses to the base elements.

Jiton users have an edge against Star Release, as magnetic fields can disrupt a plasma's form and path of travel. This applies both to the direct exertion of magnetism and items or weapons manipulated by it; Magnet Release gains +1 rank against Star Release, and it can manipulate any plasma not actively being controlled as if it were a magnetic object.

Obliterate: Plasma is ionized and often superheated gas. Because the ions of plasmas are simply free-floating nucleii, they can steal electrons from other nearby atoms, destabilizing them - sometimes turning them into nothing more than gas to begin with - and rendering them weak to the energy to follow. The burns of Star Release techniques are concentrated, rather than spread-out; they can reach depths of half the listed values given for a rank's cutting damage, but a given projectile's diameter can't exceed a number of centimeters equal to the minimum value for that jutsu's radial range equivalent in meters.

Fusion Core: Start with minimum values of range and damage for 1 rank lower, steadily increase per post, accelerate by absorbing Katon/Raiton.

Drawbacks: All Jōton techniques of S-rank or lower possess initial damage values for 2 ranks lower than their jutsu rank would imply; it cannot have damage values below D-rank, meaning an offensive Star Release jutsu can never be lower than B-rank.


It is fairly unrealistic to say that one could completely master three elements in addition to something as potent and complex as a Bloodline Selection. Indeed, while one can possess a chakra nature contributing to the power of Star Release, one cannot split the time needed to learn and hone the control necessary for Jōton with learning techniques for an entirely different element.

One of a Kaneko's Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary nature cannot be used to make techniques above C-rank. (This need not be stated anywhere; if a B-rank/higher technique for a third base element exists in your Jutsu List, you've already broken this rule.) This also inhibits the use of active chakra abilities of items utilizing that element.

In this way, all further ranks of the restricted element become, essentially, training for Star Release itself.


A Kaneko cannot possess a quaternary specialization. They cannot take the "Hesitant (Specialization)" or "Hesitant (Element)" Special Characteristics.

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