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1 Help the Villagers [Quest/Izumi] on Mon May 28, 2018 11:48 pm


Mission name: Help the Villagers
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: Build Shelters for the Villagers
Location: Village Ruins
Reward: 300 ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Help survivors of the carnage here rebuild what you can, they need shelters
Development References: Death Camp, part II
Mission Details: The villagers have pale skin as if they have been without sunlight for years, their skin is as cold as ice. they need shelter and fires for warmth, as far as what happened to the village it is up to the writer. However they will have to look for supplies across the Ruins of Kirigakure, to build some kind of shelter for those still alive as well as something to build a fire.

Matatsu could not believe his eyes, the village around him laid in ruins at least what he could see of it, and yet it bore a resemblance to that of Kirigakure -The Village Hidden in the Mist. Of course the male had not actually seen the village himself so he could not be sure what the actual village itself looked like, but he saw the sigil of the Hidden Mist Village on the wreckage that was once the gates of this village. He did not know how but it was clear that this village was somehow connected to the Village Hidden in the Mist, now all he had to do was figure out what exactly was going on and why he was here. A thick mist covered the ruin village hindering the males sight, keeping him from seeing more than ten meters in front of himself. This did not sit well with the male, it would limit his time to react if something bad were to happen. Rubble cover the streets almost as much as the ruins of buildings lined it, the male could hear a faint noise up ahead of him yet he could not make out just what it was causing him to remain on his guard. As he moved further into the ruins of the village the mist slowly began to thin, it was not enough to be noticed at first but it seemed that the further into the village he went the further he was able to see in front of him. Matatsu however would not lower his guard even in the slightest, not wishing to have something sneak up on him and get the jump on him.

As Matatsu came to what he could only assume was the center of this village, or at the very least close to the center of the village the young male caught his first sight of those that inhabited these Ruins. It was hard for the male to imagine that there were actual people that lived here in these ruins, yet he could not deny what was right before his eyes. Cowering inside the destroyed buildings that surrounded the village center, Matatsu could feel the eyes upon him from all around him, the glint of the eyes that were watching him could be seen yet the owners of these eyes made no move to intentionally reveal themselves. It was clear that they were scared of something, though the male had no idea why they would be scare of him. Matatsu would stop moving as one of the pair of eyes finally made a move towards him, he kept his eyes on the one moving but kept his other senses on those around him should this be a distraction. When the man finally got to where Matatsu could see him fully, the male was shocked by his appearance of the man his clothes were torn and tattered, and his skin was so pale it was as if he was a ghost. "You have nothing to fear from me," Matatsu called out to the man, "I have come here to help." Matatsu heard murmuring of voices around him as more came out into view, all of them seemed to be in the same condition as the first man. The villagers were complete opposites of Matatsu causing his dark toned skin to stand out against their pale skin that was as white as his hair. Matatsu scanned the gathering crowd with his ruby red eyes, but it soon became clear that there was no difference in the villagers all of them had torn clothing and pale skin. Some looked like they had not eaten in days, the young male did not know how these people had survived this long or where they were staying as there was no sign of a decent shelter with a roof anywhere near where they were. The villagers did not speak they just stared at the male with their cold seemingly dead eyes, they looked almost like zombies and it was giving the male the creeps. Finally the silence was broken by the first man that had approached, "Help Us." The man's words were soft and weak but were blunt and too the point, it was clear that they would need help he just needed to find out how.


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