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Kiki had just heard the news. He thought that he should be broken, or at the very least a little bit sad but there was nothing for that village. Kiki was in the middle of the wastes, no where known and was left very alone with his master who didnt even tell Kikisu the first day that it happened, for she cared not even a little. Kikisu sat down, thinking that the wave of sadness for his friends that he would have lost the masters and jounin that knew him...but nothing, there was nothing for his old village.

Even for the girl he dated there, the many girls he dated over his teens. There was nothing for them, it was more jarring then the news seemed to be. He stood up and looked over at his Sensei, taking a second to find the words that he wanted. What do you want me to do? There is no way you told me the news so late if there was no reason to do so, i do know you a bit sensei His voice held no anger or spurning, he honestly at this point was just awaiting orders. It made sense that she would only tell him when it was convienant, she definltly liked Kikisu but they were no where near friends, it was a pure Sensei to Student relstionship, since She didn't believe in friendship.

Ahhh so you guessed my intentions, well yes there is a reason for i indeed have something for you too do. I have some friends of mine who get me certain things from the village... Kikisu knew what she meant she paid men to get intact dead bodies from the ruined city, didnt matter if they were high ranked or not just that they were intact to make into puppets. These men were very much criminals but Ningen didnt care whether or not they were criminals just that they did what she asked without too many questions to her.
At this point it did not bother Kikisu at all since he shared the idea of not being asked too many questions, since they were bothersome. There's a man bothering my friends that are living in the ruins of the city in little camp like things, hes killing and exiling them,  and i like having men to do easy things for me. At this point you are much too valuble to use on fetches I need you to kill him for me Kikisu...his name is Takeji Honomisha and he is also a puppet user, but it wont be easy he doesnt lead the camp on pure leadership alone he is a skilled Puppet user only one mind you so your multiple will be great for that as long as you can keep up with him that is. But either way i need him dead he is in the center of the camp and is often walking around, and the camp takes all Sand ninja which my student you are Kikisu nodded to his sensei and smiled, he was going to enjoy this and he had no idea why.

Maybe it was cause the village was now dead and should be kept that way, with some time that camp could start a new village and the current chaos was nice to have, he enjoyed it. The loose feel that was now running through his head knowing there was no village anymore and in some ways no laws at all. He loved it, he could pursue his art the way he wanted step closer to being young forever, living as the legend Sasori lived minus the family that got him killed.

Kikisu began to get ready for the long walk, it was almost 2 days of walking from where they were living they were very far in the desert, for obscurity purposes.

As kikisu began his walk he sat in his large puppets belly and attached all of his chakra strings and decided that they need not be invisible since all of them were inside the puppet, like real human tendons and muscles doing the work. It was different then using a puppet normally since most commands from strings were reversed and to get much done it required very weird movements, but after practice it was very easy to get use to it. It also helped that puppets were his whole life and most of what he did so a new way to use one excited me more then a just learning a new thing.

After the first day of traveling he ended the night in a large duned valley, he thought about staying for the night but thought speed was better for getting there, since the people that were paying him were getting a little bit of trouble from this man so hurrying was actually worth it.

After another 12 hours of puppeting, Kikisu was exhausted the wires for his puppet able to hold the strings any more. As he nearly began passing out he began digging into the sandy dune that his puppet was now beside, after a swift 15ft dig he was decently deep in the ground, the puppets robes and cloth blocking any sand from coming in. Thankfully kikisu had planned for sleeping in this arrangement, he reached backwards and grabbed a small tank of oxygen, with enough for 48 hours so he had lots of air, he strapped the face mask on and finally gave into sleep . He dreamed of his village and seeing all of the people he grew up with being murdered in various ways...hearing his sensei's voice over head telling him that he did not need them and that they had made him weak and the sole path to strength was solitude.

Kikisu woke up in a startle as he heard voices above him, he could not make out most of their words due to the sand but noticed there was at least 3 of them. He thought about attacking them or even talking to them but deicded to just wait them out as he woke up and ate some dried jerky far under the earth as the men eventually walked away and after about an hour Kikisu assumed he was safe to come back up.

As he rose from the sand with a drilling manuever, he got up to see the men waiting for him. All of them bore headbands from the sand, but with slices through the headband...rogue ninjas from a village that no longer was a village. Hey bud, we sensed ya down there and decided to camp here for ya, to see what you had on ya hehe Kikisu groaned to himself, they were so damn self indulgent, they just had to point out how they found him...telling him one of them is a sensory type ninja.

Most likely that made the 3 of them an old squad, so at most they were chuunins, he looked them up and down and deduced they were old genins. Their gear was fledgling level, kunais and shurikens. Kikisu decided to grace them with his presence. He opened the puppets belly and walked out letting the fat puppet flop to the ground with a heavy thud!.

Kikisu deicded that now was not the time for fun, or too test out skills. Boys boys boys...You dont remember me we were ninja together...just leave me be friends? He heard the braying laughter, they were mocking his mercy! that would not wonder that damned village was destroyed with people like this. Oh? we are not friends? Oh too bad for you then Without another word Kikisu created ten long chakra strings, making them first invisible and secondly covered in many little barbs and spikes. First he feigned a head rub, and as he began reaching up slashed outwards with a quick flick of his wrist.

The five strings caught the first bandit ninja in the neck, aimed for the artery with precision and skill. The man fell gurlging blood as he grabbed his neck. There was no showbouting, no speech about how futile their fight against him was...he was pissed.

He whipped the other hand at the other kid as he began to throw 2 kunai at him. It seemed he put up a weak chakra shield up. That would lessed his strings damage and probably not deflect two kunai at once. The other hand grabbed his puppet and with a rough ungraceful control swung it between the two men.

This brigand did not deserve a real fight. So instead of actually using the puppet he swung the large wooden marionette upwards into the air with great velocity. The swinging downwards, hearing the screams before they were replaced with the sound of ripped flesh and crushed bones. The last rogue ninja was now scared and backing up.

Kikisu wrapped all ten strings around the young criminal. First holding him in place and then slicing every major artery and vein he could reach with his razor barbs. In a fountain of blood the last one died without so much as a sound. To hide his presence here he had his puppet throw them in the hole that he slept in last night. Burying them and then walking away unceremoniously seemed the village was just criminals and assholes after all
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after a few minutes taking a small break,Kikisu began to check over his puppets. He wanted to make sure that they were in full working order. After he cleaned the sand from Kawaiis hair, he mulled over the thought of not living in a village. The odd part of the whole thought was that he did not live in the village in the first place, he lived with his sensei in the wastes, but deep in his head there was always a place to go back to if his head changed.

But now there was none, just a mottled collection of ninjas and civilians and a few missions to help keep them safe. Kiki did not know how he felt about that. Though, now was not the time to think about that he had a mission from his sensei and he had almost 4 hours of walking left to find where he lived, in the ruins of course.

After cleaning taboks wrist launchers and giving Minos axe a quick sharpening with a whet stone he began walking to his mission.

The man he was hunting was a good deal more skilled then he was so a standard one on one fight would not work at all, since he would most likely be taken down quite quickly. So in that case either a surprise attack or some type of subterfuge would be in order. After the few hours of mulling it over Kikisu came near the home of this target. Out front Kikisu saw two guards standing by the door, they seemed really relaxed which gave credence to them being pretty safe. The funny part was that Kikisu knew these two boys. He had gone to Genin Academy with them many years back, these two were slackers who got threw by bully and barely passing so there was not much chance that they would be too much issue, since they were being bossed around by a chuunin that gave more and more credence to his theory.
Kikisu decided to try his best trick, as he wrapped himself in the wrapping of linen and began controlling his puppet as if it were a human. For this he chose the puppet that seemed the most human which was Kawaii.

Kikisu tried his best to add a bounce to his step akin to the look of the cutesty girl that the puppet was modeled after. As he neared the front door he heard them call out violently.
Hey who are you! Why are you walking here? Come on Answer!
Kikisu answered back in a timid voice, acting a tad scared as well.

Uh.... Well My name is Kawaii im here to.. um i think join the group or something

He heard the laughter again, the braying sound the douches of the village liked to make at him when he was a little kid, but he kept his composure. The two teens approached slowly, their guard was completely down. he noticed that one of them had a puppet on his back as well through the small peephole he made himself in the linen... that was the perfect way in.

What good can you do? can you even use that Puppet? Makes sense being so small i guess The two had a laugh as they got close. With a set of swift movements and finger clicks the long black steel talons were released from the puppets hands. The two teens were far too close to react properly, one of them just activating his puppet strings and not even getting them attached to the marionette itself. The Puppet moved with swiftness as kikisu hopped backwards in a bit of a flourish.

The talons swiped forwards into two throats slicing deep and clean. The teens dropped to the ground clutching their throats as they began to bleed over the sand. Kikisu had the puppet grab the two of them and drag them off quickly to the alleyway. The one on the left without the puppet bled out and went limp as the second one tried to control himself and reach for a senbon.

Kikisu stomped on the grasping hand, staring his deep tan eyes deep into the teen he knew for so long.

You have a good face don't mind if i use that for a while do you? Do not fret you will be gone in a moment and no one will remember you....bye bye He said as he began slashing into the teens face repeatedly with kawaiis hair, slashing his face to ribbons swiftly and making it wholly unrecognizable. This act may have seemed barbaric but he did not want someone coming across this body and finding him out that fast, he would be inside for only a little bit but he knew the teen ninjas mannerisms and the way he spoke from when they were young so a transformation and a small amount of mimicking would do very nicely.

Kikisu began to walk into the compound years of training as a ninja made him ready to pretend to be someone who he was not, it was almost a instinct at this point it surely helped that the guy he was hunting was more of a trustworthy folk, and kind. That fact almost made Kikisu regret doing this after all he did not like the criminals either but money and work is something that he could not pass on right now.

Kikisu ran into the office with the leader and his mark, with a anguished look on his face. Help Help! they got Gakuji some thugs!

There was that moment in time where the bluff either worked or did nothing and that moment was only less than a second but it felt like ages.

The man got up and began to run past Kikisu assuming to go and help out the genin down below. Just as the Chuunin ninja ran past him Kikisu whipped his puppets hair across the mans face.

The sound of screaming and the thud on the ground as the chuunin clutched his mangled eyes was a bit much for Kikisu at the time, why couldn't he just make it easy on him. Kikisu Quickly brought out tabok with a Miao Dao blade and stabbed it deep in the mans chest, just as Kawaii whipped her claws out and slashed deep into his throat.

With the job done kikisu jumped out of the window and rolled into the sand and broke into a full on sprint into the town ruins he only had a few seconds even until someone caught on to what just happened and he wanted to get far away from here and get back to his master to claim that bounty.

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