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1 Welcome to What Lies Beneath on Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:30 pm



Welcome to: What Lies Beneath

What lies beneath is an interactive event arch in which many villages are in direct competition with one another to vassalize the broken village of Sunagakure for themselves. Though many of them have different ideas on how to go about it as well as reasons varying from to take the land for themselves or to simply keep the land away from others as well as other ulterior motives, the land of sand has nonetheless been divided. All the while Rogue and Criminal elements seek to transform the fractured state into a lawless home of their own!

The Village Goals:

  • Konoha: To sew trust from the people of Suna through relief efforts focused on defending innocents and providing aid.

  • Kirigakure: To generate debt and favor from Suna by systematically hunting down and eradicating rogue threats in the nation.

  • Iwagakure: To ingratiate spies into the refugee populous and gather intel on other nations, especially Kumogakure following the Chunin Exams.

  • Kumogakure: To bring order to the land and impose law, effectively to conquer Suna with a mix of military might and propaganda.

  • Sunagakure: Missing / Wandering ninja attempting to push away the villages directly, and establish a rogue state free from the village system!

-Event Points and Prizes: Event Points (EP) are gained by writing in the event, undertaking missions or performing quests; however, unlike other events, the word-count for passive EP is based on the total wordcounts of the thread you’re writing in. 2500 words in the event will grant 1 EP to each member of the thread at that point. This means, the more people you RP with, the easier this task becomes! This amount is doubled for those in combat with Rogue elements or hostile villages in Kill Enabled areas.

The event Prize list can be found: here!

Event Missions: The missions of this event are largely limited being able to be taken once per ninja with the exceptions of a few being restricted meaning that they can only be undertaken once. Ie. in the case of eliminating a specific VIP. This is to limit a players’ ability to spam missions, but also to encourage you to create your own quests!

Missions for the events can be found: here


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