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Mission name: Operation: Desert Lotus
Mission rank: D
Objective: Hunt down and Deal with a known
Location: Suna; What Lies Within
Reward: 150 Ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Kirigakure have enacted a vicious operation within the sand nation to push bandit groups to retreat in hopes of finding their bases of operations. Intel has been given to the ninja on the suspected location of suspected Bandit groups. Locate and identify the targets and engage with extreme prejudice, but in such a manner to force them to retreat, so that they may be followed.
Mission Details: The low level bandits that the forces of the mist are targeting aren’t pushovers, they’re veteran thieves and racketeers that have been preying on the poor for a some time in the absence of the Sunagakure ninja forces. The attackers will come face to face with at least 10 C Rank bandits with C-1 tier stats as well as B rank light armor and weapons with the base defense / damage for equipment of their rank.
Hindering Kiri, if possible.

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Kanamora took missions from other nations hesitantly. There was an innate risk in trusting them and Kana always felt dubious at best about their intentions. Villages like Kiri  kind of hard to justify following, but they organized their military on such  large scale that Kanamora was sure she could be under the radar enough to warrant getting a bad mission, that is unless of course it was prepared to be that way. Regardless of the nature of this mission she was on it now, and it would be more effort than it was worth to rescind her acceptance of the mission.

As Kana got closer to the target area flew through a string of hand seals before casting the Underground Fish Projection. She continued forward slowly sinking into the ground. There were recently a few attacks on some refugee camps according to the text of this mission. It was sufficiently late that there were not many folks traveling in and out of the refugee camp. As she entered the camp, she began her reconnaissance and was traveling just beneath the surface of the sandy road. She was looking for a small number of non-ninja bandits that had been causing trouble in this particular camp. Kiri's goal was to follow them back to their village because they thought the bandits were part of some larger group. Kana was inclined to agree with this deduction.

A man of above average height had cornered some of the citizens that were here. He had out two large hammers that were just small enough to justify using one handed though they each seemed like they were formidable weapons. The four men and women cowered in front of him as he slammed the large hammer in his right hand into the rock building beside of him cracking the stone. Lording his position of power over the group of them he slowly growled out his questions.

"I heard the lot of you called for some help from foreign ninja, is it true? Why would you tell them you needed protection from your wonderful guardians?" His grip tightened on the weapon. With a wide arcing downward swing his weapon crashed downwards at a young man no more than 14 before it was stopped by a small barrier of iron sand. Kanamora fully emerged from the wall beside of the bandit as a hammer made of iron sand formed in her own hand and delivered a blow to the surprised bandits jugular. He dropped one of his hammers to grab his throat struggling to make air pass through his semi collapsed windpipe. He would swing again with his other hand, but this time too the strike would stop just short of its target and Kanamora expecting this would take advantage of his commitment to the strike and crack him in his jaw slightly jarring him as he was still surprised. Kana went for another swing, but this time the bandit was ready gritting his teeth against the pain and swinging with a hammer that was once again stopped.

"Aargh, friggin' ninja. You'll all-" a second hammer came flying from beside the bandit in a blind spot in his peripherals, catching the other side of his jaw and knocking him unconscious. Kanamora slowly walked up to him taking his hammers before handing them to two of the refugees. Go in secret and collect as many people as you can to meet here in an hour. With that Kanamora placed a fake, blank hunter-nin mask on with the transformation technique and sank beneath the surface of the ground with the bandit.

As almost eighty of the refugees began congregating at dawn, ten more bandits were walking towards them with the intent to engage as Kanamora interrupted them by slowly emerging with the battered unconscious body the hammer wielding goon. Kanamora and some of the refugees had taken the liberty of busting him up a little more before the engagement. Kana tossed him forwards dragging him to the rest of his allies with her metal sand.

"There will be more coming soon, if you all are of the same caliber as this dolt," The sand would drop the bandit at their feet, "You'd better run home, save us some time." On of the bandits annoyed with the ninja would pull out a bow shooting one of its iron-tipped arrows at Kanamora, whose particle shield would adeptly block this strike as well. Kanamora would pluck the sand out of the air. "Do you think you could take on my squadron with meek skills like this. No." Kana would slowly shake her head. "You know better than that, don't waste our time." The bandits grit their teeth before slowly backing down one by one, taking their ally and heading back to their camp. When they ere out of sight Kanamora turned to the group of refugees. "I was totally bluffing. They woulda kicked my ass."

"We know..." One of the refugees would say behing Kana. "You did pretty good kid."

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Through usage of the element of surprise Kana takes out a bandit who was alone intimidating a smal group of refugees. Kana then takes the unconscious ninja to use as an opportunity to show off her exotic jutsu and tell the bandits that there were more ninja coming as an intimidation tactic. As it wasn't an unreasonable assumption and risky since they'd not seen Kana in action, The bandits ran back to their base to regroup.

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