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1 Kumo Claims a Lieutenant [Quest] on Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:59 pm



Mission name: Open Negotiations
   Mission rank: C-rank
   Objective: Parley with a third party on behalf of Lord Hastur
   Location: Sunagakure (What Lies Beneath)
   Reward: 1 EP
   Mission Description: The bandits that are raiding the local area seem to be working for a Gasuna, Oboro. We have come bearing resources and a deal: Join Kumo's side and they won't need to worry about raiding camps again. The only issue is getting past her 10 guards to initiate the deal.
   Development References:
   Build up:
   Mission Details: Get past the Gasuna Oboro's 15 D rank guards who wait in the room before Ms. Gasuna's office. Each of them have C rank bukijutsu as well as B rank fuuton and D-3 stats across the board. They have various B rank weapons from the item catalog as well as all library fuuton jutsu. Knock them unconscious if you must, but do not kill them. We come bearing a peace offering, so fighting is not necessarily the only option. The woman behind the door isn't the real Ms. Gasuna, and is actually just a D-Rank bandit with stats to match. Despite this she will take you to lieutenants location after hearing what you've got to offer.

   Mission name: Emissary for an Idol
   Mission rank: C-rank
   Objective: Make peace with Gasuna Oboro
   Location: Sunagakure (What lies beneath)
   Reward: 1 EP
   Mission Description: Lord Hastur is pleased with your works. Follow this emissary to her lieutenant, and "seal the deal".
   Development References:
   Mission Details: You are to go to Ms. Gasuna's hideout and convince her to join hands with Kumo. If you don't use as much respect as they expect you to, her real guard, 10 C-Ranked bandits who basically worship the ground she walks on, will turn on you and attack delaying and possibly ending negotiations if things go too poorly.

Gasuna, Oboro:
Name: Gasuna, Oboro
Age: 34
General Appearance: here
Personality: A sensual yet shy crime lord whom is known to resent the sight of death and violence. Her claim to fame is her beauty and subtle charm as well as her polite and graceful nature that has been used expertly to gravitate the criminal element towards her as a symbol.
Goals: Oboro’s goal is to survive, and she’s one of the lowest ranking lieutenants in a movement to secure Sunagakure for themselves, but while she’s low in rank her influence is widespread. In many cases she’s the poster-girl for the rogue movement, accumulating others to her side in record numbers.
Abilities: Oboro is an exceedingly skilled C rank genjutsu and medical ninjutsu user and member of the fallen Karisuma clan. Along with her powerful Doujutsu she is capable of using visial triggers surrounding making herself seem more beautiful to all those who perceive her in one of their 5 senses depending on the jutsu she’s used. The jutsu triggers a dopamine response within her victims with her B rank med / genjutsu that simulates the effect of love, often turning allies into enemies and making her allies fight all the harder for her. She has D-2 stats across the board as well as B rank fuuton, knowing all library jutsu she would be able to learn.
Items: Oboro herself has no items on her person, but she has 10 C rank guards which surround her. Each of them have B rank bukijutsu as well as B rank fuuton and C-1 stats across the board. They have various B rank weapons from the item catalog as well as all library fuuton jutsu.
Requirements: A ninja must have taken operation desert lotus targeting oboro’s group as well as 2 other quest missions tracking / locating or hunting down Oboro in order to take this bounty. Or 3 quest missions seeking them out. Defeating Oboro rewards 3 EP to all participants.

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