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Technical Information:
Mission name: Attack Village Camps.
Mission rank: S-rank.
Objective: Cause chaos by attacking village encampments.
Location: Border camps.
Reward: 2000 + 5 EP.
Mission Description: Rogue groups have hired willing ninja to attack border camps and disrupt village operations by causing chaos in their ranks.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Hired players will arrive at a border camp of their choosing and attack it as brutally or as merficully as they desire, it will be defended by at least one Shinobi of equal ninja rank with two chosen chakra natures and all Library techniques of their rank and lower. If this mission is done with another Player Character in opposition who is taking the Defend Village Camps mission, both participants may claim rewards for both missions as if they had completed them when handing in the reward for this mission and it counts as a mission of the highest rank the two of them could accomplish together.

Also Ayakashi and I have agreed to the use of his revamped jutsu list located HERE and the use of approved jutsu awaiting payment and being trained in this thread located HERE. additional thread participants acknowledge and agree to this also.

"Know that this blasphemy is for the good of everyone."

Beyond the world, the Sealer spoke a soft parting sentence, peering over the shoulder of his tattered robes to take a last glance at his companion. The haven, as it was, this Valley of Lost Things as he called it, could protect them from the slings and arrows of the outside world for no longer, for its power was in solitude. Even now, as the initial scouts sullied the landscape with careless footfalls, the walls of their private nirvana closed in. The proportion of what can be seen determines what is Lost, and this strange paradox outside of everything was no exception, drawing its power from the concept of lost things to hide those brave few who wish never to be found. By himself, Hika would find the comfort of the valley enough to weather the oncoming war until Yōsei returned, or if he so chose, he would be able to traverse the land as the Sealer did, with his nexus of seals. It was time for the two to part ways, and it would be some time before the Sealer's work was done on the front lines; such an incursion into Suna's borders meant a congregation of powerful shinobi ready to be recruited. Yōsei felt himself nearing the apex of his first summit, one of many he would have to climb if he were to slay a God.

Forgotten flags speckled the sea of dunes, guiding a weary legion of feet to rest somewhere among the lost. From his faraway place, Yōsei could feel the million pounding feet which lay waste to the sanctity of Suna's borders, terror came en masse to disturb the forlorn holy land, and it bore the banner of Shinobi. All across the nation, an expanse of dominance drew lines inward, aiming arrows at the heart of the Wind's sorrow. Already ninja from the Great Nations had made it to the city, the withdrawing Ryujin forces preparing for their leader's departure in the coming months, consigned to inevitable defeat at the hands of the new invaders. Such was the fate Yōsei predicted for the young nation, fledgling and weak it had been thrust from the nest before developing the means to fly, and so now the Sealer watched from wherever he could at the plummeting chick with disdain for the wasted potential of another what-could-have-been. Hunter-ninja were the first, fighting bloody battles up and down the excavation site's outskirts as Lamya's men covered their tracks and retreated, taking their equipment and burning the secrets of their society. It almost sickened Yōsei to see such ambition ruined by the foolhardy efforts of once great countries, but he could forgive them for their intent, and for what they would enable him to accomplish.

Floating across the sand, Yōsei made his approach toward the flowing banners set around bonfires billowing with smoke signals. Towering high above tents and horses were flags which, at each interval of the villages' camps, would be erected to show conquest and lead the next lot of village troops along the same path. These types of signals were once a conventional method of traversing these lands, but it had been some time since the Land of Wind was mapped from scratch, shifted and unknown since its destruction. Only the few who had worn the yoke of Suna's bloody, tragic rebirth still knew the deserts well enough to navigate them with confidence. One such man was the bewitching spirit of Suna's dunes, the mysterious figure who had forged his holy contracts with many across the Land of Wind in the recent years. Yōsei had learned this ghostly landscape like a treasured secret path, each grain of sand had been under his watch for months as he circled the nation. Months of spiraling outwards from Ryujin's dying heart all the way to the edge of its borders and back again, leaving in his wake a trail of seals with which to return anywhere he wished had prepared for this moment.

Today, he appeared high atop a dune overlooking the forward base of the Hidden Mist Village; scouts prowled, but in the windy, scorching desert noon they were unable to spy the Sealer, who watched their movements closely through the holes in his mask. Opting not for the visage of his toad ANBU mask, growling viciously, Yōsei was instead donning the guise of his Jibaku; ivory mask with tomoe pattern, dark eyes staring out from beneath the immaculate imitation of the great criminal's mystique.  Hooded, with the weapons of his sordid wage, clasped firmly to his hip and back, Yōsei began his descent. The swift breeze of Kyoki's shoal embraced him, flirting with the loose grains and tantalizing them enough to dance with his movements, falling away as the Sealer ran, making rapid progress toward his mark.

"Identify yourself!"

The cry, determined as only the Mist could be, came from his right, off in the dust where the Sealer peered at the unmistakable shape of a hunter-ninja. Keen eyes twitched, incoming projectiles from the source of the voice would be caught in his legacy's miasma, twisted into the sky with effortless ease by steely winds.

"This is not a drill, Kiri ninja are authorized to eliminate the target! Shū Formation, go!"


Under his breath, the Sealer's reply was not for any to hear, it was for naught but his own amusement. The man who had returned from death found his pleasure in the simple things, a smell that reminded him of his mothers cooking, the foggy memory of a game he used to play with his friends, it felt nostalgic to be here again. Pivoting, Yōsei danced through a volley of projectiles, body expertly weaving amongst the assault, which attempted to predict his movements but found no such luck as the Sealer made his beeline for the roaring signal fire. Code-words and commands flew back and forth, turning the paltry campsite into a field of war. The hunters and assisting shinobi spread out, each taking an assigned role as they watched the phantasm vanish, running into the flames causing them to flourish violently then burst and disappear. Silence fell over the camp, sweltering desert heat unwilling to yield, even to the formidable hunter shinobi of the Hidden Mist. Yōsei had gone without a trace, no footsteps or lingering wind, the hunters watched on as he had been swallowed by the fire. After a long pause, the first seed of doubt crept in; had they seen anything at all?


The blow came from nowhere, Yōsei's fist twisting through the cloth of a tent and impacting the fragile shoulder's of a Kiri shinobi, causing bones to crack and become dislocated as he yelped and fell forward into the sand. The sound drew attention to its source, but they found only the writhing body of their comrade. The sheath of a blade whipped around for the back of another pair of knees, cracking them and sweeping out the legs from underneath the unsuspecting shinobi before a fist would silence him unconscious in the dirt. Another loud crash and the plume of sand which rose as the man crashed into the ground brought all gazes to the west. Above, the midday sun blared mercilessly, pelting the backs of each ninja with such heat that the Mist shinobi, who were so used to the fresh coastal air of their homeland, found themselves scrambled in the face of the unknown assassin. A ninja slid between the folds of a tent, fumbling with the lock of a storage locker before swinging open a cache of explosive tags and scooping them up in his arms. When he rose, it was to meet the abrupt intruder of Yōsei's boot, which thrust itself into the shoulder of the ninja, sending him from his feet through the other side of the tent. The nukenin darted backward, igniting a spark of Katon within the canopy and evaporating into the desert heat.


The resulting explosion, setting off a large number of explosive seals at once, resounded through the surrounding dunes. Distant sister-camps behind the front line would feel the air shift, an uncharacteristic breeze flowing through and then fading as curiously as it had appeared. At the site of Yōsei's attack, decorum had utterly collapsed; hunter ninja ran through the flaming wreckage in search of their allies, coming face to face with Yōsei's shadow as the unprepared scouts met with blistering sand, unconscious bodies strewn around the campsite as the assassin picked apart their tactics effortlessly. Screaming voices struggled desperately to reach above the roar of fire and thumping heartbeat, craving reply from reinforcements or surviving comrades but finding nothing. The final hunter, still stalking through the ruined encampment, made his retreat to the east, common sense telling him that in the sparse dunes there was nowhere to hide so he might as well run. Salvation would pierce his perception, cresting the dune he was ascending were the first desert scouts; shinobi in Kirigakure regalia assigned to rapid response. The preparedness of the Mist Village military was not to be understated, and the squad performed their job with ease, appointed medical shinobi beginning work on his wounds while the captain opened his mouth to speak.

"Single target. Rogue Ninja. I've never seen anything like it, he took us out in seconds."

"Signal the Mizukage, we need help."

In the moments before the man's retreat, he had knelt before the Sealer, who loomed with his hand outstretched offering a contract. Unlike his comrades, he would be spared the savage injury and humiliation wrought by the desert shadow, and in return, the hunter ninja would become his messenger. With parchment signed in blood, the contract was sealed, and Yōsei awaited the fruit of his labor. He stood to the west of the destroyed camp, arms at his sides, wind whipping the innumerable folds of his cloak while the tall stacks of smoke from his explosive entry still snaked heavenward, visible for miles in the endless horizon. The paper tag of his most recent geas burned to ash in Yōsei's palm, signaling the delivery of his words through the vessel of Kiri's hunter. In a matter of moments, the forces of the Mist, and perhaps others would doubtless arrive in hordes. Yōsei took his precious moments before the storm to gather himself, feel his surroundings flow and anticipate the chance to meet an old friend face to face, one he had not laid eyes on for long, cold eternities.




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Mission name: Defend Village Camps.
Mission rank: C-S.
Objective: Protect army camps from Rogue threats.
Location: Border camps.
Reward: Variable ryo + 2-5 EP.
Mission Description: Independent factions often target the border camps, defend them however you need to.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: While at a border camp, a group of bandits led by a rogue ninja will appear and must be defended against, they are at least of equal ninja rank with two chosen chakra natures and all Library techniques of their rank and lower. If this mission is done with another Player Character in opposition who is taking the Attack Village Camps mission, both participants may claim rewards for both missions as if they had completed them when handing in the reward for this mission and it counts as a mission of the highest rank the two of them could accomplish together.

“All warfare is based on deception. When we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when far away, we must make him believe we are near; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away.” - Sun Tsu.

Ayakashi had ferried herself across the myriad landscape to set foot in the former land of Sunagakure. The pale red morning sun hanging over the horizon as Amaterasu clawed at the heavens' ladder to sit upon her decadent throne, bathing the sands before and seas behind the Kirigakure nomads in a light akin to a witches flame. Shadows stretched across the horizon as the morning of their great work began, adamant soldiers stood at the helms of great ships that prepared to crash ashore of the sand nations' southern border. As the golden landscape before them came into view, Hunter ninja would leap off the bows of the monolithic ships and charge across the water in their hundreds, cascading across the waves in complex formations as jutsu leaped to life in their hands and came to the ready. The forward unit would make way to the beach and claim an oasis river that cut deep into Sunagakure as a supply line for their forward bases. Trained and experienced... this wasn't the first time the Hunter ninja of Kirigakure had made this aggressive maneuver, charging forward like a spear with the strongest ninja in the world at its tip, robed in ebony with a silver mask across her face and platinum gloves.

'The demonic ice witch had made birth upon the sands.'

The naval force with their Suiton experts found no issue in navigating upwards along the cerulean stream. Small-scale bandits in the area providing to be little more than a dilatory distraction impeding their inevitable progress until the water nation had driven their spear deep into the flesh of the fallen country of Sand.  It hadn't been long since Ayakashi had heard of the fall of the Corpulent Daimyo and his associate counsel, long had the fat bureaucrats of the sand pilfered the riches of their nation and hid behind gilded high walls. Execrable wastes of space, Ayakashi had at first been horrified that they had been eliminated by Sarutobi Mitsuo as well as Lamya... yet as time seemed to inevitably pass, more information came to light on the true nature of the village that surrounded them. The Daimyo here was rotten to the core, corrupted on a level that Ayakashi may have seen as comical were it not abhorrent beyond description. All that occurred in this nation now was on the shoulders of that man and his council, four nations collapsing on a single target to right wrongs that were generations in the making. A colossal undertaking that placed the military forces of Kirigakure against a nearly limitless number of bandits, rogue ninja, nukenin and more.

'A challenge they welcomed freely.'

Within the day, with the use of the river floating pre-made portions of fortress walls as well as the inveterate nature of their forces. Kirigakure had built a bridge fortress across the river which seemed to grow hourly, expanding into a fortress worth defending. Walls of cold iron and wood branching outwards as they were slot into place with deft hands as Hunter ninja pushed outwards in all directions, moving to ensure the forts safety via the deft occupation and fortification of the immediately surrounding small villas. Skirmishes lit up the night, yet by the time sun fell on the first day, Kirigakure had created a potential staying presence so potent, it was as if they had been entrenched in the sullen sands for a year. While the Kirigakure forces had attempted to be judicious in their approach, it seemed that they had not gone entirely unnoticed. It didn't take long for preliminary attacks at their border camps to test the strength of the foreign forces... only to have the impeeding tests repelled with virulent force and adaptability.

Ayakashi stood in the midday sun, hot sweat beading down her face as she stared out into the horizon, her presence in the nation growing by the hour as her men sought to systematically and with extreme prejudice eradicate and temporarily demilitarize the country they had found themselves in. Hastur was right about a number of things, order needed to be maintained in this country, the evil within its heart had simply been allowed to spread throughout the body of the country like cancer. Metastasizing with a pervasive yet pernicious intent to infect every corner of it with the worst kind of spasmodic villainy. The high banners of the waves crested upon the walls of their fortress-monastery, as Ayakashi prepared for the battles that were to come. Her splinted steel mask sitting on her hip over the two bladeless hilts clipped to the leather strap that fastened Tobiramas armor to her chest over the shoal of the Mizukage that hung beneath it like a warriors tasset with its hood peeking out the top and cowling over Ayakashi's brow which hid the demonic aura of her eye beneath her steely eyepatch. At her back, she sheathed a combination of her compacted Fuma shuriken and quiver placed vertically alongside one another, all the while, Asimorih spider silk thread leading to her dart coiled around her wrist and tucked into her gauntlet and her trusty dagger tucked into the heel of her armored greaves.

"I only hope that this can be solved quickly..." Aya spoke lightly, looking back to one of the village leaders which had chosen to accompany her. Plunder from the sands was not out of the question as Kirigakure would gain ground, surely the sands were rife with precious artifacts from lost Daimyo and fallen kings spread across the nation by the criminals that would have looted their regal coffers destitute within a matter of hours proceeding their fall from grace. In this sense, the war effort here could be maintained... Howev-

Battle Begins

An explosion sparked into existence in the distance, as smoke would soon-after begin to rise from the north, slithering skyward in the breeze as a carbon serpent. Ayakashi would immediately cease her thought and dart down for the gates of the fortress where it seemed that a Hunter Ninja had managed to reach the gates. the man seemed to be shaken, of this, there was no doubt. To have the hunter ninjas rhadamanthine training undone like this forbode something large was coming this way. Looking to the mans' hand, he seemed to hold a scroll. He would describe in no uncertain terms what had occurred in the forward base, twisting Ayakashi's expression into a cold scowl. Grabbing the mask from her hip, she would place it on her face and pull the mouth-piece from under her nose down to her chin. 'One assailant, heavy casualties, S rank or higher..!' With little more than a nod and a call-sign, Ayakashi would look to her side as something expansive and white would move aside of her. Sighting the hulking form of Bai-hu without a word the two of them would precipitate a hasty move for the location of the rolling smog.

A single opponent taking a forward base of Hunter Ninja by surprise was no small feat, Hunter ninja of Kirigakure no Sato were some of the highest trained ninjas in the world, the fact they had been decimated in that location alone stood to the tumultuous merit of the attacker, whomever they may be. Ayakashi would sprint leagues faster than the tiger beside her, leaving him far behind as she would move on ahead, knowing full well that unless things ended as quickly as they began, his presence later in the fight would suffice as backup in the mean time.

A blur of ebony and sapphiran light intertwined in infinite complexity would streak across the amber glades, little more than a grossly ironic shadow under the blazing sun. The smoke before her would widen as Ayakashi would draw closer and closer to her intended location. Soon enough, Ayakashi would have her chance. Drawing upon the encampment, the blackened figure to the west wall of the burning estates would eventually come into vision. Limitless folds of a cape of sorts billowing in the wind as he seemed to await counter-attack.

Ayakashi with the deftness of Hachiman would draw her weapon changeling in her right hand, the sword unfolding mechanically into a bow and releasing its string with its obscure interior machinations. While her left would draw a single one of her black family arrows, knocking it to the bow which would be slung diagonally before her. Drawing its nock to under her eye in a snipers' position before resting moments before letting the obsidian bolt fly... There was no way to know that this was the man that had attacked her men, perhaps he was an onlooker, a vagrant ninja who had come to also aid in defeating their attacker. Ayakashi was not yet some wild beast that needed to be tamed or reigned in...

'Not yet...'

The Mizukage would grind to a halt, surfing the wave of soft sand under her feet as she ground to a halt just shy of sixty meters from the man. Calling out to him with a voice carved into neutrality with the mechanical function of her altered mask. "You there, don't move! Are you the person who did all this, are you responsible for this senseless destruction!? Reveal yourself, surrender, and I promise you will face trial for your crimes!" Ayakashi would stand below him, the dunes that rose the village up had him positioned on a perch of sorts in comparison to Ayakashi, standing below and aiming slightly upward at the crestless ninja bathed in sunlight.

Yet, the resolve of the Mizukage was vast, she had ordered the man to halt, should he so much as look to take a step in a direction faster than a careful motion to turn and face her. Should he deem it appropriate to explode into action... Ayakashi would alter the tip of her bow to face that immediate direction and let her arrow fly like a bolt of divine justice freed from the bow of the gods. the force of the flying arrow would let out a pulse of light as it would vanish from the eyes of even learned ninja causing the sand around Aya to become misplaces. Should this mendacious stranger seek combat...

he'd find it.


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"Do not take this missive lightly. I offer unto you the chance to form a sacred bond. Take this tapestry and sign in blood, deliver to your comrades my message thusly: Whatever monster has wrought upon you this destruction, you are unable to slay it alone. Beg, if you have to, for the salvation of your Demon Ice Witch. Take the anger which even now gathers behind your eyes and focus, for my words are true and just."

What would the Mizukage have thought if she had known what fingers plucked at fate's strings to draw her here? Scattered hunters withdrawing left a vacuum of silence, only the hissing crackle of the flaming camp provided ambiance. Onlookers already gathered atop the dunes, Kirigakure shinobi from the neighboring forward bases responded in minutes to the explosive entry, peering their eyes down on the figure who remained in meditative solitude. Glinting light from silver Hitai-ate marked the intruders as shinobi, each one withdrawing their kunai and narrowing their eyes at the assailant of their comrades. The Mist Village had earned international repute for its passionate shinobi; the pinnacle of military brainwashing was an impressive feat, allowing Kirigakure to accomplish all it had ever wanted. There remained few who would dare stand against such a powerful nation, the times of strife which had beset the world left its men blunt and crumbling but the brave souls who still struggled against oppressive tyrants showed themselves when times seemed their darkest. The lone figure stood between the arduous war of this forgotten kingdom made his presence known in fire and sound, booming, echoing radiance issued the challenge...

...And it would be answered in kind.

Surprised as he had been by the lack of resistance provided by Kiri's loyal dogs, Yōsei watched as the gathering crowd awaited the arrival of a commander to tell them what to do, and felt pity for their suffering. Again, the Mizukage led her nation into the breach of war, once more subjecting the Land of Water to death and bloodshed; just how many jewels did the Ice Queen require set upon her bloodied crown before her lust for destruction would be satiated? The Unkillable Demon Queen of the Mist had thus far snuffed the lives of all who stood before her, from her rise to power in Kiri to the dreadful Seven Bells war at which Yōsei too had been present. Even as her nation's allies waned and tensions with the Hidden Cloud arose, pushing them to the brink of war, she had remained steadfast. Finally, the Mist had reached out across the sea and grasped Konoha in its talons, vassalizing the nation under the pretense of peace. Focused on his goal, Yōsei had little time to consider the fate of his homeland until after the dust settled, but if his friend showed herself today, it would be an excellent opportunity for him to vent his frustrations. The man who had known suffering his entire life, who had spent years in service of his country slaying all its enemies, he understood the tragedy of the Mist's heritage.

Long before she reached the apex overlooking the camp, Yōsei felt Ayakashi's chakra twisting the natural flow of energy toward her. Creatures beneath the earth felt it as he did, attuned as they were to how the order of things shifted with the woman's gravity. Burrowing insects crawled away from the Sealer, where they fed on his residual energies, in order to pilgrimage across the sands to this new oasis, a well of chakra so deep it eclipsed even his. Not one for fear, for Yōsei had made ashes of far greater foes, the Sealer's eyes shifted to watch the blue bolt which left in its wake a furious plume of sand. With the same veteran fingers he had known, the Mizukage drew forth the mighty Changeling which with her aid took in its grasp the stem of an arrow with barbed tip, poised at the Sealer's heart. When the woman stopped, Yōsei had remained statuesque, becoming familiar with how much his contemporary had changed. Last he had seen Ayakashi, she had been within her first years as Mizukage, but even through her armor, the weathering years of mounting conflict were unhidden to him, who stared through her rather than at her. As the sand parted either side of her wake, dipping away into the ocean of dust like branches weighed too heavy with the fruit of war. She stood beneath him, eyes staring dauntless as the warrior she was, at the man who threatened her way of life. Without hesitation, Ayakashi's familiar voice called out to him, and he smiled.

"Lord Mizukage, it is an honor to finally meet you face to face. I must say, given the Mist's reputation for sending its hounds, I am surprised to see you here. You have saved me the blasphemy of slaying your Seven Swords, and for that I thank you."

The air burned hot, tension rising to the point of eruption as the Sealer let his words linger. Ayakashi would hear the man speak through the ground around her, motes of sand dancing in tune to the Sealer's distant lullaby. If the Mizukage had not retorted with audacious vigor, Yōsei would cut the silence instead.

"I am called Yōsei. This destruction is of my doing, but there is purpose hidden in these profane acts. I will not surrender. I have come to urge you to turn back, leave this sorry place and call away your armies. Allow the ghosts of this land to rest their weary souls. But such is not your way, is it, Lord Mizukage?"

In a smooth motion, the Sealer's dominant hand rose, sleek metal bursting into the digits to his left which clasped the Eight-Tails' trigger and held it aloft. Withdrawing his weapon caused a murmur to spread throughout the onlooking forces, the high noon sun's blistering heat served as the spotlight for the duo of titanic forces who spun endlessly around the world's lost wage, destined to meet on the opposite edge of some distant star. In the audience, the disbelief was palpable, that a man would dare stand before the Mizukage and draw his weapon without deception, issuing the closest thing to a formal challenge that shinobi ever had.

"Solstice Ayakashi, Head of the venerable Kōri Clan, Kirigakure's savior and Sixteenth Mizukage. Tell me, Aya, how many of the children who watch us from your army's ranks have ever seen you fight? How many have lived long enough before your nation calls upon them to serve?"

As he spoke, Yōsei shifted the aim of his crossbow, held steady in one hand, to point at the Mizukage's chest. Glistening silver peered from beneath the wrappings of stubborn cloth which denied Yatsouhan its chance for glory. It was all the Sealer could do not to press his finger and unleash the hungry nail, dive headstrong into the combat trance and put his life up against the will of the world's strongest there and then. But beneath his mask, the smile was hidden, and he gave off an eerie calm.

"How many of them have seen you bleed?"

Feet firm, Yōsei moved forward, no need to feel the Mizukage out through trickery, his path was in a straight line toward her. Without delay, Ayakashi's fingers curled back, the bolt of black metal spun toward the Sealer, aiming to pierce his body and rend his flesh. Her shot accurate, the arrow would impact the folds of Yōsei's cloak, barely interacting with his physical form before the seals beneath his flesh would open wide and swallow the thing, vanishing with its momentum intact as if the man before her had merely willed it from existence. Utterly unimpeded by the arrow, the Sealer would concurrently twist the Eight-Tails, unleashing a pair of projectiles from his crossbow aimed for the Mizukage's left thigh and right shoulder. Of the two, only one would seek to harm, the uppermost bolt would intend to slip between the objects held against her back, slicing away the straps of her quiver or whatever held in place her armor's shoulder plate. As the second of his attacks came, Yōsei shifted his momentum to the same left side, pushing along the sand and running away to arc around, maintaining the distance he had gathered to a little under half that of the original engagement. Three more projectiles would be ready to roar from Eight-Tails' hungry maw as he moved, each one anticipating the direction of any movements the Mizukage made if she started to react. The Sealer would prioritize disarming the woman's weapons if she reached for additional armaments, attacking the paths of her hands if she tried to shift the position of her Changeling or take advantage of its advanced composition.

The premise of Yōsei's attack would be to test her mental fortitude, how quickly would she be able to decipher his method of attack and what would she do to counter if he was successful in stymying any of her reactions? These questions would tell the Sealer more than he was sure Ayakashi would otherwise be willing to reveal. For Yōsei, this was not a test of skill, but a game of wits. If he had been unmasked, Aya might have looked upon him and laughed at the Namikaze's toothy grin as he found himself opposing her in combat. He longed to reveal himself and tell her of his plans, but now was not the time; this was the moment of Ayakashi's crucible.




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'How many of them have seen you bleed?‘

Such a bilious question; the man seemed to emit the pungent stench of villainy, emitting as if it were a tangible substance transmitted vicariously across the soft rolling breeze. Though to Ayakashi, she'd heard his words as dull and jejune. Whomever this man was, he was discerned by trusted men to be, at the very least, an S ranked threat. Ayakashi would listen to his words with sharpened intent, soaking in his menacing tone hanging aloft within the calm affliction of his voice. His words seemed armed to unsettle or goad the Mizukage into action, had he not have killed her ninja she would likely have resisted that taunt with all adamantine resolve of a seasoned ninja and politician. However, the burning of flesh assimilated the copper scent of blood which seeped across the landscape, transformig the lense in which she saw the world blood red. Ayakashi's enormous sum of chakra within her body began to expand, roaring against her instincts like a caged beast wrenching at the chains which bolted it to the walls of her soul. Aya's grip on her bow tightening to the extent that the strength that gripped it could compound carbon dust into sediment. All the while a subtle flicker of her chakra would transfer into the Fuma Shuriken on her back, empowering it with the substitution effect for use at a later time.

"I can promise you, stranger, that by the end of this battle, not. a. single. drop. of my blood would have graced this sand. Whomever you are, you'll learn precisely what we in my nation mean when we say No Prisoners!"

The arrow Ayakashi had launched moments after she spoke would fly true as the man rushed forward without so much as a glimpse of the slightest of hesitations. Doing so immediately concreted within the Mizukages mind that he held something in his arsenal that would dispense with the arrow. Certified by the fact that; certainly with his speed, he would have been able to avoid it with relative ease at their distance. But rather than do so, the stranger before her attempted to show Ayakashi that her arrow was no threat to him at all... establishing dominance... the man was playing mind games. It was fractions of moments before Ayakashi's suppositions would be confirmed as the obsidian shadow that was her bolt would intend to crash against his skin, sinking into the folds of his clothing before simply vanishing without a trace. Ayakashi's eyes would widen for a moment behind her mask as the mendacious defenses that her opponent seemed to employ which sought to only raise questions. What was that effect? Her arrow did not seem to be destroyed or transformed giving her the idea of it being sealed in some manner... but how... was it his clothing or some unique armour? Did it have limitations? If so, what were they? Against such an opponent, Ayakashi would normally preach conservatism... to analyze and assess the tenacious defense without falling foul of its effects. To this effect she would activate the chakra effect of her visor, bathing her world in a layer of translucent emerald light. However...

'If only she were so segacious.'

Ayakashi would deftly side-step the shot aimed for her thigh allowing it to pass by the outside of her stance unhindered. Meanwhile the three follow-up shots would no doubt be let loose to fly with the intent of intercepting her upcoming actions. The arrow launched for her shoulder, due to her movement routed to her upper chest, as the hand that had once knocked her own arrow would recoil with the release of the bow-strings' potential energy and tensile pressure. The force propelling her backward in a single swift motion to clasp around the shaft of the bolt in a sweep of her hand. Spinning with the momentum of the arrow and routing it before grounding her lower body Ayakashi would follow through with her motion, each of the three arrows encroaching closer inch by inch, now mere meters from her wrists. Arching around to face her opponent in the deft spin with the projectiles drawing nearer still, bearing down with their scalpel sharp points threatening to skewer her body. Ayakashi could see them in her peripheral as she completed her spin, her arm extended as the bolts drew close enough for her to hear the whistle of their flight like a lovers whisper. But, in the final moments of her desperation, something incredible began to break through the surface of the Mizukage...

The limiters precariously holding in Ayakashi's untapped potential would shatter like decadent crystal. Her opponent with his pernicious tongue had succeeded in angering the Mizukage, but as a perhaps unforeseen drawback to that sole, catastrophic action... he had, perhaps unwittingly made the greatest mistake in his life; he had succeeded in angering the Mizukage. With a low base sound, something would break as the air around Ayakashi would shift like a bubble had been created with the sheer force of her motion. The ensuing shockwave generated by the acceleration of Ayakashi as she would use the rotation to hurl the bolt backhanded in the stranger's direction would seek to smash the following arrows as their tips threatened to kiss Ayakashi's alabaster skin. The ripple splintering them to the point they each would nearly shatter while the wave overpowered the force of their flight pattern with the devastating pulse. The arrow she hurled back in his direction with her own personal skill, rather than that of her bow would bullet towards its target a line threatening to over-penetrate everything in its path to catch Yosei slightly to the right of his center of gravity. All the while the wave of force that would, in turn, collide with the sand, erupting upwards in a wall of loose grain between the two of them, obscuring their vision and pouring over Ayakashi like a waterfall, consuming her in the golden haze.

The timing of what came next had to be objectively perfect and without flaw. With the cord of the wire's tail end wrapped around her wrist tightly and a minute sum of chakra Ayakashi would hurl her rope-dart through the sand, the fuuton chakra bursting from the back of the tip as a minute rocket-propelled dart would fire through the wall of sand at the moving emerald shape that was her target beyond the wall of sand before her as the now unconsolidated sand would reach the apex of its elevation.

From the perspective of her opponent, all he would discern from the attack would be the blinking light of the dart exploding from the face of the wall on a path to cut off his movement with the elastic cord that followed in its wake, only for moments after, like a yoyo recalling to its caster, Ayakashi's entangled Vortex Fuma shuriken hurling in his direction to follow up the attack, cleaving through the sand-wall with its razor sharp edge at such an angle as it span, winding into the buried location of the needle in a crescent to cut across Yosei's solar-plexus from the opposing side in a fashion that would be most grave bisection for any ninja. Ayakashi knew that the Vortex Fuma Shuriken was a lethal weapon, having been the death of Yuzu Ren in their conflict some time ago, she hoped to bank on its potential infamy. Such a devastating weapon being deployed so early in the battle was a sign that Ayakashi was intending to attack her opponent with totally unrestrained lethal force.

'As the world around them for a moment would hold their breath at the result of the strike... but all was not as it seemed.'

Should the gigantic spinning blade hurled at colossal speeds come within striking distance of its opponent, impact with his absorbing skin eerily imminent if he hoped to employ the same tactic against one of her greatest ninja tools... and one of her most powerful assets... a striking revelation would come to pass. With a plume of smoke intending to cascade around or near her opponent, the Mizukage would apparate in place of the Shuriken, appearing to trade with its position, fist curled tightly as changeling would have altered into the shape of its naginata as she would spin with the same speeds of the rotating blade, letting out a single leg in a horrifying horizontal Tatsumaki kick for his midsection. The attack launching a concussive conical wave at that range which would devastate a landscape should it be within the range of the point-blank attack. But the intention of the attack was folded, obscured in layers of strategy as Ayakashi hoped to begin to lure her opponent into several false preconceptions.

The first; the obvious, that the dart was intended for him, as she was blinded by the sand, allowing the following weapon to hopefully catch him in the back. The second; that the Fuma blade she hurled was the genuine article, hoping that he would hope to absorb it in the same manner as her arrow allowing Ayakashi to get close enough to switch with it at the last possible moment... The third; that she had used the crucial substitution maneuver aggressively and so early in the fight, as it was usually meant for a ninja to escape or evade, to trade places with the spinning glaive. Believing such a maneuver had been exhausted would lower the risk of her evading a powerful attack in future, such a thought could easily trick an eager ninja into revealing their trump card far earlier than normally intended... as now would be their chance.

Meanwhile the ANBU around them, knowing the micro-encampment was long lost at this point would begin to move with object haste. Intending to encircle the duo so that a barrier might be able to be formed around their entire arena. While there was no way for them to aid the Mizukage in this battle, there was perhaps a way to keep further devastation contained to the sands as well as the light urban area the camp had formally consisted of.


Jutsu / Chakra:


visor + rope dart

Name: Art of Reckless Release | 滅多遁走術 - Metton'sōjutsu
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Offensive / Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 30m // 60m
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: 5
Cool-down: 7
Description: A true revelation of one's limits...With extraordinary power, comes the necessity to hold back one's strength, but that in turn allows it to be released to devastating effect. Aya, in earnest, holds back her abilities in order to not cause gigantic collateral damage to the world around her... but sometimes, against the most dangerous opponents, to hold back even a little is to invite death... this technique, is the release of those safeguards, as Aya cuts lose and disregards her surroundings with reckless abandon. Aya's punches, kicks, accelerated movement and other actions begin to have a colossal impact on the world around her, creating shock-waves, extending the range of her basic attacks and leaving ruin in wake of her movement. The waves travel at 25mp/s and can emanate from herself with a 30m radius or sweep, or 60m long conical projection in a single direction, all of which pique at 10m wide at their widest point. These shockwaves are more than capable of ripping up the earth, creating craters, shattering trees, warping steel, breaking bones and throwing ninja great distances to the edge of their range.

These shock-waves interact as Ayakashi's Basic Attacks with anything they would come into contact as if it were Aya making contact, such as with jutsu / items etc. After this jutsu ends and commences its cooldown, the user is left fatigued, reducing their strength and speed by 4 tiers until the cooldown ends.

Name: Substitution Technique (変わり身の術 ~ Kawarimi no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: One prepared item in the user's clear line of sight.
Speciality: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post preparation. Infinite postponement, Instant activation.
Cooldown: 6 posts after activation.
Description: The Substitution Technique is an age-old skill which enables the user to evade the effects of an attack by switching with an item in the area. (The item---or substantial clone---used for a Substitute must be as large as the user's torso, and must be prepared at least 1 post in advance by infusing it with 5 chakra.) Activating this jutsu for another 5 chakra, the ninja moves at untraceable speed for just a moment, and the item does so as well to take the user's place; the ninja leaves behind a flickering after-image for a second, which, if damaged, releases the chakra which holds it in place in a small smoke cloud, revealing the nature of the technique and the item they have switched with. Higher-rank ninjas' afterimages are able to show some of the signs of natural impact as if it were an actual human, if only for a very short period, before 'poofing'. The user coming out of the technique creates a similar audio and visual cue with a small cloud of translucent smoke and a 'poofing' sound on appearance in the location of the item they Substituted with. This technique causes the user to move at speeds untraceable to human perception, and therefore even the user cannot coordinate attacks during the Kawarimi, or activate any other jutsu. They, however, can maneuver near someone and then attack them after the fast-movement is finished.

Name: Transformation Technique (変化の術 ~ Henge no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: -5 every other post.
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: Given all the missions ninja are assigned to--battle, intelligence gathering, diversions--this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons; however, the object can be no smaller than 1 foot long in at least one dimension. Despite this, this technique has an abundance of uses. The transformation of a master of this technique (which is generally an Academy graduation requirement) makes the user physically and visually the same as the transformed person or object in question, giving the user the exact mass and physical qualities of whatever they transformed into. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it. This technique does not give a ninja the abilities or jutsu of a person they transform into, nor can give the user the damaging ability of a weapon (however, this can be used as a bluff). Sensory techniques can easily pick out someone transformed using this jutsu: the user's chakra would be active, as well as the fact that their biological functions and scent are not masked by this jutsu. Costs 5 chakra on activation, and an additional 5 chakra every other post after that.

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"When the time comes to slay a God, will you stand by my side?"

Striking a match in the dark, Yōsei placed the arc of his hand around the wick of a candle, shielding it from the wind. Loomed behind his shoulder, over the Sealer's kneeling form, that mysterious shape with whom he had forged a bond, her silhouette poised as if strung across his back like an instrument of war. Trails of smoke drifted upwards before they were caught in the desert breeze, scattered away and into the vastness of Suna's wasteland. Around the pair, a display of symbology, jolting the veil of darkness, a mixture of the twin sealers' chakras forming each sacred curve of scripture. The muffled reply slipped between the still eons and into Yōsei's ear, darkened lips curving into a distant smile as he turned to look over his shoulder. He would turn and stand, the fluid motion putting him face to face with his companion, whose hand he would take and press against his, placing in her palm the sister to a seal which he also held, the means for them to be connected.

"Then let us go, and we will show them what they have wrought."

Ayakashi spoke with such fervor, and rightfully as she had claimed the throne atop the world as the pinnacle of all shinobi. Rivaled only by the mysterious Raikage that was Yōsei's intended target, the man at which the Sealer struck from the heart of Hell's fire, Solstice Ayakashi demanded all who stood before her to bow or perish. The Mizukage would swiftly find the monster who stood before her now would do neither of those things, for he held no fear of the wrath which she could produce, nor of the imbalanced chakra that birthed her title's namesake. A man returned from death could have nothing left to fear, no power held within the hands of man could compare to the infinite dread of Naraka's grip, there was no cold Ayakashi could produce to match the chill he had felt those millennia ascending through the mountains of the dead. To Yōsei, she was the same woman from his prodigious generation, one of few who still stood, and her words carried not the weight of decades-long conquest for which he had been absent. With the simplest of venom, the Sealer had caught something which was reflected, laced within her words was the sound of anger.

It was all the ex-Hokage could do not to cast his judgment down in reply, let free the snapping, howling beast that once the Mizukage knew and spit his righteous fury. Such a display would doubtless alert Ayakashi of his hidden identity, there existed few among the living or dead who could match the conqueror's virulence. Bathed in black folds, the gossamer phantasm exerted no effort in dissipating the Water Shadow's meager arrow, letting loose his assault and watching the woman's reactions with careful consideration. Predictably, Ayakashi's expert movements served to avoid the brunt of his onslaught, her body twisting as the fingers which once had clutched the drawn string of her Changeling, now coiled around the frame of the Sealer's projectile. Yōsei's dancing bolts vaulted from the Eight-Tails, threatening the Mizukage with lethal precision as he struck between the gaps in her armor, predicting the arc of her rotation effortlessly. Closer still, the Sealer wondered what the play would be, which moment his opponent was waiting for, and as her arm whipped around, unleashing toward him the counter-attack, Yōsei had his answer.

Deep and resonant, the pulse made the desert feel cavernous as the Sealer continued his strafe, eyes trailing the waves of force as they left the Mizukage's body, which would no doubt disturb the loose grains populating their feet. Reaching the apex of their predetermined radius before billowing upward, causing a tight veil of sand to erupt between the pair. His eyes made sure, too, to note the projectiles which had been mid-air and their whereabouts as they arced high and wild over the desert as if mimicking the Mizukage's gambit. Unwilling to expend chakra to pierce the veil of Ayakashi's fog, the Sealer was afforded ample time as he hopped on his feet, shifting his weight, to propel himself backward several feet with a single step and reverse his momentum, dodging the errant reflection of his bolt with ease and catching in the grasp of his vanishing touch two of the twirling pins which became blocked by Ayakashi's shockwave. Still watching the sand ascend, Yōsei would stay light on his feet, preparing to pivot at any moment from his rotation and alter his distance or direction, well aware of the Mizukage's propensity for affecting a large area, the Sealer remained vigilant concerning his position. When finally the first glimpse of his quarry's plan was revealed, the tip of her rope-dart spinning through the sand to intercept his strafe, the Sealer would dart higher still and sway his momentum in the reverse direction. As the slicing fury of the woman's shuriken followed in the dart's wake, it would arc now towards the Sealer's left side.

Armed with the knowledge of his limitations, Yōsei would not be so bold as to attempt the maneuver on her shuriken he had on her arrow, knowing well enough the threat posed by chakra held within which yet could be activated. Instead, the response would come in the form of Yatsouhan, the crossbow's bulky frame enough to push up into the projectile's underside as already Yōsei began to drop his body low and back toward the left, preparing for the use of a technique to evade the activation of her weapon's deadly trick. Unwittingly, the Sealer had partly fallen prey to the Mizukage's trap, making contact with the shuriken would trigger a cascade of white fingers, smokey plumes which signaled the Mizukage's arrival, already lashing out with her leg in a thunderous display of speed and strength. Familiar as he was with the art of instant transmission, Yōsei found the gap-closer easy enough to perceive and as her strike came toward his path, the Sealer's evasive maneuver would serve as the unwitting backup both for the trickery of her shuriken and her transformation. Already moving, the Sealer's dodge would be made possible by the chakra-enhanced speed with pulled from the air around and from his inner focus, igniting his body with energy and causing him to vanish from the Mizukage's view, forcing her to rely on the disturbances sensed by her visor in order to track his swift disengagement. With his physical body obscured, but Kyoki's aura still rushing around his form, the rapid thrusting of dust and sand into the air around him and the wind itself would function as a shoal, mainly obscuring his details even if she were still able to track his position.

Inhuman speed would aim to slither past the Mizukage, Yōsei's free right arm attempting to stroke the tips of his fingers against the armor of Ayakashi's right-hand side beneath the ribs or perhaps lower, wherever on the side of her leg would potentially present itself while that same leg would strike the opposite direction of his movement. Propelling himself to the full extent of his motion, Yōsei would twist his body and be facing Ayakashi's position by the time he pivoted into a run after his flourish, his speed likely enough to avoid any swipes in his attempt to move past and quick motion intended to prevent follow-up strikes. In her vision, the haze of twirling green wind and whipping folds of his invisible cloak would blend into the same twirling miasma. Left in his wake would be the memories of lost scripture, imposing themselves upon the Mizukage at his will if his touch would find its way onto her form. Placing subtle markings, the techniques would do nothing but lie in wait for their partnered seals to slip into the world and do their sacred duty. The hand which held his crossbow would twitch at the wrist, sealing away the thing within his flesh as he continued his movement, chakra signature now visible but physical body still obscured by lingering chakra, he strafed to the right. Eyes locked on the Mizukage, her tracking of him through the sand already revealed to him her ability to see through solid objects, and he would test her reactions to see whether this sensory method relied on detecting his chakra signature or physical phenomena. Knowing the limits of Ayakashi's ability to track his movements could, of course, provide a valuable tool.

The Sealer's dominant hand, as he began his new strafe, clasped at the hilt of Seisakata and from his back drew the Ōdachi, the Oath's dull visage becoming enveloped in the same obscuring chakra as he withdrew it, eyes still watching the Mizukage to determine how to move. Whether or not his plan was in place, Yōsei's movements would do nothing to betray his position in their engagement, but he remained defensive, probing and planning. With Seisakata's ravenous edge poised to defend his body, Yōsei's right hand stayed free to summon forth the Eight-Tails and fire another duo of projectiles for the Mizukage, these both aimed at her center of mass, chest high. As the second of his attacks pierced the barrel of Yatsouhan's mouth, strings of lightning would tug at the folds of air, crackling into reality as it joined its brother, overtaking with its enhanced affinity. Sooner than he had liked, Yōsei had been forced to dip into the precious resource which would be the key to his victory, Ayakashi's powerful techniques put him on a timer, but if he were to test her, then his execution would have to remain flawless. The Mizukage was not a shinobi who could be relied upon to defeat herself, only through cunning and careful observation could a ninja hope to overcome the sheer force with which Ayakashi was able to fight. It would be an opening created by Yōsei's design, and it would come sooner than she thought.


chakra 320(285)|345:
Name: 記憶の消失 | Kioku no Shōshitsu (Vanish into Memory)
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: B-rank.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Personal.
Specialty: Taijutsu or Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post.
Cooldown: 3 posts.
Description: Kioku is a simple technique designed to briefly obscure the user and their chakra from sight while moving them to a new location. The user performs this technique in conjunction with another movement, enhancing their speed by 20-meters per second up to a distance of 20-meters and flowing chakra into their body. This chakra cloaks the user, rendering them invisible for the duration of the post. This technique also briefly suppresses the user's chakra signature, though this effect ends after the initial enhanced movement, after which chakra sensory techniques will continue to detect the user normally. The invisibility effect is broken by performing a technique of any kind.

Name: Yatsouhan active x 1 = 10 chakra.


Name: 境域の道 | Kyōiki-no-Michi | Liminal Paths
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: C-rank.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 40m.
Specialty: Fūinjutsu|Namikaze.
Duration: Instant.
Cooldown: 2 posts.
Description: A Fūinjutsu that allows a Namikaze to place a seal remotely and rewrite it later for use with another Sealing Technique. This seal, when placed, functions as a blank slate with no use on its own except for a broad formula that is easily adaptable for use with many other seals. By placing this seal, it can be re-written at a later date for use with another Technique Formula or Fūinjutsu technique which requires a paired seal, circumventing the need to place the second seal at the time of using the linked technique. This only functions if the desired technique to be paired is performed within 40-meters of this seal.

Name: 砕けた野望 | Kudaketa Yabō | Ambition Breaking
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: A-rank.
Type: Defensive.
Element: None.
Range: 20m.
Specialty: Fūinjutsu.
Duration: Instant.
Cooldown: 5 posts.
Description: The user performs a Bird hand seal and then places this formula on a desired surface; once placed, it can be activated at any time. At the user's will, the seal activates and projects a blue vortex of chakra vapor which seals desired techniques that come into contact with its 20m radius into the seal. This seal is capable of sealing a single S-rank technique, two A-rank techniques, three B-rank techniques (etc.), immediately ceasing their effects and commencing their cooldown. As a secondary effect, techniques which are sealed in this way have their cooldowns increased to twice their usual length (for maintainable techniques it is twice the final value). In the case of techniques that do not have a cooldown, such as passives or Dōjutsu abilities, those techniques gain a mandatory cooldown of 3 posts when affected by this seal.



J U T S U | | I T E M S

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'The object of war, is not to die for your country... but to have the other bastard die for his! - George Patten‘

Her opponent was fast, damn fast! No sooner than the moment Ayakashi blitzed into existence with her powerful kick capable of shredding the dusted landscape, her opponent was yet again on the move. With a burst of nefarious speed which would have left her blinded to his position were it not for her visor. Ayakashi would continue tracking her opponent in her peripheral rather than looking directly at him to keep her means of detection divorced from his keen senses. Even so, Ayakashi would happily manage to track him through her senses aplenty. His careless movement through the sand at combat speeds, the sand that deflected off his form as he moved, the displacement of the grains underfoot as he cut through the battlefield like a sharpened edge before making a subtle move on Ayakashi herself. It was hard to hide oneself when moving at such a pace. His hand, like a serpent slithering under Ayakashi's guard as she delivered her kick as it extended, fingers reaching subtly caress her body as he would attempt to shoot past in a flicker of an instant. The outright speed of the attack, the tenacity of her opponent and the viciousness of the battle had caused a moments hesitation within the woman in black...

'But that was all she needed.'

The blow could have been so much more, yet, as his fingers came into contact with her body and chakra would seek to leap from his form into her own, Ayakashi's chakra would react on its own accord, intercepting the flow of his dual seals at a moments notice with a faux skin that would stand between the masked man and his titanic opponent. Within moments the crystal upon her, now out of view of her opponent would crumble, and with it, the formulae that had been placed upon its fractal surface did so simultaneously with the barrier they had been planted on. It was a brief defense, however there was no doubt in the Mizukage's mind that it had been effective in the moment. The sight of Fuinjutsu was most definitely an advantage that Aya was pleased to have received, dulling a number of potential surprised to come and potentially explaining the defense that he had on his person... In so saying, it seemed that her opponent was a seal-master of some skill, able to seal chakra and items away at will at speeds equal to the flow of battle and no doubt control battlefields with a touch.

As Yosei would pull away from his quarry, routing himself around in order to fire his weapon at Ayakashi's back, the Kage too would take offensive action. Hitting the ground from her kick her foot would touch the earth, her momentum routing as the ground underneath her foot would bridge outwards, the individual grains of solitary sand knitting together in a solid web of fractal ice maintaining her spinning force as she would round off her kick. The potential energy of her movement to come pursed against the earth for a fraction of a moment before shooting Ayakashi away from her opponent as her momentum would slingshot her in such a manner that the world behind her would explode backwards in a second conical shockwave of diamond dust and sand centered on his opponent's chest as he would move to take aim at Ayakashi's back. Darting forward with the full force of her movement, Ayakashi would make a hard turn to the right moments later, accelerating to her maximum speed in moments after each bound and vanishing entirely from the eyes of the Kirigakure onlookers. Speed of this caliber would make her little more than a phantom gliding upon a solitary line of ice that she crafted underfoot, allowing her to maintain her momentum and alter her direction at a moments notice without loosing velocity. Should he have managed to fire the arrows for Ayakashi's chest and them not been inhibited or overpowered by the wave of force, the instantaneous turn would have seen them sail into the distance as she would hope to strafe her opponent.

"You're not bad you know! But I think its time we both got serious! En Guarde!" Ayakashi would jeer, adrenaline pumping through her body, coursing through her blood making her feel light as a feather and as powerful as a the demon her title preported her to be.

Without another moments' notice, as well as another right turn, Ayakashi would make a bee-line directly for her opponent, the ground underneath her feet as she turned would detonate in yet another flowering explosion cascading to the heavens as it would ricochet off the side of a second  dune which stood further back. Were the land they were fighting upon any other nations other than the shifting dunes of Suna, Ayakashi would have left ruin in her wake, uprooting trees and shredding nearby houses with each and every powerful thrust or alteration of her tenacious speed. Through it all, Ayakashi would have routed changeling to its sheath at her side, gripping it tightly with two hands as she would bullet for her opponent, intending to gain ground step by step with her vastly superior speed, eclipsing that expected of the preternatural and into something that bordered upon the divine. Yet, as the meteoric ninja would come within 10m of her opponent, she would simply vanish from view entirely. The slickstream she had created continuing in her wake as a gust of humidity would hope to crash into the awaiting ninja, causing his clothing to billow furiously in the wind, but little else. Aya's chakra reached out and charted a path around him before she would find herself blitzing to that location in a flash, crouched low as she would step back into the folds of visible reality under the waistline of her opponent as she would bring the pommel of changeling up and into the small of his back as she would move in an action to draw it from her sheath.

The blow would not intend to cripple the ninja physically, though the shock from the impact to the spine and his nervous system would paralyze him momentarily if it were to make contact. Should the blow land, Ayakashi would skid ten meters backward and away from her opponent, recoiling her blade as she would flow an immense sum of Hyouton chakra into its length. Aligning the position of her blade to be horizontal she would draw it, fully this time, the roar of chaotic, destructive chakra that would explode from the blade would be obsidian in coloration. Flickering purple flame dancing along the arc of chakra with death in its wake as the wave of Hyouton akin to cold fission would tear across the landscape and hope to rend the paralyzed ninja in twain from hip to hip. The scream of physical matter and particles in the air being ripped to shreds was like that of a thunder crack as the purple flame would create particles of dry ice from the oxygen in the air it moved through and froze the ground. The maneuver was risky, it relied on the fact that her opponent would have no sensory technique that would allow them to see her chartered course moments before she would attempt to arrive at her intended location... but, he hadn't seen through Ayakashi's shuriken shenanigan, which allowed a few of her suspicions to ease. Should he have had chakra aligned sight, his intended follow up action could have been many times more severe. The logic seemed to track.

Should the blow to his back miss, Ayakashi would instead prepare another sharp turn, following through with the motion and banking to the left, hoping to bypass the opening he would create with his evasion or simply her own momentum. The new case of acceleration sending out another explosion of force, but it would be in the wake of Ayakashi's movement, and not in the direction of Yosei. Finally, in the unlikely event were he somehow able to alter his position in such a twist that he would be able to block Ayakashi even with her extreme speed and reaction time, Ayakashi would instinctually drop, pulling herself to the ground as she would twist on the ice beneath her feet with the finesse of a dancer, swinging for his legs at knee height, her blow strong enough to act like a blade and send a shockwave ricocheting along the ground in its wake... Following through with the strike as she would plant her hand on the icy ground behind her, pushing up from her striking leg in a reverse cartwheel and a second devastating upward kick. The intent to remove the ninjas footing and hang his body aloft horizontally and then divide him internally with the second strike as she would vault backward to a standing pose...

Always ready for more.

305 / 275 chakra remaining

-5 = mask maintained

Name: Sage Art: Ice Cocoon 仙法: 氷の繭  - Senpō: Kōri no mayu
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Element: Hyouton.
Range: Self
Specialty: Taijutsu OR Senjutsu + Taijutsu.
Duration: 1
Cool-down: 4
Description: The Aisu Clan member on instinct creates a layer of hyouton chakra over their skin covering their entire body for 2 seconds, not allowing any external chakra of S rank sources or lower to enter or leave their body (Blocking the likes of Genjutsu triggers or other intravenous chakra techniques). During this fleeting moment, the user creates a flare of powerful chakra within themselves, which removes chakra created debuffs or genjutsu numbering 1 of S rank, 2 A rank or 3 B rank.

Name: Moving with Swiftness | 迅速に動く - Jinsoku ni Ugoku
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: Ice
Range: Self
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: 1 turns
The user channels the power of their Hyoton Chakra to a part of their body, causing them to gain traction on frozen surfaces while freezing the ground underfoot. While this technique does not grant any speed boost, it allows Ayakashi to move and turn instantly and at any speed on natural ice or the ice effects of her own techniques as she effectively skates upon its surface.

Name: New Moon: Polar Night | 新月・夜極 - Shingetsu: Yorugoku
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 10m
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: Instant
Cool-down: 5
Description: The user, with extreme speed, vanishes from sight as little more than a blur as they dash inward on their opponent, appearing directly in front of or behind them at their leisure as they then attempt to perform a direct blow for the solar-plexus/ small of their back intending to paralyze them for a single post, not allowing them to move via winding the victim. This technique can be used as an opening for taijutsu combo techniques.

-If Sage Mode: Body is active, this technique stuns the victim for one turn instead of paralyzing them
-An opponent with any sensory technique which would enable them to sense the location of Aya when this jutsu is activated, is able to predict the location of her appearance moments before her arrival, so long as she's within range of it.

Potential Jutsu used.

Name: Frozen Paradox - Hiemal Flame 異常零下・霜凍火寒 - Ijō Reika - Shikkōkakkan
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Hyouton.
Range: 30m
Specialty: Bukijutsu OR Buki / Senjutsu
Duration: 1-2 or 3
Cool-down: 6
Description: Aya using the full power of her Hyouton imbalance creates a singularity of pure Yin chakra incarnated in her Hyouton. Drawing the blade in a single strike launches a 2" thick projectile 45-degree arc of void-like black-with-purple almost fire like energy edging it at 70mp/s which freezes everything it comes into contact with before the intense cold rips the substance to pieces on an atomic level. Making it seem to detonate and turning all it touches into crystalline dust shrapnel due to the frigid temperatures and purple fire which feels hot to the touch and can cause 4th-degree frost burns.

This technique can be channeled with an additional 2 extra posts so long as it is not used in order to increase its range and area. After the first turn of sustaining the technique, release increases the thickness of the wave to 1m and its maximum arc to 180 degrees. Finally after a second turn the arc increases to 2m in width and has a maximum arc of 270 degrees. (While this technique is being channeled, the user cannot activate other techniques or move past the base movement speed for their speed tier, lest it break their concentration.)


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"What good would it do to conquer this land? There is nothing left for us here but dust and ghosts. Depart with me, and we will journey to their home. With us, we will not bring the veneer of justice; we will instead have vengeance. Isn't that what you've always wanted?"
- A message to the lost.

Unmistakable was the speed with which his foe came upon him, in an instant her distended leg swept across the arid plane, kicking up the roiling wave of sand which swallowed the remnants of shredded fabric and remains. The Sealer, low and ready, would glide beneath the Mizukage and prepare his chakra, taking note of the composition of her form and at the last moment, tapping the tips of his fingers against her armor. At the first spark of Yōsei's sacred script, his eyes noticed the flare of hyōton which extended from the woman's skin. A reactive technique which spun so rapidly into existence caused the Sealer to pull away, the Mizukage's defense allowing not even enough time to place the second seal before his Liminal Paths were erased, eliciting a scowl from beneath the Scholar's mask. Ayakashi's cleansing jutsu would ebb as Yōsei reached the apex of his dash and began his rotation, carefully tracking the woman's movements, eyes focused on her core and hips to determine in which direction she might move. The Mizukage was a storied warrior, but the Sealer wagered she had not fought a foe such as this in quite some time.

With complete regard for saving time, the ex-Hokage let loose the two bolts from the Eight-Tails, observing as the Mizukage jolted in response, exploding across the dunes and causing another swathe of dust to kick up in the worship of her speed. Vanishing into the torrent, Yōsei's projectiles surrendered to the flurry of sand and force, but the Sealer would not relent, charging forward and to his right, the Sealer would close toward Ayakashi's arc to avoid her assault but not place the wall of sand between them. For those who peered through the fence of chakra and oversaw the two shinobi who battled within, the Mizukage became too quick to track, moving through the sand as a noble ghost of fierce vengeance, but she was not lost to Yōsei, who trailed with his eyes the woman's visage with ease. When at the edge of her vision, at a point he was confident she would perceive it, the stealth faded away, and his hands would spin into view, sealing away the Yatsouhan and coming together in a string of hand seals. Yōsei's exquisitely woven pattern of signs, the combination of mastery and countless years of refinement, would doubtless mark him as a cut above the criminals to whom the Mizukage dealt her swift justice. Though entirely unnecessary for the preparation of his techniques, the Sealer's motions were not without purpose; keen memory thought back to the misty shores and battles at Kirigakure's gates, and the terror of Seven Bells. For this reason, Yōsei spent his worthless hand seals replicating the order of techniques used by Ayakashi's most fearsome foe, hoping to draw her mind into a place it had not been since the fate of her village hung in the balance.

Through the cascading sand either side of her approaching shape, the Mizukage shouted her taunts, surrendering to the flow of combat Yōsei too treasured. Longing to cast aside the shackles of his disguise and join his friend in merriment as they jousted here beneath the scorching Suna skies, Yōsei instead focused his energy and continued to move, making no attempt to reply before she would be upon him. For the Sealer, the window of and between Ayakashi's words and her incision through the landscape toward his position was treated as a sacred pause, allowing him the time to think and prepare, analyze her tactics and test the limits of her mental fortitude. The incoming Water Shadow would have no trouble meeting her objective, who, in response to the pivot of her approach, would stop and steady himself, bringing together the palms of his hands with a loud clap, a pointless show of conjuration. With each step, the distance diminished, Yōsei and Ayakashi watching one another with gazes transfixed, searching for any sign of movement or counterattack. With another hop, the Mizukage's foot planted on the sand within her predetermined radius and, in an instant, suddenly was gone. Unphased, the Sealer remained poised, and as the wind rushed through the tattered folds of his cloak, Yōsei's dominant hand came to grip the blade strung across his back.

The Mizukage would feel it, chakra tightening at first, unnatural gravity weighing down the flow of energy which spun through her body. Before any sign of the Sealer's technique would make itself known, the fūinjutsu would simmer beneath reality's top layer, awaiting Yōsei's will, which threatened to impose itself on the desert at any moment. Beneath his cloak, the Sealer's skin would turn black, inscribing the seal of his Marginalization Wave in the center of his chest. With its conjuration, Yōsei's thoughts, slight and decisive, called to life the power written within his verse. Too close would the Mizukage be to avoid the area of his suffocating fūinjutsu, which would do away with the effects of her unfathomable destruction, releasing a pulse of chakra from the Sealer's body to assert his authority over the nearby air. Massive streams of configured energy would thrust and jockey for position, too ethereal to challenge the deadly sand, but each one would lap against the skin of both shinobi, rendering their violence withheld. The trick itself, Ayakashi's tired gambit, was a staple of all ninja, to vanish and utilize one's speed to a position behind them was a trick as old as time. It required no great feat of chakra or incredible speed to withstand the Mizukage's assault now that he planned to equalize their playing field. Already, as his first technique activated, and the second roared to life, Yōsei spun with the sheathed Seisakata leaving his back as he turned left. Looping his head beneath his risen elbow and striking with the sheath of his Oath at Ayakashi's blows in an effort to parry with no risk of being blasted away through the efforts of the Mizukage's terrifying release.

Carried by the momentum of Ayakashi's swing, Yōsei left his feet, leaping away to put distance between them and then landing, shifting his right foot back with Seisakata still nestled in its ivory sheath held aloft in his grasp. As the Mizukage let forth her blow, which spun beneath his legs and twisted the sand into a wave of veils with her strength, then her maneuver backward, bending her body with peerless grace to avoid and preempt any possible reaction. Robbing her of reward, the Sealer merely drifted away. In time with his leap, the second of his paired techniques, less devious than the first, would ignite. Layers of chakra forming an intricate canvas of seals would shine briefly, emanating around the Sealer and calling his power into the world. Encircling the dueling shinobi, five gates would rise from nothing, summoned to enshrine further the spectacle of their battle. Connected by a weave of red chakra, the barriers would surround them immediately, locking the Mizukage within the pathos of Gods' passage. The desert's wind, suddenly lost, caused Yōsei to land in eerie silence, only the crunch of grains beneath his feet served to remind the pair were not in a dreaming state.

"Take a moment and prepare yourself, as we begin our battle. Free from enigmatic observers, I may share with you the secret of what is to come. The shadow who lurks in Kumogakure's clouds, he who proclaims himself a God; this vicious tyrant is my target. When the day ends, take with you the knowledge, and do with it what you please, that I intend to slay the Raikage."

As he spoke, Yōsei's fingers coiled around the frame of Seisakata's sheath, tightly gripping and withdrawing the Oath's stark, black complexion. At the apex of the blades withdrawal, the Sealer would place the sheath back across his shoulder, still speaking if the Mizukage cared to listen. Held within these walls there were no tricks, the breeze carried his words no further than from his lips, and the facade of villainy would be replaced by the Sealer's typical distant candor. Far from the voice, she might have known, dry and weary with a thousand lifetimes of war, but reminiscent of something lost and young that perhaps the Mizukage one day would remember.

"Trusted Ayakashi, old friend, when will we have time to speak like this again?"

Sword drawn and poised where it had been held, Yōsei steadied his grip and pushed forward, accelerating quickly toward the Mizukage with Seisakata trailing at his hip. As he neared his target, the Sealer would move his weight to the right, pushing hard with that leg and thrusting forward to put force into a movement toward his left leg. From that side, Seisakata's edge would rise, swooping out as the Sealer brought his arm up to point the blade down across his body but taking the chance to allow his sword the opportunity, however brief, to nip at Ayakashi's right ankle and taste her flesh with the same motion. If possible, he would perform this motion to guard a pre-emptive strike by the Mizukage before continuing, but otherwise, the conservative opener would suffice. From his left leg, the Sealer would be free to alter his momentum again, shifting into a further pivot which would take him past the Mizukage's left-hand side, rendering the step to the right a feint which sought to conceal Yōsei's intentions of maneuvering past her to unleash his follow-through. If it proved, the Mizukage could break his onslaught before this point, or provide resistance that would require an immediate countermeasure, the advantage of his stance was to allow for versatility. All else equal, the ex-Hokage would duck low following the movement to Ayakashi's left and unleash a slash with his blade from the right of his crown, unfurling from his body diagonally until his arm reached its full length, pushing away and leaving the sword positioned across his body at arm's length.

Contained within a single motion were Yōsei's twin attacks, the fluid steps sought to display his prowess without warning, talented hands wielding the sacred Leaf relic in such a way to keep his options open. With his body guarded at all timed, Yōsei would be free to adjust himself, a necessary sacrifice of his natural aggression, tailored to match the degree of his opponent. The precision and speed with which Yōsei would strike illuminated his legacy of bukijutsu mastery; practiced polished hands which had refined their craft to the level which Ayakashi would effortlessly recognize as supreme. Whether she would consider him a worthy foe mattered little, the Sealer felt blessed to have this bout.


Name: 絶対波等亜無 | Zettai Harāmu | Absolute Marginalization Wave
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: A-rank.
Type: Supplementary|Defensive.
Element: None.
Range: 25m.
Specialty: Fūinjutsu.
Duration: 5 posts.
Cooldown: 6 posts.
Description: A perfected formula based on the Marginalization Wave seal, the 10x10" seal created by this technique is placed on any surface after a Snake hand seal. This seal activates at a moment of the user's choosing. Similar to the lower-ranked counterpart, the user specifies a Jutsu Typing (Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, Passive, etc) and the seal begins to seal chakra, releasing it in special configurations. The seal's effects cover a radius of 25-meters which seals any techniques currently active that match the specified typing (excluding itself) of A-rank and below. Within the affected area, shinobi cannot activate techniques which match the specified type. This effect is non-discriminatory, affecting the user, their allies, enemies and any other shinobi who remain within the aura for its duration. Practitioners of Senjutsu may spend an additional 5-chakra to use Sage Arts with chosen typing.

  • MODE - Offensive.

Name: 御神渡: 物の哀れ | Omiwatari: Mono no Aware | Gods' Crossings: The Pathos of Things
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: A-rank.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 25m.
Specialty: Fūinjutsu|Ninpō.
Duration: Maintained.
Cooldown: Duration (min 2.)
Description: After the correct hand seals (Tiger → Horse → Rat → Snake → Ox → Tiger → Bird → Ram → Snake), the user places a seal on the ground with their position as the center. At the edge of the seal's 25m radius, the technique conjures five Torii gates which are then connected by barriers of red chakra, effectively sealing the area off from the outside world. This barrier trap provides several functions; the speed at which it is formed after the hand seals make it virtually impossible to outrun if a shinobi is within its effective radius when triggered, it prevents the effects of sensory techniques S-rank or lower from leaving or entering the radius, and enables the use of Gods' Crossings Techniques to be paired with it either at activation or after the fact. Breaking the walls of the barriers requires significant effort, either an A-rank offensive technique or a full post of basic strikes by a ninja with Strength S-3 or higher. Ninja with lower strength will require an additional post for every 4 tiers they are below this amount, with ninja below A-rank strength finding it impossible entirely.



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Helping out the sand.

Like many of the mists shinobi, Fuyuko too had joined the group that traveled towards Sunagakure. When she had heard the news she was quite shocked how something like this could have happened to one of the five great villages. A ‘group’ of two decimating an entire village was not something she could have possibly dreamed of happening.

She didn’t know a lot of details about the whole incident. She didn’t know the reason why this destruction was caused. How the village itself could’ve let something like this happen. The list of question that Fuyuko could ponder on was a lot longer, but there was no real use in thinking it over now. The damage had been dealt and now she went to the bleeding country to help and mend it. With the desire to help in mind she signed up to join Kirigakure’s forces and travel to the land of the wind.

Fuyuko was assigned to one of the forward groups to setup small forward camps which the mists shinobi could use to travel with more ease through the maze like desert. While there was no actual maze present obviously, the ease at which one could get lost in vast desert sure made it seem like it was. And so in an effort to make it harder for one to get lost in great emptiness the village was setting up a large amount of small camps to make survival of its warriors greater.

When Fuyuko signed up for the ‘project’ she was full of energy and enthusiasm to help out where ever she could. Determination radiated from her face while she was still in the mist village surrounded by the cold eerie weather it was always consumed by. That enthusiasm and determination was somewhat far to be found right in this moment. The sun had only just risen over the horizon and was already blazing away over millions grains of sand. Staying hydrated was probably the most important thing as they traveled through these lands and so they were ordered to make the camps around renewable water sources. This was to ensure that they could always give water to the thirsty without having to exhaust themselves by having to make it through techniques.

After having finally found a good location, within the assigned area this specific camp was to be made, the camp was erected in just a couple of hours. When the task was completed the majority of the group were to return to the main encampment and receive further instructions from there. Obtain missions in which they help the dying country in one way or another. Fuyuko was going to request if she could help one of the villages with their tasks. While she loved her country, without having seen the missions yet, she was quite confident they were the type of missions she would enjoy doing. Missions in which she would doubt herself and the reason for doing them. Tasks where she would have to hunt down specific targets for reasons not known to her.

The initial task done, time to help the unfortunate.

However just as they were about to depart to the main encampment a plume of smoke appeared in the distance followed shortly by the sound of an explosion. The sound was soft, but still audible and it caused the camp to become noisy. After the initial ‘shock’ a bunch of the shinobi, including herself, started running in the direction of the smoke that was blackening the otherwise blue sky.

It was somewhat hard for Fuyuko to keep up with the others in the camp. While she certainly wasn’t the slowest she was no where close to the fastest in the group either. Her speed would be average at best, but it was probably a bit below average. This was of no concern really, because eventually she would make it to the origin of the smoke. Upon her arrival a bunch of the mists shinobi had already started to form a circle around it. It left Fuyuko wondering why they were grouped up like this and not closer to the cause of the smoke. However when she fought her way through the crowd to the front of the pact it became clear to her why that was. A mysterious figure was standing there motionless as the smell of burnt flesh flowed through the air.

The stench wasn’t something that the young kunoichi had really become acquainted with yet and so caused a slight gagging reflex. Still that didn’t explain why the group of mists shinobi wouldn’t engage the target and subdue him. It was at this point that Fuyuko really started to look around and figure out why everyone was  so hesitant to go in and take the target down. Without having to look very far it became clear why people were not so eager to engage. Next to the source of the awful smell laid a mask. A mask that once belonged to someone who was a part of Kirigakure’s famed hunter ninja. If they were to be taken out there was little that Fuyuko could do in this moment and this was probably how most of the shinobi around her felt.

Silence ensued as the group just stared down at the perpetrator. Just standing there under blazing sun not moving a single inch just like the group that was surrounding him. The person surely was waiting for something to happen or someone to appear. As the time of nothing happening continued the crowd became more and more rowdy. The rowdiness was however instantly killed as something came in running at speeds Fuyuko wasn’t quite capable to comprehend. Before she knew it, despite the sun scorching down on them, a chill was felt creeping down her spine. There was only one person in the mist village that carried themselves in the way they did. Only this person was able to cast a cold during the blazing hours in a desert. It was no one else but the leader of the mist village, the Mizukage had arrived.

The Mizukage arrives.

This was possibly a once in a lifetime experience she was going to get it by watching her kage fight. It made her reminisce the short interaction she had when she had just graduated from the academy. A moment where the Mizukage told her that in order to fulfill her dreams she would need to be able to beat her. This fight would teach her just how strong she would need to become in order to make that a reality.

A short conversation followed the arrival of Ayakashi. But nothing of the conversation seemed normal in Fuyuko’s eyes. The Mizukage had her bow ready and arrow drawn, ready to unleash it at any given moment. The instigator of this whole ordeal would introduce himself as Yōsei. The man however didn’t seem faced by the situation at all, as if it was all planned. This trail of thought was enforced when the man pulled out his own ranged weapon and aimed it at his opponent.

Just before the inevitable clash between the villain and hero an interesting question was posed. While the face of her kage was hidden behind the mask, Fuyuko was quite certain that it was unphased by the potentially taunting words of the opposer. The response that followed seemed to follow that thought as well.

So it began

Up till that point Fuyuko had very little trouble following what was going on between the two of them, because they moved at walking speeds, but from the moment that Ayakashi unleashed her first arrow it became incredibly hard all of a sudden. She was able to get the gist of what was going on but was pretty much incapable of detecting the more intricate  movements the pair of them made. This didn’t dissuade her however from trying her best to follow what would ensue. Projectiles were flying left and right between them and to her a sudden ‘wall’ of sand would hurl up from the ground. A moment her Kage seemed to use to continue launching ‘hidden’ projectiles at her opponent.

One of the two was too small for Fuyuko to make out what it was, the other however was a giant shuriken, one sure to leave a good wound if it were to connect. As this went on a group of ANBU started to quickly encircle the fight and put up a barrier of sorts. This was most likely done to protect the onlookers from getting harmed as a result of the fight.

At speeds which Fuyuko couldn’t follow the Mizukage quickly swapped places with her shuriken, it had taken her too long to notice where Ayakashi had disappeared to and if she were the one fighting the kage it would definitely result in her own defeat. It was only a given after all, the gap between herself and the leader of her village was still immense. However the difference between the leader and that assailant didn’t seem to be that vast. If anything the ‘cockiness’ that he showed in challenging the Mizukage seemed justified in her eyes by this point. Someone that didn’t get their head blown of within seconds of fighting her was surely someone worthy enough to fight her.

Fuyuko’s mind started to get slowly blown away as the fight continued on. She thought that the pair of them was already moving at incredible speeds, but it appeared that it was far from the fastest the two of them were capable of doing. Fuyuko’s eyes just simply couldn’t keep up with the fast movements of the two and was just simply gazing out of her eyes now. There was no point in trying to focus on following either of them. So instead she tried to look at the whole picture and just catch glimpses of the fight that way.

The fight was only just about to begin between two titans.

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Kisei was in one of the camp nearby when he felt... something. A faint pulse behind him. He pushed it off for a moment, until he had heard the explosion. The Ushinatta had immediately snapped his sights towards the noise. It was just the aftermath of whatever happened but whatever it was- it wasn't good. A massive cloud of sand and ash hung over the the skies in an all too familiar scene. His thoughts couldn't help but flash to memories of destruction and chaos, flames eating away at centuries of desert sands while a sky tall Hydra of snakes lay waste to the Hidden Sand Village. It was a moment until he realized. That was the settlement he had just come from! Kisei glanced around him, all holding a similar look of shock on their faces. It was his duty to stand and guard these people, but he couldn't let a threat like this slide. Especially...

With a sorrowful glance to his wards he whipped out his pinwheel, umbrella clasped tightly with his left hand. "I must leave for now, prepare for evacuation if needed but don't unless absolutely necessary." He warned. Switching the pinwheel on and slamming the spinning blades into the ground behind him before hoping ontop of the pole, his right hand helping steady it while he charged chakra into the weapon. Immediately he shot off towards the settlement. Surfing the sand dunes on his pinwheel.

He was making quick progress towards his goal but not quick enough to ditch his worried mind. The Hokage's words came to him, a warning of an individual much stronger than he who had taken part in the destruction of his village. Kisei well aware of the that Snake swimming below the sands, but he hadn't heard anything on Syekren or the other one. 'Could it be?' Kisei worried. He bit his lip anxiously. At his current strength he could barely match a well trained genin, he held no illusions of his ability. He wasn't going to engage if he could avoid it. If nothing else he can at least help any survivors escape, no matter how few. 'This was a rescue operation, let the more experienced operatives do the fighting.' he reminded himself.

Though he may not have the luxury for such a thing. Even before he came across the settlement and was still a fair distance away the sounds of combat rang through the arid air. Sand dunes erupting, and even a barrier being placed up. Kisei's mind relaxed somewhat at the sight. When Kosei arrived at the scene he was shocked at the sight, holding his surf board still to gaze out at the situation. A decent sized crowd of people were watching a battle within the barrier placed up by who he could only assume were the ANBU. Not quite as quickly before he surfed down the sanded domes and towards the crowd. Once within walking distance he promptly dismounted and headed over to the barrier. It seems that the battle hadn't started all that long ago and he was wondering why no one else was going in to help. Not quite diverting his attention from the scene Kisei turned to the nearest person he could find, a ninja roughly his age, and quietly asked, "What exactly is going on here?"


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A break from missions

Verdandi had once again finished another task within the village camps. The Squad dispersed. They would be able to enjoy some free time until their next assignment. She was contemplating if she wanted to go and see her siblings at the Camp where her sisters were probably still trading and negotiating for goods. Making deals with the villages of all kind was never easier for them, considering that all nations were present in one spot. At least Urd Yuki, the scholar of the royal family, would have deep interests in trying to make new connections that might benefit the small and probably still insignificant village of Heidel. But Verdandi had spent enough time with them between her past missions. Another chance to see family was dawning at the horizon. It was a slim one and she wouldn't bother to send an envoy or raven to try and set things up. But instead believed into the miracles of chance.

Via the squad radio she signalled her intent to try and go visit her aunt. A seemingly simple idea in it's roots. Until one considered the fact that Verdandi's aunt wasn't necessarily a person to just meet on whim and chance. She made it clear that even if they would find her in the place advised, there was no guarantee that she'd have the time or bother with little things such as a chat with her noisy little niece. But still. Despite all if's and but's, Verdandi was determined to at least see the progress on the bridge fortress. The men that directed her in Aya's way after all claimed that it was a sight to behold considering the little time they needed to build it.

Seeing as the location was not too far off, within the mere premises of the border-camps at least, she'd make her way without her squad mates. If they wished to join they could do so on their own volition. Also, moving in first and alone might give her the odds to snatch some private time with her aunt, seeing as she was about to be promoted to Tokubetsu Jōnin, part of her childish nature was hoping for some warm compliments at least. But a young girl might still dream and crave for the attention of those that she deemed her role models.

In her casual gear, Verdandi would continuously waste chakra to idly cool herself from within. Still sweating sometimes though. Occasionally trying to cast an icy film over her skin to shield herself from the mean sunlight. Her polar bear pet, Avalanche, did not feel much better seemingly, she tried to spare some of her chakra to cool the sweet little create down as often as possible, but it was still a drag to move through the sands like this.

At the fortress

Once Verdandi arrived. She would see to it that a civilian helper would take care of Avalanche, showing him the next best way to a pond or potentially allow him to play in the river if possible. It wasn't necessarily needed for him to tag along. However, Verdandi's day dreams about hugging dear auntie were short lived. The fortress was in a ruckus. On her way here, she had heard a commotion in the distance but was blissfully unaware of it's deeper origins. Verd would not even be able to enter the fortress as she was made aware of a large mass of Kiri-nin moving into a very specific direction. Verd followed suit. Avalanche however didn't enjoy the idea of being left behind, soaking himself with as much water as possible before he ignored the helper and ran off to quickly chase up and join his Master again. Verd giggled as she saw that her misbehaving pet couldn't stay away despite the weather.

But her inner joy was quickly disturbed by the situation. A dome of sorts was to be seen in the distance. Earth seemed to rumble. Verdandi was lost at what was happening until she finally enclosed on the battlefield, if one could call it that way. Kiri-nin kept a barrier in place, but Verdandi wasn't sure if it was meant to keep the people trapped inside or to safeguard the ones outside. Probably both she thought, the closer she ventured in. She could faintly see two massive powers colliding within the barrier. Chakra bursts exhaled by the place echoed into the lands and would raise painful shudders in Verdandi's body.

In visage of quarreling gods

There was a specific perimeter that seemed to separate the ones that dared to go closer to the barrier and watch and a second one where those, whom were similarly affected by the powers released within the battleground. Hence staying in a more… respectful distance towards it. Sacrificing first row seats for the, somewhat emotional safety of distance. Verdandi wasn't afraid to admit that she happily settled for the second row. The Hyouton nature released was a remarkable and easy way for her to identify one of the contestants.

Verd moved past the masses of shinobi, asking her way through them in order to try and figure out what was going on. They talked of an encampment… targeted by a seemingly high ranked aggressor. There was talk and rumours of dead ANBU. Talk of him luring Aya to this very spot. All of it fabricated by his design. Threatening to trap, ensnare and hurt the most powerful witch of these lands. The idea that someone actually might put sweat on her forehead was terrifying to say at least. Verd lingered within the perimeter.

Keeping Avalanche close by as she yet vanished as an individual figure in the masses. Giving away encoded messages through her squad radio, trying to see if any of the two had decided to come along, Verd would send encrypted numbers through the radio and make sure her squad would know how to deal with the coordinates. It was just now when Verdandi realized the smoke at the horizon. The supposed explosion must have been there. Her eyes traveling back into the barrier. Seeing a new large barrier-like structure had been conjured within it. What was happening here? Who is so daring to try and hurt aunt Aya? Who could possibly send so many of her fellow ninja to the point of rather watching than helping?

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ANBU were scurrying about, heading towards the designated loacation given to them through the com signals from the radio at the intelligence headquarters. The camp was litterally in an uproar, with every shinobi doing their task properly, as expected from the well oiled machine that Kirigakure was supposed to represent. Members of the sealing squad started erecting barriers and set traps, members of the assault squads grouped together to form a cohesive regiment, ready to be deployed at any moment's notice and every member of the medic team was being asked to join up with their designated teams to assess the situation. The whole camp was being prepped for some sort of attack, for some sort of assault, seeing as they were on high alert after their kage and a dozen of ANBU operatives went out to hold off some potential threat to Kirigakure's presence in Suna, it wasn't considered to be a joke or mock training. It was the reality of war.

Yet, war had it's downsides, no matter how prepared one seemed to be, their overeagerness, their overvigilant minds were actually less able to find the faults in their surroundings, the faults in their camp. The truth was, that they had no safety against something they could not see or register, they had no safety against something they could not recognize.

Having lowered her chakra to the point where it was hardly recognized, aided by the fact that she was wearing her notorious Black ANBU armor and the helmet which obscured her well known face from everyone, a single monster could traverse lengths through the desert without as much a single man trying to stop her. Though in truth, she did carry the massive white snake around her, it itself had a chakra nature akin to that of any large animal and was almost always disregarded thusly, as nothing more than an animal roaming the desert, never a threat to any fine shinobi of any caliber.

With swift, yet silent strides, the woman marched through the sand, her heels burying themselves into the forelorn pieces of sillica in silence, not a single grain of sand managed to cling to her skintight pants nor to her knee-high, glossy black lacquered boots. "Didn't he say he'd be here somewhere?" The mysteriously clad woman halted her progress for a moment, the helmet turning towards the snake's head, which was resting upon her right shoulder. The beast, slightly overwhelmed by the sun's heat and finding it rather hard to properly regulate itself, slowly reared its head and stared blankly at the shiny facade of the helmet, nearly being blinded when the sun's rays got cast upon the golden rebreather underneath the upper part of the aforementioned part of the rogue shinobi's attire. " know, I'd rather not speak to you when you wear that in full sunlight, for the one you're supposed to meet, I think he wasn't specific enough in his claim of where he'd be, but didn't he say he'd arrive at the main encampment of kirigakure to provoke their leader?" The woman let out a sigh, the sound of with got greatly distorted by the helmet which helped her with the harsh rays of the sun. She knew he had said that it was the encampment of Kirigakure, but somehow she really wasn't set on going there. "Guess I don't have much of a choice...Kirigakure wasn't exactly first on my list, we still have to deal with the konoha presence here and I don't have the manpower to keep tabs on everyone. Allright, you go back and inform the men to go where I'm going, though keep them far away from the epicenter just in case. You'll know when to get into go."

The massive snake started lumbering a bit, slowly slithering off of the woman via her back, until it had reached the sandy underground, at which point it let out a simple hiss and moved off into the distance.

"Let's see...I reckon that's where I need to be," The woman looked ahead to see a massive domelike barrier in the distance. There was almost no doubt about the fact that that was her destination. After all, who would put up such a barrier aside from someone fighting someone else with the risk of destroying more than just their surroundings. It was indeed something one should expect mostly from a kage or similarly highly placed person to do when in the vicinity of other people that were either not probable to help much or just posed a liability. "Right, guess I'll be making some changes to that whole idea of making sure no one gets hurt."

The Snake cometh

Time had passed yet again, the sun had passed the peak in the sky already and though it was still hot as hell, it was no longer as unforgiving as earlier. However, even if the wether was less of a burden to most, the one closing in one the impactful events of the present was probably much worse than just a bunch of rays slowly burning one's skin.

With a confident stride, she walked towards the barrier, her chakra rising with every few steps she took. At fifty meters, she seemed to only have the level of a genin, at fourty meters, her chakra output became the equivalent of a chuunin, at thirty meters, she got over the level of a tokubetsu no jonin, at twenty meters, as she nonchalantly passed a single shinobi sitting in the sand watching at the proceedings behind the barrier intently, her level had already passed that of a regular jonin and when she had just walked a few meters further, the rogue shinobi removed all of her restraints, whipping up the sand as she went on with it and thus alarming all who were near.

"How I do love parties like these on my doorstep," The woman laughed with an eerily distorted voice coming through the helmet she wore. Even though this would no doubt attract the attention of the ANBU, as they were to busy keeping the barrier up, the woman turned her attention towards the practically invisible child from her own point of view and let out a deep hiss. "Begone you pest or you'll die an unknown shinobi like these men and women will."

With those simple words, she made the handseals rat, ox and dog and lifted a single foot off of the sandy ground. With a single chuckle, followed swiftly uttered phrase, she stomped her foot onto the ground: "Earth Release: Impalement Cruelty!"

A loud rumble could be heard for a moment, after which the first spikes started jutting out of the sand. The sound of screams, bones breaking, flesh ripping apart and the very life leaving the sacks of meat around her practically drowned out the clash of superpowers held within the barrier. Easily about half a dozen ANBU could now be seen like mangled, broken and ripped apart ragdolls skewered upon large, sharp and pointed spikes having been driven through their bodies.

From where she was standing, the White Snake could see the barier crumbling, there was no doubt the ANBU would try to maintain it, but the question was...could they hold it with so many less to count on and would they try it, now knowing something's strong enough to remove them from the equation outside of the fight raging inside. "Let's see them handle this for now."

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Name: Earth Release - Impalement cruelty
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Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
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By making the handseals rat-ox-dog, the user stamps the ground with one foot, which allows a tremor to course through the ground at a speed of 50m/s, wherever this tremor is being abrupted even slightly (be it trees, houses, etc) it will result in four 5m long, 2 inch thick spikes jutting out of the ground over the entirety of the surface in which the obstruction resides (for an average person this would be a square meter) with the intent of completely destroying said obstruction.
To avoid these spikes, one must either be outside of the intended area or have A-3 reaction time. These spikes will pierce through flesh and bone up to 3 inches deep resulting into profuse bleeding, but things cought onto those will also be lifted to their full height. These spikes can be destroyed by hitting it with the equivalent of B-3 strength or any B rank or higher jutsu.


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Why was he even here? His presence was not officially sanctioned, no, not quite; he was a genin, fresh out the academy, and looking for some trouble to get into. If he also got paid to do so, then why not? His home country, Konohagakure no Sato, was already taking measures in Kaze no Kuni to ensure the safety of the populace in the former lands of Sunagakure no Sato by protecting them from harm and providing aid to them, so why not take a bit of initiative, and see what else could be done in the area?

The young man had already spent his morning moving about the area, interacting with people and speaking with the former villagers of Sunagakure no Sato; he would learn of a great interesting things; there were several camps nearby, each very much like his own. There was a large camp belonging to each of the elemental nations, along with smaller satellite camps surrounding them at regular intervals. It would seem that each nation had their own objective while still bearing the banner of helping out the people of Sunagakure no Sato. But as it seemed, there were certain elements in Kaze no Kuni and Sunagakure no Sato that seemed to resist the help of the nations, from what he gathered. Several independent factions sought to wrest control of the area for themselves, as was natural for times like these. Perhaps they were criminal elements, or political factions that felt they would be able to better secure the future of the area, he did not care. He was there representing the Village Hidden in the Leaves, but more importantly, he was there to protect the downtrodden. It was his job to represent both villages, and assist in anyway he could do do.

But why stop there? Why not go out and gather information for his superiors with the hopes that what he found would better serve the nation? The male felt it would do him good to get out of the Konoha camp and stretch his legs some, so three birds with one stone?

The young man had been walking for several hours at this point; not aimlessly, mind you. The young man was pretty sure that he was near one of the Kirigakure satellite camp. He was not worried about being attacked by the ninja of Kirigakure no Sato; with the trade treaty between the two villages, he could easily state that he was simply heading along to assist them as his help was not needed at the Konoha base camps. He doubted that anyone would question it; help seemed to be in short supplies these days…

Loud booming sounds would ring out, drawing the male's attention. Something was happening -- were those explosions? Smoke would rise in the distance, and the male would take off, sprinting along to investigate. By the time he arrived, it would seem that he was not the only persona heading this way; a veritable sea of ninja were swarming the distant dunes, heading for what appeared to be the remains of a camp. Akusha knew that he was close to one of Kirigakure no Sato’s camps -- was this it? He could see figures down in the camp, but could not really make out the details of their bodies or faces. A large barrier was erected around the site, preventing any sounds from the camp from reaching the male’s ears, but he knew what he was looking at; a fight between two high ranking ninja.

This is too good to pass up…

Quickly, the male would fish out a pen and paper and begin to write, transcribing as accurately as he could without being able to hear what was said down in the camp exactly what was happening in this location. Something like this was an informational goldmine to his superiors, and would be highly useful in the coming days, he would hope. Perhaps, he could earn something extra for his actions today….

As the male continued to write, he would take notice of something -- he was not far from another group of ninja, three of them. While he did not look directly at them, he kept them in his peripheral vision, as he did not know of they were friendly or not. All this hard earned information would be for naught if he were not able to get it back to his superiors after gathering it, and as such, these people might be a threat…

Continuing to watch the event unfold, the male watched on dumbfounded as a giant white snake began to descend onto the scene, and the earth shift beneath the ninja supporting the barrier. Thankfully, Akusha had made sure to he was far enough away to be out of the range of any technique that would harm those fighting or close than him to the camps, but still. He could feel the rumbling at this distance.

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Raiu Mizuki

Raiu Mizuki

The long walks at home were nothing compared to the treks Mizuki did in the Land of Winds, the land itself bobbing up and down as her feet walked upon the multitude of ever shifting sand grains. The loose land she walked on was harder to bear than the solid grounds of Kumogakure but breathing wasn't anything harder. Kumo's altitude, Suna's scorching air, both could leave visitors breathless. The storms versus the dust devils, which one was the hardest to suffer? The pouring rain and crackling thunder reducing visibility to a minimum and allowing the cold to seep into bodies until it reached the bones or the blistering heat killing the people slowly from within? Wandering through the desert towards Kirigakure's camp in simple white linen clothes, Mizuki had often come to wonder why this was considered the Land of Wind instead of the Land of Fire, its name seemingly not doing it much credit.  The sand and sun were much worse to bear than the blowing wind in the eyes of the herald. Walking through the desert felt like an eternity to bear as well. The desert was so vast it ran to meet up with the horizon. No matter what direction she looked, there was nothing else than sand and rocky formations slowly being eroded by its typical winds. The hiss that occasionally teased her ears as the sands were moved by the winds sounded much like the evaporation of water and that of rattle snakes. Warning signs of danger. A fitting reminder to visitors not to take the desert lightly.

Sunagakure had once stood for that same danger. A monolith hidden in the desert, living to tame the desert and make its power theirs. It had become one of the Five Nations with good reason. The shinobi were strong, resilient. They were driven by a certain strength of spirit that expressed their sense of survival and their ability to fight against all odds. Mizuki considered their spirit very different than that of the other four nations, giving quiet respect to their tedious resilience. Perhaps some would scoff at this, pointing at the current ruins and mockingly calling them weak, spineless and unable to step up their plate, but these people had not seen the fight the survivors had delivered, how shinobi and people had stepped up to get over the situation. They had not seen how the refugees, young and old, had made long treks to find a new place. How some had integrated themselves into new areas and Villages. Lost shinobi had found new purpose, rising in ranks at an astounding rate. Sunagakure itself might have been destroyed but their unbreakable spirit still lived on.

Involuntarily, Mizuki looked in the direction of the ruins of Sunagakure. The dark sand stone buildings had crumbled yet new sections had been rebuild. Survivors had gathered, turned ploughares to weapons and had taken the initiative to rebuild whatever they could. Granted, the whole ruins were scattered between various factions and criminal organisations vying for total control but that was to be expected. The irony in the situation being that all of these factions aimed for the same goals but simply had a different approach that wasn't globally accepted. Then again... was this not the same to the four remaining Nations now? All of them had gathered and moved out to deal with what was left of Sunagakure and it's so called rebelling factions. They had set up camps with the idea of claiming Sunagakure for their own and rebuild it into their own image as each of them believed to know best what the fate of the ruins should be. Mizuki scoffed. Exactly because of that absurdity a diplomat was needed. To make them see their goals were very much the same and to get all of the remaining nations to work together. If every one of them gave a little, no one one would have to blame the other got greedy. They all owed Sunagakure something for the long history they shared with it. They might not always agree but Mizuki saw them much like five siblings that had one squabble too much escalate because of a couple of stray dogs they failed to keep an eye out for. Konoha had failed the Sword Saint, Suna had failed its own traitor, the world had failed to deal with the missing-nin. It was now their responsibility to make amends... Unfortunately, the remaining Nations would not see it as such and one woman on her own couldn't sway perceptions so easily. Tact, time and subtlety was needed. What that goal set in mind, Mizuki was moving towards the base of Kirigakure. It had been a while since she had been in Kirigakure, her impression of the Mizukage positive, so a new visit seemed reasonable to see to what extend the philosophies concerning Sunagakure aligned with Kumogakure. She was aware of the Raikage's general approach despite her personal opinion that Kumogakure had no reason or right to lay claim on the ruins, and wanted to figure out if there was a way to alter that course of thought.

Her personal mission would be pushed into the background the moment she saw black smoke curl up towards the skies. The size of the smoke indicated a smaller camp of sorts, but it set the diplomat in motion nonetheless. Running up the rising dunes, her mind raced just as much as it opened the registers of her memory in search of some decisions and strategies that could indicate a Kumo assault. To her knowledge there were none, the sight her blue-green eyes perceived as she reached the top of the dune comfortingly confirming this. There were no troops in sight. None of Kumogakure, none of any nation. Just two people fighting, of which she could recognise by the arms and armour she wore. The Mizukage was on the battlefield. Feeling a shiver as the realisation of the threat dawned upon her, her eyes would dart to take a look at the other man in question only to remark she was not familiar with his persona.

Returning her gaze to the burning camp, shadows would jump out to meet her. Masks worn, weapons drawn. A trio of ANBU and Hunter-nin. The headband betraying her affiliation to Kumogakure, the katana, bow and tool pouch indicating she was not a random wanderer. Mizuki bowed politely.

"Identify yourself."
"Mizuki Raiu, diplomat of Kumogakure. I was on my way to your camp in hopes to discuss a few things with the Mizukage or her representative.", she would look at the two figures in the distance for a second before returning her gaze to the trio. "My apologies for the unfortunate timing. Is there any information you are willing to share about the man opposing the Mizukage?"

The three would look at each other, nodding, before they tucked away their weapons. One of them pointed at the stranger as he answered her question. An S-rank missing-nin had destroyed the camp. The camp was considered lost to the causes, his power proven too powerful for the troops to deal with it. As they spoke, remaining shadows moved to collectively create a barrier around the two clashing forces. Fuinjutsu. Not Mizuki's style, but she thanked them quietly for the safety precautions even though it was yet to see if that would curb the collateral damage. In the back of her mind, Mizuki could feel the inkling of a chance that the powers of two S ranks was more than sufficient to deal with such barrier technique no matter how many would gather to flow their chakra into the defence in hopes to keep it up.

"Thank you for the information. I'll be sure to relay the presence of such a threat to the other forces should I meet them. In the meantime, should there be a means for me to provide assistance do not hesitate to call upon me. A sign of good intentions."

They would nod, then disappear. Mizuki didn't expect them to ask for her help, and by that extend Kumogakure's help. Kirigakure was a Village with a solid spine, a nation proud of its strength despite the bloody history it harboured. If they had called in the help of the Mizukage, they would already feel as if they were bending a knee when they shouldn't. There were little options for the herald at this point. With the camp abandoned to be swallowed up by the sands and the shinobi trying what they could to mitigate the battle, all that remained for her was to spectate. Diplomat she may be, a kunoichi would be a fool not to collect information on the techniques and strategies applied by such powerful beings. Information like that could change the outcome of a fight a lot should it ever come to the point Kumogakure had to oppose either of the two powers.

Moving closer to the fight at hand but maintaining a save distance from the barrier that was meant to mitigate the S-rank battle's influence, Mizuki would take a look at the area around her as it seemed the smoke of the camp had attracted more intention than it had expected. Tourists? Shinobi? Mizuki felt a pang of judgement at the hypocrisy of it all that. A small camp attracting such attention whereas no one had moved to help Sunagakure. Mizuki pushed the feeling away, the unfit thought being reminded that Suna was a hidden place far away from the prying eyes of the other nations whereas at this point the Nations had all but gathered together for their own goals. Any smoke not originating from Sunagakure would naturally be cause for an alert. Waving her own silly judgement to the side, her eyes would focus on recognition. Were there any shinobi she knew? Yes, there were. She could spot two so far. Two Kiri-nin with whom she had a healthy interaction with, of which one was a student of hers.

But her attention would violently be pulled away as the earth rumbled and crashed into the shinobi maintaining the barrier. The earth itself rose up to display the bodies of several shinobi, a display of raw power and cruelty, as it tore away the circle of flesh and chakra that had intended to preserve the area. The ritual broken, the barrier would flicker and weaken in its existence and with visible shock Mizuki's eyes would search for the one who had disturbed this attempt to preservation. A familiar figure would come in sight. A figure that had once caused havoc in Sunagakure, then had moved to disturb the Chuunin Exams in Kumogakure, and was now once more intruding in a battle that wasn't hers - Lamya.

Was she in league with the other S-rank missing-nin?


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'The roar of the baAttle continued to unfold‘

The eyes of the Demon ice witch would lock on her opponent, unwavering and intransigent. Short of letting out a feral cry as she would make her way in she would circle, yet something shone from her opponent. Ayakashi would note the handseals he wove and with the posture he made them. At first, she would think of nothing... yet, the pernicious psychological attack on Ayakashi was not forgotten by her body. Her eyes would shoot open for a moment behind her mask as a cold sweat would form upon her brow before fracturing into salted crystal dust. The image of a dark haired man, a crooked smile and the formation of those handseals. Before Ayakashi was blasted, parallel holes in her chest off the edge of a cliff face. 'How could he know!?' She thought to himself, for a moment believing the man before her to truly be the remainder of the man who for a moment brought the nation of mist to its knees. The thought would flicker and fade as a phantasm, panic pushing Ayakashi to desperation as she would turn to make her charge with a cry!

Ayakashi would hurl herself at her opponent, crouching low, ice crystalizing around her, waging its miniature battle against the immense heat stored within the almost caustic, salted sand. Coiling her fist and lunging it forward for his back with unkempt rage, Ayakashi would feel a pulse of power rush past her not giving the color a second thought. However, as it washed past her, it struck her in such a manner it felt as though she's had the wind knocked out of her lungs. Ayakashi's strength instantaneously waning as the power she had intended to project into the punch was sapped, drained of its hubristic power and left friable in comparison to her intentions. Her opponent would spin, his motion blocking off the quickened blow of the Mizukage with strength comparable to her own... 'is he really this strong!?' Ayakashi would react in that instant, another flicker of doubt in herself penetrating her rage like a toxin, panic once again attempting to lay its seed within her before it was overwhelmed with reason once again. 'No, he's weakened me, that's all... damn!' Furrowing her face into a scowl Ayakashi would follow through with her intended motions.

'This needed to end!'

With her punch knocked to a side she would skid on the ice, arching her body into an aerodynamic slant, using the friction of the air like a windmill to push her to ground in a manner to the experienced ninja she would defy the will of the meager Newtonian force that vainfully hope to see her hung aloft. As Ayakashi's foot once again met air she would kick off from the earth, vaulting backward to once again land on the sand behind her, blade at her side as she would attempt to summon her chakra into her hilt, intent to kill rising within her as she would stand agape for a moment with her next realization... The chakra she attempted to summon within the blade denied her. Ayakashi was found wanting as her eyes would move to her blade, and to the world around them as the twin colored fields closed the two of them within the barriers... This was bad... But as if the world could not conspire against her enough, in this moment of clarity where the shock of the Mizukage's surrounds would snap her to her senses. The mental roar of an external chakra would flare to life beyond the barrier. Molded with a dark, sinister serpentine familiarity.

Orochi Risu, Lamya revealed herself to the world around her at that moment. Finally, the seed of panic would knead itself into the soul of Ayakashi. An assumed plot conspired between the two of them had been realized. This ninja, this mephistophilean figure was a vanguard to Risu... be it a partner, a subordinate or some other figure. The survivors of that incident had regaled her with the tale of how they had attempted to fight off the hydra with the tools at their disposal, yet as herculean as their efforts and intentions were, they could not sever the many heads of the beast... Ayakashi's breath would begin to hasten in this moment as her opponent would begin his oration... Aya's fury had her blood run cold for a moment as her hands would constrict tightly around the grip of changeling, tightly enough that a crack would form on the outermost shape of the steel, though it would not hinder its make.

Although... try as that seed of panic might, it would find that against the cold-steel of the witches exterior, no so trivial root would penetrate her long prepared shell. Risu was one of the many threats that she had been hunting in the sands, as such, there were efforts in place should she make her presence known to the people of Kirigakure once again.

'Shadows from her past, they bayed for a second chance.'

No longer than a moment after she would cast her jutsu, wounding many-a-ninja around her as more and more ninja would arrive on the scene from the fortress little more than a single horizon away, a should would proceed a whistle of a solitary blade cutting through the midsummer days breeze. "I never got a chance to answer you prior!" A glint of hope refracted from sunlight gave birth to a spark of light amongst the darkness. Should she move back, to not be impaled through the chest from the cracked shell of a familiar A rank Guan Dao.

"You told me once whomever we send, you will send them back, whomever we dare to steer in your direction, you will send them back... and whomever we dare to send to capture you... you will devour."

At that moment, three figures would emerge from the crowd positioned around Lamya, barely exceeding the range of her intended jutsu. Familiar masks, familiar poses. A Hozuki, a Yuki and a Kaguya among them. But from the sky, a final form would fall from the skies, grizzled, scarred, a mane of lion-like white hair surrounding him as he would collide with the ground, holding in his right hand behind him a new weapon, a similar glaive to the Guan-Dao but charged with powerful suiton chakra gathering into the pommel and forming a scythe-like blade. The man was Slaine, the leader of Ayakashi's infamous Alpha Squad, thought killed at the hands of Lamya after the Chunin exams.

"Yet here I stand, unscathed and undevoured! And I shall be your undoing, snake, its time to meet a greater reptile!"

Slapping his hand on the ground, an expansive scroll would unravel before him, upon it a sigil of a long-snouted beast lined with teeth. Although he would allow Lamya to have a reply, the crocodile summoning jutsu he would cast would all but be complete. Lamya was stood little more than a couple of kilometers from the main base of the Kirigakure forces, having made herself known... the thought that she would not see resistance of the highest order when revealing her presence to the most militant nation int he world, showed either a level of insanity that would assure her defeat, or hubris that would do the same!

Meanwhile, as the Mizukage would be sealed off from the world from the effects of the layered techniques before her, her focus once again would be turned back to the mysterious phantom at hand. He ended his oration with a query, granting the woman a rare chance for the queen of frost to retort. She would straighten herself for a moment, the mask that she spoke through augmenting her voice into a mechanical neutrality as she would stand tall. "Who... are you...?"[i] she would slip out in exasperation, every cell in her body yearning for an answer, but she knew none would come.

[i]"You know what, it doesn't matter... The fact is you're right, we may not ever get this chance again, one of us could easily die here today, so... let me grant you with a secret in turn. Honestly, I'm not taking zero pleasure in this fight. Few have pushed me like you have!"

A smile would warp her face beneath her steely mask as she would almost shout her revelation with a perverted sense of contentment. Twisted with a corrupted sense of justice turned to a prideful lust for skillful combat that was being satiated for what felt like years. Her ruminative statement punctuated with the sound of Changeling, drawn in her hand, extending the guards of the blade out into a sword that exemplified that of a saber more than an easter dword with an echoing clang. Ayakashi could feel the wellspring of strength begin to flow through her from the cold ground that she was still standing on, the flickering flame within her eye empowering her and allowing her Hyouton chakra to flow with ease as the nature chakra from the frost in the ground would be drawn into her physical form. It felt revitalizing, but she knew this was this combats' final respite... from here, the over decade-long Mizukage would acknowledge that one of the two of them would not be leaving here alive if she could at all help it.

No sooner than her opponent would lunge forward with his movement, Ayakashi would dash forward with her similar, depowered speed. More of a match for her opponents now compared to superseding it, he would draw his blade and Ayakashi would in-turn draw hers as they would begin to dance their deadly waltz. Ayakashi would charge her opponent head-on, spying his learned stance as his sword as he would draw his blade forward in a thrust for Ayakashi's left ankle... no doubt a crippling blow to open for certain. Spinning into the strike, Ayakashi would turn to expose her Achilles to the weight of the blow, her blade in her right arm sliding around her to sleeve itself along the rear of her leg as the glancing blow would strike it. However, simultaneous to the guard, Ayakashi was already in motion. The art of bursting in martial arts was the act of simultaneously guarding while presenting your opponent with an attack, and thusly, her other leg was already hooked at his lowered head-height and inches from his head as he would hope to slip past his opponent.

Against any other opponent Aya was certain that she would have removed the head of any adversary with such a blow, but her opponent was low to the ground, she hadn't expected him to crouch to such a degree and her heel would soar like the chop of an axe over the mans' head. Hooking her heel, Ayakashi would meet it with her free hand, the slipping sound of a stealthy unsheathe of a blade hidden by both her speed and her body acting as a shield from her opponents' view as her blade would drag in a semi-circle around her spinning form as her maneuver would have had her already turn to face Yosei and his upcoming second strike. The tensile pressure of her weapon pursed against the ice that lagged behind Ayakashi's movement would build potentum as she would whip the blade up to meet his, stepping inward in to catch Yosei's second strike close as she would still burst forward, lowering her stance in turn. Skidding along the ice she would create on her knees as she would intend to pass under their two blades, the glint of a dagger that would be even foreign to him in her left hand.

The wedding band was a deeply personal weapon to Ayakashi, never flourished in battle due to its sentimental connection with her father. But now she needed his strength, she needed that connection as the Hyouton aligned blade would sing as she would now hope to pass by her opponent and strike deeply with the blade at hip height in an icepick grip. Low enough to penetrate through the standard gap between standard ANBU chest-plates and any leg armor he may be wearing beneath the billowing folds of his enigmatic cloak of shadows.

Finally, should the maneuver be successful, pivoting in a motion that would seem dance-like, she would route her sword down from her new angle in a strike for the strangers' outer thigh, the wedding band after its attempted strike now the tool willing and able to defend against incoming onslaught. The footwork and skill of the two blooming warfare into art, blurring the distinction between beauty and atrocity. It was a masterpiece portrait painted in blood and sweat but gleaming with the skill of the artisans whom crafted it.

'like david chisled by blade in human bone.'

Name: Kirigakure Hunter Alpha Captain. Slaine
Age: 38
General Appearance: an ANBU-like ninja whom wears a black and white yin yang tribal mask as opposed to the animal masks of the traditional ANBU. Unlike other Hunters Slaine wears a unique set of A rank Rank Kirigakure armour as well as the 'Mantle of Kirigakure' Item. His armor is nicked and rough around the edges as if he's seen a hundred battles.
Personality: Slaine is a fierce and fearless ninja who has been trained to overcome any adversity from torture to being under Genjutsu. He's ruthless, with seemingly a switch embedded that allows them to turn off any notions of mercy or empathy while they are hunting their prey. Otherwise, outside of the job, they are just average men, who blend in seamlessly. Fiercely loyal to Kirigkure having dedicated his life to serving the Mizukage.
Motivations: He fights for the preservation of their country and for his Kage, whoever they may be. He wishes for nothing more than the approval of his lord, the success of his mission and the well-being of his men
Fears: They fear a great many things, from their countries' demise to death, pain, and the loss of their family and friends, but they have all been trained to cope with this fear and push on even harder in its presence.
Abilities: Slaine is an A-Rank ninja with S-0 stats across the board making him singularly one of the most dangerous and experienced ninja in the country. A member of the Hozuki clan, he has S rank Ninjutsu as well as S rank Bukijutsu (All subspecs) as well as A rank Fuinjutsu and a crocodile summoning contract with A rank summons. To compliment this he has S rank Suiton and A rank Doton. He possesses all jutsu they would be able to use from both the libraries of each of his possessed specs and elements as well as from the kiri clan libraries and their clan (if applicable), Academy and the Hunter Ninja Techniques.
Other: Slaine is equipped with an advanced A rank variant of ANBU armour with basic heavy armor attributs which does not lower his speed and Hunter Ninja Mask as printed in the ANBU / Hunter Ninja sections, as well as a full set of A Rank arm armour, and leg armour as well as the mantle of kirigakure (as per kiri catalogue).

He possesses 10 Kiri Tactical Kunai, 30 Reverse Barbed Senbon, 3m of asimorih wire, A Secured Wireless Radio, 1 Fine Fuma Shuriken, 3 Kunai Bomb-Seals, 2 Kiri 'Hunter' Tonfa, 2 Sheng Biao (rope darts) as per the kiri catalog and an S rank Guan Dao which is capable of hewing ninja in two and at the cost of 10 chakra per post generating a scythe of water from the blade across its tip.

Name: Kirigakure Hunter Alpha.
Age: 35-40
General Appearance: Advanced ANBU-like ninja who wear monocolored tribal masks as opposed to the colored masks of the traditional hunters, a squad of 3 total following their leader Slaine. These hunter ninja wear all pieces of Kirigakure light armour upgraded to A rank. As well as the 'Mantle of Kirigakure' Item.
Personality: Hunter ninja Alphas are fierce and fearless ninja who have been trained to overcome any adversity from torture to being under genjutsu. They are ruthless each with seemingly a switch embedded that allows them to turn off any notions of mercy or empathy while they are hunting their prey. These ninja have excelled exceeding the expectations of almost all other Hunters
Motivations: They fight for the preservation of their country, each other and for their Kage, whomever they may be. Though their personal reasons often change from person to person they are fiercely loyal.
Fears: They fear a great many things, from their countries' demise to death, pain, and the loss of their family and freinds, but they have all been trained to cope with this fear and push on even harder in its presence.(edited)
Abilities: Kiri Alpha Hunter Ninja are A Rank ninja with A-3 stats across the board making them singularly the most dangerous and experienced ninja in the country. From the Yuki Clan and Kaguya and Hozuki clans, they have S rank Ninjutsu as well as S rank Bukijutsu (All subspecs) as well as S rank Taijutsu (speed+2). To compliment this each Hunter Ninja Captain has S rank Suiton and A rank fuuton / hyouton or doton (1:2). They possess all jutsu they would be able to use from both the libraries of each of their possessed specs and elements as well as from the kiri clan libraries / clan (if applicable), as well as Academy, ANBU and the Hunter Ninja Techniques.
Other: Kirigakure alpha Hunters are all equipped with a advanced armour and Hunter Ninja Mask as printed in the ANBU / Hunter Ninja sections, as well as a full set of A Rank arm armour, and leg armour as well as the mantle of kirigakure (as per kiri catalogue).

They possess 10 Kiri Tactical Kunai, 30 Reverse Barbed Senbon, 3m of asimorih wire, A Secured Wireless Radio, 1 Fine Fuma Shuriken, 3 Bomb-Seals, 2 Kiri 'Hunter' Tonfa, 2 Sheng Biao and a Superior Kirigakure Katana / Wakizashi + Bow and 15 B rank arrows.


+15 via chakra regeneration = 320


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Ok, so, this is how this is going to work:

Any new people coming into this thread will have to post in 'this' thread first  to claim EP from that posting round onwards, however, following that. Depending on which conflict people wish to be a part of, they are able to fracture into several 'splinter threads' which will stem from this one by simply posting the link at the end of their post to the splinter thread they are moving to at that point in time and a link to where they came from in their entrance post. As all these threads are happening simultaneously, people cannot be in 2 at a time, but can move freely from each of them, so long as they do so concurrently with the timeline of the threads and link to which thread they're going to / where they came from in their entry post. So be mindful of 'when' things are happening compared to other threads if you plan to jump around as a free agent of sorts.

Both this core thread and the splinter threads are considered 1 thread cumulatively, for the sake of undertaking missions etc. Ie, you could not do 1 mission in the core thread and another in a splinter thread, as it's all 1 thread.

The splinter threads will all be named: 'The siege of Inabayama: (subtitle here.)' And can be made by anyone for any alternate action you guys wanna take. If you'd like to add an adversary, NPC or otherwise, go fo it.
The WC from this thread and the splinter threads will all count as if its the same thread, from the point you joined the core thread onwards for purpose of EP WC.

These threads are now cumulatively considered a single Major S rank Story Thread for the purposes of ranking up etc.


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the earth is flat and the moon is a hologram

The fractured Land of Wind was alive with strife and activity. In the few days that the barren dust-bowl had graced him with its blistering hospitality, he had seen and done enough to leave him fatigued for days to come. He had found momentary respite atop the plateau of a desert mesa, which granted him a beautiful view of the vast blankets of sand covering Kaze no Kuni. His choice of attire wasn’t exceptionally suitable for the environment; the black cloak draped over his shoulders seemed to absorb more heat than it did disperse, and the armour vaguely reminiscent of the Konohagakure ANBU underneath did precious little to help in the endeavour of keeping him cool either. He kept the mask around his neck, lest its tinted visor roast his head into a loaded potato. He mused that he was already hotheaded enough, and the burning ball of gas in the sky would be hard-pressed to contend. It seemed like the desert went on forever, yet every mile was packed with some sort of action of varying degree. It was odd for him to witness, having envisioned it as a desolate wasteland for so long, yet finding it to be alive and bustling in reality. But the scenery was not what had his attention, nor was his rest solely recreational.

From atop his perch, he watched like a hawk on the hunt, burning yellow eyes in keen observance to all whom had opted to linger at the distant campsite-turned-battlefield. Seldom did a battle of epic proportions grace his jaded eyes in a way that inspired awe of any noteworthy degree, yet the bout between the two masked shinobi monstrosities had certainly caught his attention. The pillar of smoke dancing in the sky was like a spotlight in the night, beckoning all with a speck of curiousity to gather. Seated atop his mountainous perch, it was an interesting and uncommon fiasco to bear distant witness to.

He was certainly not alone in his enjoyment of this brash shinobi’s endeavour either. Attacking the renowned Mizukage took an amount of bravery in so much excess that perhaps it bordered on sheer stupidity. Perhaps there was more to it that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, which left him to enjoy it from a distance as his mind idly wandered over potential ulterior motives. As his gaze drifted from individual to individual, he had noticed that many like himself had gathered to observe the spectacle. Operatives of Kirigakure and shinobi alike had surrounded the battlefield with a barrier of impressive dimension, in a manner that contained the destructive nature of the high level battle raging on within. As his legs idly swung from the edge of the cliff he sat on, it almost looked like good, wholesome fun that the whole family could safely watch. His manner of observing didn’t quite give the best visuals on the intricacy of their battle, and certainly not from this distance, but the detailed blobs of infrared radiation clued him in on the onlookers. Each globule of visage was unfamiliar as he glanced over them, until he passed over the vague features of Fuyuko and Verdandi. The realization that the former was in attendance knit his eyebrows together in a furrow, a new constant stream of worry gracing his conscious train of thought.

Thankfully, he thought for a mere moment, the battle was more or less contained within the barrier that seemed capable of withstanding their impressive blows. But that asuaded worry passed as soon as the comfort it brought appeared, and his wandering eyes locked on the approaching figure. Details obscured, he could tell that the being carried with them a long mass that sapped their heat in typical cold-blooded fashion. His eyes narrowed further, and the analytical mess of a brain began to run through a myriad of scenarios. An uneasy pit opened in his stomach as some innate sense of incoming dread washed over him. He didn’t even need to think before his body moved, slipping effortlessly from his perch and transitioning into a rapid descend to the sands below, his glowing eyes turning back to their coal hue during the fall. His boots had barely touched the ground before he had taken off in a sprint, plumes of that irritatingly loose granular substance erupted beneath the soles of his boots as they pounded against the desert blanket and carried his body closer to the ruins of the campsite-turned-battleground.

The presence of others nearby would be hindrance to his usual manner of combat, but truly only the pair he had taken notice of earlier were of personal interest to protect. He would merely have to live with any collateral damage that occured, having only quite recently come to terms with the inability to protect everybody. Fuyuko was well out of range of the attack, and although she was his primary focus in terms of protection, Verdandi was much closer to danger. His hand was forced, and so he acted.

Takao drew closer and felt the rumble of earth shifting beneath the sands in the distance. He was close enough to witness the spikes erupt from below, threatening several nameless shinobi whom he hadn’t the proximity to attempt to defend. Instead, Takao focused on the offensive, and tensed the muscles within his legs when he drew close enough to warrant engaging at last.

He leapt without so much as a sound, the chakra within his cloak that shrouded him seeing to it that the simple movement was muted in totality. He used the blinding sun overhead the stationary Lamya for cover as oxygen inflated his lungs and stretched the organs to capacity. Chakra flooded into the mixture, converting his exhale into a powerful torrent of highly compressed air five-meters in diameter. In less than half of a second, the wind-natured projectile tore through the twenty or so meters separating its point of origin and Lamya. The large spherical projectile would be quite a difficult thing to see, given its tactical position between her perspective and the sun.

Takao landed without even an audible rustle of cloth as the cloak over his shoulders settled. His gaze faltered from Lamya for a mere instant, cast sidelong to identify the two subjects spurring his intervention as well as to gain bearings on his surroundings. Then they settled back upon the snake, and eyes like coal narrowed upon her masked visage. His own collapsed mask rested around his neck, not yet necessary to be worn but still present beneath the cloth clinging to his body. Had said fabric not draped his body and deafened the sound originating from within, perhaps she might have heard the minute creak of his gloves tightening around the handle of his tonfa in anticipation.

R4 WC: 12,420
Total Thread WC: 22,606

Chakra: 330/350

Techniques Used:
Name: Wind Release: Great Vacuum Sphere (Fūton: Shinkū Taigyoku ~ 風遁・真空大玉)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Fūton
Range: 30 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 7 posts
Description: A stronger version of the Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere technique. The user compresses the entirety of the large breath they take in, and expels it in the form of one large (5 meters in diameter) sphere at 50 m/s. Anyone caught inside it without protection will suffer rapid, painful lacerations all over their body and can be dismembered, if they don't escape it within seconds. Indirect contact with the sphere will result in cuts up to 3.5 inches deep to the area affected. It does not explode on impact, but rather continues, shredding everything that it comes into contact with. The sphere dissipates after moving 30 meters.

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Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki

Bellowing Mist blew in from the sea and cover the ruined desert nation in a thick layer of fog. Oppressively laying down over the native peoples with a foreign weight. The spirit of this nation, already fractured and crumbling, was now being cruelly suffocated. It was uncharacteristic for the Mist to wait for an enemy to gather their breath, and so this was the approach that they took. The broken and bloody Sand was knelt over, and tenderly two hands were squeezed around its neck. Rather than allowing the nation to die after being ravaged by terrorists it would be given choked out of any air, seizing messily from strangulation. Even should the Mist be pushed off and the Sand be allowed to breath others would come to give it the same undignified death. Stone, Cloud, Leaf. There were few allies that would come to the Sand's aid, just various enemies competing on how to give it the coup de grace.  

Chigetsu sprung up from his sleep, sitting up in a panic. Sweat poured down his face, staining the sheets and pillows that had he had been resting on. The entire barracks he was in was warded with a coating of that stench. Sweat. The explosion that interrupted his slumber had sent a way of fear through his campsite. It rang out into the ears of hundreds of soldiers, and he was only one singular insect in the now enraged hive. Chaos would ensure as what must have been hundreds all arose at once from the campsite. The sun bore down from above, sitting in its golden throne at the peak of the day. The raging of this land was made clear by the heat of this hellscape. It was as if the geography itself was trying to eject the invaders. Just as a body might increase its temperature to burn out an infectious disease, so too it felt as if the Land of Wind was trying to evaporate the invading Kirigakure forces.

The camps of massed chuunin, Chigetsu included, were the least prepared. They didn't yet have the discipline or experience yet to expect any moment to spiral into impossible amounts of danger. ANBU and Hunter-Killer Nin bounded into action, either having already been awake or prepared to snap up at a moment's notice. Chigetsu was likely one of the few that had been sleeping during the height of the day. It was much more suited to someone of his characteristics to avoid the sweltering heat of the day and operate instead at night. He suspected other members of the Hozuki clan were assigned similar night missions, if any others had even been brought into the country with this invasion force. Chigetsu had yet to see another member of his clan since arriving here. Perhaps he was the only one suicidal enough to set foot in the Land of Wind. There wasn't much time for him to speculate on the issue of his impending death from heatstroke though. Whatever had caused that explosion needed a swift response.

Light clothing and formfitting robes would be thrown on over his sweat soaked pajamas, and he would be out into the sands without a moment's notice. His water bottle was strapped to his waist, and his armory was something he always kept with him. Even when sleeping those dozens of weapons remained deep inside him, ready to be used at any moment. The radio, carelessly, would be something he left behind. He hadn't been working in direct contact with his squad for these last few missions, and so he hadn't expected it to be something he would require. It wouldn't be long. The barrier that had been brought up was clearly visible, and it gave Chigetsu a clear point of reference to charge towards. Masses of shinobi seemed to surround it, and even from a distance Chigetsu could peer down to see the collection of chaos.  

"Look down, and gaze upon a sea of glass glowing with fire."

Seeing the Mizukage made him wake up. Tired eyes would crack open, and he would gaze down in silence at the two in the crater. The battle was beyond his comprehension. Each movement embodied elegance and power, more so than anything he had ever seen before. Watching the quarreling of gods was an intensely sobering moment. There was a vastness to this ocean that Chigetsu couldn't have seen even in his dreams. His kunai, strung around his neck in a necklace that was also a noose, spoke to him clearly. Its voice was a whisper in his ear, a sweet honey that dripped down his face and pooled in his heart. It stilled the irregular beating of his soul, and calmed the shaking of his limbs.

"Don't allow yourself to overflow. This world is a battlefield. You're lucky, even now, to be alive." Chigetsus would nod his head slowly. The kunai hanging around his neck would be held tightly, clutched in both hands. His breathing was careful. This was the fury of the ocean. The largest thing that he had ever seen. Did the Mizukage and this mysterious man compare to the ocean? Were they as big as the largest waves? He could only wonder. The cascade of power was something he could feel even from this distance. It roiled and tumbled endlessly in a rage, threatening to boil up and spread into the sky as a malaise that would suffocate the land. He flinched back and turn his head away. There was only so much he could take in before his eyes wouldn't be able to see any more.

The rumbling of earth gave him a coinvent distraction. He would turn to that, and as he did there would be death. Spikes of rock and stone would jut up from the sand and spear through countless. Bones would break. Flesh would rip. Lives would be rended. Perhaps a dozen or so had been killed in that moment, all members of the Anbu. Those that had been maintaining the barrier. The picture was one he took a moment to soak in. The woman clad in black armor strutting forth to release the power of two gods out into the world. The ferocity she put forth wasn't something he could contest. Compared to these ANBU he was hardly a tadpole and compared to her these ANBU were nothing to speak fondly of. There wasn't anything he could do. In the presence of a greater weapon, that she surely was, his only option would be to roll over and die. Or perhaps throw himself at her uselessly and experience the death of a martyr. That wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world. In those moments he prepared for it, steadying his arms until he saw her.

Verdandi. She had been caught in the wrath of the attack. Seeing his ally down below him in the range of this technique brought Chigetsu's heart to a stop. Without a second's thought he would have thrown himself in front of her and allowed those spikes to tear through his chest instead. He could envision the moment inside his head. She was much too far for him to do that though, and the spikes were much too fast. He would throw himself forward despite this, stumbling down the dunes of sand before breaking out into a run. He would descend the dunes, throwing himself into the mass of chaos and ANBU who were all now reacting to this mess. The glowing presence of the man's chakra who stepped in to intervein was something he could feel immediately, but besides the small tremble that shook his form he would ignore it. As soon as he got close enough Chigetsu would take her hand, holding it as tightly as possible. "Dandi!" He would shout her name in a panicked hush, and instantly he would be ripping her away from the battlefield. Whatever was going on now was beyond their ability. If she wasn't cooperative, Chigetsu was likely to just drag her away from this combat. "We're too close! We need to get out of here before we get pulled in."



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“The Battle of Sunagakure was not the first battle in a war, instead it was a catalyst that led to the true first battle of the Fifth Great Ninja War. The battle which would come to be known as the Battle at Rock Inabayama, so named for a geological landmark. The fighting started when a mysterious masked man who wore the mask of the devil Obito Uchiha attacked a Mist Village encampment that was present for aide efforts in the Land of Wind. The conflict drew the Mizukage Ayakashi Solstice herself out to meet the man. The action drew the attention of the Great Serpent Risu which escalated it from an impressive duel among titans into a true battle...” Izumi's rough draft version of her account of the fierce battle unfolding before her eyes, it had turned to utter madness. Izumi couldn't help but admire the beauty of what was unfolding before her. Two titans of the shinobi world dueling for a purpose far above either of them. The direction of their world was at stake, Izumi had come to admire the man who dueled her former leader. He was the latest in the long line of bad influences on the already volatile Karisuma woman, surely it was a path she was headed down on her own but one must assume there's always a chance for redemption. Izumi's raven coloured hair was drawn back out of her face and she had chosen to doff her mask in favor of a better view of the battlefield. Knowing what was to occur on this eve she had elected to wear the flak jacket which she'd shunned since leaving the mist village along with the accompanying sigil on its typical location upon her left bicep. Izumi hoped to not be drawn into the conflict if she didn't need to be hence the disguising. However she would not hesitate to defend herself, 'She who hesitates is lost'. One of the only shards of her innocence left was the history book she was currently writing. The battered pages and covers of her uncle's journal having seen rigorous use in it lifetime. Izumi had very few things she was attached to but the journal was the most important to her, should battle approach she'd immediately seal it away so to not risk its well-being. Another instance of Izumi's prior planning were the video camera's she'd set up around the area to capture things the young woman might have missed for her account of the historic event of the day.

The masked man had not given her a name but instead given her and her comrades instruction to strike out on the mist shinobi on this night, the man must have seen something in Izumi for he had also given her a secret dispatch after his main speech. It was unsurprising for a man of such power and decision to single out the Karisuma. Nova was by far the most talented of the trio in Izumi's opinion but at the same time she was also a bit more timid, less likely to seize initiative and land that killing blow. Ironically in the past Nova had defeated Izumi, the scar on her left eye a permanent reminder of the consequences of hesitation. It was this killer instinct and underlying rage that had caused Izumi to walk the dark path that she had dragged Nova down. Perhaps the corruption of her lover had gone too far, Izumi feared that Nova might turn out with the same hatred and rage in her heart that Izumi knew so well. Guilt was a foreign feeling to the raven haired woman, not entirely accustomed to actually caring for another but it seemed to Izumi that her feelings were more than just a crush for the younger whom she'd taken as her lover. Truth be told being back in Suna had had the opposite effect on Izumi than she had hoped it would, the resentment she was hoping to escape in her childhood home not only following her but intensifying as she spent more and more time within. She had however grown quite fond of the pseudonym she'd taken on, Zhi. It helped her to excuse the atrocities she was committing, “Izumi didn't do that, Zhi did.” Was what she'd tell herself at night, as much as she loved killing and relished in the glory of combat, the eyes of those she felled still haunted her sometimes. Regardless of her feelings, she'd carry out the duty the masked man had given to the woman who was going by the name Zhi. Now all that was left was to wait and observe the great event unfold before her. The battle had changed into something truly magnificent once the Leaf village reinforcements arrived to assist with Lamya, the man's wind jutsu soaring out to meat the giant pillar of earth the former had conjured. Zhi was far enough out from the battle that she couldn't really see the players all too well but she could tell that Lamya's target was the ANBU who were attempting to assist the Mizukage. “Honourless dogs. I might have to make my way on to the battlefield sooner than I'd planned...” Izumi muttered under her breath astounded at the lack of respect for the time honoured tradition of the duel that the Mist ninja showed.

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The chaos of war knew no bounds and even as Maigo found himself but a small fish in a large pond, he couldn't help but grip his own fist tightly. The sounds of alarms and call to action of the Hunter ninja were a blessing to his ears and a curse to his heart. Any challenger that drew the Mizukage herself directly into battle would be delightful to witness in battle and a curse to watch the horror that needed such a response. And yet, Maigo was almost content with it, feeling the anxiety of the situation and his heart racing forward as he waited for orders. There were ANBU creating barriers and setting a perimeter, orders being shouted along throughout the encampment and defensive positions being taken up where needed be. The very complexity of it was far too great for Maigo to care about or worry about the machinations of it. He knew where he stood, in his own squad of ANBU and Hunter Ninja, those poised with special tasks of elimination and information gathering. Those were his skills. Not creating barriers or scouting out the lands or being a vigilant eye, nor did he have the speed and quickness to act as one of the messengers and bring the Kirigakure base of operations onto high alert.

It felt like a flicker for a moment, as he brought his hand up and placed the mask to his face and let it slide into place before securing it, making sure he could see clearly from it. His grey cloak covered his person and the variety of weapons around his person and the pouches of ninja tools he carried with him. His person stood just outside the tent doorway as he heard the shouting around him, standing and looking up towards the sky and counting in its various details for just a moment. A peaceful painting and awareness across a hurried field of uncertainty and doubt.

His own squad's captain yelled out a command to move them along, two other figures in similar armor and cloaks stopped near him as they spoke out, "He's gone ahead to see the fight, we'll be in charge of setting a perimeter and keeping an eye at a distance..." the voice seemed to slither out from the mask. Maigo felt a sting run through his bones, his fist tightening as he had his orders. He knew exactly where he was going, not to assist the Mizukage or to help on that field of battle. It was like he was being relegated to the sidelines of it all. A tenseness ran into his muscles as he could feel the subtle and slighted betrayal to himself.

After all the time in Kiri and how much stronger he'd become, he was still on the backseat to the major players of the village. But that wouldn't last for long, he would make his name known in this village through whatever means necessary. It was like a reckless call into himself to go forward and make himself known now, in that scorching sun and desert heat he would find a way to make it so. There would be no doubt about it as he would turn his head to the foreigner next to him with a simple question, "And where will you go?" he would leave off to him for just a moment but not before hearing the trace of a grumble and closed words to himself.

One of the other hunter nin mocking the Konoha ninja to his name, not knowing who he was in the slightest or the power that he contained within him. Especially after that time in the woods, unleashing whatever energy that was and pummeling his way through everything in his path with a greater power than those behemoths themselves. Maigo's eyes would flicker towards his teammate quickly and cut off his complaints, "You don't know his power, he'll be a valuable asset no matter what. One stronger than any of us as it is anyways..." the small mental flicker jumped towards the image of Nayoko in his glory but quickly snapped back.

When all was said and done, the epsilon squad itself would push out in tow of the other Hunter nin that were in path. Finding out about a disturbance to the barrier along the way. A powerful ninja's chakra popping up and their sensory type getting a cold chill from it. The very muscles in Maigo's body tensed even further as they approached nearer the sight they were called to. With one full squad in tow, they would make the judgement to arrive as stealthily as they could towards the scene, leaving Maigo and Nayoko to hold the position that led directly towards the encampment and watch from there as the other three Hunter Nin would sneak around in a circle to close the other areas off.

Their job wouldn't be to fight just yet and instead would be to provide support to the plethora of ninja that had already come to respond. Sitting off about 50 meters from the scene itself and hold his position, his hand reaching back to feel the grip of his Kyoketsu-Shoge, tightening around it and squeezing the handle. His focus on the scene ahead would be absolute and his concentration nearly unbreakable as his eyes would begin to trace out every detail of the battle in front of him from his hidden position.  

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Nova Makato

Nova Makato

He who had falsely worn the mask of Obito left words of direction with them, "You will hunt the shinobi who are drawn to us. Strike at the heart of the Great Nations, show no mercy as they will show you none. You have no name, and you do not share a banner; the ideals you fight for are yours alone." That bizzare experience was only hours before now, where Nova sat within the propped open hull of Doku Tsuki. Sun burning down upon the landscape, Nova had decided to take a short respite in the shade that her puppet could provide. While it did bring a damp sheen of sweat to her forehead, the heat was a welcome reminder of being back in the land of wind. No longer would her hair frizz at the constant humidity that enveloped Kiri and the surrounding islands. With her right foot she would wiggle the strapped sandal and let it fall from her toes, before sliding her toes into the soft sand. It nearly burned, though it was a pleasant heat. Turning her head to the right, she would force a smile out at the blond haired boy beside her. Though he sat right next to her, there was an apparent height difference that forced Nova to tilt her head upward to see his face. Silently, she would proffer the waterskin to him after taking a deep drink herself. Taking the last bite of the sandwich she had prepared herself she sighed as the entity within her mind tightened its grip. How little she wanted to involve herself in a fight of the magnitude the masked man spoke of. The rousing words however worked their magic with Sasori, How I have longed for battle. I shall guide you child, through your hands I will work.

“Rysano...., Nova would look down to her toes in the sand, “There is a battle to come. I've been told that I need to attend, though I do not know exactly who the foe is.”Why do you lie to him? You know whom your enemies are. For a moment Nova would fall silent while waiting for Rysano to respond to her, shuffling reach into a compartment beneath the cushion of Doku Tsuki and pulling out a small metal container. Twisting off the top and taking a swig, it would reveal the item to be an ornately designed flask.Filled with Izumi's favorite whiskey..., the thought tacked on at the end would bring a pang of worry to Nova's heart. Izumi too heard the call to arms, though her preparations and own set of commands brought her away from Nova at this time of calm before the storm. Join her then... We shall fight.. Coughing to clear her throat of the burn of the drink, she would offer that too to Rysano should he choose to take a sip, “Would you stand by my side? Hope in the tone of her voice she would turn to look at his expression, hiding the worry in her own heart that they would be doing nothing other than leading themselves into the welcoming arms of death of their own accord by attending this battle of the ages. Certainly she was stronger now than when she was unable to protect her home, but so had the danger those who opposed those goals had grown. Unwelcome but present regardless, the burning thoughts of Sasori would blur her vision as she tried to stay aware of the space around her. There were only nine of us if you recall.. We were unbeaten by so many.....

Perhaps as much as the thought of a battle of the magnitude he had experienced before pushed Sasori onwards, that very same caused Nova to feel the unsettling aura of imminent doom. “If you will accompany me, we must leave now...” pausing for a second she would wring her hands nervously, “This.... will be very dangerous and if you decline I understand.. With or without her companion in travels she would set out as planned, heart racing as Doku Tsuki dove beneath the sands headed towards the epicenter of the event to come.

Nova sat with her legs crossed in a black expanse she had seen only once before. Head spinning, as she looked up and behind her she saw the signature robes of the Akatsuki member that shared her headspace. 'Here again?', the weird spatial workings of this place leaving her voice sounding hollow and fragile. 'Yes, but do not worry. I am in control now', Sasori's was sure and even. Moving to stand, Nova would feel a light tug through her limbs that kept them from obeying her will. Worried eyes would wander down to her left hand, where a shining chakra thread sunk into her flesh. Following that glowing tendril, she would find the other end at the tip of a pale finger. That finger would twitch, then hers would follow suit. Chewing her lower lip slightly, she slumped in resignation only to be held up from Sasori's strings like an unused marionette. Thus the puppeteer had become the puppet, at least in part.

Beneath the sands of the land of the wind, Doku Tsuki made its way onward to an otherwise unnoteworthy camp along the border of the ruined city. Nova's fingers danced out their directions in the air, having let her chakra thread ball itself withing the head of the puppet. Though she continued to breath and blink, her eyes were yet unseeing. They had taken on a black sheen over the iris, her expression emotionless and completely blank. Sasori would let her speak perhaps, if the need arose, but until then she would sit in darkness within her mind. The camp was like an upturned anthill, her arrival apparently late for whatever the catalyst of this battle had come to be. Rysano laid shoved against Nova, face to face within the narrow coffin-like interior of the puppet as they moved onwards. Nova pled within her mind that Sasori would let her speak to him, though she would suffer in silence as Rysano would be met with a gaze with someone besides Nova behind it. Doku Tsuki tore away the earth in front of it, tunneling 50 meters beneath the surface of the sands as Sasori felt through Nova what the layout of the battlefield was. From far beneath the surface the puppeters would lurk in safety, though the pounding of feet above would be cut abruptly short by a roiling of earth as chakra manipulated it to form spikes that stabbed upwards. Bodies would crumple as the jutsu did its work. A sickening feel to that chakra. It reminds me of another's..., the thought of Orichimaru would cross Sasori's mind for a brief moment, for him to endure for this long would not be too far-fetched.

Though this was the first time Sasori himself had piloted a puppet in centuries, much less ones he were unfamiliar with. For a lesser puppeteer perhaps this would be problematic, for Sasori it was nothing but a minor inconvenience when combined with access to every single mechanical secret about them in Nova thoughts. In fact, the one she rode within now reminded him of a creation of his own. It was very similar in concept to his own work, a creation to hide within with that glinting bladed tail. Though he was still skilled in the art, irritation would bite as he could not quite recall exactly how to perform the jutsu he knew in life. He would fight regardless, instead armed with the machinations of the girl whom he possessed now. Fortunately her skill was nothing to look down upon, perhaps if there had been a student like her in life he would have taken one. Most impressive of her skills he had deemed, was the technique she had developed that eliminated the need for a point to point connection of chakra threads. As fine a puppet she would make as she had a puppeteer.

Using a technique he had watched Nova create, earth besides the scorpion that she rode within would form replicas. Each one tore at the earth solidly, tunneling onward and more than likely making the earth above them rumble. Deeper the real one would dive, resting nearly eighty meters beneath the sun-scorched battlefield, a quintet of faux constructs would circle above. The proverbial sharks in the water slid through the sand in a ring around where the earth above distorted, forty meters below the surface of rippling sand. Here they would lie in wait, Sasori relishing the thought of revealing the artwork that was his everlasting body in the midst of battle. Just... don't hurt anyone I know..., Nova's voice sounding foreign in a mind that was not her own. It was a plea, resignation of her power in this moment, that she ask that he not perpetrate such actions through hands she prayed she would never lose the use of. Across this formerly trivial stretch of landscape, one battle would rage as another began to ignite.

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Name: Terracotta Army
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A-rank
Type: supplementary
Element: Doton
Range: Touch/through kugutsu control techiques
Specialty:  Kugutsu/Ninjutsu
Duration: Until dispersed 
Cooldown: 3 posts after all are dispersed
Description: This jutsu targets a single puppet under the command of the user. Using doton chakra, up to 4 exact replicas of the puppets targeted form beside the original, including any structural / Doton aligned chakra abilities, mods and ammunition currently equipped. Damage from the clones mods, structure, and ammunition are the same as the original, and have the same abilities as the target. The clones are visually very similar to the original, taking an S-0 rank perception to identify a clone from the original. Upon creation, the clone puppet is also under command of the user of the jutsu through the same means the original one was as long as that technique in question is able to do so; If the puppet was being controlled by the academy kugutsu thread technique the clone would be as well, if being controlled by a different technique it would be the same technique for the clone. The clone counts as an individual puppet when counting towards the total number of puppets under the users control,  and as such can effect the type of control that can be used(focused/balanced/multiple control). Due to the less solid nature of doton chakra that the actual puppet, upon becoming damaged they vanish with a ‘poof’ of dust that disperses in a matter of seconds.

-20 Chakra
Name: Puppeteer Clique 
Canon/Custom: Custom 
Rank: B 
Type: Supplementary 
Element: N/A 
Range: 60m 
Specialty: Kugutsu 
Duration: Maintainable 
Cooldown: Double the Maintained Duration 
Description: Nova separates a few kugutsu string from an already active jutsu and condenses them into a small orb of chakra threads that float, emanating the users selected color chakra. These yarn-ball like orbs   can, on their own, move at about 5mp/s. On contact with a puppet, owned by the jutsu's user, that would require strings they absorb through the body and float within the puppet. The threads that make up the orb extend to make contact with the puppet, and behave as if they are being controlled by the jutsu's user. 
The jutsu can not move outside of a 60m radius of the user or will disperse, leaving the puppet out of the users control. A stipulation of this justu is puppets controlled with this technique must be structurally able to move etc in order to do so, as they have no external force controlling them or holding them up.

-5 chakra
Name: Puppet Technique (Kugutsu no Jutsu ~ 傀儡の術)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 30m.
Specialty: Kugutsu.
Duration: -5 per post
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: This jutsu generates long, fibrous, malleable chakra strings from each of the user's fingers. They are partially intangible to prevent tangling; this jutsu cannot be used to bind people. The condensed chakra takes a hue of variable color depending on the user. Use of this technique on puppets is only available to those with the Kugutsu specialty. However, people without skill in Puppetry can still generate chakra strings to control weapons they have the specializations to wield, within 30m. This consists of whipping them around like a flail or yo-yo, or controlling their path of travel when thrown. Unless durability is enhanced by a separate technique, these chakra strings can be broken by any D rank technique that causes blunt force, cutting, or piercing damage.

This technique cannot control living people; it can only control corpses, or Human Puppets currently in the user's locker.


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There never seemed to be a moment to rest. The captain of the Konohagakure no Sato ANBU had been travelling through the desert alongside his new ally and a man he considered to be a friend, even if he did not feel the same way, for some time now.  They had not known each other for very long, but it seemed that each of their meetings thus far had been steeped in bloodshed. First there was their interaction when they first met in the land of Water. They had known each other for only an hour or so before they ended up fighting off a veritable army of monsters that were terrorizing a village they had been brought to by Sero. Then they had met in the desert here in the Land of Wind where Maigo had been soaked in the blood of religious fanatics. Nayoko had intervened just before an altercation with the Tsuchikage, thank the heavens, but even that interaction had led to the Hattori and Maigo teaming up to kill even more. And now it seemed like the pattern would continue. The pair of shinobi had arrived at a camp of Kirigakure no Sato for only a short time. They had been speaking while traveling; talking about nothing in particular when the alarms had been raised. Shortly thereafter, Nayoko had seen the familiar sight of the Mizukage springing into action, He had witnessed it once before when he had fought alongside her to protect the genin of her village form an assault that they had been underprepared for. It was that fight that had changed Nayoko’s life forever and he suspected that seeing Ayakashi fly headlong into battle once again meant his life was going to change once more.

The shouts of orders all around the pair made for more miscommunication that communication, and instead of trying to focus on the words being thrown about, he followed Maigo’s example and reached for his own ANBU mask, raising it to his face and pulling his hood over his head to further conceal his identity. His dark blueish green robes whipped around in the gathering wind, and part of Nayoko’s mind wandered to the pathetic fallacy of it all. Of course, a storm would be brewing on a night like tonight. The jounin followed his companion out of the tent and toward the voice of what seemed to be a Kirigakure no Sato Hunter Nin captain, passing out orders to the group that had assembled there. The voice that came through the mask was a subtle one, and it caused a shiver to run down his spine. Even so, it seemed that he would not be fighting alongside his teacher this time, instead being delegated to the perimeter and preventing any other interference. Truth be told, Nayoko suspected that they would be in the way more than anything if they were to fight with whoever was clashing against the Mizukage. He turned to face his new comrade as the man with the Uchiha blood looked over to him as well. His question was a simple one, and Nayoko knew exactly how to answer but was interrupted by the grumbling of two of the other hunter nin. He shot a glance toward them and was about to put them in their place, but was instead cut off once again by his new friend who decided to vouch for him. Maigo’s words seemed to shut up the complaining men, and so Nayoko felt no further need to berate them. Instead he simply nodded and addressed his friend. “It wouldn’t just be irresponsible of me to leave now, but also stupid. As the ANBU captain of Konohagakure no Sato I will stand by my allies of the Mist here and fight along side you all…” he shot a look at the two who had been complaining earlier; “…if you’ll have me of course.”

There were no further complaints from the two hunter nin which allowed the Hattori to focus on the task at hand. Epsilon squad with whom he travelled was to push out in tow of the other squads on the path in order to find out about the disturbance to the barrier. The travel was swift and nearly silent as some of the most elite shinobi and kunoichi of the Kiri-Konoha alliance sped over the desert toward their destination. As they neared their intended destination, a cold chill of a powerful chakra signature passed over his body. Though he was not in his Sage Mode, his attainment to Nature energy all around him still existed, and the strength of the chakra he felt was undeniable. The sensory ninja at the forefront of their formation said the same thing, and with his suspicions confirmed Nayoko felt his body tighten in preparation for battle. The call was made to be stealthy in their approach, which was simple enough for a trained group like them. Maigo and Nayoko were to hold the position leading toward the encampment frm the most direct route while the other three hunter nin that were part of their squad branched out from their position and close off the area. As he stood crouched with his comrade in arms, the Hattori closed his eyes for a moment and focused his mind, trying to block out the idea that Ayakashi was facing an unknown threat alone. He knew that she was powerful, but she was still his teacher, and so he worried ever so slightly. As his eyes snapped open, the Hattori furrowed his brow in concentration, watching the ensuing battle before him. As the wind whipped up even further, Nayoko knew that yet another day with alongside Maigo would be stained red in his memory forever…


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Rysano squinted his eyes in protest of the sun’s powerful rays beating down upon him and his companion. Despite how long it had been since his arrival in this new country, he still wasn’t quite used to the change in atmosphere and weather. After spending his entire life growing up in or around the Hidden Mist Village, the drastic change in moisture and temperature was a definite shock to his system. Here the sun was visible all the way from dawn until dusk, and it made sure you took notice. Although the distinct lack of moisture in the air did its part to lessen the blow of the heat, it was a constant companion that threatened to exhaust even the most careful of travelers.

He was lucky he was accompanied by one more accustomed to this land and its properties. His traveling partner was the same girl with which he had spent a majority of his time since graduating from the academy. He had become quite familiar with the teal hair of the puppet master, of whoms creation they were both currently sat on. He was happy she had decided to take him on as a sort of student of hers, although she didn’t have much to actually teach him in terms of techniques. She had become more of a mentor in the general sense of what it meant to be a ninja and to stand for what you believed in. Although, that didn’t mean that she stood to gain nothing from him tagging along with her. As gifted as she was at the manipulation of puppets, her actual body remained vulnerable, and he served as a final line of defense and emergency triage services if any force managed to elude her puppets and strike at her true self. They were both glad to have each other’s company.

As he averted his gaze against the glow of the gas giant in the sky, he turned his head to meet the gaze of the one sat next to him. He was forced to crane his neck slightly to compensate for the not-miniscule difference in height between the two of them. He didn’t believe he was excessively tall, just that Nova was slightly below average. Her face was beaming a smile in his direction, eyes also squinted against the light of the sun. Rysano could easily discern that this was not necessarily a genuine smile. The crinkle of the skin at the corner of her eyes was due to avoiding the sun, not because of an actual smile. This smile was obviously forced, and it made him nervous seeing it. Nova didn’t tend to sugar coat anything. She was normally very direct about most situations, but this smile was her attempt at making everything seem alright.

She offered the waterskin they had been sharing during this short lunch break to him, which he accepted eagerly. The desert forced a perpetual thirst on those within it, and it was always just too long since your last sip of water for it to be comfortable. He began to take long gulps of the chill liquid, keeping his eyes fixed on Nova’s face. There was something on her mind, he could tell. He had began noticing the tell-tale signs of when something was bothering her. Whether it was something she knew that she needed to share, or the thing in her mind that she couldn’t quite ignore just yet, he could see it on her face.

She broke the prolonged eye contact as she toward her feet, currently playing in the sand around them. Her lips parted to speak, already beginning the chap in the dry heat of the desert. “Rysano....There is a battle to come. I've been told that I need to attend, though I do not know exactly who the foe is.” He knew it. Through the admittedly few battles the two had been involved in together, she was well aware of how he abhorred the thought of violence for the sake of violence. That was why he had devoted himself to the study of healing and defensive techniques rather than those that could harm. He believed even one's enemies deserved the chance to live and atone for whatever crimes one believed they may have perpetrated. But Nova was his mentor, and more importantly, his friend, and she knew that if she were bound for the battlefield, he would stand at her side.

He sat silently, continuing to take slow gulps of water as she reached into the compartment of their puppet seat, producing an ornate flask from the darkness. Taking a quick swig of whatever liquid lay inside, she would offer it to Rysano as well. “Thank you, but I don’t drink.” He would decline politely. Nova would cough a bit as she returned the container to its place inside Doku Tsuki, and return to meet his gaze once more. He could see the hope in her eyes as she asked him the question, “Would you stand by my side? If you will accompany me, we must leave now...” pausing for a second she would wring her hands nervously, “This.... will be very dangerous and if you decline I understand..”

He knew it was coming, and he had obviously made up his mind already. He wouldn’t abandon her now, after what they’d been through. She needed him around as much as he needed her, and there was absolutely no way he would make it out of this damn desert without her either. “Of course I’ll come with you. I’ll stand by your side no matter what.” He said to her as he replaced the cap of the waterskin and the two of them climbed back inside the puppet to be on their way.


The air inside the compartment of the puppet was stuffy, but not wholly uncomfortable. Rysano was lucky he didn’t suffer from claustrophobia, or else he would have to find another means of transport throughout the desert. He was consistently impressed with how efficiently the subterranean scorpion moved through the earth, although he assumed the sand made it much easier than solid rock would have been. He was not sure where they were going or who they would meet there, but he trusted Nova, so he attempted to relax and enjoy the ride the best he could.

After a reasonable amount of time Rysano could feel the puppet slow its pace as they must be approaching the aforementioned battlefield. However, Doku Tsuki did not make for the surface, instead diving further into the ground. Rysano found this odd as he would be of no use while still under ground. “You know, when I said I’d stand by your side, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.” He would chuckle, a slight hint of nervous creeping in as Nova did not respond. Looking into her eyes, Rysano would notice her face was completely emotionless and the usual color of her irises had been consumed by a stark blackness. He had seen this before, and it only ever heralded bad results for Nova’s well-being. He had never been able to catch it this early however, or be in such a position to help her as he was right now. He’d have to get to work immediately.

“Oh no. This is not the time Sasori. I’m going to need Nova back.” He would speak to the body next to him as he placed his hands on either side of Nova’s face and began channeling chakra from his brain through his palms, attempting to form a connection between his mind and hers. He’d only been able to step into the dark plane where Sasori kept Nova during times like this once before, and he wasn’t quite sure how he’d done it, but he would have to try and replicate it now, for both of their sakes.

[WC 1314]

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Hours before the Siege.

"Soon, far out in the scorching dust, we make our stand. You will know, when the sun is poised high above the earth, and a Dragon razes the sand, that the time has come for you to descend upon your oppressors. We will meet them in the daylight, where the Great Nations who robbed this land through their negligence cannot hide. Lost children of Sunagakure, I am sorry for all you have seen. When the day is through, know that you will be free again, and the Rain will wash away this tragedy."

Far from where he would soon engage the Hidden Mist, Yōsei stood atop a structure of carved stone, two crescents almost meeting, defiantly pressing through the sands to rise and form an archway. Lined along a valley of dunes, the buried temple ruins built a ribcage upon which the Sealer took his mantle. He had not seen a sunrise such as this in millennia, not since the days which still were strung high in his memory by nostalgia's noose, of Konoha's mother sun. A film of faux fire painted the landscape, inelegant brushes scurrying to cover the dunes, to snatch away the night and do away with its darkness. Faithful eyes transfixed on the mysterious silhouette, followers gathered from across the land who soon would be his sword, serving as the weapon with which he struck at the heart of the Great Nations. To disrupt their confidence, weaken their resolve and draw attention to the dysfunction and dissatisfaction brought about by their arrogance, such poison thoughts would be his bounty. Among the faces, there were those who fumed with hatred, placing blame upon any who would stand in the way of their ire, willing to fight for any cause that allowed them their chance at violent redemption. Further still, the forlorn who had given up their hope to the masked savior, unable to accept the fate chosen on their behalf. If it were indeed the fate of the Wind to fall to brutality and suffering, at least its people would find a new purpose.

Below the Sealer, far closer than the sea of onlookers who made their shanty town at the valley's floor awaited the chosen few, several figures with faces shrouded in shadows. Among them; the Heiress to Akatsuki's legacy, who still sang silently to herself in doubt, and her lover, the tempest which sought to viciously cleanse the world on behalf of her homeland. Closer even, the boy from Iwagakure who the Sealer called his student, the prodigious shinobi who reminded him so much of himself. For them, the Sealer left his perch and dropped into the dusty ruins, turning to face them with blue eyes observing behind the holes of his mask. These would be his generals, hand-picked to carry out his orders throughout the oncoming slaughter. To him, each represented an aspect of the world's anguish, the weight of destiny, the hatred of vengeance and the endless pursuit of knowledge; brought together under his watchful tutelage, none would resist the coming change. Upon each of them, he would linger his gaze, allowing them to prepare themselves for his words. Each of them knew, in their own way, the method by which this bewitching specter went about his business, and so no further encouragement needed to be shared. If they were not prepared, the desert might very well swallow them whole.

"You will hunt the shinobi who are drawn to us. Strike at the heart of the Great Nations, show no mercy as they will show you none. You have no name, and you do not share a banner; the ideals you fight for are yours alone."

With affirmation, the shinobi would begin their departure, the Sealer stopping to reach out a hand, placing his tattered robes on the shoulder of the woman who stood to his right. Zhi, she had called herself, and the truth held back behind that name was irrelevant. Leaning toward her ear, the Sealer's lips moved slowly, whispering the final words of a hidden contract between them, knowledge imparted that one day would come to pass. In the shadows, her eyes widened, and in the silence, a bell rung. Fading back, Yōsei's grip softened, and the woman pulled away, taking with her the knowledge of her secret missive and departing with the rest of her contemporaries. Through with the hordes of followers who lay in wait, sharpening their blades and steadying themselves for the day's trial, went a hushed murmur as the Rogue moved. With a graceful hop, the Sealer ascended to the throne of his monument, atop the archways where before he had addressed the masses.

"This day will live in infamy. Have faith, and summon your strength,"

"For the Siege of Inabayama."

Nearly two miles south of the inky spills that spread into the midday sky, Inabayama rock lurked steadfast against the howling wind. Millennia since it had been part of a mountain range which extended south from Stone Country, the magnificent land formation rose over the horizon, standing guard on Suna's borders. It had been atop this monument that Yōsei lurked when he watched the scouts arrive, and the empty peak could see the discord which unraveled beneath. Somewhere in the sea of dunes, errant claws which rose high above the battlefield from the bonfire of Yōsei's creation, and the shimmering walls of chakra which began to crumble as civility collapsed, threatened the desert's peace. Like once the Hidden Sand had been buried by war, the righteous spirit born of that blasphemy had risen to strike boldly at the world, lashing out with venom at that which had taken everything. It was not the destruction of the Hidden Village, but the legacy of the Sand's fate, which had been passed on through generations of slavery and butchery, such acts which had ignited the blaze to burn it all to ash; this would be the origin of war. Man, inevitably, builds upon the remains of man, and if it were so necessary that a man must build himself up upon the corpses of his enemies, then that would be their fate.

From all directions, unstoppable forces made their way toward the epicenter of Inabayama's bloodshed, longing, for reasons untold, to witness the fate of the world. Higher than all else, the sun still made its way across the sky, only moments passing since the explosion but more than enough time to draw forth the soldiers who longed to bleed for their nation. Kirigakure, predictably, were the first to arrive, surrounding the area and fanning out, those not willing to be so close to the barrier warning others who approached of the present danger. Distant troops, some bearing banners of the Hidden Leaf, others surrounded themselves with steel armaments. Threaded between the lines of soldiers, heat rose mercilessly, tapering into the heavens and causing the horizon to shift erratically, quivering with the useless, torrid sunbeams. Scattered swarms of soldiers, each from another angle, would at once run toward the pillar of smoke which served as flare, visible for miles and drawing to its heart the wrath of hundreds. As the serpent descended, and the battle began, the dozens surrounding the barriers western flank would scatter, Kirigakure shinobi taking formation, ready to defend the honor of the Hidden Mist.

Captured in the quiet, sunlit moments of arrival, a man reaches to his brow and takes away the fabric which shields him from the sun. Beneath the black bandana is the symbol of a lost nation, Sunagakure's iconography embossed on polished steel. He screams, opening his mouth wide as those around him turn to face the disturbed cry. Throughout the landscape, voices sing out over the battle, a reminder of the rightful owners who, even now, discard their obfuscation and make haste toward the death of tyrants. Swords draw swiftly, more bodies collapse in waves, boiling blood with sweltering dust as the hidden killers ignite their blaze of revolution. It had been simple, men and women dressed for the desert, to slip among the military unnoticed, as their leader had told them they would do. The correct posture, knowledge of critical phrases and formations were all the Sunagakure shinobi needed to infiltrate Hidden Village personnel. The knowledge imparted by the expert experience of the ex-Hokage had been more than enough, trained ninja of the Hidden Sand who had remained and survived as bandits now rallied together on this day before their exodus, to slice open the hearts of the unsuspecting shinobi at which they pointed. For each of the trained, who had wormed their way unseen among the ranks, there were tenfold more whose hearts burned with the same desire, and those now, too, who had been lying in wait under Inabayama's shadow, rose to fight. Finally, the most elite of Yōsei's forces arrived, though they did not belong to him at all; remnants of the Ryujin armies, who pledged allegiance to the Wind's Dragon Empress, the rightful owner of the Sand who had claimed it for herself.

Ninjas dressed in black, with silver serpents marking their claim to Ryujin's legacy, would descend with ruthless precision, slicing through the squads which assembled to protect the ANBU who struggled to maintain the colossal barrier which housed the warring giants. No match for the sudden dispersal from within, formations of Mist military would be rendered suddenly naught, unable to tell friend from foe as new, strange enemies made themselves known. Still, the majority of the chaos remained in tow, coupled with the swathe of men and women who cascaded in waves, screaming and spluttering the names of their ancient gods, prayers, and curses lifted on high by the chorus of their hatred. Doubtless, the shinobi of the Great Nations would adjust in kind, and form new squads, but the damage was done, and the blood spilled en masse through the sand. Even as more reinforcements arrived from the surrounding Village forward bases, they would find themselves entering the thick of a brutal conflict. Held prisoner in the sands for years, the wrath of its people spoke for itself, drowning out the sound of signal and communication with spiteful vitriol, malice, and violence. Around the arena within which the silent duel took place, decorum became discord, collapsing in waves from the outside in. The horde of heinous notions which spread out wide caught the first shinobi's eyes and pulled away their attention from the surprise attack. With no techniques at their disposal and the wits and training of ordinary men, the majority of the soldiers who took up arms and crashed, with surprising force, into the southernmost lines of defense, would be slaughtered before the day was through.

Stalwart, sheer numbers would be their remedy, hoping to overrun the battlefield and litter it with flames and stray traps which threatened to upset the course of battle. Whether those who fought for the invaders, foreign devils who burned the fields and scorched the earth, would be capable of adjusting and minimizing their casualties, was of little concern to the pair who served as architects. Tucked away, buried beneath the world in secret, a Dragon and an Immortal Warrior had been allowed to make a pact. Such an oversight, the negligence, and laziness of those who claimed to hunt evil would become the weapon used to plunge the world into war. Sheer terror-stained bloodshed became the background for their duel, sparks at first, the Serpent's vile chakra which soiled the earth and struck with ferocious fangs, her command would be the signal of death, catalyst for the carnage which unfolded in the seconds to follow. At once, the awe-struck observers could no longer watch the skillful bout happening below and hastened their retreat to favorable ground. It was true, few if any of these shinobi were responsible for the acts they now paid tribute for, but the twisted passion of the devils who routed them here; a serpent who would swallow their fear, manipulating it to her whim, and the masked spirit, who preyed upon their hope.

Ayakashi's eyes, Yōsei could sense them search desperately in the peripherals, mind racing with questions of the ensuing attack which burned as the Sealer's coffin rose around them. Flaming chakra reminiscent of sinister beasts enclosed around them, high around at each corner, the stoic Torii gates he summoned judged them silently, finding entertainment in the duel. Before even then, Yōsei saw curiosity burn behind the Mizukage's eyes, as she recognized the pattern his hands made, a blur to those who looked upon them from afar but etched into the woman's memory, and no doubt into her nightmares, they did not slip beyond her perception and Yōsei, too, knew this. As foretold, the Mizukage slipped between the passage of space and struck, meeting Seisakata's rugged sheath as the two faded from engagement to pause before the storm. It was now that Yōsei watched the twitching brow and changing posture, he did not need to see her eyes to know her focus had been split, trying to pull away from the conflict but snapping with renewed resolve back toward the Rogue with cold fury held behind her mask. The hilt of her blade, poised to lash out and call forth an ice age in its wake, stuttered under the weight of the Sealer's formula. Offering respite beneath her ANBU's crumbling barrier, the Mizukage listened as the Sealer spoke, delivering his words and awaiting the reply. Cold, ruthless, much like the Ayakashi that once he had known, her words came as no surprise; so alike were they, savages, men of cruelty.

Changeling's metallic sirensong clamored out to match the unsheathed Seisakata, mighty weapons of war each poised to test itself against the other. Driven by their instruments, the orchestra began, Yōsei's feet dancing on the steaming grains as the pair lurched forth in serendipitous array. Faking his steps, the ghostly figure struck out with the Oath's tip, sparks signaling the Mizukage's block as from her leg, the outstretched form of Changeling's edge impeded Seisakata's willing teeth. With her leg in his periphery, the Sealer's low stance confirmed itself necessary; Ayakashi was an opponent worthy of conservation, one he could not overcome with oppression alone. While most shinobi succumbed to the endless reactive sealing formula, unable to adapt beyond the strategy of their magic, the Mizukage instead blossomed, taking Yōsei's challenge in her teeth to wrestle control from him. Unwilling to concede his momentum, the Sealer could yet feel the flow of nature surrounding them, through the earth and up into the crystalline structures forming beneath his foe's feet. Attuned to nature himself, the Sealer recognized from the days he spent with Ayakashi, learning the secrets of her Sage Arts, and how to open his own heart to nature, the meditative flow of chakra regeneration. Cursing himself, Yōsei noted the flaw in his plan; he had no way of anticipating the Mizukage would have adapted some way to meditate in combat. Departed from the world, his study into Senjutsu had stalled the moment of his death, and since then the preparation for these moments had consumed him; last he had seen, the Mizukage was a student of the Sage Arts, but now she was a Master.

As her foot soared above, Yōsei's dash carried him through to the position he had intended, and he watched the woman spin, routing her momentum with a skillful grip on her ankle then bursting toward his blade in a show of force designed to stable herself in the duel. Between two samurai, the battle would be won with poise alone, Ayakashi was no samurai, but the rule remained the same, each of them watched for balance, looking for the chance to tip in their favor the tempo of their conflict. Pressed steady, the two shinobi met with monumental force, crackling blades shrieking with defiant, metallic voices. Transfixed through their masks at one another, perhaps Ayakashi would glimpse the hue of Yōsei's eyes beneath that arrogant facade, and the spark of joy contained within that longed to be tested. In the same movement, the Sealer felt his opponent's weight shift against the edge of his Oath, buckling and pushing through to his left-hand side. In a daring maneuver, the Mizukage had spun with him and intended to replicate their initial engagement, swinging her position toward his dominant hand and collapsing her knees against the sand. Of course, for Ayakashi, there were no harsh grains to push back against the momentum of her slide, but only the slick remnants of her heritage, secret and pure cold which afforded her the gift of Kōri Swiftness. Yōsei had fought them before, the masters of winter from the Hidden Mist, after all, the villages had not always been at peace, and as he was sure Ayakashi had slain his brothers from the Land of Fire, Yōsei's karma ran wretched black with the lives of Kirigakure Shinobi.

It was easy enough for Yōsei to trail the Mizukage with his blade, which was held in the same side to which she positioned her body, but at the final moment was when he caught sight of her concealed weapon which came, from her off-hand, into the joint of his hip. He growled, having not wanted to reveal so closely the secret of his Vanishment technique, but with no choice, this hidden blade had caught him off guard and merited the response. In Ayakashi's grip, the Wedding Band came hungrily for Yōsei's side, and when its edge sliced through the folds of his cloak and found no resistance, she would know her skill had not been thwarted with ease. As the Mizukage displayed her prowess, bending the desert's heat into frost with which to glide her way through the battlefield, so too, did Yōsei bear a secret lineage. At the moment of contact with the Sealer's skin, the Mizukage's weapon would find itself swallowed into strings of smoke as the ex-Hokage made his secret known. Spinning in time with his opponent's momentum, keeping his blade between them, Yōsei would grip tightly and move on the axis of his left foot, thrusting the sword into the Ayakashi's follow-through in an attempt to forcefully parry. Aided by the leverage of his newly planted right leg pushing from behind, he hoped to overpower the graceful slipstream of her slide and drive her away with his strength while he continued his motion.

Sword moving outward and then circling toward his hip, Yōsei would unleash his right hand, pointing fingers toward the Mizukage's throat and releasing from his seals threats in tandem. Into his palm, while it rose, the Mizukage's wedding band would thread between his fingers to fly toward its master, threatening to turn on her and slay her at the Sealer's blasphemous command. From the fingertips which trailed the arc of the throwing knife, another of the Mizukage's tools would come to haunt her, the arrow sealed away as they began their bout, still screaming with the speed of Changeling's strength, would rocket in the Wedding Band's wake. The deadly bolt of shadow and its leader came toward Ayakashi immediately following the clash of their blades, and would be followed through in kind. The sequence typically worked once, surprising an opponent through the use of his bodily sealing technique by returning projectiles or disarming foes of their weapons with no warning had served a powerful tool throughout his past, but whether the Mizukage would be caught off guard remained to be seen. Showing part of his hand meant the Sealer was no longer willing to play the engagement coyly; having trained with the Mizukage, and through the study of her recent bouts, Yōsei knew his windows would be brief, and it would not be long before he was back on the defensive.

As a boy, the Namikaze had wished to test himself against the world's strongest, and here came the first of his known opportunities. The first of his plans depended on the Mizukage's opening gambit, her Reckless Release provided the key to this strategy, allowing him to equalize their capabilities in the wake of its strenuous effects. Now came the test of whether his skill could overcome the Mizukage's in combat, if she were not sharp, if he were not at the top of his game, either of them could be slain in an instant. In the stream of his projectile attack, the Sealer came with his blade in tow, intent to press the attack and put his opponent back on her heels. Between the pair, they painted a world's future, gifted hands each wove in competition the roots of trees; one such stroke came from Seisakata's singing edge, swiftly from left to right, to bisect the origins of Ayakashi's masterpiece, again the Sealer would strike, desiring to impose himself on her defenses if she would let him. Without pause, and in case of no perceptible interruption, Yōsei would snap again with his ferocious stroke back toward the Mizukage's left shoulder from his opposite side, twisting the blade back at the final moment and drawing a circle on their canvas to wrap his onslaught low. In the wake of his feint for her upper body, he would thrust his knee outward while unfurling it and closing toward her and his leg would attempt to undercut where she would have to focus her efforts. The strike would be brief, testing his ability to pressure Ayakashi while naturally poised to thrust with his blade in an attempt to block or strike should he need to.

Not since his boyhood spars with the prodigious youth of Konohagakure's last gifted generation; blade to blade with Mitsuo Sarutobi as the sun set over Fire Country. Not since then had Yōsei felt so ambitious and free. The Mizukage would see it reflected in his stance, the Sealer held nothing back, coming toward her with the intent to cut her down. Such was the way of their profession, no bout was beyond death, and whether the Mizukage was aware, she had presented a moment of weakness which Yōsei intended to exploit to its fullest. Already she would feel it, he was satisfied, the shifting tide of the conflict which escalated around them. Though her perception would be unlikely to escape this box if it could avoid the Sealer's assault at all, the rumble and silent hum of chakra resonated with something primal that the Mizukage would recognize as war. She had seen enough that she would taste it, a familiar mix of ash and iron beneath her tongue that cried out for havoc and would accept nothing less. Like those before him, Yōsei sought to topple the world into an age of war, this siege would be the impetus of a new era, overseen by dragons, storms, and ghosts.


chakra 260|345:
Name: Gods' Crossings

Name: Absolute Marginalization Wave

NPC Information - For context/Everyone's use:
Name: Ryujin Shinobi
Numbers: 20-40.
Equivilent: Hunter-ninja NPC+

Name: Radicalized Sunagakure Shinobi
Numbers: 50-80.
Equivilent: C and (few) B-ranked Shinobi NPC

Name: Radicalized Local Militia
Numbers: A lot.
Equivilent: E and D-ranked non-ninja NPC



J U T S U | | I T E M S

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'And ye, he wept. As though tears falling upon the sands could stop the slaughter.'

There was much too much information to process all at once for any one person coming into the situation that was unfolding before their eyes. Syekren was admittedly late to the party, only coming once he heard the loud booms signifying a battle of what could only be described as giants. There was so much chaos, so much confusion. An empathetic mind would be burning from the feelings they would be in tune with. Yet hear he stood, on a mesa overlooking the chaos, his cloak pulled about his figure, watching silently. His eyes were scanning the distance, watching the different chakra signatures as they moved to and fro. The duel of the strongest ones having the most powerful chakra signatures, while there still seemed to be some moderately strong ones strewn about. A few familiar ones. The old Uchiha's eyes zeroed in on a few figures, his ANBU sensory that he'd used so often in the past coming in handy. He could see so much blood hitting the sand, so many lives being thrown away at what could be described as a siege against the camps.

'No, this isn't just any siege, it looks like the beginning of a war.'

Something clicked in that man upon the mesa, something that he didn't think he would ever consider in his life. The fact of just how profitable a war could be for those who knew how to sell their services. Mercenaries were always in high demand and if he made a name for himself during this conflict, that would bring his group out in a big way. Utilizing his sensory range, the Uchiha's hawklike gaze fell upon a feminine figure that looked so familiar, he'd almost struck himself for not recognizing her sooner. Izumi. What was the young Karisuma lass doing in such a dangerous place? There was something different about her, from this distance he could see her plain as day but couldn't be sure what was so strange about her. The way she looked was unnatural compared to the memories he had of her looks. Had it been that long since he'd laid eyes upon his student, the woman he was sure he felt himself falling for? Or was there something less innocent about this situation than what it seemed? His mind wouldn't have time to zero in on any details that would assist him in figuring such things out, as he would need to pay attention to the rest of those who arrived. Other chakra signatures, faintly resembling those he'd encountered before, but hadn't left much of an impact. One from the girl he'd met twice now...Fuyuko? One of Lamya, the lady of the snakes. A burning chakra signature, doused in illusion, similar to his own, but unrecognizable. A leaf ninja's chakra signature, the name almost escaped him..Nayoko it must be. Another leaf ninja, a burning passion, someone he'd encountered before and he could almost still feel the bruises from. This was shaping up to be quite the party of big names and strong people. If he could not only make his name known here, but pick up a few recruits, there would be quite a good show of force in his future.

Too much had happened so far, and the Uchiha found himself out of the loop. What he did see, however, were the swathes of figures dressed in black, descending upon those who would keep the barrier up which kept the giants from destroying the landscape even more. Their battle would surely spill out everywhere else, making life much more difficult for those simply trying not to be involved in the battle. Or it could make things easier for those looking for an opportunity. Two sides of the same coin, as it were. Still, his main priority was the chakra signatures he could trace with his sensory technique. Given the large amount of shinobi from other villages and these new soldiers striking at the mist ANBU, it was hard to pinpoint many of the signatures,, but the strongest would burn out brighter than the others. Those would be the signatures to follow, should he lose track of his quarry. The Uchiha reached up and threw his cloak from his body, watching it fall down the mesa towards the sands far below. He would retrieve it later, but for those with eyes to see, the message was clear: the flag of the Uchiha was flying in the cloak's inside, brandishing the symbol. He was a mere seventy meters from the action at hand, and he would be sure to cross the sands as quickly as possible. The Uchiha reached into his pocket and pulled out a Kumogakure headband, old and worn, as though it suffered in his care. He mumbled something of gods and masters to himself, letting this relic of a village that wanted only war and to please who led it fall from his grasp to the sands below. He would do this on his own, no village, no orders. His body came alight with electricity,  his hand touching his tanto and trench knives to ensure they were secure, finally patting his equipment satchel, before he took a leap of faith from the mesa's top.

There were times he had been afraid of heights. Too scared to even climb trees for fear of falling and hurting himself. A young child, tendered age of six. He was adventurous but cautious, the side effects of being raised by an Uchiha mother and father, but still having the curiousity of a child. He could remember the rush he felt when he'd begun to use chakra, the fine control he'd started to train. That was when he first started climbing trees to get better control, and when he first started falling. He could remember vividly the pain upon his back and arm when he fell the first time. He thought he'd never be able to climb or use jutsu again. He was afraid to disappoint his parents. He was afraid to try. And then suddenly, he wasn't afraid anymore.

The man's body turned in mid air and his hand caught the face of the mesa, gripping tightly with his body swinging into the momentum to keep from ripping his arm from the socket. He'd let go and pull into a back flip, grabbing onto a dehydrated tree branch as he fell, swinging back the other way. This process would be repeated until he landed upon the soft sand with a 'skss', looking straight forward. He then began to run, his body augmented with his electrical prowess. He wore no armour today, but instead a black tee shirt without sleeves and blue jean shorts. His feet had black socks and black sneakers upon them, making him look like anything but a ninja. Still, his weapons were what would mark him as a shinobi. The tanto on the back left of his belt, the pouch of ninja tools on the back right, and the trench knives he had on the hooks attached to his belt in the front, having them lay horizontally. He was not only ready for the combat he would likely soon face, he hungered for it.  He would find the best place to put himself in, and there he would stay. His niche would be defined as whatever paid the most and assisted his cause, or his rise into what he perceived as his new destiny. The destiny he himself would control.

The man followed the chakra signatures across the mighty dunes of the Kaze no Kuni. It would take him mere minutes to burst across the landscape to reach his targets and try to track them through the chaos and commotion. He wanted more than anything to first find the lady of snakes and the fiery Kimura. Or even the chakra signature that resembled his own. However, he knew that the best course of action to start with was to find Izumi, try to speak with her. Before moving into the camp's radius, the man moved his hand into his satchel and retrieved a painted ceramic mask, modeled in the likeness of a Tanuki. Something he'd made himself during a festival of Oni. Without a second thought he slipped the mask on and made his way into the camps, sliding between warring factions, dodging blows as he could. He was going into the thick of it, looking for ways to enhance himself and his numbers, hoping that his feelings about this event were right, that he would be able to build upon an idea, a dream he had from this. To know, however, he'd have to be in the thick of it, swinging his blade just as everyone else did. He'd need to swing his blade at the proper enemies, however. Something within him told him that once he found and confronted Izumi, he should find the lady of the snakes and ensure that she survived whatever chakra signatures were heading her way. He had no doubt of her abilities, but something told him that not even she would be able to handle everything alone.

His running brought him to the young masked woman, holding what looked to be a ratty old journal, something the Uchiha could swear he'd seen her carrying before. His mind flashed back to their first meeting and the recognition came to his mismatched eyes behind his mask. It was something important to her if he remembered correctly, but that wasn't what he used to recognize her. No, it was her chakra signature, something that he wouldn't be able to ignore or forget. Fires of passion, timidity and confidence raging against each other, a potential for great strength. He admittedly stared at her longer than he wanted to, his tall and broad form likely casting a shadow. He silently looked away without saying a word, his eyes focusing on the area from which he could feel the lady of the snakes and the more powerful chakra signatures. There was time to catch up with the woman who had left without so much as a note, but for now, there was work to be done.

"Ah think it'll be time ter git up lass. The fun is jus' beginnin, ye see." A loud, raucous laughter like a cacophony of  a bellowing and light spirited voice rang out as the man drew his tanto from the sheathe, spinning it around his hand. There would soon be the militia of radicalized locals storming the ninja who were defending or attacking this place, three of them rushing Syekren with their pitchforks or other improvised weaponry. Three quick cuts, his body moving as a blur while his electricity aura still had effect. The three bodies fell to the ground, their sanguine essence dying the sands of fate beneath the shinobi's dirty sneakers. He sniffed the air, war was coming and he was enjoying every minute of it. He would be able to make his name here, he would be able to bring about the nightfall. Here he would become what he had been planning for the last several weeks. He would make sure that any who came across him would know for what he fought for. Who they would be able to hire for their needs, who would be the one they could look to in the darkest of times. Who would never take a side in any war for less than a fortune's worth of gold. Sellswords, yes, they'd be called many names.  At times people would be unsure if they would be good, or evil. Such trivial labels to put on someone who only fought for gold, showing loyalty to the highest bidder. They'd be what they were needed to be, in whatever situation. But above all, they would be..


WC: 2,017
Round 5 WC: 5,827


Name:Raiton: Zeusubāsuto(Lightning Release: Zeus Burst)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Element: Raiton
Range: Self
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: Two Posts
Cooldown: Five Posts
Description:The user focuses raiton chakra into their arms as well as their legs, sending electric current through them. This allows the user immense bursts of speed by concentrating the electric currents to propel their bodies forward, backward, up or down. This enables the user to move at burst speeds of 30m/s for the entire time the jutsu is active. The user won't be able to make any sharp turns or stops, sliding forward up to five meters if attempting to do so.

Name: ANBU Sensory Range (Chikaku Tsuibi: ANBU ~ 知覚追尾: 暗部)
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: B.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: N/A
Range: 1km.
Specialty: ANBU Only
Duration: Maintainable (-10 per turn)
Cooldown: 5 posts.
Description: A technique which allows ANBU members to be able to keep track of the village and their surroundings. These tactical ninja are able to see over long distances with hawklike eyes, able to pick up the finest of details, from residual chakra from techniques even as faint as the Supernatural Walking Practice, as well as personalized chakra signatures, down to recent footprints and other tracks in broken shrubbery or other environs. If the user has the Ace Eye special characteristic, the range increases x1.5.

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Kaze no Kuni, The Land of Wind, whoever came up with the name must not have stayed within the lands for only a few moments. While the winds did frequently blow, tearing through the barren landscape, carving away at the sand dunes and any weathering away any structures. Kicking up a dust storm here and a dust devil there, of varying magnitudes and sizes, and stinging unprotected faces and bodies like mini-bees, it was nothing compared to the heat, but that was nothing compared to the heat. Like a tyrant ruling over peons, the sun was unforgiven and merciless, scorching the earth with its rays, heating up the ground to nigh painful level, punishing those without proper footwear. It stole the life of the weak and foolish without prejudice, leaving them as nothing more than a dried husk of their former selves to be forgotten by the sands of times. It tested the fortitude of the strong who dared ventured, beaten them down into submission or attempted to. Indeed, the name Land of Wind did not do the place justice, it was a mocking joke, to lure others to a country that should have been named the Land of Fire, or of the Scorching Sun.    

But, as seen countless of times before, life is persistent, capable of enduring the harshest of temperatures when the need arises. So, it was not surprising to find a silhouette moving through the heated basis, venturing across the crucible of death and misery. Against the monotony and barren background, the individual stuck out like a sore thumb. The only thing that towered over the cacti, and other flora managing to survive in the climate. Hiss from the wind and the sand granules seemingly did not bother the individual; their face is protected by the white porcelain mask, with black markings on it. The mask standing out amongst the unique clothing attire the figure seemingly adorn. Lacking the typical haori the figure wore a cream white kosode with a matching slash that secured the dark green hakama.

”How long are you going to ignore it?”, The animal within him asked, knowing its human-half had felt the rumblings from the distances, had seen the billows of smoke that indicate an attack was underway, or someone had miscalculated a jutsu. There was simply no way the human side could not have heard and seen what was happening at a distance from them If it saw it then its human side did! Instead of being drawn there like a moth to a flame, the human side decided to continue his trek away from a small bandit camp that was now lifeless as the desert itself. ”Why are you walking away? Why are you turning away from something you should be apart of? Why?”, The animal honestly wanted to know, from his mouth, why he was turning away when they desperately needed this to get a step closer to their own goal.

That was the million dollar question, no? Why was he not going towards the oblivious conflict, but away from it? Maybe it was because he did not want to get involved? No, even as he walked further away, the urge to turn around and head towards the location was there. Was it the fear that there would be others stronger than him there? Was it because he was afraid of dying? Yes, the father of two beautiful twins, the husband of a beautiful wife, and the uncle of a wonderful niece. He was afraid of dying and leaving them without his influence. Leaving them behind to suffer. He did not want to put them through that . . . again. ”You won’t die. Unlike most, you have a reason to fight and live! You have something to protect! You have a reason to survive! Our family is waiting for our return, and we damn well return from this! Unless you don’t care about their suffering, wanting them to be in misery and crying over our death, you will fight everything you have and survive!” The beast yelled, its voice rattling the cage it was in. It human self-needed to understand that neither of them will die today. They both had too much to live for, but they also needed to head to the battlefield. There was an unmistakable craving for bloodshed, to kill. The need that wasn't satisfied with the earlier snack. They both knew this. The human side was hesitating. It was frustrating, to say the least.

Daremo did not bother in replying to himself, instead, focused on the outpost that was coming into view that was surrounded by Kumo-shinobi. His right hand came up, grasping the porcelain mask and unclasping it, revealing his silver hair being held in place by a pair of senbons. Reptilian eyes, keen to the dragon’s of myths, looked at the approaching masked shinobi, who had spotted him upon approaching. “Identify yourself.”, There was no way to tell the gender of the individual speaking, the mask distorted their voice. “Kobayashi Daremo, Jounin of Kumogakure no Sato. Registration number . . .” He rattled off the needed information, never blinking at the feeling of invasive chakra slammed into his body, dispelling any illusions that may be used to disguise oneself as another. How many times had he done this? He has lost count since he was drafted into Kumo’s war efforts. “Where have you been?”, The question was asked, yet, he could not determine if there was an accusation there or not; the shinobi did well to hide whatever they felt from him. “Was handling a small bandit camp to the north that was causing some issues.”, Daremo spoke, pulling out the scroll that had the details of the mission on it, and handed it to the shinobi “They have been taking care of.” A few more questions were asking before another shinobi came up running to the pair, and whispered something into the masked shinobi’s ear. “Daremo seems like we have an issue. Kumo’s diplomat, Raiu Mizuki, was seen heading towards a Kiri outpost. The same outpost where the giant rumble and cloud of smoke came from. We don’t know what all is going on, but, we need you to access the situation, locate Mizuki, protect her, and if need be, get her out of there. She must remain alive. She is an important piece to Kumo.” Even if he had some hesitation in going in the location of the battle, he did not have a choice in the matter now. The orders dictating him to go into the area, find out as much information possible and meet up, and if necessary, escape with Mizuki. The woman’s name only having some familiarity with him due to hearing it in passing and seeing her a few times in the village.

Daremo nodded his head in understanding, the animal within him chuckling at the turn of events, “Very well. Is there anything else I need to know?” The animal crackled madly at what the masked shinobi told his human side, and a shudder of anticipation ran down its spine. ”This is going to fun.”, Though he could not see it, he knew the animal was salivating at the thought of what was he was ordered to do, and he would be lying if he wasn’t a tad bit excited either. As he had mentioned to another, he had grown tired of inactivity, wanting something more. He wanted strength. He wanted to ascend to the leagues of those in his generation. But, more importantly, there is a throne, and whoever is sitting on it has been deemed unfit by him. ”Indeed, it will be ours”, Having been told everything, he turned around, slipping the Anbu mask back on, and headed back into the desert.

As the world around him become a blur of blended colors, Daremo’s mind was in overdrive thinking about the correct approach to handle the situation that he would eventually find himself in. Precaution would need to be taken until a proper course of action could be determined, ”Or an opportunity arises for us to strike.”, he ignored, but not, disagree with the animal comment. While that might end up being the course of actions taken, he first had to make sure to take care of his objective first. Mizuki, he mused, while speeding towards the outpost with haste.

”Seems like we are late to the party.”, Daremo did not bother in replying back to his other aspect, those reptile eyes of his were focused on the giants battling it out roughly thirty and some odd meters away from the silver-haired male that was standing on a ruined structure that overlooked the carnage below. Briefly, he tracked their moments as best as he could, trying to gain as much information about the two combatant, especially the unknown one, who he was able to keep up their movements with some difficulty. ”This is the power we crave isn’t? The power of those giants down there who are either at the pinnacle of a shinobi or eerily close.”, Yes, he wanted that, but, also something greater.

Looking around from his advantage point Daremo’s sees went into overdrive as the world ignited around him. His Anbu Sensory, a technique from a lifetime ago, came to lift, piercing through the veil of everything in range. Chakra signature, some having a hint of familiarity, and others being brand new to him, reveal themselves. ”Humans are interesting no? They preach peace yet is drawn to violence like a moth to the flame.”, Honestly, he should not be surprised about the amount of people who had converged on this location, but he was, yet it was hidden behind the mask he wore.

Confusion. Chaos. Death. All of them was in perfect harmony with one another as figures dressed in black descended upon the field, targeting those who were trying to maintain the barrier that was desperately trying to keep the giant’s might contained into a small area. With confusion came chaos, and finally death. The sounds of people dying, their enemies not being the merciless kind, leaving them to die a slow and agonizing death, sung in Daremo’s ear. The blood of many stained the earth and provided it with much-needed nutrients. For a moment, he relished in the feeling, though as quickly as the moment came, it disappeared. He did not have time for that; he had to find Mizuki.

Eyes zeroed in on the woman in question, having found her after a quick search through the chaos below him. Jumping down from the levitated position his right hand brushed against himself, feeling the Anbu armor that was hidden underneath his clothing, and making sure his weapon satchel was on his person. ”Hurry up and find the woman, I want to play.”, Of course, it did, the beast was never satisfied when it came to killing. It craved more and more. The need to kill being like an itch that will forever need to be scratch. For now, though, Daremo would not let that particular aspect out, it will just have to take a backseat, and enjoy the sensation through him as he ran towards the war zone, eyes focused on the woman who he was in charge of protecting while keeping awareness about him. It would only take him a minute to reach the woman’s location, his mask unclasping, allowing those to see his face, and clasped the mask on his waist,“Raiu, Mizuki?” He inquired, loud enough for only she to hear. “Kobashi Daremo. Jounin of Kumo.”, He introduced himself; the name would hopefully spark some familiarity within her. “I was ordered to make sure you are protected and safe.” His eyes never leaving the approaching radicalized militia, that was wielding improvised weaponry. Reaching into his hair, he pulled the pair of large black senbon out, whirling the familiar metal in hand.

“How do you want to handle this?”No sooner had the words left his mouth, a pair of radicalized militia advanced onto his locations, wielding pilfered weaponry that had seen better days. Daremo moved his hands in a blur with the two men crumbling to the ground, grasping their necks as they bled out in front of him. If Mizuki did not give him any orders, or direction to focus his assault, he would just handle things his own way and let the Gods figure it out.

R5 WC: 7916


Name: ANBU Sensory Range (Chikakya: ANBU ~ 知覚野・暗部)
Canon/Custom: Custom. 
Rank: B. 
Type: Supplementary. 
Element: N/A 
Range: 100m.
Specialty: ANBU Only 
Duration: Maintainable (-10 per turn)
Cooldown: 5 posts. 
Description: A technique which allows ANBU members to be able to keep track of the village and their surroundings. These tactical ninja are able to see over long distances with hawk-like eyes, able to pick up the finest of details, from residual chakra from techniques even as faint as the Supernatural Walking Practice, as well as personalized chakra signatures, down to recent footprints and other tracks in broken shrubbery or other environs. [list]
[*]This jutsu gains 100m in range when used in the "-gakure no Sato" or "The Wilderness"forums of your home country.
[*]If there are multiple users in close range (less than 5m), they can add their ranges together to extend the sensing area of this jutsu (so two ANBU in their home country could have a combined 400m sensory radius).


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