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'What happens when the absolute energy which moves the universe strikes that which is null and void?‘

Ayakashi's opponent seemed to be on point, the brief combined attack from the hunter captain, Nozomi, seemed to be sealed away at the deft fingertips of the Fuinjutsu master that stood defiantly before each of them, failing to succumb. But it seemed that there were yet more perils on the horizon. As Ayakashi turned in a brief moment to swing the Fuma shuriken away, she managed to catch a momentary glimpse of the battlefield at large. Yuki-dama, the ferocious Leonid also named Bai-hu had been cutting a swathe through the arena which had seemed to cease being a skirmish and had become a warzone. His once pure shimmering ivory fur stained crimson from the shoals of blood that seemed to have drenched the sand beyond the point it was able to absorb. Overcoming the earths' natural capacity to sweep it away, the pools of vitae intermingled as the guttural roars of the Tiger shook the hearts of men as, blade in its maw, it would strike and sever whatever it came into contact with, hunting down key ninja in the ranks of the attackers. Bai-hu had gathered that the enemy was far more coordinated than they seemed to be for men of their caliber. With a single roar and a flash of predatory intent so violent, those who could stare into the depths of the Tiger's chakra at the time would come face to face with their blood-soaked reaper as those men who stood out of the crowd would begin to drop, proving that a moment's hesitation on the battlefield spelt almost certain death.

Chakra coiling through Ayakashi's form as the voice within spoke its tantalizing jaunt. The first of Ayakashi's ice arrows seemed to be whisked away by yet another seal that Yosei drew from the seemingly limitless parchment of icons that draped across his person. His eye-opening up in a distortion of space itself as the bolt, having threatened to turn his entirety into little more than a statue resembling the former Hokage, was devoured by the seal. But in doing so, Ayakashi could not help but think, if only she could draw a blade across his skin, she would render almost every tool at his disposal null and void... Ayakashi needed more power, each item or weapon he sealed within his person was a blade that cut at the prideful soul of the Mizukage, enraging the bull as the matador would attempt to deliver her death by a thousand cuts... Vanishing from sight to seek a better angle, Ayakashi would appear skyward in place of her shuriken, soaring above the battlefield once again, gaining the chance to see the truest extent of the conflict that warred on beneath them... and war it did. Expanding into almost every direction as far as the eye could see, ninja fought against trained assailants of the sands. The air itself was alive with chakra, so much so that in her Sage mode, she could feel the breath of something massive and sinister beyond the veil pass her by, the eyes of giants upon her as she drew her next spear.

The arrow of the just launched from her platform at an increased pace, plummeting to earth in an attempt to skewer the shadow of flame that stood below her. Truly a clash between titans, the divine titan lashed out with purest crystal, descending in a crown of halos that framed the sun in a picturesque scene giving a sense of beauty in an ironic spite of the hellscape that lay beneath. A hellscape in which Yosei stood, the infernal titan clawing up at the heavens standing upon an island surrounded in rivers of blood and entrails, staring into the clear sapphire sky before coiling his blade into its sheath. Drawing it with a spark of infinity as the limitless electrical creation which bound the universe lept upwards raking its irradiant claw across the heavens in a scar that screamed with an eagles' cry. The shriek of the screaming lash shattering the technique of Ayakashi's design, splintering it into a thousandfold pieces that cascaded across the grisled earth beneath her, each shard detonating its portion of chakra into small flowers in the bloodsoaked rivers that lay around them, freezing them into ruby lotuses upon small shelves which dotted the landscape's lakes in their thousands.

But the crying blade that soared high into the skies bloodlust had not abated, its infinite power that encapsulated the raw spark of potential at the birth of all things sought to dethrone the goddess who floated high above them. Her bow hastily collapsing into that of a blade as she drew it to her side and clutched it tightly, chakra flowing through it in turn. As her chakra permeated through the weapon, a still rumble juxtaposed the cry of the brilliant blade before her, not because it bore sound, but because it was a source of true and perfect silence that stood in contrast to takas' chaos. As Taka's immanent rending stroke sought to overwhelm the Shadow of the Mist upon her golden throne, she would lash out with the opposite of what stood before her. Drawing her blade in a slash which mimicked the inception of Yosei's lightning, a wave of black hiemal energy would eclipse Ayakashi's form, devouring all light and revealing nothing beyond it as creation itself froze before it, stilling all of the forces that be. Limitless unfettered potential rising from the depths of creation and absolute void unleashed from the divine that stood above it were about to collide.

'Leaving only the question of... what happens?'

As the blasts came together there was no rumbling explosion that split the heavens and the earth, there was no tear that threatened to devour all those in attendance. As Yin and Yang collided with the opposing forces meeting in the middle, they became one. The blinding whiteness of the Raiton crashing against what refused to be lit as they merged together violently, curving symbolically around one another in a flicker of an instant before the two forces embraced each other like lost brothers. To say they were each nullified was a half-truth, perhaps more truthful to say; they were completed... but to those who would gaze upon them, they would flicker in an instant with a flash at its epicenter before ceasing to exist in the next. A thunderous silence erupting in the absence of Takas' hawk-like cry as it was contented by an opposing absolute silence

Landing twenty meters away, Ayakashi could not help but muse at the fact that the sound of Taka was something she remembered unleashed upon the wars against Seven Bells and his Lieutenants. If there was ever a semblance of doubt that the man that stood before her was indeed Mitsuhide, it had been devoured by the evidence that attempted to scorch the skies. The distinct echo that expanded for miles was unmistakable to all those who had heard it before, as well as the eyes of its wielder. But he hadn't aged a day... The man had for a moment flashed a look which resembled the Mitsuhide she remembered, giving her hope in that fleeting moment before the wave of controlling calm washed that passionate face away. Mitsuhide was once a man of uncontrollable rampaging zeal, something that drew Ayakashi towards him as a leader, having learned a lot from his example in governing her own nation, she felt betrayed when that noble man was so easily washed away with an exertion of control. It was her first reaction to become angered, but it quickly stilled, she didn't recognize this calm stranger, though seeing his true face so genuinely doubted her that it was false, but rather restrained with perfect self-control. Whatever had happened to him, it was undoubtedly that he had changed...

'He wasn't the Mitsuhide she knew anymore.'

Changeling warped into the shape of her bow once again, her Senjutsu eating through the bonds that had tethered the demonic ice venom that coursed through her veins, crumbling the ethereal chains and allowing the flow of chakra to activate through her body again, spreading the poisonous tendrils into the earth at her feet with each and every step she took, expanding a little further and gripping whatever came into contact with them as if it were attempting to drag everything it could clutch towards it in an effort to consume all it could with its icy grip. Changeling in one hand with nothing in her other, an immense chakra would begin to form in the kage's right fist. Streaks of steam expanding backward like a tailed comet as she would burst toward her opponent. The being within beginning to take more and more control of Ayakshi as the battle went on, so much so that the ice that Ayakashi continued to form began to cease to become even... the more she created the more course it seemed to become...

"I don't know what happened to you to make you become this Mitsuhide... you used to be so righteous, and full of passion. But now, it's like it's dead, or imprisoned by whatever dark motive holds sway over you... Whatever it is, I promise, I'll either shatter the bonds that bind you, or I'll shatter you and preserve what legacy can be salvaged from the shards."

Taking a running step, Ayakashi would vanish from sight, using the mastery of her own speed to vanish in such a controlled fashion by manipulating her Tenketsu in such a manner that she would veritably appear several meters behind Yosei. The distinct sound of her arrival immediately identifiable and his eyes more than capable of tracking her heading though not move in time with her speed. However, rather than attack her opponent directly from his rear, she would seek to predict that he would see through such a basic technique, more than capable of easily turning to face her after her personage had faded from his sights. Ayakashi would attempt to evade his vision, noting that as he might turn, she would sharply dart in tandem with his spin to hug his flank as he might move to the sound of the noise, keeping out of his immediate line of sight as well his customary low stance before leaping forward and cascading down with her Yuki-Oni no Ken! Intending to slam her fist into Yosei's ribs with such force that the pulse that emitted from it would seek to ensnare everything in its path and instantly douse any flames that would hope to leap from his skin moments after they attempted to exist. Failing that, Aya would follow through to collide with the earth they stood on. Should the blow meet the earth, there would be a distinct change to the ice Ayakashi formed, as almost thorned vine-like protrusions expanding along the surface of the hyouton, expanding across its surface with the massive release as Ayakashi seemed to seek to bring a forest of blades in her wake expanding in every direction with the kiss of any of her frigid chakra. The thorned vines seeking to wrap around and penetrate any living thing that they could grow around.

Regardless of the result, she would charge backward realizing only now that she was nearing the last of her family arrows, Aya would knock several, allowing five of them to fly in the direction of her opponent in a single parallel cluster, coiling and swerving with the flutter waltz technique to avoid all but the finest interception before breaking out in five separate directions. Each of the arrows intending to land about four meters away from his position at the moment of impact, each aimed for the ground all around him in an attempt to hold him in place. The archer knowing that if he should attempt to step on the ice or come into contact with the vines as it continued to spread and grow it would also spread up and along his body, hoping to grapple him for what came next, as a sixth arrow would be fired holding the dramatic pulse of the Demonic Ice Corruption technique for the center of his chest. The streaking mist of the arrow overwhelmed with a vast amount of Hyouton chakra spinning towards his chest as if it were to drill through it as the wind tunnel it flew through to keep it straight coiled like a linear cyclone towards its target.

The Demon-Ice-Witch would hold from the combination of attacks for a moment should her vision be clouded by the multiple pulses of her ice release. Should he evade them all however as unscathed as he was up until now, sealing them all away of weaving between them, cowardice in stark contrast to his former demeanor in the Seven Bells War, Ayakashi would finally have reached her final straw. Dropping changeling as the vines that continued to grow and spread around her would rise to clutch it as if their erratic and seemingly random growth were under the command of the womans' will. Slowly bringing her right arm forward, bending at the knees Aya would brace herself for what was to come. Steadying her wrist with her left hand, the Mizukage would lock eyes with Mitsuhide, her senjutsu chakra beginning to accumulate around her, before with a single command the emerald light erupted in a phantasmal pillar. Sure enough, following the spectacle small red orbs of purest chakra began to drip from her skin, running along her arm to her palm while small blue orbs began to be drawn in from the world around her within her aura, drawn to the red orbs as they amassed in a bubbling black center. More and more would begin to converge as Ayakashi drew her Hyouton's Yin release as well as the Yang release from her Senjutsu chakra, stripping them of any unneeded qualities and combining them together in a perfect ratio. Years of study into the nature of chakra, into history, into the movers and shifters of the universe to uncover the tenants of this technique... it all led to this moment.

As the ball began to expand, the ground around her would begin to split and crack, the power and influence of the orbs mass expanding as the Mizukage sought to compress the sphere into a more and more dense shape. The weight of the orbs' colossal volume as well as the power it radiated creating a crater within the ice in which Ayakashi stood seeking to sink her, only to be constantly broken and knitted together again by Ayakashi's demonic ice corruption technique, whose maintenance seemed to be the only reason why the weight of the sphere in her hands failed to cause her to be simply eaten by the shifting sands. For the first time in what felt like years, Aya found herself straining, her body feeling like it stood on a knifes' edge towards tearing apart under the weight of the orb in her hands as she fought to compress it into little more than a ten inch wide sphere, crackling with energy as it neared its completion and began to stabilize into a perfect globe. "With this sphere, I wield the will of my nation, to see a just world where no-one is beyond the reach of law. To create a world where all people can feel safe. That is the will of water... that is my ninja way! I dare you to show me yours!"

Leaning forward first, Aya would allow gravity to do the work for her as her posture would drop, her heel raising as she angled down to have the vines of her technique rise beneath it as she bent at the knees, bracing it and allowing her a platform to thrust of, the muscles in her legs fighting against the tonnage of the volatile cargo she carried in a single hand as she would put all of her strength into her legs. Bounding off with everything she had the earth and ice beneath and behind her would erupt into a wave of glistening shards of frozen sand reflecting the light around her like a prism of brilliant colors as she would charge head-first towards her enemy. Each step saw ice expand around her foot to create a platform, and as she pushed off it with all her power, that platform would detonate like crystal into little more than dust and shards bathing all that was behind Ayakashi in a symphony of light and color. A veritable cornucopia.

"Seal this! BIMUJUDAMA!!!"

With a final call, she would thrust out her arm holding a pale reflection of the strength that was once wielded by great beasts of negative chakra that walked the land. Only one ninja in the ninja world had seen this technique, but this was its global reveal. Ayakashi's ace in the hole, a revelation the likes of which had seldom been seen in three hundred years. Without any considerable knowledge of ninjutsu, Ayakashi was unable to project it or maintain its integrity in a way that she would like, but, with her unparalleled finesse in chakra flow, with her unprecedented speed closing the gap between them as she would reach out with her right hand to erase all evil that stood before her, she would seek to shatter any singular technique that could not stand against it. Let him put up barriers aplenty, Ayakashi could not wait to see the blood drain from his face as her tailless beast bomb would shatter them one after another before slamming the orb directly into his chest, and hurling him with it across the sands and into the heart of his troops before it exploded while using the force of the throw to push herself back and away also to steer clear of what was to follow.

'The war around them stilled, agape, and watching in silence.'


Chakra 150 / Sen 100:

-Flutter waltz
-Sage Mode: Nature
-mastery of the perfect form

Jutsu used (In order.)

Name: Frozen Paradox - Hiemal Flame 異常零下・霜凍火寒 - Ijō Reika - Shikkōkakkan
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Hyouton.
Range: 30m
Specialty: Bukijutsu OR Buki / Senjutsu
Duration: 1-2 or 3
Cool-down: 6
Description: Aya using the full power of her Hyouton imbalance creates a singularity of pure Yin chakra incarnated in her Hyouton. Drawing the blade in a single strike launches a 2" thick projectile 45-degree arc of void-like black-with-purple almost fire like energy edging it at 70mp/s which freezes everything it comes into contact with before the intense cold rips the substance to pieces on an atomic level. Making it seem to detonate and turning all it touches into crystalline dust shrapnel due to the frigid temperatures and purple fire which feels hot to the touch and can cause 4th-degree frost burns.

This technique can be channeled with an additional 2 extra posts so long as it is not used in order to increase its range and area. After the first turn of sustaining the technique, release increases the thickness of the wave to 1m and its maximum arc to 180 degrees. Finally after a second turn the arc increases to 2m in width and has a maximum arc of 270 degrees. (While this technique is being channeled, the user cannot activate other techniques or move past the base movement speed for their speed tier, lest it break their concentration.)

Name: Demonic Ice Corruption | 悪魔氷崩壊 - Akuma kōri hōkai
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-A
Type: Offensive
Element: Hyouton
Range: Touch (Up to 20m)
Specialty: Chakra flow or Cflow / Senjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Maintained Duration x2
Ayakashi with her inward chakra creates a controlled yet violent imbalance within her internal Hyouton chakra, dropping its as well as her bodies' temperature to degrees far below zero. This intense cold is enough to cause chain reactions as Ayakashi unconsciously and constantly flows this chakra from her body into her environment as well as hyouton techniques she comes into contact with much in the same way one would do with a weapon. This causes the freezing effects to spread over any surface(s) through contact with Ayakashi or her Hyouton chakra at 5/10/15/20 meters per second over 1/2/3.5/5m radii (depending on the rank this jutsu is activated.) as it creeps outwards slowly like a venom. If this technique is flown through a weapon on contact, Aya can choose to imbue it with this effect, allowing it to act as if it were Aya making contact.

Pulse: Additionally, at the cost of -5/-10/-15/-15 extra chakra, once every two posts Ayakashi is capable of pooling this extra chakra into a location within her Tenketsu or a weapon and releasing it at will or impact violently as a translucent explosion-like pulse of Hyouton capable of damaging barrier jutsu and freezing what it touches on contact with the same damage as the standard on-contact damage of its rank. The pulses expand at 10/20/30/40 meters per second with damaging radii of 3/5/10/20m depending on the rank currently active.

*Weapons with the pulse charged within them detonate on impact.
Damages Per Rank.

A Rank: Minor 4th degree frost bite.

Name: Mistral Body | 風体巻 Fūtai Maki
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 25m
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: 1
Cool-down: 4
Description: A ninja trained in this technique, on defensive reflex alone is able to move from point A to point B near instantly with exxxtreme speed. However, through higher levels of chakra control, and though shorter range, the user is able to use the technique in conflict. Requiring the user to pick and state a location within range in a straight line the ninja moves to that location almost faster than the eye can see. creating a concussive 1m radius blast of force when they arrive at their location, capable of knocking a ninja back but dealing no damage beyond light bruising. A ninja using this technique cannot attack en route to their location, high speeds making any attempt at movement or striking impossible, however, upon appearing they are able to follow up with techniques normally. (A ninja seeing this can perceive the user's movement with S rank perception.)

Name: Fist of the Snow Demon | 雪鬼の拳 - Yuki-Oni no Ken
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Ice
Range: 40 meter
Specialty: Taijutsu or Tai / Senjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 5 posts
A massive sum of Hyoton & Demon ice power is stored in the right arm of the user and is driven into a solid object with colossal force, capable of creating a five-meter radius crater as the energy is released. The result is a ripple which blasts out as a dome-like a sound wave at 70mp/s, capable freezing every living thing within its 40m radii for 3 posts, during which those frozen are prone to shattering, but are very much alive and preserved.

After the initial wave, if a variant of the Demonic Ice corruption technique is active, the ice created by this technique will continue to creep outwards, clinging to any non-yuki it touches or who comes into contact with it at 20mp/s for a further 80m over 2 posts. This effect seeks to grapple and freeze opponents in place for the remaining duration.

Name: Seedling of a Forest of Frozen Blades | 凍った剣の森の苗 - Kōtta ken no mori no nae
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Chakra flow or Cflow / Senjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration +2
While maintained, Ayakashi's chakra becomes raw and unstable making any Ice that Ayakashi creates with her techniques, when it comes into contact with a surface create sharp-edged up to 1/2 meter, chaotic thorn like fractal formations grow violently in every direction at 15mp/s. The blades of the branches on impact with a person are able to cut 1.5 inch cuts.


Name: Tailless Beast Bomb | 尾無獣玉 - Bimujūdama
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 50m radii
Specialty: Taijutsu / Senjutsu
Duration: 2 (+1 turn for charging.)
Cool-down: Once Per Combat
Description: (Costs: 45 chakra, +5 for senjutsu and 1 turn to charge.)

Aya, clasping her hands together, draws in the Senjutsu chakra from her surrounding area and mixes it with her own KKG chakra imbalance in an 8:2 ratio, creating what appears to be a ten inch diameter, solid black incredibly dense orb with blue lines of chakra swirling around inside it which powerful enough that even Aya struggles to hold onto it, the orb potentially cracking the earth under the user as it forms due to the weight and power. The forces within the orb are highly volatile making it able to penetrate a ninja on impact as a visual effect before exploding, however, it requires the user's physical contact in order to maintain as a solid orb, and even then requiring great duress and concentration ... ...

Once the technique is let go of, the orb destabilizes, becoming a violent bomb of pure chakra, allowing the user and all others 2.5 seconds to clear the ensuing blast zone, which expands to a colossal 50m spherical radius blast of raw chakra and force which the user is not immune to ... the wave travels at 50mp/s and obliterates everything it touches within the inner 25m of the radius, and shatters bones and throws objects and ninja up to 100m away if caught within the outer 25m of the explosion radius when victims are caught in the hurricane-like force.

On a direct hit from the inner explosion, this technique is able to shatter through Defensive techniques unless they have an equal or higher chakra cost than this technique (50 chakra), though the outer explosion emanating 'from' the orb can be blocked normally.

(Although hyouton chakra is used in the conception of this technique, as it only uses the Yin portion within hyouton chakra, it bares no cold or ice based features, therefore classifying it as N/A element, generating simply sheer force and power.)

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"He's not dead."

Gloved hands crashed against oak, rocking the table and sending a wave of disgruntled murmurs through the crowded office. At the head of a curved desk, silhouetted by the sinking orange glow of Fire Country's mother sun, the Sixteenth Hokage drew his fists away and with his movements came silence. The jōnin council, surrounding him with weary eyes, held their breath as the Sealer twisted away, hands clasping the halo of golden hair beneath his hat and discarding the Fire Shadow's mantle onto the floor below. The bleak, empty streets of Konoha's silent heart reflected the heavy heart of a nation preparing for war; shutters closed, shinobi spent their time with those who would not accompany them, the Hokage's orders would soon be carried out, and they would leave to fight in the Mist. Hanging over the Hidden Leaf, a palpable air of uncertainty, the period of takeover had been swift, and the land reproduced its leader's turmoil, swimming, and sinking between ideals as Mitsuhide struggled to decide Konoha's path. Kirigakure would be a stepping stone, the crucible with which he planned to temper the Leaf Village for what was to come when they would finally set down the road to freedom.

"Mitsuo Sarutobi is the captain of our ANBU and the most skilled swordsman in the Hidden Leaf, I have spent a lifetime training by his side, and I will tell you with utter certainty; there does not exist a shinobi from the Land of Wind who could claim to be his equal."

"Lord Hokage, the reports have been verified by our own Black Ops. The Sword Saint perished on his mission, we must appoint a new leader for the ANBU corps."

"Bring me Kyoki, I will depart to Sunagakure and return before the war. Mitsuo will not die in the dark."

Questioned motives, reluctant acceptance, the grief of a nation. How many had doubted the Namikaze's death? Thrust beneath the turmoil of Water Country's wild sea, surrounded by darkness as he plunged into the depths of the world beyond mortality, Mitsuhide had thought of home, and whether they had thought of him. Fifteen years since the war that had consumed him and the Sealer's return had brought with it the culmination of a world's resentment, fire igniting in the wake of his actions, returning to the life from which he had departed with familiar vigor, still capable of commanding history to do his bidding. The fading light of the Hokage's dying gasp left the world with one less hero, and now that he had clawed and sliced with reckless abandon through the sacred boundary of death and rebirth, no such star had returned, but instead, a Shadow of Change.

Places far from home had never held such significance as they did now, the air of Sunagakure's arid, heaving dunes held within its current a most familiar dread. The threat of war had loomed, for so long, above the shifting tide of alliances waxing and waning in cyclical indifference, chipping away at the edge of the world and rendering it blunt and ill-prepared. Journies through Naraka, and the bloody swathe which he had cut on his path toward creation, hung behind the Sealer's missive, gripping and clawing with defiance as he fought to resist the peace. The World Serpent, that empress with whom an unknown wayfarer had forged his contract, now found herself at the crossroads of a new era, with the Great Nations poised on the tip of a spear, framed precariously by the Sealer's profane wage, all that remained would be for her to seize it, just as he had promised. There was no delight to be had in the ritual slaughter which played out through the bloody sands, Yōsei aware through his connection to the World of all the lives which left those few who remained isolated and abandoned. Already they gathered, riding on the tide of Mitsuhide's reappearance, each glory seeker holding themselves aloft with impossible ideals, converging for the chance to see history, which followed in the Sealer's wake. In these painful seconds before the stroke of war, the last days of rest while the churning cauldron of impudent change swallows the harmony, those who stood on these sands would lend their word to the tapestry, uniquely poised to carve a path to their perfect future. This would become the truth of Yōsei's endless contest, his contract with the World.

"Old friend."

Shrieking arrows met with fierce resistance, the Hunter Captain willing to her side the shafts of petals, distinctly a Hiden style which comprised the techniques that the Sealer had thus far seen, into a rebellious pyramid of light redirecting the momentum of his attack into the sands behind. Plumes of towering debris exploded upwards, signaling the impact of Ayakashi's arrows with the earth, rising and falling in sequence with the battle's quickening pulse. Stopped in her tracks by the effortless dismissal of her blades, and the vicious Mizukage's stolen assault, the Hunter, would find herself further impeded by a presence which the Sealer had not yet acknowledged. Even now, as the Sarutobi careened overhead to intercept the imposition of Nozomi's assistance, he would receive little more than instinct in response, Yōsei pupils flickering to oversee the movement in his peripheral, twitching between the myriad stimuli surrounding him. Words rose in choirs with the heat and ash, exchanged between the seekers as they danced on the edge of remembrance, each vying for the moment that would deem them Legend. In the roil between the Mizukage and her opponent, few ideas remained to be shared, and so they spoke with fury, ice, and wind. Perfectly calm, Yōsei traversed the path around Ayakashi's disappearance, already repurposing the molded chakra of his intended defenses, walls that would not yet be breached and required no action but would not be put to waste. Folding away from the battle, the Mizukage's orders and Mitsuo's stirring speech had deterred the errant trespasser, who vanished with the breeze. The Sealer felt his ally's resentment fully, her appearance would serve as savior for his duel with the Mist's Shadow, she had remembered his words.

"But there is one thing I ask; if I am so fortunate to find myself against the blade of Ayakashi herself, allow me to persist in solitude. If together we hope to slay a God, it would do well to know what I am capable of."

Unleashing Taka came as resplendent as its cry, which shook the earth and reared over the battle like a devouring swarm of luminous raindrops ascending in unison with the Sealer's boisterous emanation. Woeful was the chorus of Ayakashi's arrow, finding no room to breathe beneath the smothering wave of the Sixteenths signature technique; if there had been any doubt that the man who haunted Suna's ruins were Namikaze Mitsuhide, it would have been eradicated. The cascading flowers of hyōton shredded by Taka's rampage kissed the dust and bloomed as the Mizukage summoned her chakra, stowing Changeling at her hip and responding to the Hawk's Cry with the quiet stroke of her paradoxical unveiling. Limitless potential, boundless as the place before creation met with entropy, and in the furrow of their partnership, fate and time unraveled, silent stoppage washing over the battlefield for miles giving pause to the chaotic cadence of warfare. It was a joy to behold, the brotherhood of all and nothing which left its mark on the scene unfolding, acting as the break for a new act, skirmishes evolving, and threats emerging. The horizon, boiling black with sinister chakra, revealed the presence of a boy who could claim to have seen the Sealer since his return, upon the foray into Water Country and his raid of their administration building; Osada Sero, but how he had grown. If even the appearance of a friend had not caused the Hokage to waiver in his stoic commitment to the duel with Ayakashi, then it was unsurprising that the Osada's arrival did not produce a break in Yōsei's relentless focus.

Trailing gaze followed the Mizukage's fall into her landing where sand ruffled as she found herself once again earthbound, willing Changeling into the shape of the bow she favored. Summoned again, that demonic corruption spread from Ayakashi's pores to caress the sand, sheer cold steaming agony with its presence in the sweltering desert afternoon. Summoned hyōton and the aura of jagged frost which slipped between the Mizukage's fist heralded the arrival of her reborn offensive, spurred towards the Ghost of Sunagakure with a vehement cry as she ran, closing the distance between them with limitless ideals. To her statement, Ayakashi was awarded no response alongside the familiar irreverent grin plastered on the Hokage's face, and as she vanished, her pleas were forgotten. Yōsei whirled with expectation, Kyoki sliding into the space between his back and opponent while Seisakata, still reeling white-hot from Taka's radiance, would twirl in his left hand to run across the breadth of his form, guarding against his shoulder to thigh as he endeavored to match her sneak attack. Unwilling to commit to a foolhardy maneuver, the Sealer would take in the Mizukage, who evaded direct sight by strafing, as he had done, around his point to form a spiral which enclosed toward him. This close, the Mizukage's position was clear as day, nature chakra wildly twisting into discordant shapes, absorbed by Ayakashi's Butterfly Senjutsu met the Sealer's aura of worldly connection, each of her footfalls resonated through his senses as the assembled chakra gathered in the Mist Shadow's fist unleashed itself, committing fully to an attack and bringing her in line with Yōsei's observation.

Greeted with a smirk, Ayakashi would witness again the folly of her efforts, the Sealer performing, as he had done throughout their bout, that he had planned for their encounter, and his preparation held the key to victory. Toward him came the thundering fist, rivers of frozen aether piercing the distance, only to be unraveled as Yōsei, fading away from the Mizukage with a single deft step onto his left leg, merely snuffed the ice age between his fingers. The glowing scripture on his left hand served to punctuate his Unquestioned Authority, the ultimate defensive application of his formula, which would, without fanfare, rip away the energy from Ayakashi's fist into utter non-existence. With no means to construct her forest, though still coursing with her blasphemous corruption, the Mizukage would succeed in forcing the Sealer to dodge without counterattacking immediately, though, with his stalwart trump card active, the Sealer could have crushed her aura again without delay, he opted for caution and precise dismissal over the dominance available to him. It seemed she had been prepared for this as well, darting away from the ground which met her punch as Yōsei, too lept from the engagement, raising the Oath to bare its teeth at Ayakashi before he began his run toward her, towing Kyoki at his back. Changeling, from afar, showed itself again and a quintet of Kirigakure needles, ruthless as their master, shot toward him. Having closed the distance toward her as she fired, he would be able to swallow the waltz of wind surrounding her arrows, preventing them from splitting with his sealing prowess, allowing them, instead, to impact his chest and be taken in by the unquestioned resistance of the Sealer's domain. It would be then, in time with the sixth shot, if she chose to fire it, that he would dismiss her Demon Ice Corruption, the signature technique he would now twice have foiled, and steal away that arrow as well.

Ready to aggressively seize the opportunity presented by his dominion, Yōsei would spin into the Mizukage, drawing Seisakata down with a lightning crack to strike for his opponent's right thigh and rend her leg in two. Meanwhile, he would hop to the opposite direction and swap the blades within his grip to guard between them with Kyoki as the Oath prepared to follow through. The left arm would be his next target, aiming to sever it several inches above the elbow and dart past her after the twin strokes, leaping several meters, unwilling to commit for long to another duel as he felt the enormous shift in chakra which swelled from Ayakashi's arm. Defensive posture, hand still glowing with authority, Yōsei came to a stop and faced the woman, watching with his smile fading at the unknown collection of chakras, woven together with expert control as she rose her arm to meet him. Like the tide, the gravity of nature itself heaved with steady rhythm beneath the Mist Shadow's conjuration, a culmination of imbalanced qualities, nurtured and refined into the absolute harmony which drew from the air purity and energy too grand to be called into creation. Eyes snapped wide as the Mizukage's technique burst into the air and his face became a hateful scowl, reminiscent of that vicious dog of war which once he had been, held back by unfettered willpower but baying at the stolen knowledge, bastardized from his heritage, from his ancestors' teachings. Freezing the earth while ripping it away, the union of Ayakashi's chakra in such fulfilled manner gave the Sealer reason enough to break the chains and reveal his fangs, growling with cold malice at the thief who dared to call herself the greatest among shinobi.

As she charged toward him, the full power of Yōsei's technique would crash against the orb she heaved through the air toward him, struggling against its weight as she forced it through his sealing prowess. Unable to resist the Mizukage's challenge, Yōsei rose his hands, weaving between them seals and molding the intricate strands of calligraphy which flowed from the back of his palm, lapping at the outskirts of Ayakashi's technique and being torn away as he continued to navigate the puzzling composition of perfected chakra. With the audacity to cry out her appropriated knowledge, the Mizukage had earned her opponent's ire, Yōsei now utterly unwilling to allow this ability to flourish and consume him, but instead to prove the Shadow of the Mist was nothing more than fraud carved in winter and cruelty, and her people would see it too. Each string of script came close, fuinjutsu rending away energy in layers upon layers, reminding him of the tireless efforts undertaken beneath the sands those weeks ago, where he had journeyed into Lamya's soul and freed her from Enaka's storied curse. Unlike the Curse, this technique guarded itself against negation not with wit and traps, but with the virtue of its capability alone, which would not allow the Sealer's will to pass without first carving a canyon out of raindrops. Hands-a-blur, Mistuhide's teeth ground together as he drew forth line after line of improvised sealing formula, each wave of defense battered but leaving dents in the composition of Ayakashi's masterpiece.

Yōsei could not imagine the woman's jubilation, to be vindicated as he fought tooth and nail with little progress to show, the distance waning between the pair as she threatened to connect. Eyes transfixed, she would see the fury for once he had been known, but she would not see fear. Torn through like layers of papyrus etched with scenes of war, Yōsei's jurisdiction, one which had never been subverted once his final testament became enacted, found itself suddenly at odds, resisting a force more significant than any he could hope to prepare for. Branches of universal iconography, pulled deep from the archives of the Sealer's vault of knowledge, cracked against the orb enveloping it in golden ribbons of forgotten languages, symbols dredged from the time before shinobi, timeless ritual magic summoned with chakra in a bid to do away with what would soon end his new existence. The first crack came at last, as the Sealer felt the obsidian shell give way to the shoal of chakra pouring from his hands and mind, still needed to press into the surface of Ayakashi's Tailed Beast imitation which rose inches from his skin. With a snap of his jaws, Mirsuhide burst into a hungry grin, tearing away the walls of dark chakra as more and more lost tongues found themselves purchase within the Mizukage's opus. As swiftly as the orb made contact with the Sealer's skin, it would see itself eaten away as if consumed by the gaping maw of Yōsei's willpower, which proved to all who witnessed that he would not be denied the right to his existence.

The heartbeat which followed contained a new epoch, Ayakashi's hand crashing against the Sealer's chest, all chakra contained within her finishing blow rent naught, and shredded away into the void. It was now that Yōsei showed his hand, the symbol of his Liminal Paths making finally its devious purpose known as the symbols changed in an instant, becoming a series of Kanji lined across the lower back of Tobirama's stolen armor. The inscribed Will of Fire, Yōsei's catalyst, would become his victory. From afar, those who watched would see the Mizukage carry Yōsei from his feet, impacting with enormous power into the Sealer's chest, and then they would be gone, replaced with silence and dust.

'The war around them stilled, agape, and watching in silence.'


EXIT to splinter Shadows of Inabayama -

chakra 150|450:
Name: 術式: 疑いなき権威 | Jutsushiki: Utagai Naki Ken'i (Technique Formula: Unquestioned Authority)
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: S-rank.
Type: Defensive.
Element: None.
Range: 50m|15m.
Specialty: Fūinjutsu|Namikaze.
Duration: 1 post.
Cooldown: 8 posts.
Description: This technique utilizes the Jutsu Formula to its ultimate defensive extreme. The user activates this technique by preparing with the correct hand seals (Snake → Boar → Ram → Dog → Boar → Monkey → Bird → Rabbit → Dog → Rat → Bird → Horse → Snake) then claps. Beneath the user's feet, a seal will formulate on the ground with a puff of white smoke. This seal is unique because the formula used in its construction has no intended method of release meaning sealed techniques are gone forever. At any time, the seal activates, projecting a 15 meter radius that seals desired techniques which come into contact with it (as well as chakra abilities of items, transformation techniques, any jutsu or chakra ability of any kind) for the duration of the post. Normally this technique will seal one SS-rank technique, two S-rank techniques or three A-rank techniques (etc) before dissipating. This seal can be infused with additional chakra to increase its defensive prowess; in addition to what it normally would defend against, by paying chakra equal to the cost of another technique minus ten (minimum five) that comes into contact with this jutsu, it is capable of sealing that away as well.


  • Fist of the Snow Demon - 1/2 S-rank
  • Demonic Ice Corruption - 1/3 A-rank
  • Flutter Waltz - 1/∞ B-rank>
  • Seedling of a Forest of Frozen Blades - 1/∞ B-rank>


  • Tailless Beast Bomb - +35 Chakra (50 - 10 - 5)

Name: 飛雷神の術 | Hiraishin no Jutsu | Flying Thunder God Technique
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: S-rank.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: All.
Specialty: Fūinjutsu.
Duration: Maintainable.
Cooldown: Once per thread.
Description: Invented by Tobirama Senju, and the signature technique of the Fourth Hokage, Hiraishin is a pinnacle of Fūinjutsu mastery. The technique is relatively simple, exploiting the Technique Formula sealing style to seal and unseal the user using Chakra to activate pre-rendered seals, effectively allowing a Shinobi to instantly transport between any number of locations.

  • Ability - Hiraishin: The effect of this technique's teleportation ability can be used at all ranges.

When this technique is activated the user pays fifty chakra and may then place a seal on up to twenty desired objects or surfaces, and may pay 5 additional chakra to create an additional 10 any number of times. These seals can be destroyed from a direct hit by any offensive technique of A-rank or higher, or broken by physically disrupting the seal with a weapon or tool capable of destroying what they're placed on. After the activation, the user may pay ten chakra and choose a seal, they then perform the Seal of Confrontation and instantly transport to the location of the chosen seal along with desired individuals in contact with them (max 3).

  • Maintaining the chakra link between all the seals' locations takes immense concentration on the user's behalf. While this technique is maintained, the user may only activate one other technique per post.

  • Because of the imprecise nature of unsealing oneself, this jutsu cannot be activated to unseal oneself within 3-meters of another shinobi (seals held by shinobi cause the user to transport at least 3m distance from them). Because the transportation is instantaneous, there is no risk of a person being in the area after activation, provided they were not when it was used.

x 1



J U T S U | | I T E M S

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The snake woman’s rage had once again gotten the better of her. Mitsuo had known it would happen, that her evil wouldn’t be contained and that she would attempt to wipe out the field here. The servant of the Mizukage acknowledged his words and ran to meet the snake head on, Mitsuo sitting back for a second to watch as the battle unfolded in front of him. She seemed to be fairly well trained, Mitsuo being impressed with her tenacity and the string of attacks that she had put together. She was attempting to stop the snake’s transformation, the chakra that was moving around her clearly being a tremendously powerful thing indeed...

It wasn’t just her though...

Chakra welled up in the dual of titans as well, these people whom he had considered to be his friends for so many years, and one whom he had thought dead for so long. He was still having a difficult time believing that this man whom he had grown up with, who had been taken away from him so long ago, was here today standing alive and unchanged in front of him. There were very few people in the shinobi world who Mitsuo respected and considered to be his equal, but two of those people were standing right here in front of him. He was considered to be the greatest swordsman in the world, a title he had earned over years of practice and mastery of the blade, but he believed that Ayakashi would defeat him in hand to hand combat and when it came to using his chakra to great efffect, nobody was Mitsuhide’s equal. Ayakashi had once offered him captaincy of the Seven Swords, but Mitsuo turned it down, not wanting to be chained down to any one village when his mission required him to be able to move...unfortunately he was chained right now...

The chakra that Ayakashi was building up was completely overwhelming and Mitsuo couldn’t help but think of the legends of old. When he was a child his father had told him stories of the Bijuu and their insane power, and this felt like what he had been described. Though Mitsuo had never truly believed in the existence of the Bijuu and by extension their shinobi hosts, he imagined this was as close to reality as it would ever get with them. The power was awesome, and could he harness that power...he would stop at nothing to wield it. With the power of a Bijuu amplifying him his goal of bringing the world to Utopia would be so much closer to his reach. It was funny, then, to feel that power as it built and to know that the man whom stood against her was a master of sealing. He didn’t even wonder if Mitsuhide would have a counter to it, he simply wondered how long he would wait to unleash that counter.

It saddened him that he wouldn’t have time to witness it...

Something entered the vicinity that there was no possible way Mitsuo could ignore. He could feel the shiver down his spine as pure evil washed over the area in a wave, feeling that before he could feel the presence of the being inside of it. Whatever it was, it was human, and that meant that Mitsuo could kill it. He didn’t want to turn his back on the snake witch in front of him, but It appeared that the Mizukage’s servant had her taken care of. He had a divine duty to uphold to eradicate evil from the world and bring justice to those who deserved it. He and Eizo left the battle behind them and made their way towards the centre of the corruption. As he ran, the heat radiating from his body continued to rise, the ground below him turning to glass with each step. He sheathed the sword and chain whip and pulled out his Sword of the Immortal Blaze from his back, the fire chakra emanating from him lighting the blade with molten fury.

The white and gold cloak that he wore on his shoulders would billow behind him, the roses on it shimmering in the sun. His robes and hat adorned with blue rose iconography, and the broach that was given to him by the Mizukage for protecting the village of Kirigakure were on full display. He was truly a sight to behold, the power of the sun radiating from him. This was the God of the Sun, the Hell Gate Dragon, the Sword Saint of Konoha. This was Mitsuo Sarutobi, Seventeenth Hokage, in all of his radiance, power emanating from him as he prepared to do what it was that he was put onto this earth for. The god of death empowered him with its lust for penance and its thirst for Justice, and he would deliver that today.

“It is a truly great day that the gods have gifted us, being of darkness. I have scoured the world and burnt the corruption of evil wherever I have found it, and I thought I’d have to leave this place unfulfilled...until this moment.” He glanced at the man in front of him, his gaudy white robes splattered while blood while Mitsuo’s were trimmed with gold and pristine. His barbaric display only confirmed to Mitsuo what he already know, he was a being of pure evil and he needed to be removed from the face of the earth. “Demon. Monster. You have the divine honour to die by the blade of the Sword Saint on this day. Be not worried, for your death will be swift. I am not one to draw out such things, as I am a merciful and compassionate man. You are a stain on the face of the earth, and your death will be a great service to the world...”

His sword of the immortal blaze was in his hand, fire dripping off of it as the sand beneath it turned to molten glass once more. His hands were close to one another on the handle, tip pointed up towards the individual’s face.

“Step to your death, demon...”


Chakra - 390/500
Wings of the Saint and Eizo maintained

(Moving to Splinter Thread The god of the Sun vs the Father of Horrors


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At first the Desert snake thought the Kiri nin would be foolish enough to dash at her while she was trying to show this world her true face, but alas things turned to be going wholly differently than she had imagined or even planned.

Some insolent people really did roam the battlefields that where now spreading through kaze no kuni, right now one of those particular insolent people had managed to get in the way of Lamya's idea to whipe the entirity of Inabayama with her most powerful technique, interrupting her desired motion of the flow in battle by surprising her even if only for a mere instant by substituting the fuuma shuriken which had done some, but relatively minor damage to yet again that very same arm which had been burned and healed earlier in Lamya's short struggle against that immensely overpowering that konoha stranger in simply connecting to said arm, with a cut through her bracers and lightly into her skin. However, unlike that man, the woman who now appeared to be using the White Serpent's momentary lapse in common sense and solid judgment due to her frustration, was no unknown individual for the Desert Serpent. It was after all this woman who had managed to use the surroundings and the battlefield to her great advantage during the Chuunin Exams in Kumogakure, but now they weren't on a bridge, now there was plenty of space and Lamya was not going to be overwhelmed by some upstart, cutthroat welp again.

It seemed that as Lamya was surprised and didn't fulfill the trail of her swing when the Kiri-nin appeared, was quite a mistake being instantly abused by the Hunter, who without remourse or any misgivings seemed to show her desire to strike down the Snake Empress with a single, finely tuned assault upon her, obviously with the intent of dishing out some serious punishment at Lamya. However, due to their encounter before, the Snake also knew not to underestimate the kiri-nin's adaptability and sheer battle prowess, no matter how much beyond the child's level the Snake ought to be.

In a practically instinctive reaction to this movement towards her, made by the child, Lamya instantly had her skin turn into a tough scaled exterior, all the while forcing a shockwave of chakra to burst outward from within her, with the intent of nullifying whatever the Shinobi prodigy had in mind, she was not going to allow the child to stab her with that sword, nor was she going to risk any surprises coming from that sword...after all, nozomi HAD seen what the snake scale armor did and did not defend against it was only logical to assume she had remembered those things.

At verily the same time as her burst of chakra moved out of her, Lamya's hand reached upwards towards Nozomi's wrist, intending to keep that extended hand away from her at all cost, since despite not knowing what to expect from the kiri-nin, she did not think any of her moves were wasted moves, so all had to have reason and an extended hand was no exception, so without hesitation, Lamya attempted to grab Nozomi's wrist with her hand to prevent the kiri-nin's hand from even touching her skin and to effectively turn her arm away from herself while bracing herself with all her might to prevent the kiri-nin from crashing into her.

If Nozomi would no longer be moving, Lamya would suddenly raise her free hand with her fingers stretched out, aiming to hit the Kirigakure Hunter-nin with a jutsu specifically created to do as much damage within as little time and within the shortes range possible. With small orbs of pressurized air atop her fingers, Lamya aimed to jab her fingers against the underside of Nozomi's exposed ribcage on her swordwielding side, attempting to render armor and flesh alike torn to shreds by the violent vibrational pulse the small orbs would unleash upon Nozomi's torso when succesfull. "We both know that the Exhibition Match was but a prelude to this, so do please enjoy my full might in all its destructive glory."

If and only If she was successful with that offensive strike, Lamya would let go of the Kiri nin's wrist if she had managed to still be holding it and would jump back to allow herself some distance from the dangerous opponent she was facing, knowing that even if all she did would've been succesfull, there was no way it would fully deter the shinobi from launching another attack upon her yet again.

So in an attempt of preparing herself for basically each and any possible flaw any approach towards this kiri-nin may pose, the Rogue shinobi made a few swift handseals to cover herself with a film of medically charged chakra surrounding her, ready to take on the threat if her own retort did not have the appropriate effect of forcing a retreat to safety.

"Now thatn, what will it be, my little Hunter," the Desert Snake licked her lips while showing a menacing grin, though with an eerily subdued fury within her eyes still smoldering like embers waiting to be lit again. "Shall we continue this dance or do we do what is smartest, take care of our own."

It was no joke though, Lamya was worried, for even at this distance, she could feel that temperatures had dropped significantly and this could've only meant that the fight between the Sealer and the Demon Ice Witch had either neared its final stage or the curtain had already dropped. even if she could not afford any distractions for her own safety, she was certain that this meant either victory or utter and total defeat on her end. "tsk...I do hate the cold."


Chakra: 290/470


Str: S-3
spd: S-2
End: S-3
Perc: S-2
RT: SS-0

Justu used ( in order of appearance)

White Snake Style - Snake Scale Armor:

Name: White Snake Style - Snake scale Armor
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Element: -
Range: self
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: maintainable 10c/post
Cooldown: duration +4
The complete opposite of Hardening snake scales, this jutsu still follows the same route by utilizing medical chakra to enhance the user's physical capabilities, which outwardly shows itself in the user getting a more bulky frame and the formation of snakelike scales all over their skin.

As long as this jutsu is active, Basic attacks will have no effect on the user, the user will also gain 1 tier of endurance at the cost of minus two tiers in speed.

Ninpou - Chakra Reverse Pulse:

Name: Chakra Reverse Pulse (チャクラ逆脈 ~ Chakura Gyaku Myaku)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Offensive | Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: <5 meters
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 7 posts
Description: The user sends a shockwave of chakra from within themselves forward. It slams into a target with sufficient force, causing light bruising and disrupting their chakra pathways. Any active jutsu that the target is using will be ended and cooldown will begin (does not work on jutsu of A-Rank or higher), as their chakra will be forced to stop for a few moments. As an alternate use, this jutsu can be used to release targets from any Genjutsu of B-Rank or lower by stopping the chakra's effect on the brain, but it cannot be used on oneself when under a Genjutsu.

Vibration Burst:

Name: Vibration Burst
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: offensive
Element: Fuuton
Range: self
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 6 posts
Using the knowledge of chakra pulses and the vibrational properties of fuuton release chakra, the user effectively compresses a small amount of chakra at the tip of each finger on one hand, pressing it against any body part, it will result in the surrounding 5 cubic inches of bloodvessels, veins, arteries and organs to rupture violently and extremely painfully when the compressed chakra bursts apart and triggers a chainreaction of vibrational pulses coarsing through the body.

Body flicker 3/3
Water Release-Encampment wall 4/5
Earth release-Grand Mud Wall 3/10
Ninpou-Monitor Snake 2/8
Reverse Chakra pulse 0/8
Vibration Burst 0/6


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Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve

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Sero would watch with cold eyes as one of the greatest of the chakra signatures approached him. Nearly flying from his position within the battle in a glory of katon chakra flying around him. Brilliant in its appearance. It's light shining in such a way That Sero almost had to avert his gaze. Still he held his ground as this man approached him. Tilting his head as this one seemed interesting. Mitsuo Sarutobi. He wasn't unaware of this man. Lawbreaker...He had his influences within Kiri and the rest of the world too but he had no respect for law and order. Simply what he considered justice. A judge, a Jury and an executioner. In this way though they were similar. The difference was Sero followed the laws set out by his superior while this man followed his own code. A vigilante. The beast would growl low As Sero would rest his hand on the sword hilt at his side. The man seemed confident and with good cause. If Sero could ever have picked a being to test his sword skills on this would have been him. Two masters of the blade arts clashing far enough away from everything that they would not have to hesitate to kill each other. Nor was there reason to hold back that killing intent. They were fighting his Kage and he stood with them as far as he could tell. Still the man would speak.

“It is a truly great day that the gods have gifted us, being of darkness. I have scoured the world and burnt the corruption of evil wherever I have found it, and I thought I’d have to leave this place unfulfilled...until this moment.” Corruption has been a part of Sero since the moment he was born. For Kiri he was the beast that stalked the darkest corners so the other beasts would fall in line. He was the driving source of power under the mizukages right hand. Nozomi and himself were the two beings capable of hunting any living being on the planet. This man in his clean robes would soon know of the torment they thrived in. His fire was not a thing to be feared but wholely familiar. Still he would continue. “Demon. Monster. You have the divine honour to die by the blade of the Sword Saint on this day. Be not worried, for your death will be swift. I am not one to draw out such things, as I am a merciful and compassionate man. You are a stain on the face of the earth, and your death will be a great service to the world...”

Honor....They always spoke of such things when he tormented them from the shadows. Murdering thoughts of safety and sanity. He was so certain that Sero would die swiftly by his hands. So sure of his own ability that Sero would narrow his eyes. He would normally have pulled free his suiton nature in a move to counter the man before him. However there was one thing these two shared. There was a pride the would beat within their hearts. Dull grey eyes would shift to the molten flames glassing the sands beneath the sword in his opponents hands. Its potent Katon energy flowing freely over the desert. The gorilla with him was not to be ignored either. Nor was the aura roasting the sands around him. Surely if Sero were to attempt to step within it without first dealing with the aura he would suffer greatly. Within this orb was the mans influence....Though a part of him wished to test it. To throw his own aura up against it and compare their power. Each of them putting their pride on the line against each other in a battle of sheer superiority. Sero would speak in turn to the mans comment with no emotion behind those dead grey eyes unwavering from the man before him.

"I have heard such claims time and time again, a haunting spirit and blight upon my home was all I was considered as an infant. Survival however in such places is not for the weak. Your faith will not be enough to overcome me. I am captain Osada Sero, leader of the seven swords and you will know my wrath. As such know my name so you may pass it on to the gatekeeper in the underworld."

With that Sero would hold out his hand. Pale fingers of his right hand shifting as the glass at his feet bubbled like it was boiling. From within the glass emerged a large, dark scythe. Smelling of sulfur and looking as if it had survived a fire. The scythe would rise before his hand and Sero would reach out and grasp it. As he did flames would erupt from the scythe itself and his aura would burst forth. Black chakra enveloping him like flames before falling away. Before the Sarutobi now stood the same man but with subtle changes. He seemed more dangerous and aware now. A ring of mist sat upon his head like a crown and in the center of his forehead a third eye would open as crimson flooded into his other eyes. He had activated his spider sage mode. Already he felt the power of the other as he gripped his scythe close. The beast above him would spread its maw and cackle. The sword saint had challenged him and the cackle would echo for the length of the battlefield.

With that Sero would shift as if he hadn't made a single preparation for movement before than. One moment standing still and the next the glass where he had been standing erupted in a shattered burst as he launched forward. Using the length of the flaming scythe to swing at Mitsuo's legs and remain outside of his range in his first attack. The heat of the fire was enough to glass the sands behind him long after he had passed over it and sent a wave of heat enough to glass the sands to the opposite side of Mitsuo even should he parry it. Creating a cone of red hot glass from the impact. Sero's hands were holding the shaft further down to add to his reach but separated so he could use the staff portion to block a counter attack. He expected one. His swing had come from the side opposite the ape with him to not provoke an opportunist.

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Her speed was simply devastating. With Lamya's hesitation of surprise, she had already sealed her fate and the match was effectively over. She slammed into the snake woman at speeds higher than she could put together an effective counter against, her sword driving through the armor, stunning her and halting the reactionary defenses before she could actually pull them off. As her right hand made contact with Lamya's chest, her other jutsu activated, blasting through Lamya's armor and heart.

The two of them toppled to the ground, Nozomi still on Lamya, sword through her and hand over her chest, having penetrated through the armor with the blast. She had been nervous about it working out, and now that it had, she was able to relax a little bit, releasing the Raiton Viper technique, feeling her muscles relax once again as the chakra ceased to flow through her. Her breathing was jittery and fast, heart pumping a mile a minute as she realized that she had taken down the snake. Still, she knew she wouldn't die just from that, and her stunning sword would only work for so long. She needed someone to stabilize her.

She found herself asking for Mitsuo's help, or beginning to, but stopped short of that as she felt the monstrous presence of Sero, and noticed that Mitsuo was no longer around, having gone to find him. It seemed that Mitsuo had other things that interested him, even though he had just been saying that she needed to be purged from the world. Granted, Nozomi didn't want her dead, as she wanted to bring her in alive, but unforunately, it didn't appear that Mitsuo was going to help her in this manner. Looking around, there were no ANBU left within ear shot, and no medics around either.

Bringing in Lamya alive was a priority, but it didn't look like it was going to be a possibility, so the only real option she had was to sit here until she died, just to make sure she didn't pull anything. Looking down at the woman, she realized then how pretty she was. It was a bit weird of a thought, for such a dangerous person, and it didn't matter in the slightest, as she was responsible for the destruction of Sunagakure, but she had been brought low by Nozomi not once, but twice now. The threat level she warranted Nozomi had an appreciation for, but as she'd proven twice, planning and strategy can overcome even extreme thresholds of danger. So the thought just appeared for the first time. She'd only ever seen the woman as a danger, but now she thought of her as attractive.

The thought only lasted a moment, but that was all it took. Her face stretched, jaw breaking, and a new Lamya slid out, catching Nozomi by surprise. All she caught from her was a glare with such intense hatred that Nozomi froze for a moment, and that was all Lamya needed. She body flickered away, leaving the Hunter-nin Captain on an empty husk that used to be Lamya.

She knew that she wouldn't be able to catch up with her either, tracking her movements would be next to impossible. The armor made sensory techniques next to useless, and she had been an ANBU Captain as well, which gave her a very important knowledge on how to move without leaving a trail to be followed. With the hustle and bustle of the skirmish as it was, she was at a complete loss on how to track her. Tracking any one person through the warzone would have been next to impossible. Well, almost any one person. Sero stuck out like a beacon, and the clashes of Ayakashi and Mitsuhide were easy to find.

Standing up, she sighed, the blade of petals dissipating back into a small pile of petals as she ended her technique. Of course she'd slip through her finger again. She was hard to pin down, even with stunning. Her main plan now was to develop some fuuinjutsu that would let her disable the slippery criminal, and take her in alive. For the moment though, she was left unsure what to do. Sero and Mitsuo were fighting, and she knew Sero wouldn't want her to help him at all in a fight, rarely getting to let go and use his full power. She understood that, and had been disappointed that she didn't get the full power fight against Lamya that she'd wanted, even though she was relieved to not have to fight her at the same time.

Ayakashi had already told her to leave her fight alone, which left her basically alone. Looking around, she took a moment to catch her breath and steady her nerves. The fights would be winding down now that one of the leading powers had fled. Ayakashi would be winding hers down as well, and no matter how strong Mitsuhide was, he wouldn't beat her. Being able to fight on her level was a feat, but it didn't mean a victory was secured.

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Sharp eyes would keep watch over the battlefield as four sets of hands transcribed the flow of the battlefield. Each set of eyes were careful about the placement of enemy ninja, taking care to make sure the male was well out of the way of any attacks. While he knew full well that he would not be able to assist much in any combat scenario, the young man also knew that information was the prime currency of war. If that was what this reclamation project was turning into, then he would see to it that Konoha came out on top as far as it went.

On and on the young male went, carefully capturing every second as it happened. Those hands of his clones and himself worked diligently, filling each notebook that they possessed until it could hold no more before moving onto a fresh one. Each volume spoke of the many wonders that those eyes witnessed, the effects of each technique as they happened, the blows traded between combatants and the damage of the surroundings. Even one notebook was dedicated to simply pictures of the landscape after each technique was performed to show each altered the terrain. There were even several pages dedicated to that masterful technique that the Mizukage used that seemed to have the greatest effect on the landscape: a technique that seemed ripped straight from the legends themselves with its destructive power…

The young man would keep at it for as long as he could, right up until the point that the Mizukage and her opponent vanished into thin air. A confused expression would form on four sets of faces as they witnessed this turn of events. Where did they go? What happened? Did they mutually kill each other? That could not be, there would be a body left if they did, surely.

Shaking his head, the young man would shift his attentions to the other combatants of the area. As he could from his vantage point, the forces of the combined nations were overcoming those of the rogue state. From what he could see, those who did not surrender their weapons died clutching them, something that Akusha expected to happen. Here and there, several rings of combatants have wide berths, as it seemed that their techniques were most potent against enemies. Scores of people moved against each other, but the battles seemed to be dying down… perhaps it was time to depart?

Yes, it was looking to be that time. The male had created volumes of information for Konohagakure no Sato’s benefit, and it was time to bring it home. With a flick of the the wrist, a blank notebook was produced and opened to an empty page. With a simple hand seal, the entirety of his work was sealed away into the blank page, leaving only a complex crest upon the page as the telltale sign that something was contained within. After gathering his writing utensils, the young man would dismiss his clones from existence and begin to make his way out of the area, taking care to avoid being see some of the still remaining forces. He would make his way to the nearest Konohagakure no Sato camp with the intent of turning in the information that he spent all this time gathering.

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Often people told him it wasn’t so cut and dry, though that was something that Mitsuo disagreed with. Once evil took root in a person’s heart, it corrupted fully, and Mitsuo was proud to be a champion of what was good and just in the world. He refused to allow anything to shake that resolve, and the individual he had just fought was no exception to that rule. Though he knew he should have ended him and removed that stain from the face of the earth, the man known as Sero Osada had given Mitsuo the best fight he had had in years, and he had earned his least as a combatant. Mitsuo had decided that he would let him live this day, though he had warned him that should they cross paths in the future the man wouldn’t be so lucky.

The after effects of the battle could likely be seen on him, his hair a sweaty mess the likes of which it hadn’t been in years. He had the odd small cut, but no serious wounds, and otherwise appeared more tired than anything. His weapons were all sealed away as he marched back towards the battlefield, wanting to see...what had happened. Wanting to see the outcome between Mitsuhide and Ayakashi, two of his closest friends. Wanting to see if the Kiri woman had killed that evil snake woman Risu. Wanting to see if the settlement nearby had been destroyed or had managed to stand up to the carnage that had happened around them. The amount of shinobi who had come to this place and crossed blades was fairly low compared to the great wars of the past, but long had it been since a battle on this scale had taken place anywhere on the continent.

He would come into view just in time to see the Kirigakure woman standing alone in the clearing, the telltale signs of a sigh on her face. He wondered if it was a frustrated sigh, or a contempt one after the death of an enemy who needed to be purged from the face of the earth. He truly hoped that the latter was the case, but he knew that there was a fairly decent chance that it was the former...after all, Risu had once been Mitsuo’s head of ANBU and she was a great asset to him, phenomenal at her job when she was there...if not a tad unconventional. He was very disappointed that she had fallen so far from where he had believed she was, following the path of Ukiyo which was had hurt him so much when she had fallen, and to see another whom he had put his trust in go the same was was truly unfortunate.

He was...relieved...that would likely be the see that the woman stood in front of him and that the woman who referred to herself as Lamya hadn’t ended her. When he had left her alone he knew that had she fallen it would have been on his hands, something that he simply didn’t need on his conscience. The issue with something like that was that it could potentially attempt to distract him from his mission. He had the deaths that were caused by Lamya in the village of Sunagakure on his conscience already, and he didn’t need any more blood on his hands. It was the wicked and the corrupt of the world who deserved to perish and who would do so by his hand...they had to fall so that the rest would experience the world he would usher in for them, the era of peace and prosperity that his children, Kaia and Takazo, would be able to feel safe in.

“And though the world may continue to fall into darkness, I will be the light...I will rid this place of the evil and corruption that plagues it, and bring forth an era of peace...”

He walked towards the girl, activating a small fuuinjutsu seal on the palm of his hand and pulling a cigarette from the void. He placed the cigarette between his lips, and putting his finger and thumb together, caused a small flame to appear to light it. He drew the smoke deep into his lungs, allowing his head to swim as he made his last few steps.

“No darkness shall stand up to the purity that shall rise from this earth like a beacon, expelling all pain and suffering from the world.”

As he came to stand before the woman he inhaled once more, holding the smoke a little longer before passing it through his nose.

“I apologize for leaving you to fight the snake witch alone. Were it not for the entrance of a greater evil I’d have ensure hers was a stain that was removed from the world myself...I regret taking the blame for her actions in Sunagakure...they were truly unforgivable” He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, drawing in once more, the cigarette quickly going from full to half gone. “Do you know of this Sero Osada? His evil is greater than any I have ever experienced...I find it difficult to believe that Lady Ayakashi named him the Captain of her Seven Swordsmen...a position she once offered myself...”



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She wasn't left alone long, although it felt like a while to her. The disappointment of letting Lamya slip through her fingers again washed over her, threatening to drown her. She didn't deserve to be a Hunter Nin, always letting her target get away. What did it matter if she could beat her in a fight, if she wasn't able to secure her? That would do precious little in the end.

Mitsuo had returned, and she had stopped feeling Sero's presence anymore. Looking the man over, she could tell there had been some sort of fight, but she didn't know exactly what had gone on. One thing was certain: Mitsuo was here, and Sero was not. That could only mean that Sero had lost the match, something that simply didn't happen. How strong was the Sword Saint?

As he summoned a cigarette, Nozomi moved towards him, holding out a hand. "Mind if I have one?" she asked, not wanting to ask the question that was on her mind just yet. Is Sero still alive? Did you kill him? If Mitsuo gave her a cigarette, she'd light it on her own the same way he had, unless he saw fit to light it for her. She wasn't usually a smoker, but occasionally she would so she could think a little bit, as it helped her focus a little better.

As he spoke, Nozomi couldn't help but give him an odd look. This man wasn't anything like she'd expected from the fabled Sword Saint, a hero by all rights to Kirigakure. He seemed a little... crazy. His mission was one she could understand, to cleanse the world from evil. That may as well be Nozomi's own job description as well, and she was a beacon of purity in Kirigakure. Where Sero was the darkness, she was the light. They were like a Yin and Yang, and balanced each other out. But he wasn't evil, and she wasn't good. They were both directed towards the same goal, which was ultimately the protection of Kirigakure, and it was fitting that they were kindred spirits.

Under normal circumstances, she may have ended up fighting him, for having gone to try and kill Sero Maybe he did kill him, I can't feel his aura anymore. Ignoring her thoughts, pushing it back in her head, she addressed him. "I think I've proven I can deal with her. I bested her on the bridge in Kumo, in front of an audience of Kage and shinobi alike, and now I've bested her in single combat once again. She may be physically superior, but I am a master of my craft."

Of course, she was referring to Lamya, even though she never spoke her name. "Unfortunately, she got away. I had her caught, but she... made a new body? I don't know, it was strange. If you had stayed, we may have been able to detain her, but I won't blame you for my mistakes. She got away from me twice, and that speaks to a deficiency in my own skills."

Part of her was mad with Mitsuo for having left, but she meant what she said. She couldn't blame anybody but herself, and would have to train further to ensure it didn't happen again. "Sero wasn't the greater evil. I don't even think he's evil anymore, if he ever could have been called such. There is a darkness about him, but it doesn't define him, or control him. He utilizes it as a tool, much the same as any shinobi would a shuriken, a sword. The good he's done for Kirigakure is insurmountable."

"So, yes. You could say I knew him. He was probably my closest friend, and I think I may have been his only. Of those I've called friend, he's the only one to never have lost my trust." she paused, and looked up to Mitsuo, having been avoiding making eye contact until that point. Locking a gaze on him, she finally asked the question she had been dreading. "Did you kill him?"

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As the woman asked, Mitsuo unsealed another cigarette and handed it to her, glad to share what he had. He knew that smoking wasn’t the best habit, but it was one that had helped him through a lot of stress in his earlier life, and one that he had simply never gotten rid of. His muscles ached as he stood in one place, having a chance for the after effects of the battle he had just commenced to set in. It seemed he may have struck a chord when he had said he would have ended Risu’s life, the woman pointing out she could defeat her and apparently had in the past. Mitsuo hadn’t heard of this happening, but he nodded his acknowledgement that clearly she must have been quite a formidable opponent. For a second a crooked half smile crossed his face when she had mentioned that she had defeated her once again, but then she mentioned that she had got away and he sighed.

He couldn’t feel her presence, so he wondered if the woman had gotten away wounded and was defeated by another, or if she had simply escaped the area in general. It wasn’t necessarily his concern either way, but he shook his head regardless. “It is unfortunate that she managed to get away. I haven’t heard of this previous encounter, but unfortunately when one is held prisoner generally it doesn’t come with the benefits of taking in the views. Life in a cage is...well it’s not a life I’d have chosen if given the choice. I did ask them to hang me...” He chuckled at the comment, looking back towards the young woman and wondering how old she was. She didn’t look like she could be any older than his daughter, and it bothered Mitsuo to think that the world was the way it was where one so young was put into such situations...though of course he was once like that too.

When she began to speak about Sero, Mitsuo’s smile left his face. Her claim was simply incorrect, Sero clearly being the greater evil. He was a man who radiated evil, and Mitsuo had never felt the like in his life. He had proven to be a strong combatant, true, and that was why he had walked away from his encounter with the Sword of Justice with his life, but Mitsuo wouldn’t allow him that same courtesy if he met him a second time. It appeared that were he to have to face him again, he might also have to fight this woman, and while he would not back down, it would be unfortunate to have to end the life of one so young. He had no interest in such an encounter at all, and he hoped that were he to cross paths with Sero again it would be a one on one.

“You know...the person I was closest too in the world was my sensei. He taught me the way of the blade and had been training me since I was a child. He had always been there for me...even helped me forge my favourite sword. He and I went through everything together and I would have never believed that he could be an evil person either...except that he was. He had been behind so much death in Konoha and across the world, and when I went to Sunagakure I ended him without hesitation, because I knew that it was the right thing to do...just like killing your Sero Osada would be the right thing to do. He is corrupt to his core, and the good that he might occasionally do for your village is nothing compared to the harm that having him in a position such as the one he is in does to the credibility of Kiro and of the of my best friends.”

He shook his head and sighed once more. “I will ease your mind though...I did not kill him. I know full well that I should have, but even I have my moments of poor judgment. He is a skilled combatant, and I told him as much...He impressed me today, and the next time I see him I will give him the respect of a quick death. I am not one to allow people to suffer...But before that, I have to talk to the Mizukage once more...which is another place he lives. I told him to go and make sure she was okay...for Mitsuhide is an opponent who is not someone who should be taken lightly...and their battle worries me greatly.” He took another draw on his cigarette, putting it down into the sand and putting it out under his boot.



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