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1 Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:38 am



Verdandi just recently arrived in the lands of suna. Needless to say, the weather conditions were far from helpful to the ice princess. She could feel how the heat was affecting her. However, Verdandi was no stranger to the lands that gave away heat of this kind. Her training with aunt Aya but especially her training with her old man Deacon already contemplated situations like this. While her Clan was particularity weak against the sun, an easy solution had been found. Under the cost of a good amount of chakra that was passively maintained within the Yuki's body. The Hyouton chakra would turn itself to simple usage. Every Yuki knew how this worked, especially once studied and trained a little. Basically, Verd would layer herself with a keen little ice skin above her own. It wasn't visible and didn't affect her at all. While the ice would serve as a means to help preventing sunburns or negative heat effects, the Yuki's body itself would tap into the Hyouton chakra to cool its base temperature back down to their comfortable levels.

Being separated form her Squad for now. Verd was enjoying some off-time and found herself a little oasis within the desert, near the camps. It wasn't much and probably served for the most part as a means to let the camels from the caravans stack up on their water reserves. As well for the humans too of course. Due to the current state of Suna, this area was yet completely forgotten by any locals. The nearest human activity would be a multitude of camps that were set-up. Each nation had brought their very own cavalry into this place and Verd wasn't a fan of spending hours in a dry tent counting the droplets of water that her Hyouton skin could produce. Finding a place like this, secluded and seemingly without anyone around to disturb her. Verd would celebrate her luck once more. She had carefully gathered the intel around the place and was certain it'd be towards no one's importance in particular. Each camp had their own wells or even technological means to provide water. No one would bother her out here.

Avalanche had joined her. The snow bear was adjusting quite well to the heat. Curiously enough, his snow-white fur was starting to turn somewhat brown and dirty. The furball was getting quite heavy. Verd had attempted to ride her beast and he could actually transport her for a few. Mostly yet, due to the fact that Verdandi was incredibly lithe in her stature and that Avalanche would crawl on slower than she could run on her own. It was for certain not a perfect means of transport just yet. But well, by the amount of meat he was consuming lately his growth certainly didn't stop any moment soon.

Avalanche didn't hesitate to jump into the water, getting some dust out of his fur was a beautiful concept of refreshing the bear. Verd would make sure to keep her radio close in case of getting unexpected company. Placing her clothes neatly set together in a pile and keeping it covered in her Hyouton chakra to simply keep it free off dust. For a moment there, Verd would shut off her body protection and inner cooling. As she'd step into the water of the oasis nakedly. The liquid itself was cold enough thanks to the shadows provided by the nearby hills and trees.

Verd would slowly swim around the pond. Watch the many creatures that naturally found their home within the oasis. Allowing Verdandi once more the insight that life was able to sprout everywhere, even if the lands of desert, if just a few ingredients for life were present. She would move on to scrub her palms through Avalanche's fur whom seemed heavily relaxed by such a thing. Brushing her palms through his fur to help remove the dirt and sand. His somewhat discoloured fur however seemed to linger. Making Verd wonder a bit how the bear had naturally adjusted himself to the environment like this.

Hours would pass and Verd would float and swim through the pond. She knew she would have to return to her own camp at some point. Within the coming days the missions would begin and things would start to become difficult and require a lot of energy and power. But the princess wouldn't want to burden herself with too many worries just yet. She knew that her superiors were taking proper care of the place and plan ahead wisely.

With all those fine thoughts in mind. Verd would watch Avalanche slowly doze off against the counters of the oasis. Most of his body still neatly submerged in the cool water. His snout extended forth to allow him easy breathing. However. Verd's ears were not easily fooled. She could hear footsteps. Enclosing. Not the kind that were approaching for a sneak attack. Maybe a random guard? Uncaring of her appearance, Verd would slowly move herself towards her items. Quickly picking up her radio and first and for all, sliding her Hyouton tuned blade from it's sheath. If anyone really dared to try and oppose her in her weakened situation, she would yet prove to be a much tougher nut than an easy prey by just now.


Chakra 180/200:

As a Yuki Clan, Verdandi sacrifices 20 Chakra to access the ability to keep herself cool against the heat of the desert.


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2 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Sun Jun 03, 2018 12:58 pm

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
Another hot day in Sunagakure, sun bright, winds wide. An ideal day for a walk, even though Mizuki had to admit the heat of the Land of Winds easily surpassed the warmth of Konohagakure's lush greens or even the sun shining down in Iwagakure's bedrocks and valleys. Zhinu didn't seem to mind this one bit, the bird's shadow time and again flying over Mizuki current position as she moved forward on a casual stroll.

Every camp had its water supply, but rare were the oasis in Sunagakure. And exactly that made them worth a visit. The small pools of clear, untouched water nourished a border of green grass and a couple of trees that provided shelter in the form of shadows to those that visited it. The warmth of the sun would not exactly be blocked, but the cool water carried by the winds in the Land created a welcome soothing sensation nonetheless. An ideal spot for a little bit of quiet meditation or a relaxing revision of her kenjutsu kata.

Dressed in a white hanfu with sky blue trimming, ditto petals decorating the upper section of the clothes, only the black scabbard positioned at her hips would tell others that she sheltered a warrior spirit. The kunoichi, maintaining the position as a diplomat of the Raikage even after her mission to herald his claim on the hat had come to an end, was not one to quickly resort to hostilities no matter her opponents. She preferred to reach out, converse, teach and learn, and this would not be different now when she noticed a giant bear dozing off in the sun and a figure taking a bath in the oasis.

Her approach would not go unnoticed despite her gentle step, meaning that the person in question sported a good perception. Furthermore, the caution with which the girl moved to pick up a radio and her katana betrayed her training as a shinobi ready to fight in defence of herself. A civilian would have acted differently, that was certain. Knowing this, Mizuki didn't hasten her movement, nor did she perform any acts of hostility. She was seeking a sense of peace herself and had no need to fight anyone unless they would lash out first. That sense of peace would now be shared with a total stranger, it seemed.

"Please do not feel threatened, I bear you no ill will.", she would say, bowing towards the girl in the pond. "I'm Mizuki Raiu, a special jounin and diplomat of Kumogakure merely seeking a quiet place for a meditation. I'm sorry if I have startled you."

She would proceed to move under the shadow of one of the trees, undisturbed by the girl's need to swim or bathe, nor feeling threatened by the dozing bear even if he'd wake to protect its master. Mizuki was genuine in her intentions and therefore would not be disturbed by instinctive needs of preservation. As she would reach one of the trees, she would kneel down, resting her hands properly in her lap, discipline apparent in the traditional way she sat down and maintained a certain sense of strictness and will in her hands. The grey hawk whose shadow had glided over the area a few times would eventually come down to rest in the tree above her, preening its feathers now that its owner had halted to rest.


Zhinu, the Grey Hawk:

Name: Zhīnū
Species: Hawk, Grey
Rank: D
Specializations: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
Elements: Fuuton
Appearance: [x]
22 inch (55 cm), 1.04 lbs (475 g)
Personality: Zhinü is a hawk of selective taste, rarely allowing the touch of anyone else but those she deems worthy, and not afraid of biting to make her displeasure well-known. A bit of a temper, she expects to regularly soar the skies or will turn to show her back and glare with something akin of an offended pout. More vocal than most of her species, Zhinü has been trained to quickly reply both in positive and negative manners to Mizuki.
Body Flicker Technique:

Name: Body Flicker Technique
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Utility
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Pet command, "Way Home, Zhīnū".
Gathering chakra within her body, Zhīnū intensifies her natural flight speed to such heights she is able to vanish from sight, leaving nothing but a flicker behind. The use of this technique allows the pet to escape/exit threads.

3 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:46 pm



Verdandi's eyes remained focused on the potential intruder even as she moved aside, showing clearly non-hostile behaviour. Avalanche slowly lifted his head and growled a few times. Making Verd step forward to rub her palm over his fur and soothing him with some calm sweet words for him to go back and sleep. Ava was a simple bear and licked his fat tongue over his lips before placing his head back on the ground and snoring away into the day.

Verdandi moved back to her things. The new person meanwhile took a seat beneath a tree in a very meditative kind of way. Verd would slide her sword back into it's sheath. Placing the radio on the pile once more before she would sink back into the water. Her head always slightly above the water surface to spy and eye the strange but pretty lady that had moved in to the oasis. After finding herself clean and obviously somewhat disturbed in her naked privacy. Verd would grab her clothes and slowly step from the water pond. As she did so. Her suiton control quickly shed the remaining water droplets from her skin and hair and dropped it into the pond behind her. Sliding into her clothes on casually, underwear first and quickly though. Despite that the new guest had her eyes closed Verd wasn't sure if she wasn't a pervert just yet.

Once all settled and geared up. She would slowly make her way forth towards Mizuki's location. Avalanche noticed how his Master had moved, hence feeling it necessary to join along. The bear quickly shook himself off his wetness. But Verd didn't bother to dry him like herself. He probably preferred it to keep a little layer of cool water. While the bear shortly passed Verd to rub his head over Verd's left palm. A majestic bird placed himself on a tree not far above the strange girl. Verd caressed through Ava's fur before he slowly trotted past Mizuki towards the tree. Despite it not being a natural feat for polars, Avalanche was quite an advert climber. His age and size still allowed him that. Getting older and bigger would probably make things difficult someday. But as he was now. Even while the tree barked and slightly bent. He would use his claws to climb it far enough until he was close behind the hawk. Curiously pawing at the large birdy. Getting pecked at from her beak didn't seem to bother him. Meaning no particular harm to the creature and simply showing his curiosity of sorts. Such a pretty burd!

Verdandi would giggle to herself. Then slowly sit down just in front of the stranger. So far, no words other then Mizu's ensuring off her well-intent had been exchanged. Leaving Verd to wonder what she should do about all of this but then again, she preferred to stay calm and take things easy. Coming from royal background, Verd knew well how to seat herself properly and with manners. Moving her palms onto her lap and closing her eyes as well. Inhaling as the soft film of ice returned to cover her skin and clothes, even filtering the dust that had attached itself to her already. Exhaling a cool breath from her lips and enjoying the way her inner frost would lower her body temperature once more into a very very comfortable chill.

Verdandi would use the chance to exhale her own peaceful nature into the room and allowing Mizuki to feel the non-hostile intent. Their aura's casually collided and mixed. Indeed, an unusual way to say hello on a more felt and empathy-based concept. Once they would finally open their eyes and look at each other, Verd would casually smile. "Verdandi Yuki, pleased to meet you."

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4 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Mon Jun 04, 2018 5:59 am

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
A long moment of serenity would pass as Verdandi continued her bathing in peace, her hint of caution not registered by the meditating kunoichi. Mizuki would hear the splash of water as she stepped outside, the rustling of grass and sand under her bare feet, the breath of comfort escaping from the bear as he was lulled to comfort by the stroking of her hand. She would dress up in slight discomfort, Mizuki not opening her eyes. She had her peace, others were allowed theirs. Intruding upon someone's privacy was not the way her parents had raised her, discipline and privacy being two of the values hinting at proper etiquette. Such a sense of politeness was unusual in Kumogakure, even within the Raiu clan, but her father had learned a lot about samurai back in the days and had passed on a lot of their values, albeit slightly twisted to fit the needs of a shinobi.

When the stranger passed her and the bear decided to crawl into the nearby tree, Zhinu eyed the bear suspiciously, his intrusion upon her temporary nest not appreciated in the slightest. Even before it reached the end to paw at the hawk, it squawked in agitation. Yet the bear continued its climb and even pawed at the bird, who replied with a nasty peck in anger before it reared its head in anger. How dare! Still not understanding the bird's need not to be disturbed, it eventually flew off with an angry cry and landed on the other side of the oasis in another tree, preening its feathers again before keeping an eye out on the rude bear.

Verdandi proceeded to sit down not too far off Mizuki. Perhaps not in meditation, but following a similar disciplined approach. The diplomat would feel the slight chill of the Yuki's aura disturb her own, the cold feeling making the hairs on her arm rise up in response despite the blistering heat of Sunagakure's sun. She would open her eyes, hearing how the stranger would eventually introduce herself as 'Verdandi Yuki'. The name was enough to remind her of her visit to Kirigakure and her meeting with the Mizukage. She had a similar, if not more thoroughly expressed ice cold aura.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Yuki-san. The chill of your aura reminds me of the Mizukage Ayakashi. How is she doing these days? May I assume you two are related?"

The Mizukage had been the only kage she had been able to reach during her diplomatic mission, the encounter having been brief but interesting. The woman had offered her a proper stay and even invited her to travel with her escort as they would move to Kumogakure. Kirigakure had left an interesting impression during her short stay. Cold, in certain ways, the mists forcing a continued cautious approach from those who were not used to its particular weather, but with an equal strength of will and no-nonsense approach as she would find in Kumogakure. Much like Iwagakure, it was a place she would return to in time. She still wanted to meet the Seven Swordsmen, an occasion she had missed during her diplomatic visit.

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While the humans were busy with their introductions. Avalanche had yet fulfilled his curiosity. The bird didn't wish to become his friend. Somewhat sad to have lost out on a potential new buddy. Ava slowly climbed back down. Close to the ground he just let himself fall on his large butt and bounced off and away from the tree. Shaking himself off any remaining barks and leaves that might have accumulated on his fur during his climb. He yawned and slowly trotted back around. Seeing the silly humans still busy with their rituals he casually strolled towards them.

Verdandi was highly overjoyed by the fact of meeting an actually polite person. Seeing how all the ninja she tended to meet either had very nasty, unique, brash or even rude characteristics. The shy and socially awkward set aside, Verd was pleased to be greeted by a mixture of confidence, strength and politeness.

She did not fail to notice that her aura has sent an actual chill into Mizuki's body. She tried to seal her lips for a while as her Hyouton chakra was still slowly doing its magic on Verdandi's body. Slightly embarrassed by the fact that her natural curse could have been of somewhat discomfort to her new acquaintance. Aside from being polite, the woman seemed to be somewhat knowledgeable as well. Instantly linking Verdandi with her relative. Verd was surprised by the quick understanding but yet not surprised that she knew the Mizukage, having yet met her would meant that this woman had some sort of importance or significance to her persona. Since Aya rarely spent her valuable time meeting nameless strangers just for funs sake.

Verdandi softly nodded away at the question. "Yes, Mizukage Ayakashi happens to be my aunt. As far as I know she is actually here. In suna. Along with some of her trusted advisors to lead the charge of the Kiri fraction towards the lawless suna. Knowing her she's probably off hunting some major villains, however as much as I wish her good luck I somewhat doubt that she needs it." Verd chuckled. Her overconfidence in her aunt's abilities was easily displayed. At some point she might sometimes forget that her aunt was as human and vulnerable as anyone else. A human still. But probably lulling herself into the impression that her relative was somewhat invulnerable was placing her mind at ease especially in moments like these where Verd would naturally worry herself over potential harm coming to her loved ones.

Avalanche considered shortly to hunt the funny burd down and find the tree it was currently nesting at. However, Ava was far too lazy for such a sporty adventure at this point. He instead was intrigued by the peaceful aura the woman gave away Verdandi was conversing with. Much to Verd's surprise the bear would slowly approach Mizuki and then carefully move his snout close to her arm, wondering if this creature was more receptive towards becoming friends with the large fella.

While Dandi would chuckle at her bears cute approach she couldn't help but realize that she didn't really catch the woman's name yet. "What was your name again? And how did you meet my aunt if I may ask?" Verd would poke around, interested into anyone somewhat close to her aunt or acquainted. However, she was also intrigued by the fact that she could feel the calm of Mizuki's character starting to affect her. Normally it was Verdandi's job to calm her friends. To actually be the one on the receiving end for once was an indeed, unusual but comfortable experience.

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Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
Ayakashi's strength was widely known, many believing she was the strongest shinobi to live in this era. The world was so focused on this powerful being that hearing about a close relative shattered her almost god-like image. As if she was no longer a human and thus unable to be bound by mundane things. It was not uncommon for people to believe, even worship, others to such an extend, some going so far to believe themselves to be a god of sorts. It was not a philosophy shared by Mizuki, who believed every person weak or strong had a reason of living. Heaven and Earth, that was the mindset she followed.

"Your aunt has a solid reputation, but it never hurts to wish one good luck. A warm heart should never be silenced."

A piece of advice shared, a reminder to herself just as much. In the shinobi world it was a difficult thing to remain humane as missions increasingly demanded for more deaths at the hands of the well-trained. Such was a shinobi's life, and with every life snuffed out, their heart died a little more until apathy was all that remained.

That said, to hear the Mizukage having joined the troops would be a strong incentive for Kirigakure's shinobi to perform well. Backed by her reputation and her long-term presence as the head of the Kiri-nin, a strategy of morale was being played out here. Mizuki couldn't help but smile. Some wars were not fought through strength or numbers. It seemed Ayakashi understood this very well, unlike the 'storm god' claiming the hat of the Raikage by sheer power.

"I can only admire a leader that makes use of more than raw strength to achieve goals. Your aunt may be known mostly for her strength, but my brief meeting told me she values more than raw power."

The polar bear would briefly disrupt their conversation, nudging her arm as he sought out her attention. Her blue-green eyes would take in the white bear for a moment, a large specimen quite daunting from this close when she was still sitting. Assuming its origins to be native to Kirigakure or the nearby snow mountains, she felt slightly worried about the heat it had to suffer under its thick fur. Moving her hand to stroke the bear's head and rub its ear affectionately, she would flash it a smile.

"Don't mind Zhinu, big boy. She's a picky bird with pride covering her as richly as her feathers do."

As she offered the bear some much needed friendship, Verdandi would ask about her name, seemingly having failed to catch it the first time she introduced herself when she apologised for the intrusion. While it was possibly feigned to hint at a confirmation of interest into the diplomat, it was nonetheless a bit rude if not a dangerous mistake as a shinobi. Mizuki would not point this out, nor even feel disturbed in the slightest, merely introducing herself again.

"My name is Mizuki Raiu, a special jounin and diplomat of Kumogakure. I met Ayakashi during one of my missions. I was tasked by Hastur Miyamoto to travel to every Village and make his presence known as the new Raikage of Kumogakure. A task far more difficult than I could have anticipated as the dangers were many and quite a few kage were out on personal business. The Mizukage was one to honour me with an official meeting."

Her prying into the lore and names of the current Seven Swordsmen actually had much to do with that, the swordswoman always having held an interest into their history and skill with the blade. She had not had the chance to meet them or even pick up sufficient information, but the slight disappointment in failing to indulge a personal interest was a triviality compared to meeting the Mizukage and being able to bring her mission to a success.

"It was a brief meeting that told much about her, and a few days later I had the honour to travel at her side as we moved to Kumogakure. The Chuunin Exams were to be held in Kumo, and so did the Kage Summit. A gathering I was not allowed to join, unfortunately, but we can see the Summit has lead the Villages to Sunagakure, each for their own particular reasons."

Even if it was just standing there and listening, being in the presence of the Raikage would have helped her to understand his wishes better much like it would have allowed her to understand the intricacies of shinobi politics. But it could not be, the gathering strictly reserved to the kage or their appointed representatives. Even then, Mizuki had not given up being a diplomat as it ran much in line with her desire to improve upon Kumogakure's relations with the others. Improving trade, sharing knowledge, communication on missing-nin and other potential threats. There were many ways to improve a Village, even one as militaristic as Kumogakure. Mizuki intended to represent one of those options. Even now, after having witnessed the destruction of Sunagakure during her mission she would find a path that involved as little bloodshed as needed.

"Sunagakure's current state is a story that should never have unfolded, but the past can not be undone. What future would you see realised? Are you here to follow in the footsteps of your aunt?"

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7 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:03 am



Verdandi nodded. The woman seemed to have a keen understanding of the politics. Having forced her to repeat her own name again Verd would frankly understand that she had bumped past the lines of politeness there for a bit. But truth to be told. When the lady first arrived Verd was more concerned in search for a potential weak spot to slice her blade inside her in case she was indeed hostile. Having been left a gasped by her peaceful approach she must have missed most of what she said during her primary introduction.

Now sitting here, in meditative state, appeasing to each other in friendly ways and even discussing matters of philosophy or politics, Verd was much more open towards actual non-combat related brain processing. Verd understood quickly that Mizuki was both of higher rank and importance within her village structure. Verdandi wouldn't go as far as to admit that her patriotism towards Kiri was slightly overshadowed by the fact that she had a way more close, intimate desire to look after their actual homeland Yuki no Kuni. While Ayakashi had embraced Kiri as her home and its people as hers. She was naturally gifted with the feelings of seeing the Kiri-nin and its civilians as her own family.

Verdandi deeply lacked a deeper connection to Kirigakure, she mostly did the missions and jobs she was appointed with because she enjoyed the concept of supporting her aunt. However as far as things would come to patriotism, Verdandi was obviously more concerned about her own homeland. For her, all four nations were equally right and wrong in their task and ideals for conquest. So Verd would blush up a little as she decided to leak a tiny little bit of those feelings into the conversation.

"I have no personal wish for any village's gains in this conflict. I personally would enjoy the idea that all villages help to drive away the evil that has befallen this land and help reinstating a suna government, with a working Kazekage in its place. The idea of vassal states escapes me. Ayakashi has more territory than she could ever need worry about. But I guess the feudal lords have their own wishes in this regard. I wonder how this will all play out. However, I deeply enjoy the concept of a joint venture into suna. As much as it might be just a farce to hide everyone's personal goals, I prefer to move through these lands and just do good where I can and try to help where I'm needed and leave them be once they think I am no longer welcome to support them or shall leave their country to their own."

Seeing Avalanche growl in joy at the caress of the calm woman. He planted his head in her lap for a minute, enjoying the warm sensation of feeling welcome and accepted. Closing his eyes as he would relax himself. His ears occasionally twitching if he could hear the noises of various animals, or the prideful bird that was enjoying himself on his own undisturbed tree somewhere around.

That exhaled speech ended up longer that she had intended. However, Verd was certain she could deliver her points well without stepping on any patriotic feelings somewhere. She would never dare to betray her aunt. It was not in her nature and eventually, she would fall for the sake of protecting what is dear to Aya, if just to fulfil a blood oath in regards to what she felt was really important. Family. The same way Verdandi would understand Aya's wished for Kiri, since as deducted earlier already, Kiri was her family too. But feeling affection and loyalty to a person, wouldn't necessarily force someone to turn around their own goals and beliefs. Best served a situation outcome would be if Ayakashi's venture at the head of Kiri would somehow align with Verdandi's own wish for Suna's freedom. Verdandi was yet a young child, not one of very knowledgeable depth in politics. Her ideals and wishes might be dreams that could never be fulfilled but having a specific ideal as to what she could wish for the world, that wouldn't hurt anyone, at least not when it was as paragon as Verdandi's.

While Mizuki seemed clearly involved and motivated to be part of the worlds politics and her potential influence with it's leaders, Verdandi had to admit to herself that she'd prefer it to become strong enough to someday repeat that spar she had with auntie when she was but a mere genin freshmen. On equal grounds. Somewhere in a plateau in the frost. Facing her very mentor to compete and earn her respect by pure display of utter power. But Verdandi was a patient one. She could wait. It could take many years to achieve her dream. But she knew, someday, her powers would allow her to make herself recognized the way she desired it so.

"Anyhow. Since you already know my ultimate secrets as to I am a user of frost alike my aunt. I'd like to be bold enough what your own techniques or skills might look like? Maybe you might be even open for a show?" Verd grinned joyfully, obviously being a bit cheeky towards the idea of having some sort of competition alike with her previous thoughts to someday face her aunt as equal, she wished to see what powers a Jounin of a different village could provide in show off and maybe even learn something from her.

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Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
Drive away the evil that has befallen this land. A noble thought, indeed, but how feasible would it be when those who destroyed Sunagakure were now sheltered by the Raikage? Was evil what remained in these ruins? Lamya had come to Kumogakure during the Chuunin Exams to claim her position as the terror of Land of Winds that had invaded and destroyed the Village, sowing chaos and dread in the hearts of the refugees that had taken shelter in Kumogakure. For one reason or another, the Raikage had done nothing to protect the people, allowing her to proceed with her terror as he sat and watched. From her point of view as a diplomat, it had made no sense to leave the visitors unprotected. If anything, his claims to shelter them would have gained weight if he had participated, winning the people for his cause easily. But he was not the evil plaguing these lands. Lamya was, if the rumours were true.

Verdandi's speech on how she remained in Kirigakure mostly for her family slightly disturbed her peace of mind. Mizuki understood fully that approach, but unlike the girl next to her Mizuki had little remaining on matters of family. Only her sister remained, and she was a missing-nin living the life of a pirate somewhere in the world. Though the Raiu clan compound remained, they weren't exactly family but rather a collective of descendants tracing back a lineage to Darui somewhere. The clan had been around for so long that they no longer were 'one family' but more a tradition of Storm Release users. It pained Mizuki to think about her family.

"I support your thoughts. A little kindness can go a long way. My worries do not reach out to the ambitions of the kage, but the hand that rests above them. The ruins still belong to the Land of Wind and therefore fall under the rule of its Daimyo. I'm concerned that annexing Sunagakure may come to be perceived as a hostile invasion incited by the dominating Village. Politically, it would allow the Wind Daimyo to demand compensation or allow his samurai to seek retaliation."

The full intricacies of such politics and the workings of the samurai society were not something Mizuki was all too familiar with, but having dealt with samurai before and being considered a 'ronin executioner' after taking over her father's position made her aware of one thing - a samurai's honour was a dangerous beast best left sleeping. The kunoichi had no idea what had been planned or agreed on, but a hunch told her this gathering of forces was a War of Shadows rather than a decision made by the Daimyo's. The exact outcome both in what Village would prove to be the dominating Force as well as the consequences of such massive movements across the lands were thoughts that gave her sleepless nights.

Pushing back the encroaching dark thoughts of lost families and political intrigue, she lowered her eyes to watch the bear now resting in her lap. How long had it been since she had been able to just be Mizuki, a young woman with dreams and desires? The days had blurred out the years in quick succession. Traditions, training, hospital visits, fighting, executions, missions, more fighting. All she had gained in her attempt to improve upon Kumogakure's condition was a sense of loss. This brief moment where she could just be herself and enjoy the warmth of life was something she enjoyed to its fullest.

But only a brief moment it would be as the Yuki disturbed the peace of life with a request that dropped all notions of proper etiquette. Bold was one way to put it, naive would be another. Mizuki did not know everything about the Yuki. Yes, the Ice Release was notorious, but she had never faced one in combat and information on their general tactics was not as readily available. Shinobi had secrets, even after the many generations they we around.

"You make a bold request that I can not grant so easily, Yuki-san. I remain a kunoichi in service of a rivalling Village. What reason would I have to reveal my skills so easily to a person I just met?"

She could not read the girl's thoughts nor foresee her future. The bold question might have sounded a fair trade in return for acquired knowledge that had never been asked for, but the world of a shinobi was not one based on a noble utopia. While Mizuki was not one to shy away from teaching others, not even one of her teachers had revealed their lessons all in one moment. The bond between a teacher and a student was a peculiar one. It remained to be seen if the Yuki had what it takes to forge such a bond.

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Verdandi giggled. Her new friend's precautions were logic and not unexpected. But Verd was sure that Mizuki was one able to read auras and emotions on a similar level than Dandi. That in mind, Verd would slowly stand up. Whistling shortly the bear would open his eyes again, lazy he'd lift his head and try to lick his long tongue over Mizu's cheek in thanks. Slowly trotting off as he understood that he wasn't supposed to come in between them. Soon jumping back into the pond with his wiggly butt ahead and starting to play in the water as he desired.

Verdandi pulled her sword from her sheath while moving a bit away from Mizu, making the while move not all too threatening. She twirled the blade around her palm and rotated it a few times over her wrist. Starting to imply a rather intimidate control over her weapon and how she could wield it. Wyrm's Tooth had a shiny Hyouton infused blade. As it sliced through the air, the ice adorning its metal would exhale a cold breathing mist if shimmering delight. Verd was wearing her light armor beneath the robe. Everything was perfectly settled for a spar. The context of rivalling villages was something Verd didn't really believe in.

"To be someone's enemy based on the point of where you were born is a pretty silly concept don't you think?" she chuckled and obviously made no sign of stopping in her path to slowly loosen up her muscles and very obviously prepare for the spar that her yet-to-be partner had yet to accept. "If it helps you, I was born in Yuki no Kuni and as far as I remember Yuki has no conflict with your country." She chuckled. Knowing well that it didn't solve the problem at hand. Then again Verd wasn't really able to convince someone about the truth and determination behind her words solely on words. Anything she could say from here on would be just fluff to what she had already proven was her own view upon politics and conflicts between the nations.

"I see that simply training me as one of your pupils could go against your principles. But I guess defending yourself because you were… threatened by an oppressing force. Would certainly give you a reason to draw your blade." Verdandi would commence. Knacking her neck a few times. She would slowly move into position for the Hyouton blade dance that she was still working on. The motions obviously not perfected yet but the stance and the angle of protection were nothing but stolen fragments from Kenjutsu Kata with something that was possibly not recognizable for Mizuki. A blade dance of the north. Those were not often associated with actual Kenjutsu. A blade dance was an artistic display. For agile but weak female dancers. Exotic maybe, beautiful to look at, but most of the time very inefficient when it came down to actually using those moves in battle.

Verdandi had spent years combining the blade dances she learned in her childhood, with the Kenjutsu tactics that purely aimed for least movement with most efficient result. Verdandi moved in. Right foot forward. Blade in two hands, extend in front of her chest. Pointing upwards in the sky. Slowly tilting it sideways, her body charging in towards Mizuki. If she was ready or not was completely up to her. Verdandi didn't mind to mock attack her if she decided to not honour Verd by drawing her blade as well.

Verd's initial attack would be based on her steady right foot moving forward and her left leg lifting quickly off the ground as it was aiming to hit Mizuki's shoulder. The blade would merely swing along with Verdandi's body as a means of protection, not aimed to slice out just yet. The kick however seemed to be just flavour as well and could have been easily parried. The motion would be followed by a simply stomp down on her knees, trying to hit her elbow into Mizuki's stomach. Once the two close combat distractions were complete a powerful slice from her lowered position up, towards the heaven would be supported by her slowly standing up from that almost kneeling position. The slice could easily be parried as well but would be quickly followed by another two-dozen quick returning blade crashes that would echo the sound of angry metal into the oasis. At last Verd would slightly be thrown back and regain her stance.

The little introduction was but, a dance to her. A few twirls. A few slices and rotations. An aesthetic display with little open spots to attack but not strong in it's offense. Verd was clearly playing for now. She had to know that her opponent was willing to drop her national pride for a minute and take the spar seriously. "Teach me Master…" she said with a bright smile on her lips. The actual feeling of being in combat was exciting her. One could say many things about Verdandi, but not question her talent as a born warrior. While she was still obviously lacking in technique, she had a determination and mindset that was instantly tied with lust for clashing swords. The joy of hearing metal clank. The rush of potential harm when blades just barely missed their targets, the pleasure of using your unusual, inhuman talents as a shinobi. Moving at speed and in ways normal humans never would be able to. Becoming a monster, become a weapon. Such a rush of emotions. She was ready, ready for another charge towards her somewhat unwilling sparing partner. But she would calm herself. Remember that falling into her battle lust could lead her to become reckless or too open for more perceptive opponents. A mixture of joy and calm control would be the way to go. Ready. Ready for the perfect sparring match. Ready to be thought a lesson.

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Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
The mood changed a tone when the bratty girl stood up and whistled her bear away from its comfortable lap. This sudden disturbance made Mizuki open her eyes, seeing the big bear give her a lick on the cheek before she took out a handkerchief to rub off the wet remainder of his thanks. Blue-green eyes would rest on Verdandi, who felt the need to reveal her skill and familiarity with the blade.

The blade on its own caught Mizuki's interest, who was not familiar with Hyouton infused weapons, the weapon a example of excellent craftsmanship she had only rarely laid eyes upon. Such custom-made weapons revealed much about their owner, the elegance and grace inherent to the blade foreshadowing the blade dance Verdandi would perform. Much like was the case with her own blade, she assumed it to have a name given by a rich story that had come to shape the spirit of the weapon. This one  spoke of a spirit much akin to that of her father - light-heared and fluid as water. The weapon destined for a fluid but deadly form of combat, Verdandi's agility with the blade hinting at a fighting style that would favour swiftness above strength.

"I agree. I'm personally not of a mind to judge people by their origin but by their spirit."

She would continue to warm up, Mizuki not having moved yet as she quietly observed the Yuki. There was no killing intent to be felt, but much like her father she sported an almost childlike desire to spar and test out her mettle. A playful teasing mostly aimed to incite others to join her in the game. That notion was strengthened by her suggesting that Mizuki would not be inclined to accept her as a formal student - such a serious idea - and instead would have to feign a sense of danger as she would come to be assaulted by this stranger - a cheeky and deceptive approach. Mizuki smiled faintly. Yes, she did harbour her father's Spring spirit.

"I'm inclined to correct you on your judgement. As the successor of my father's dojo, I am not adverse to teaching students who are willing to commit to the Arts of Kenjutsu or Kyujutsu, no matter their origin, but they would have to show dedication, discipline and loyalty. I would not see our traditional values tarnished by those who fail to understand how to honour the reputation of a sensei. But perhaps you may have what it takes...?"

She would then stand up herself and move to position herself away from the tree and more into the open, as if to see what a prospective student could reveal to her. Unlike Verdandi, Mizuki didn't draw her katana to step into an opening stance. Trained in the arts of iaijutsu, kiaijutsu and kenjutsu since childhood by a man that had given shape to several sword styles and had past on an old art of samurai descent, Mizuki was used to not reveal her opening stances from the start. The perfect position of her katana at her hip, the black scabbard soberly stamped with a silver Raiu kamon, and the calm confidence she exhumed would give away she was already prepared for the worst. As her father would say, "A beautiful smile can hide a murderous aura."

Verdandi would continue her masquerade, her dance hiding kenjutsu techniques easily picked up by those that were not too blind for the basics of kenjutsu seishin. An interesting dance, a beautiful art that Mizuki could appreciate if only for the grace with which Verdandi wielded her weapon. In her mock assault, she would start with a couple of basic opening attacks that were dodged with the slightest of body movement on Mizuki's end before the sudden slash upwards was rendered useless with a simple sidestep, moving out of the girl's line of energy by stepping next to her dominant sword arm. She would still follow up with a flurry of strikes, making the kunoichi take small steps backwards time and time again to stay out of the sword's reach. A dance of ebb and flow, the girl's sword reflecting the sun's light as if it were the sea itself.

As the dance would come to an end, amusement visible in Verdandi's eyes and smile, she would once more request her to be taken on as a student. A few seconds would pass as Mizuki thought about her request. Verdandi reminded her of her father whose grace and fluidity with the blade was brought to mastery through his own Willow Dance style. One handed, dual wielding, the sword style was a dance that reflected the ebb and flow of the waters and spirited its ability to adapt to any situation. While the style was not as efficient against a duel-oriented style such as the Heaven Sword, it dealt swiftly and efficiently with multiple opponents. After seeing Verdandi's moves, Mizuki would not have been surprised if she'd make a fine student for her father's signature style but unfortunately, it was her sister that had inherited that art.

"You remind me of my father. If he could have been here to see your moves, he would have taught you without hesitation, so in honour of his spirit I will teach you.", she would then bow as she formed the Seal of Reconciliation, a sign she was making her decision official. "Your fluidity with the blade expresses your suiton nature. It is unfortunate I can't teach you my father's Willow Dance style, but I do believe I might have a couple of techniques that would supplement your fighting style beautifully. Do you specialise in ninjutsu, by chance?"

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Verdandi nodded. Slowly sheathing her blade again. The way Mizuki moved and avoided those attacks were clean and minimalistic. Reminding Verd a bit of aunt Ayakashi's movements. The mad auntie however parried blades with her finger. Dandi giggled as she reminded herself of the power levels and their difference. Kage meeting Genin is certainly like kid meeting king. Verd was not far from being promoted to the same rank as Mizuki. She could tell that her skills excelled her greatly but not by levels as devastating as when she was fighting her aunt.

Still seeing a clear difference in skill and refinement, Verd was sure that Mizuki did indeed have the talents to teach her. While her words had been eager, she however was picky herself too. Not going to learn from any fool or bloke that cam around the oasis and petted her bear. But while the obviously display of skills was quickly determined in this short, barely few minutes lasting spar and clash of blades. It was after all still her calm aura that was interesting. The Yuki usually known for their temper, Verdandi being the calmest of them that has risen from their shadows since ages. However not comparable to the sheer control that Mizuki emitted from her simple but efficient style.

While they were fighting and calculating. Measuring and evaluating. Avalanche was swimming around the pond of the oasis. Curling around and occasionally eyeing the bird that he had seen earlier. Wondering all kinds of things. Aside from what bird tastes like… but he wasn't the vicious kind. Probably would have hugged and chased the flying thingy for hours if it was up to him. His monstrous nature was naturally dormant at this point. No one could really see what he would someday turn into. But every animal is allowed to have its childhood, even as a teenager he was still a pretty funky and playful one.

Verdandi smiled. "I see you are indeed as reasonable as your aura expresses you to be. Unblinded by hate and racism. I guess our kage's would eventually judge us for not being as patriotic as they demand it from us. But I'd rather see the day where shinobi clash in competition without the need of killing each other. Maybe someday. I will have the power to change the world into a calmer, wiser and more peaceful place. But for now, it is but my ambition. Or dream you could say. If you are willing to add power to the container that is my knowledge and wisdom, I shall gladly return the favour. Some way. Somehow. Someday."

Verdandi smirked. Moving back into the initial starting position. This time deciding not to go bluntly back into battle, contemplation was allowed it's time. Both allowing themselves some breath and means to think about their words. Mizu would proceed to invite Verdandi to a use and show-and-tell of suiton powers for a start. Verd agreed. Grinning slightly as she was aware that she had a very unique water technique. Not sure if it would be useful for non-hyouton users. However, the ability to summon intense, large bodies of water was something she could get behind.

Stepping a bit closer to the pond and out of reach to not unnecessarily startle either Avalanche or Mizuki. Verd would casually push her palms together and release a massive suiton energy from her depths. Slowly exhaling as the creation of the large body of water was instant. A magic trick she had perfected in her own research into the nature of suiton chakra. Verd watched the 20 cubic meters large pile of water slowly dissolve onto the ground and all over the place, happily joining the pond of the oasis as it made said ponder overflow and turn large in its nature.

"How's that for a start?" she said. Giggling away softly at her show off. Pretty sure that it wasn't something commonly seen even to Mizuki.

670 / 4750

Chakra 160/200:

Using B-Rank Chakra.

Name: Water Release: Archerfish
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D-A
Type: Supplementary
Element: Water
Range: long (5 - 40 m³)
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: /
Cooldown: 3-6 posts
Description: This jutsu is nothing else but summoning a large body of water right in front of the users palms. Even though it could soak and surround an enemy if hit directly, it does not have any offensive properties. However it might be used to to extinguish flames or fire jutsu equal to the rank of the jutsu that is used. IE: A-Rank fire techs can only be parried with A-Rank water summon.

RankRange (m³)Speed (m/s)ChakraCooldown


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Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
Mizuki's question would be answered with a display of techniques, indicating the Kiri-nin was a ninjutsu user much like her. She would nod in recognition, thinking how to go about her lessons for a moment. With both of them sharing specialisations and at least one element, explaining the workings of strategy and reasoning behind the techniques would be easy. The only obstacle to deal with here was that Mizuki couldn't say what sort of abilities the girl had, nor which approach she favoured. It would require a measure of good luck.

"We share specialisations, it seems. That makes it quite easier to teach you. I'm unsure which strategies you tend to favour, but I'll reveal a few that run with my father's philosophies. Should those not be to your liking, do let me know.", she would pause to see an acknowledgement on Verdandi's side before she continued the actual lesson. "Our family has relied on the katana for a long time, often relying on ninjutsu to supplement its offensive power rather than have the blade be the second option. As you are probably aware, the trouble with melee oriented fighting styles is that the struggle against the tactical advantageous ranged attacks. A solid defence and ability to raze the opponent's defences is paramount to success."

Finishing her introduction, Mizuki would form the dog hand seal and blow out suiton chakra as if it were a bubblegum, letting the chakra envelop herself in a 3m radius invisible bubble. The technique on itself would have little means of demonstration since there were no archers around currently, so the kunoichi would explain its use.

"Bubblegum is one of my first techniques and easily my favourite one too. It creates an invisible ward against archers that has allowed me to ignore them easily as I bring the fight to those that would rely on melee weapons. It doesn't bring anything to the table to counter jutsu and melee fighters can run through the ward safely, but I'm fairly certain an Ice user as you could easily improve or alter it it by turning it into a cage to deal with a select amount of warriors or prevent entering and escaping the ward's radius. It's a C rank technique, so the power will be limited in its use against better trained or equipped opponents but it should be able to carry you through D and C rank missions, maybe even easy B rank ones."

She would improve upon Bubblegum's potential evolution and the idea of an ice cage with a couple more techniques she knew. The strategy could turn her Bubblegum in a 'dome of death' as it were, creating a small but efficient means for a nin/buki specialist to deal with a select few opponents without worry of anything else.

"Now let's assume we are stuck in a 3m radius ice dome, your opponents refusing to stay in melee with you. Bubblegum is intended to move along with you, so moving would not improve upon the situation unless you could slow them down with a technique like Starch Syrup Capturing Field. You, of course, have the advantage of knowing the Supernatural Walking Technique so you should not suffer its effects", she would mold the necessary chakra for the technique and proceed to spit it out at its maximum distance into the desert. The sticky syrup would cover a 10m radius. "You generally want the technique to hit a target as it slows them down as well, but those without SWT will get stuck in the syrup as it hardens. Bubblegum doesn't block this technique from passing its radius, but the ice dome could perhaps. Then, to finish it off... You use the Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death, or a similar technique. I'll assume you could create the needles out of the ice dome for an additional surprise effect. The technique has a 3 meter radius of effect, which makes it a perfect fit with the altered Bubblegum's 3 meter radius. Please hold still as I demonstrate.", Mizuki would jump backwards, creating a ten meter distance between the two before forming the needed half-hand seals to conjure it. Out of thin air, a thousand needles would appear, covering a 3 meter radius around Mizuki, before she would take her position back next to Verdandi. A second later, the needles struck there where she had been standing with such a blinding speed its lethality was undeniable. "The technique is mostly aimed to deal with a single person or a closely knit group but it shouldn't be too hard to create variations once you know the base functionality."

She would pause to allow Verdandi to take it all in, register the hand seals and the effects of the jutsu. The full combo was quite taxing in terms of chakra even for her, but it offered a beautiful and solid setup to deal with opponents even if they'd block one technique. The kenjutsu specialist simply created a myriad of opportunities within its own little combat realm. The series of techniques she demonstrated was a single way to make use of them that she had come up with this very moment, but she knew from experience there were plenty of others uses and combos possible. The techniques were efficient in their simplicity, the kunoichi assuming that an Ice user could find even more means to put them to good use thanks to the renowned versatility that came with her advanced element.

"Any questions so far?"

Total: 4739


Passive - Heiress to Heaven's Lightning
C Rank - Bubblegum:

Name: Water Release: Bubblegum
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton
Range: Personal
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintained, 5 chakra/post
Cooldown: Duration x1.5 posts
After performing the dog hand seal, the user blows a bubble of suiton chakra into existence similar in execution as blowing bubblegum into shape. The layer of chakra surrounds the user in a 3 meter radius wide bubble and moves with the user. The bubble is invisible to the naked eye, but every time it is hit by a weapon, the chakra briefly becomes visible where it was struck, revealing a continued flow of water.

The continued flow of suiton chakra prevents all projectiles, thrown with a strength of B rank or lower, from getting through the bubble (counts for both directions). Chakra infused projectiles follow the basic rules of clashing against defensive jutsu, but non-weapon jutsu will not be blocked by this ability.

As for perceptive matters, all but sound-based sensory jutsu will remain unaffected. Since water generally distorts sounds of all kind, the flowing suiton chakra distorts sound-based detections by imposing a -1 rank to its effectiveness but does otherwise little to prevent detection.
The sharingan will not be able to see the user as the layer of chakra completely surrounds him in a globe, but tracking the chakra signature remains otherwise not the hardest of tasks. The byakugan, known to suffer some trouble with barriers, will be able to see the user through the chakra with a -1 tier penalty to perception.
C Rank - Starch Syrup Capturing Field:

Name: Water Release: Starch Syrup Capturing Field (水遁・水飴拿原 ~ Suiton: Mizuame Nabara)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Suiton
Range: Up to 15 metres
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 4 post
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: The user spits out high-viscosity, chakra infused water, aimed at a surface of wide scope. This is a stream of sticky liquid which can be used to form an adhesive trap that can inhibit a person's mobility, slowing them down by -1 tier to the Speed stat, before ultimately immobilizing them if they remain in the substance for two posts (immobilization lasts 2 posts as well). One can effectively reduce their enemy's area of activity with this technique, and has the effect of being able to take control over the battlefield. The normal scope of this technique is normally 10 meters in radius. If caught in this technique, the person is able to avoid being affected by the slowing or immobilization effects if they channel chakra through their feet (must be done by using a technique, such as Supernatural Walking Technique) - however, this must be activated before being caught in this syrup trap, or during the first two posts. Once the syrup begins hardening (two posts after activation), the victim will be rendered immobile, and it will require one jutsu of equal rank, or B rank Strength to break out before the end of the duration.
B Rank - Thousand Flying Water Needles:

Name: Water Release:  Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death (水遁・千殺水翔 ~ Suiton: Sensatsu Suishō)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Element: Suiton/Water
Range: 0-5 meters from target
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2
Cooldown: 5
Description: Using this technique, the user gathers some water from the air and surrounding environment into exactly one thousand long needles. He/She then directs them to a specific target at high speed, leaping backwards before impact so he/she does not get caught in the crossfire. The needles surround the target in a three meter radius from all sides except for the top, allowing a two-second time frame for the target to escape by jumping at least.  The user can perform this jutsu with one-handed seals, allowing him/her to pin an opponent's arm and attack while they cannot use any techniques themselves.   The needles themselves are 8 inches in length and are able to move up to high speeds, capping at 30 m/s.  The needles can penetrate 3/4 inch into the targets skin.

13 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:34 am



Verdandi watched Mizuki perform a series of very useful techniques that were yet completely unknown to her, despite her intense studies of water, wind and ice libraries. Some of them seemed somewhat familiar towards the knowledge she had read up but certainly Mizu had some things to show and teach the young ice princess without question. After analysing and studying the jutsu. She would take them on one by one.

Verd first tried her luck to understand the depths of the bubblegum tech. She however disliked its name from the start as it simply didn't sound very strong. Seeing it's potential however was convincing her quickly that she needed to have this for herself. However, as she was analysing the technique, Verdandi was quickly aware that the defensive capabilities to shield one from visibility was the most useful part of it aside from it's defensive nature against projectiles.

Verd would try a few times to mimic the technique. After long minutes of multiple tries she would eventually raise a little half-finished bubble barrier around her. Instantly, under the idea of Mizuki's impression. Verd would stretch her arms out and exhale Hyouton chakra towards the barrier. As the bubblegum tech itself was yet far from being mastered. Verd's frost chakra simply turned the thing sheets of suiton into ice without any actual strong properties. It lasted barely for a few seconds before it would crumble down into little ice sheets to the floor.

However, despite the failure. Verdandi quickly had taken not of the techniques workings and would be able to train both applications. However, to make a Hyouton variant based of it would probably take more than just a bit more trying. So, she kept it noted in the back of her head but put the topic aside for now.

Next in line would be the starch syrup. Mizuki gracefully displayed how the nasty sticky fluid could cover the ground, Verd shortly formed an ice-born shoe around her actual foot and simply stepped with it into the syrup as she was neatly standing at the edge of it's area of effect. As it started hardening Verd would slip her foot from the makeshift shoe and watched it getting stuck to the ground. Poking it a few times to make sure she understood it's nasty preferences.

Upon analysing the structure and elemental components of the syrup, Verd tried to mimic the hand seals and shortly moulded the chakra for a long time in her belly. As she somewhat puked out the nasty syrup it was certainly not the correct amount nor was the density fluid enough. She added a bit more suiton to the mix and the second try would possibly make a passable syrup of similar density despite that the mass she had produced was still inferior. Watching her own version harden however was enough to make sure that she got the concept.

Accepting her gained knowledge in another technique. Verd was ready for the last one in this round. Coming to the needle technique instantly reminded Verdandi of the ice needles Ayakashi was teaching her about. She did not yet master her aunt's technique however having seen it before helped her grasp the concept way more quickly compared to the other two techniques.

Verd would watch the insane number of needles formed. Pretty sure she had seen less of those in her aunt's technique. However, the ice needle tech was certainly aimed to do more lethal damage per singe needle instead of doing low end damage on a huge number of projectiles. However, the potential damage within this was still considerably large. Verd held her arms away from her. Whenever she had not mastered a technique, the way to simply interact with the moisture in the air could only be achieved alike this. Making her concentrate heavily on what was going to happen.

As she could conjure upon the moisture in the air. Forming a myriad of a hundred maybe even two of those needles would be achieved with an instant. Having formed an ice needle before clearly allowed her to know the exact shape and size one should have. However, confusing the shape of the needles with the ice tech made them a bit too large compared to the water one. On the second try she certainly did the size correctly but her chakra pool was a bit exhausted.

Sending them up into the trees the needles would cut a few juicy fruits loose that were well known to suna. Something like a mix between peach and pineapple. Verd casually bit into hers as it had no outer shell and started to munch on it. Tossing another one into Mizuki's arms for her to catch in case she wanted some as well. Verd would continue to contemplate the shapes of the techniques but she was sure she would be able to master them once given some lone-time to train them one by one.

"Well that was a lot. Super cool stuff! Hmm I still have a bunch of energy left. What else do you got? Oh, and please… Let me try and see if I can come up with something you could find useful too!"

Verd was certainly in high spirits and massively entertained by the prospect of learning so much so quickly. But she was ready for more!

900 / 5650

Chakra 110/200:

Spending at least 50 Chakra on trying to mimic the techniques that were displayed.


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14 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:23 am

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
She'd pluck the fruit out of the air as it was thrown to her, observing the mixture of peach and pineapple (peachapple?) for a moment before she'd thank a bite out of it as well and savour the juice-rich taste of it. She had been observing Verdandi's attempt to mimic her techniques, noticing mostly how the basics of the needles were mimicked better than her other techniques. The ice needles might have looked larger but left little doubt that whether water or ice version, the technique would be picked up fast by her student. There was little need to direct her chakra molding abilities towards a better mastery, the chuunin showing she knew more than the basics of ninjutsu that she could be left alone to try and practice the techniques as she shaped them into a form that  she would be comfortable with.

Lessons had barely begun but the enthusiasm was real, sparkles of amusement reflecting in Mizuki's eyes at the sight of such an eager student. Not counting the basic guidance with Kiriya a few years ago or the brief spectacle fight during the Chuunin Exams with Fuyuko, another Kiri-nin, Verdandi was probably the first actual student she had that was above Academy Student. The difference in level of analysis, comprehension and learning was huge, making this quick session rather entertaining for herself as well.

"You are welcome to try. The wise do not turn down an opportunity to learn."

Finishing the fruit, she would move on to the next set of techniques that would complement a swordswoman just fine. She had once shown her Polarity Shield technique to Fuyuko as she subtly taught the lower ranked kunoichi how raiton could be used defensively, its actual power lost to those without the Storm Release KKG. Now she would teach the sister technique that was similar in approach but of her advanced release's opposite element - suiton.

"You were given a combo that could pave the base to a variety of follow-ups. Buublegum protects you against ranged attacks, tThe ice variant provides you with a small arena where you can choose the rules. Bukijutsu is generally limited to a select amount of opponents, but with the previous techniques you should be fine against most opposition. Shinobi are of a different sort, however, but not impossible to overcome."

She would form the dog hand seal and breath out water chakra. A small cloud of rain drops would settle about her body, giving her clothes the impression of being wettened by the conjured rain drops. In effect, a continued flow of suiton chakra would be creating a thin film of chakra capable of soaking up a deceptively large amount of impact.

"Don't be deceived by its simple approach. Minor Oceanic Current is a C rank defensive technique perfectly capable of enduring a B rank jutsu. As it names suggests, I rely on identical but stronger versions of this technique known as Oceanic Current and Great Oceanic Current. It's a simple naming pattern but if you know how to recreate the C rank version, you're also offered the blueprint to create stronger versions once you are experienced enough to mold high ranking techniques. Here again, variations are possible as I imagine them being provided a layer of thin ice slivers, or forming the base for retaliation jutsu of close proximity."

Ranged defence and jutsu defence were offered. The potential to reach the opponent in melee was realistic now. Supernatural Walking Technique and a possible burst of speed was all one would need to catch up to those deciding on hit and run strategies. It was a matter of denying the opponent any reactions now.

"As a fellow swordswoman you're probably familiar with iaijutsu, the art of drawing one's blade. To most this is a form of art of the highest concentration and precision, to few this is an ancient tradition that can cleave an opponent in two. There is a third art that complements sword masters perfectly - kiaijutsu. Samurai are taught the art of 'intent projecting' to startle their opponent and enhance their blows, but that's just the basics. My father, Kiyoshi Raiu, was once taught kiaijutsu by a ronin of the samurai society and further improved upon it with the use of our ninjutsu techniques."

Mizuki would take on the well-known horse stance, lowering her hands to her hips.

"Please hold still as I demonstrate the technique. Allow the shout to affect you so you understand what exactly it does to your opponents. I promise you no harm will come over you."

Slowly she would breath in, aiming her intent on Verdandi as she raised her hands in perfect sync with her breathing. Then, a brief kiai would burst out of her mouth and resonate in the area, its echo carried far by the wind. Where the samurai's traditional kiai intimidated their opponent into a paralysis, the chakra enhanced sound was not intimidation but effectively blocked the target completely from any sort of movement.

"Train your voice as if it was a weapon on its own, and you can use it as you are about to strike your opponent. Offensively of defensively, the technique is a hidden one not easily countered by the unprepared."

Once again, she would pause an give Verdandi to take in the new information after she recovered from the stun.

Total: 5647


C Rank - Oceanic Current, Minor:

Name: Water Release: Minor Oceanic Current
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton | Ranton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
With a single Dog hand seal, the user breathes out a brief cloud of raindrops that settles around his body. While looking as if it only wets the body, the chakra effectively grants a layer of solid suiton chakra which continuously flows around him and leaves behind a clammy, humid feeling. Much like natural water, even a thin body of water is enough to soak a massive impact. The jutsu is able to block three D rank jutsu, two C rank jutsu or one B rank jutsu  (which will break through the defensive jutsu with a -2 rank effectiveness).

For an additional 5 chakra cost, the user can add raiton chakra to this jutsu to make it a Ranton element instead.

Teaching below jutsu two in extension of the demonstrated technique. Jutsu were not activated.
B rank - Oceanic Current:

Name: Water Release: Oceanic Current
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton | Ranton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
With a single Dog hand seal, the user breathes out a brief cloud of raindrops that settles around his body. While looking as if it only wets the body, the chakra effectively grants a layer of solid suiton chakra which continuously flows around him and leaves behind a clammy, humid feeling. Much like natural water, even a thin body of water is enough to soak a massive impact. The jutsu is able to block three C rank jutsu, two B rank jutsu or one A rank jutsu  (which will break through the defensive jutsu with a -2 rank effectiveness).

For an additional 5 chakra cost, the user can add raiton chakra to this jutsu to make it a Ranton element instead.
A rank - Oceanic Current, Great:

Name: Water Release: Great Oceanic Current
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton | Ranton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
With a single Dog hand seal, the user breathes out a brief cloud of raindrops that settles around his body. While looking as if it only wets the body, the chakra effectively grants a layer of solid suiton chakra which continuously flows around him and leaves behind a clammy, humid feeling. Much like natural water, even a thin body of water is enough to soak a massive impact. The jutsu is able to block three B rank jutsu, two A rank jutsu or one S rank jutsu  (which will break through the defensive jutsu with a -2 rank effectiveness).

For an additional 5 chakra cost, the user can add raiton chakra to this jutsu to make it a Ranton element instead.

B Rank Kiaido - Paralysing Shout:

Name: Kiaido - Paralysing Shout
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Defensive
Element: None
Range: 25m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 5 posts
This jutsu requires no hand seals. The user takes a deep breath and unleashes a powerful kiai in the direction of the opponent to briefly stun them (1 post).

15 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:08 pm



Verd watched Mizuki nom pleased at the peachapple. Pretty sure that this fruit was yet to be make well known in the lands of Kiri. Verd would make mental notice of this if she ever dared to commercialize her thoughts in support of creating a multitude of Ryo that might help her pretty Heidel village.

Verd proceeded to show a myriad of small suiton techniques but realized soon that binging into them would end up sucking out her chakra and Mizuki was not very interested in them to begin with. Verd realized she was amused by the depth and variety of all those library ones but seemed either familiar with them or certain that her own skills and techniques already surpassed them and hence made them sort of useless.

Verd admitted to herself that having nothing to offer in this bargain irked her more than she was showing. However, it was but a slight sting of pride to realize and accept that sometimes. People are more advanced in their progress towards greatness and the young ones had literally nothing to offer they didn't know. Verdandi's talents would be born from Hyouton. However, the concept of her ice armour was nothing newly invented. Verd explained to Mizuki the basic idea of her Ice Prison and Ice Grave combination. Not sure of a person alike Mizu would find any interest in a technique of Ice like, Ice Grave's utter brutality.

Verd gave up. She could but hope that her presence would humour her guest-sensei in a way and somehow still give her chance to practice on something of value for herself. For a while they would return to Kenjutsu contemplation. Sharing ideas about their fighting styles. Particularly her fathers. Verd would try to explain how she grew up in royal court and was somewhat pushed into the fine arts of aesthetics. She wasn't sure if Mizuki would find her reasoning as to why Verd favoured the blade dance styles so much very enlightening or not. However, she enjoyed the thought that someone as of open mind as Mizuki would see the combination of beauty and deadly force within Verdandi's somewhat unique and own style. Within the contemplation Verd would keep asking herself if the techniques and stances explained about Mizu's fathers style, could somehow be merged into her own or maybe give her some new ideas on how to adjust her own dance of blades.

The training session was fruitful, not just cause of the plenty peachapples in reach but actually also because they were indeed making actual progress, at least a lot on Verdandi's side. Avalanche dozed away in his, by now a bit slightly archerfish enlarged pool. The way Verd would dance around with the other nice human humoured him but also their presence relaxed him to the point he easily fell asleep.

Verdandi nodded as she was confronted with a next set of techniques from Mizuki's repertoire. Obviously, the nice lady had yet more to teach and Verdandi would gladly follow suit as long as she had chakra to spend and train. Within this sense Verd would watch Mizuki cast the oceanic current. Alike her ice armour it had a very simple intent. Unlike the bubble it would shield from techniques and elemental projectiles. Verd would continuously try to infuse the air around her with suiton chakra. Quite a few times, she would find just making her skin wet and looking a little foolish at the start. But putting the cloud a little further away in distance from herself during creation and then slowly pulling them onto her body to create the layering protection. Verd would see to it being successful pretty easily.

Verd enjoyed this technique, it was simple and useful. Her first suiton technique alike the ice armour. Immediately she would think that she would need to find a similar approach on the fuuton chakra someday. Seeing as this technique was easily mastered. Mizuki showed the basic idea on how to make this technique stronger. Raising its potency in new variations. Verd only tried for a bit as she was clearly short on breath when it came to her energy.

They contemplated for a while. Making sure Verd would be easily able to practice into the variations of the armour. But Mizuki had yet one more to show off. Dandi was not afraid to show her yet, very limited knowledge about iaijutsu and kiaijutsu. Wishing their deeper idea further explained she would poke several holes of question into Mizuki to slowly grasp why such acts would be considered own styles of their own. Verdandi was not ignorant to the many styles that were practices but it was obvious that her Kenjutsu teachers so far had yet humoured her intense talent with the blade as a sort to teach her the most important basics and ideals, but she had yet to meet a blade master that would actually dedicate their time to teach her it's depth. Hence Verdandi was unexplainably grateful that Mizuki actually tried to go for it at some edge.

Watching her stance in it's very refined form, Verd stared at the movement and was mesmerized. By it's beauty and clean execution. The speed. The form. The movement. Very mesmerized. Stunned by it's art. But she soon realized that she wasn't just stunned out of seeing such a beautiful technique but actually cause the technique itself shouted an amount of energy forth that would irritate Verdandi's senses in a way to keep her frosted almost like one of her beloved ice statuettes.

Mizuki took her time to explain the depth of this one. Verd kept scratching her head. Obviously been the first of it's kind she knew. Her Bukijutsu knowledge was, despite being of refined and beautiful technique, so limited that her in-depth study of actual active techniques within the field was very limited. She talked about her reflection tech for a while and how it could fend a bit alike the bubblegum barrier.

Verd sat down again. Another intense training phase was over and she needed another short relaxation and recovery to reload her continuously emptying batteries, or just to calm her body. But alike hard physical training, the strain and pain of effort felt good and exciting. A wonderful way to humour the day as it came by.

1070 / 6720

Chakra 70 / 200:

Spending 35 Chakra to mimic the techs.

Spending around 5 Chakra to show some minor forms of the library techs. Simply for potentially finding something to amuse Mizuki


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16 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:50 am

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
A lot of Verdandi's bukijutsu seemed to relate to dancing, a decision Mizuki had found strange considering she was rather used to having nobility wield the blade rather well. That wasn't to say she was doing a bad job now but a lot of the traditional arts that related to kenjutsu seemed to be missing a few steps of comprehension with Verdandi. Iaijutsu had been a given of hint of recognition but failed to reveal the acknowledgement of experience, and awareness of kiaijutsu was downright completely lacking. Granted, her father held tied to the samurai world but Kirigakure's reputation with the blade was still towering that of Kumogakure. The Seven Swordsmen alone were the living proof of that.

Mizuki felt a need to change that. As the dancer she was, iaijutsu would be just another art of precision and beauty. Discipline ran through both arts but like Heaven and Earth they went differently about it. Dance was about movement. Iaijutsu was about patience and precision. One draw of the blade was supposed to strike true and end a live. A direct, lethal approach compared to the indirect, distracting nature of the dance. Both lethal in their own way if done by a master.

As Verdandi took some to rest up, Mizuki would whistle sharply to beckon her hawk. A single cry replied, the bird landing on her outstretched hand. She would give it one of the fruits Verdandi had passed on and instruct it to drop the fruit at her command. The bird would grab the fruit and flap its wings to carry its light weight upwards, circling around the area until its command was given.

"Iaijutsu is the art of drawing the blade from its sheathe.", she would position herself out of the shadows of the trees, sinking into her basic stance. One hand resting on the sheathe, the other on the grip. Despite her peaceful approach, her disciplined nature would overshadow its presence as she concentrated on one specific moment. Zhinu would circle, waiting, and as it passed over Mizuki it would receive its order to drop the fruit. To any untrained person the fruit, pulled by gravity, would be plummeting down fast, impossible to be reacted to. To a trained swordsman, tracking was feasible. But an iaijutsu master saw the fruit enter their line of sight, drew their blade at an impossible speed and cut the fruit perfectly in the middle. As the lower half of the fruit continued its trajectory and flopped into the ground, the upper half rested neatly on Mizuki's blade. A perfect cut.

"But every time you draw the blade, it must strike true. An iaijutsu master is said to be able to cut a single sakura petal while leaving all the others undisturbed. That is the precision and perfection you must achieve."

Iaijutsu was traditionally a samurai art but much like her road had crossed the paths of that noble society before, so too had her father. Kiyoshi had rarely if ever spoken how it got into their family, but considering he carried the title of 'ronin executioner' before she did, it was most likely he or his elders had been taught the arts and passed it down. All Mizuki could say with certitude was that her father had trained her since childhood in turn.

She would pluck the top half of her katana, wipe the juice of the blade with a single motion of the weapon and sheathe her katana resolutely before eating the remainders of the fruit. As she did so, she'd watch Verdandi's reaction, analyse her interest for the art. The girl was skilled with a blade and could possibly be improved upon her deadliness and precision if she picked up iaijutsu. It had looked easy, but such precision and speed were not easily achieved and even less easily maintained. Just one perfected strike could take years of practise.

"Kiaijutsu on the other hand is the art of shouting. Or more precisely, of projecting your intent. It's another traditional samurai skill mostly used to boost their sword strikes in similar ways like we allow chakra to flow into our blades. The same intent, different approach. Likewise, their shouts are able to stun those weak of will, whereas ours is a matter of chakra manipulation once more. We may be needing a little more to get the same effects as a samurai's kiai, but that also makes ours more versatile. "

Once again she would drop into the horse stance.

"For instance, kiaijutsu could serve to shatter the opponent's jutsu or his resolve to go proceed with their technique. Where my father was a master in the art of the blade, I attempted to explore the versatility of kiaijutsu mixed with chakra. The result is a technique that made the clan call me 'Arashihime', meaning 'Lady of Storms' ", she'd pause a moment, channelling her chakra into her throat for the technique to come. "Voice of Susanoo"

Mizuki mimicked the same slow movement of her arms and breathing to allow Verdandi a proper analysis of the technique. Then, as she unleashed a shout similar to the first one, rather than an echo, the rumbling of thunder was heard in response to the clear kiai expressing her intent.

"I created it as a C rank but my father, proud as he was, picked it up and quickly strengthened his voice to an A rank equivalent. Voice of Susanoo has a limited range, depending on the strength of your chakra and voice, but it shatters a jutsu with the slightest of efforts. An ideal technique to use when your hands are readying themselves to draw your blade with a deadly flourish."

With he basics of kenjutsu, iaijutsu and kiaijutsu revealed, it was mostly a matter of picking up the techniques and shaping the basics into new forms but Mizuki would wait to see if there was anything else her student was willing to know, learn or practise. Such arts and techniques were quickly taught but never learned in a single day's time. Mastery took years of practise, but the kunoichi would do what she could to get her pupil started.

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C-A Rank Kiaido - Voice of Susanoo:

Name: Kiaido - Voice of Susanoo
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-A
Type: Defensive
Element: None
Range: 10/20/30m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
This jutsu requires no hand seals. The user takes a deep breath and unleashes a powerful kiai in the direction of an offensive jutsu, cancelling a jutsu of one rank higher (or any one lower) immediately as long as it occurs within 10/20/30 meters (respectively C, B & A rank range).


Name: Seiun
Type Of Weapon: Katana
Rank: A
Elemental Alignment: None
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: The katana inflicts standard A rank katana damage: it is able to cut/pierce 6,35 cm (2.5 inch) deep, and able to cut through bones.

Appearance: [x] [x]
The blade spans 72 cm (28.35 inch) from tip to the base of the tsuba, is hand-crafted by a Kumogakure master smith, and enchanted by a yamabushi. While made of the best steel, the blade has gained an astral purple colour of varied hues as it got enchanted, complimenting the metallic shine of steel perfectly. Near the tsuba, gold engraved kanji tell its name - "Seiun" (Nebula). The hilt spans 20 cm (8 inch) and is tightly wrapped in white ray skin and bound by a high quality purple cotton cord. The scabbard has been dyed ink black to imitate the night sky, and has soberly been decorated with a silver engraving of the Raiu clan kamon, as well as being provided a similar purple cotton cord as the one around the hilt.

As a testament to her bukijutsu skill, Mizuki wanted to improve upon her old trusted katana by adding a more personalised touch and attuning it to her own chakra nature. Only expecting the best, she first went to see the better smith in Kumogakure, honouring him with the request to forge her a high quality katana. He returned her a well-crafted and balanced katana, just a tiny little longer than the one she was used to, forged from the best materials he could procure.
Not satisfied just yet, Mizuki wandered into the mountains between Kumogakure and Iwagakure to find a reputed yamabushi that could complete this master piece. Months passed as he finished the katana, observing her as she did countless tasks for him, so he could craft a weapon in her image. The result became the katana now known as "Seiun", meaning Nebula.

17 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:01 pm



Verdandi observed the full length and introductions into both techniques. Having heard of the drawing techniques many times before. Seen her sages that tended to teach the young Yuki-nin do that all the time. However, Verd never enjoyed the deeper teachings of it. Her blade techniques were refined and smooth but they lacked depth. A broader knowledge of things was deeply required. Hence, she would, while recovering herself watch every move of Mizuki, step by step. Copying those very motions into her memory.

Once she thought to have a grasp of the ideas of Iaijutsu, Verdandi properly moved herself into a kneeling position, placing her butt neatly on her flat feet. Straightening her back. Pulling the sheath of her blade into proper position to her left hip. Keeping the sheath in a proper grip. Testing its tightness against Verdandi's belt. Slowly reaching down to fix it properly. Making sure it was tightly secured to her fabrics. Once more testing if the sheath was well motionable. Pulling it up and down, left and right until satisfied. Verdandi would close her eyes. Remembering what the sages did when they displayed their powers in demonstrational fights. She kept her eyes closed pairing her memories of her former sensei with the visible new input of Mizuki slicing perfectly into the fruit.

Verdandi rose from her knees. Left hand on her sheath, docking against it's end. Right hand tightly gripping Wyrm's Fang. The Hyouton tuned blade had been her companion for a long time now. The grip was perfect. It felt comfortable. This blade was, indeed to become an extension of her own arm. Verdandi moved one step forward. With a simple toss of a kunai, she'd set another fruit loose. Gripping the hilt of her blade tightly. Letting time slow down. Following the fruit as her target. Surrounding it with her senses. Seeing it with her eyes. Hearing it's movement through the air. Feeling it's shape with the senses of a shinobi. Calculating it's speed. It's path. Where it will move towards. She knew that, if she'd draw her blade as she intended. The draw of the blade itself would be a move that could be daunted as a simple blink of an eye. She didn't have to calculate the time it would take for the blade to reach it's target anymore. She knew that the moment she decided to have her arm extended. The cut would already be in effect.

The way she stared at the training projectile was soft, concentrated. She inhaled and exhaled properly. The fruit would reach the height of her head. Chest. Verdandi's right foot would slightly twist outwards to the right. Her left hands grip on the sheath became just and tight, her right palm slid forward, unsheathing and slicing the blade in such a perfectly arched straight line that the fruit would be exactly cut in half. Not more or less. Dropping to the floor knowing well it could be weighted and either side would be equal.

Verd would proceed to mimic Mizuki's way of slightly tossing the blade into a sideways downward swing as the juice of the fruit would be removed as if it was staining blood of ones enemy. Lifting her palm and adjusting her left hand to aim the sheath in order to accept the blade perfectly as it returned home. Verdandi would return to her knees and repeat her movements a few times in a simple test. Adjusting her slicing angle and motion to see if she could reach every motion perfectly and if she had the will and knowledge to adjust the blade's position and the way to draw it, either arched, pulled, pushed, straight or slicing into crescent form. Verdandi nodded. She wasn't sure if she could cut the wings of a fly or slice every petal and lead that might drop into half. But she knew exactly now what Mizuki meant and hence finished her motions. Kneeling back down to relax and breath properly.

After a pause, Verd would return back up standing tall in a more casual way. The next technique would be once again, invoke the powers of voice and will. Verdandi had seen it in the last training round. Impressive in its own way. Anything that might cause paralysation was a fearful technique in Verdandi's eyes. This one seemed to be more of repelling kind. With strong and fierce will she stood and took the blast, feeling it roam over her but at the same time she could feel how it's chakra would have blasted away a technique easily.

Verdandi tried to imitate the same stance and move, concentrating mostly on what was going on in her belly, letting the chakra form like a cancer of sort inside her, letting it ball up, swell and twist itself. Inhaling deeper and deeper. Before she exhaled an intense shout forward and let loose the chakra. The wave extended itself widely from Verdandi's body in a 360° radius but seemingly to lower effect than intended. She might just, by accident have invoked a new version of this shout. However, the goal she wanted to reach was hence still unfulfilled, but the very core of the technique was well adapted by now.

Verdandi would proceed to shout about for a while. Finding the act of doing so somewhat comforting if not even meditating. But eventually she realized that the shouting part was a mere catalysator the actual work came primarily from with. She hence returned back to her stance. Inhaled a few times deeply. She would picture her own chakra flow rotating and twirling, slowly creating the form of a spiral as she would surge it towards her lungs with all the power of her deep inner breath. Then exhaling that very air and pressure from her depths as the shout loudly exhaled itself. But with barely no actual sound in the end. The noise was overlayered by the insane power of chakra released and seeing it clash against her opponent. Eventually even stunning Mizuki for a second as this was more of a technique akin the first she had shown of it rather than the jutsu defence.

"I can now see the application of both. Iaijutsu and kiaijutsu. I think it should be possible to master them and put them into my technique. However, I'd deem it interesting how you'd adapt your own style into a sort of a blade dance. Do you have an idea how to accomplish that? I am however, deeply exhausted by now. I think I can but last for one rounder before I have to make myself on my way home. I can feel the chakra slowly emptying itself from my body. I should probably relax and hope that in our next encounter I shall be able to teach you instead…"

Verd would small talk, giggle and express the joy of training as Mizuki's student within the blade. She needed the break. Another round or two more would be fine. Probably just a last one before she'd make her way towards home once more. The signs of war were at the horizon. Not long until the shadow would claim the peace of these lands. Wrapping itself like a painful fist around the both of them. Verd could see it, in the future. Something dark would happen. Something blinding.

She shook her head. No need or reason to worry about too much. The shouts were incredibly useful and the sword drawing style was perfection added to her already superior battle technique. Maybe someday, it could be superior to Mizuki's as well. But for now. All was good. They just had to linger for a last try to meet their blades with each other. Cross them. To see if at least some of the info's had left some proper marks behind in Verd's memory.

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Spending 20 on B-Rank try for Shouts.


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18 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:35 pm

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
Time would tick away as Verdandi continued practising, the sun having left its zenith and inching towards the horizon. She could see the Yuki grasped the concept of her teachings easily but suffered a shortage in experience both on the training field as well as the battle field. Not unsurprising, but it revealed the differences in their sword practise. Had she been a decade younger, Mizuki would have called out to the Kiri-nin and told her she hadn't trained sufficiently. Not so much out of vanity or pride but because she knew nothing else but her father's rigid, disciplined and often relentless training expectations. For all the kindness he harboured, he could be as cold as ice despite lacking that kekkei genkai.

Eventually, exhaustion was apparent on Verdandi's face and her movements became slow and sloppier by the moment. Subtly, but in the eyes of someone who knew what to look for it was obvious enough the girl was reaching the limits of her physical endurance. For a moment it had the teacher worried, wondering if she had not pushed her student too far as she didn't want to dictate her training with the iron fist of her father. No, despite having the essence of raiton dictate Mizuki's motions, which meant she was as patient as a tiger before she lashed out with that same thunderous power, the kunoichi inched more towards her mother on that side. Compassionate despite the determination.

"I'd say we practised enough for today. Your eagerness to learn is an admirable trait that I will not soon forget, Verdandi-san. When you find the time, meditate on your lessons and keep improving upon your techniques. I'm certain you will master them soon enough then."

She would form the Seal of Reconciliation and bow towards Verdandi, ending the lessons for today. Whether there would be another day to teach was yet to be seen as this moment was a busy period for all of the Villages, but she sure hoped the Yuki would continue to apply and implement the techniques where she could so she could see her training bloom the day they would meet again.

That being thought, Verdandi's question concerning implementing her own style as a dance was an interesting one where she had no answer for just yet. Kenjutsu seishin, which was simply the basics of wielding a katana, was elementary but crude. It could be worked into a dance but the kunoichi felt like it would look much like the steps of a toddler compared to a well-thought and trained dance. Her own weapon style, that is the one her father taught her, was an advanced way of wielding the blade but was too brazen and direct to be implemented into a graceful dance. There was but one style left that could make for the perfect dance, but it remained unmastered up to this day. This new style revealed not her raiton affinity, like her father had wished to achieve with the Heaven Sword style, but the beauty of her own graceful soul.

"While I believe any sword style could be shaped into a dance of sort, I'm afraid some lack the refined elegance required to give proper credit to the hard work of a dancer. There is, however, an unnamed sword style I've been shaping that rests closer to my heart than any other i've seen."

Mizuki would take a few steps back and allow Seiun to glide out of its sheathe, the sun revealing a mystical shine as it kissed the purple hued metal. Then slowly, Mizuki would take a few steps, feet lightly touching the ground, and dance around as if her katana was a partner in flesh and soul. Circling steps would interlude the circling swirls of the katana that would follow, and a mere seconds later Seiun would be a blur as Mizuki flourished it in front and around her. The grace and speed at which she did so allowed the tip of the metallic blade, flickering time and time again as it reflected the sunlight that shone upon it, to look like a sparkling star in the expansive blur that was created by Seiun. Finishing the brief flourish, she would close her little dance by forming the Seal of Confrontation with her left hand and allow the katana to pass under the familiar hand seal as she pulled it backwards to position the katana next to her head. Though her sword arm and katana looked much like a scorpion's tail ready to strike, she stood nonetheless in a defensive position. Concluding this, Mizuki sheathed her beloved weapon again after a habitual swipe to wipe off any remaining blood.

"I feel this style calls to me but I have not been able to finish it yet. Perhaps, much like my father once did, I will have to climb the mountains and reach for the heavens to find the inspiration required to give it the shape and the spirit it deserves. That being said, a sword dance can be as much as an elegant art reflecting beauty and captivating the masses as it could be a deadly fighting style. Implementing a technique is a matter of finding balance between the two."

And there was the catch. Finding balance was not as hard as preserving it, but that would be a lesson for another day.

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Approved, untrained technique. Mizuki is showing the steps and blade moves, not actually using the technique. Chronologically, this sword style will only come into existence after Suna-plot/during her Yamabushi life.

C-A rank - Dancing Sky Serpent:

Name: Wudang Seven Stars Sword style - Dancing Sky Serpent
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-A
Type: Offense/Defence
Element: None
Range: Weapon
Specialty: Bukijutsu
Duration: Maintained
Cooldown: Maintained + 2 posts
[Kenjutsu or Swordsmanship]
With the fluidity of the oriental dragons dancing through the clouds, the martial artist flourishes their blade in front and around them to deflect all incoming basic strikes no matter if they are melee or ranged attacks. While the intent of this technique is to defend the martial artist, any melee basic strike done with strength or weapons two ranks lower than the applied technique will suffer a retaliation by the sweeping flourish. This damage follows the chart below.

  • C Rank: 5ch/post. Deflect all basic strikes up to B rank strength. 1 inch cut retaliation at most (=D rank weapon damage).
  • B Rank: 5ch/post. Deflect all basic strikes up to A rank strength. 1.5 inch cut retaliation (=C rank weapon damage).
  • A Rank: 10ch/post. Deflect all basic strikes up to S rank strength. 2.5 inch cut retaliation (=B rank weapon damage).

19 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:37 am



Verdandi watched the surroundings as the whole training slowly approached its conclusion. Giggling to herself as she enjoyed the idea of making Mizuki dance the very way Verdandi usually did. To her own surprise, Mizu actually moved along the perimeter and started to glide over the surface with light beautiful tapping feet, firmly holding her blade as she sliced through the air and gave her whole motion and fluid and pretty touch of her own. Verd remained in awe of what would display itself in front of her eyes. Humming sweet little tunes of music that tended to be played in the background of her dances when she was doing them at the court in Heidel. But as all beautiful things in life. Mizu's motion too came to its end. Verd would keep that memory in mind for when they would meet again, how she graced Verdandi's request with such a beautiful answer.

"Hmmm indeed you seem to be born with every talent a blade master could ask for. Maybe one day, we might be able to dance again and let our blades cross their paths on more equal grounds. I certainly, look forward to this very moment. For now, all I can do is give it one last try and wish you a wonderful rest of your day, sensei."

Verd however, knew she had yet lots to train. Many things she had seen today would require refined and intense studies to be actually usable for her own good. She gasped and nodded as she'd do a few more rounds to practice the stances, the motions, the drawing of blade once more while possible under supervision. But yes. Her body was tired and moved only heavily. Verd was thankful for all the effort that had been given to her this day. She would bow deeply to Mizuki and whistle once. Avalanche slowly lifted his heavy body from the pool of the oasis. The bear would slowly trot towards the two ladies. Aware that it was time to part ways he would move in to rub his fluffy head once more against Mizuki's palm in his very own way of bidding her fare well. Stomping slowly next to Verd so she could climb the young bears back. Usually she wouldn't use the cuddly furball for transportation, seeing as she was still quicker on her feet on her own, but for once she was exhausted enough to be uncaring of how rapidly they would arrive to their home. Seeing as the kiri camp was indeed, not too far away from here anyway.

Dandi's feathery weight dropped on Avalanche and the bear seemingly seemed to have no issues carrying the young and lithe woman. Moving off into the sundown, just as it used to happen in many of those fabled stories when they would come to their end. Leaving Mizuki and her bird behind. Avalanche was cool, the bath had calmed him greatly. Verd was not disturbed by and wet fur that would be serving as her giant pillow. Soon she'd doze off and snore into the nap while the mighty young bear carried her slowly back home.

After they arrived at their tent. He'd not bother to wake his Master and simply moved into his knees to lay down and close his eyes, Verd would continue to sleep away on his back while he drifted off into his own relaxing hibernation. The provided rest doing its magic as Verdandi would wake up very energized and motivated. After a long shower and a change of clothes. She'd see to herself as it was still break time. Moving on to a makeshift dojo, in form of a large tent. Hiding herself from the burning sun there, she'd once more repeat what she had learned.

First off, she started with the easy stuff. Spending hours on trying iaijutsu in its most possible, purest form. Not rarely sending small objects flying into the air as she closely monitored their motion and tracking their path before slicing them just and powerful in a single straight line. Potentially, she'd master the move she was practicing. But it felt like she was just catching up with something she should have known since many years already. Seeing as to why Mizuki might have sighed a little bit over Verdandi's obvious lack in basics.

As time went by, Verdandi moved on to practicing her shouts. Feeling like a northern warrior. One of those with the horny helmets, as legend usually told stories of them and their way of the voice. To connect this with the pure intent of kiaijutsu, the ancient art yet supposedly born from the samurai, was something new indeed as well. At some point Verd realizes that she was wrecking the tent quite well and not much time would pass and the shelter she was using would find itself broken and blown away by her tricks.

Moving on outside. She would shield herself with the usual layers of Hyouton chakra. The sun was still a drag of sorts. But she would be able to manage somehow. Avalanche neatly stayed at home and napped into the day. While Verd's sweat would culler from her forehead. Slowly slicing her practices into he daylight in keen will and determination to become stronger and stronger and stronger.

Once she felt that her chakra was more or less replenished. She would commence to try and test the techniques. Using projectiles of her own making, from ice, to turn around and attack herself while she tried to shield her body. Be it with the bubble-gum technique. The oceanic current or the kiaijutsu she was thought. Spending insane amount of time on trying herself to master them until none of the projectiles or her own jutsu would be able to penetrate them anymore. Seeing how her training was about to come to a conclusion. Verd would linger and remain, using the rest of the day to form dozens if not hundreds of water needles. Using them as toothpick or simple throwing them at a nearby wooden training dummy. Obviously trying to perfect her aim with this new technique as well as finally getting the grasp over its actual shape and how to make as many of them as possible.

The syrup technique was a topic on its own. Verd had a hard time to watch her own goo as she produced such from the lips, solidify and thicken in order to reach its potentially stunning nature. Not rarely ending up to coat her own feet in it and trap herself. Forced to learn how to both avoid such a thing and control the syrup to an extent where she could easily free herself from its dangerous clutches.

The next day. Verdandi would ask a multitude of random Kiri-nin that she could find at the training compound, to spar with her. Expressing her desire to train her new Kenjutsu as well as the techniques she was supposed to have mastered by now. The needles perfectly aligned with her desires. The control over her suiton was flawless. The stun technique was obviously more surprising as she could have guessed and even stunned a multitude of sparing partners. While learning how to control its mass while it was moving, just so she could be sure that she was able to avoid hitting one of her own with that technique.

Most interesting seemed to be the paralysing shout. Verdandi had to admit that she wasn't the type to be easily impressed. But actually, seeing her sparring partner freeze in movement without the use of frost and ice was a remarkable display. Certainly, a technique she'd soon come to love, if not to start and train her own design of this very set of techniques. She could only imagine the various useful applications of being able to just shout at your enemy mid-fight and cause them to be stunned at her very whim. Maybe she wasn't aware of all its potential limits just yet but one could still daydream about such things.

With iaijutsu, kiaijutsu, suiton defences, water needles all trained. Verd would give the lot of them a final test only to see that she could flawlessly applicate them. Once again reminded that she'd have to thank Mizuki for all her effort once again in case they'd meet. Verdandi then but proceeded to rest once more, knowing well that the following day she'd wish to go and see her aunt, the Mizukage. Thinking of it, Verd thought that maybe she should go ask Mizuki if she wanted to join the young yuki-nin on her visit, seeing as Mizu seemed to be both, fond and impressed by Ayakashi. But since there was no guarantee that auntie would receive Verd in the first place… she thought it might would be a little silly to invite her and then not be able to provide the actual audience promised. So Verd would radio her friends, Haka and Chigetsu instead. Asking if any of them would be up for something supposedly fun!


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20 Re: Oasis Interruptus [Mizuki] on Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:38 am

Raiu Mizuki


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Talent, huh? Mizuki would not have seen it that way. She was twenty two years, meaning she had known more than a decade on years of training at the hands of her father. It all started with strengthening her body for shinobi fighting techniques, moved on  only a couple of years later to 'conquering the blade' as her father pushed her to pick up the boken. By the age of twelve she had her first iaijutsu training, her father expecting at least an hour a day of training. She remembered the amount of frustration that had build up as she failed a thousand times over to strike even a single petal as if it was yesterday. Mizuki had to giggle as the memories surfaced to mind. No, talent was not the right word. Perfectionism and discipline was the reason why she had that sort of refined skill today, further sharpened by experience in life. Her father was the true sword master, fighting him feeling like she was trying to hit a god.

"When you spit at the Heavens, you'll only strike yourself"

That was what he'd say with an enigmatic smile. What he had meant to say was that she didn't have to focus on hitting her target but on mastering the blade. To him, the end of the road would always be reached. What was important was how one wanted to reach that goal. He was well aware that one day Mizuki's blade would strike him down. What he wanted for her to be able to do so with a mastery not easily imitated. Kenjutsu was his legacy, and he had entrusted it to her upon his death. On her turn, he had shared a portion of his legacy with Verdandi.

"One day the student becomes the master.", she'd reply to Verdandi, bowing as she intended to return home. "Keep well, Verdandi."

She'd watch Verdandi leave with her pet bear direction Kirigakure's base for a just a moment before she'd whistle for Zhinu. The bird, who had dozed off, would look up and fly off, happy it could finally stretch its wings again to meet the high skies and lead the way for Mizuki to their temporary home. The sun was slowly setting, the heat of the desert soon to become a deadly cold, but the road back to Kumogakure's camp was still a while going. Without further ado Mizuki started to move, her thoughts lingering on the day that had passed. It had been a fruitful day.


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