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Verdandi moved from Squad camp towards a specific meeting place. Urd had arrived in Suna with her very personal guard, no one else then Skuld of course. The prospect of finding her snow sisters in an encampment within the lands of the wind was an odd one to begin with. But Verdandi felt content that her siblings were doing quite well. A myriad of tents had been set up. Some of the best guards from Yuki had followed along. In front of the resting tents was a larger one being set-up. Traders were already flooding the place. However, to keep control of the masses, the traders were to remain at the main tent to linger with each other, feast, eventually spark some deals between them on their own.

One by one, the traders would be given audience to speak with Urd. The high scholar of Yuki, despite her young age, had read books worth half of her life in time. She was knowledgeable but hence also not stupid enough to burden all decisions on her own. Aito Fletcher had joined the Yuki party, advisor to the feudal lord of Heidel. He had the one thing the smart princess was missing on. Experience. Years of trade and hardships. The man was in his late fifties and was not to be easily fooled.

Many of the traders that came forth in audience, had ridiculous offers. Many would be turned down, forced to leave the tent empty handed safe for what they came with. Supply deals would be made. While the demands for Clay, Wood and food were strongly satisfied for Heidel, some resources would raise in demand. Metal, copper, gold. Various luxury products would be bought within reasonable masses. Heidel was small and their focus would remain on their efforts to slowly rebuild one town in Yuki after the next. As Heidel's reconstruction finished, the neighbouring fisher villages would come to attention. Deals for reimmigration would have to be made at some point. The vast number of survivors that once fled Yuki no Kuni, was still living in Kiri. Convincing them to return back home would have to be done smart and politically correct. Step by step. But the Yuki family was in no hurry to accomplish their goals. While the large nations raced for power, the small faction from the north would pass by mostly unnoticed and hidden in the shadows of its big brothers.

Verdandi had finally arrived at the Yuki camp. The guards would instantly straighten up as they recognized either Verdandi herself or the family crest on her uniform. Verd passed by the multitude of guards. Many of them searching the traders for weapons as to ensure that no one would dare to cause conflict in the market. Seeing the main tent being lively and filled to the brim with people was quite a sight. Not sure why all those people really wished to create trade deals with Yuki. Probably some entrepreneurs could smell the potential revival of the north and were gambling with the idea of getting into the trade agreements early when they were still cheap. After all. Most of those people turned rich because they had good feelings and good ideas about how the economy would turn under certain circumstances.

That all being said or thought. Verd didn't really have much interest into bartering with the traders. She would spend little coins on buying some random shiny things. Her hobby. She'd eye the crystals closely and watch the pretty effects the would give away within the sunlight's. Jade stone. Sapphire. Ruby. Emerald. Verd already had treasure boxed full of these minerals at home and many of them would decorate her room by being tied to a little string and dangling down from the roof. Her own little horizon of shiny stars. Everyone deserved an odd hobby.

Proceeding on past the main gate and their guards. Verd would step into the room. A man claiming to wish he was here to sell hides and recipes would be received with mixed enthusiasm. Urd had clearly expected more fun resources to barter about. The diplomatic connections would give the traders with the highest bidding resources and most important roles a promised space at the diplomatic courtyard in Yuki. Basically, a free home to stay whenever they wished to come for a visit to the north and at the same time a means of getting into the inner circle for Yuki's most important trading partners.

Verd yawned. The diplomatic issues bored her. Urd was doing her best to find a deal for the man selling his hides but what she offered seemed to be not what he had expected. Angry he'd stomp out of the room. Excusing himself and letting the princesses alone with the advisor and the guards. Verd would move up towards Urd to give her big sis a nice and squeezy hug. As they engaged in small talk, Skuld would join them after her patrol through the streets. The three girls enjoying a cold tea together before they decided to combine their limited will and brainpower to punch their way through the remaining trade requests. Probably a hundred more? Maybe two? Who knows what could pile up out there in the tent…



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It wasn't that I didn't appreciate being given something of importance by a man who was a piece of history. Something like this? It was practically an icon itself, a product of its time. In my studies on various subjects, I had failed, by and large, to address politics, past or present. The name Tatsumaru meant very little to me, and was only explained later by my companion and that infamous person. Uchiha was Uchiha, however. That was a name that even the most ignorant in our ninja world could recognize.

And yet I couldn't fathom why I, in particular, was given this biological relic. Or how a man could entrust these things to one who, at least in my point of view, was a complete stranger.....wait. He simply appeared from thin air. Either he can move instantaneously or---

Oh no. He was....he was watching me.  

Did you know anything about this? It seems too convenient.

I don't want to think about what a man who dealt in arrowguns was doing under a cloaking technique. Sent to kill me? Just a matter of whimsy, maybe?

It mattered little at this point. He said it was the end for him. Itagaki Tame, another name which even I could know - two artifacts he bestowed upon me. And one of them I had absolutely no use for.

There were rumors floating about the ruins of the Sand, however. My travels under the guise of Utamuro Tanji, a scholar and political ear of muddled origin, had reared a few interesting tidbits about a bivouac bordering the east of the Land of Wind. A family conducting trade in the midst of a conflict?

I wasn't about to let something this interesting slip past me - something so odd coming to pass is always a treat. The absurdity of such a display needed examination - was it pure stupidity? Or perhaps I wasn't seeing something?

I had adorned myself, this time, in a traditional garb of blacks and whites, reflecting the sun's harsh rays for the most part. Even in disguises, I prefer practicality - it is only natural that I follow my preferences when I become someone who doesn't even exist. My own locks were cut short for the time being, adorned with a snowy patch. My eyes had changed from their normal rather narrow shape to a larger, almost childish facade.

And I deigned to slowly approach that place that had no sense existing in this time and place; what things awaited me here, I could not be certain. All the makeshift rampart would allow my eyes was the sight of a youth - another person with green hair!? Was it natural, or am I just out of the loop and this is a fad? At such a point, following someone so closely into the encampment wasn't a wise choice. I'll take a more...subtle approach. It would behoove someone so regally garbed, no?

I'll be to see you soon. I have something you want.

I'm not a talkative person, even in the mental sense - the preference to keep myself unknown has degraded from the near-compulsion that it used to be, but it's not to be ignored. Completely divorcing myself from any contact with this black-and-white garbed person. One I so matched and yet foiled. That voice, then, would sound out in this feminine figure's mind just as they entered, reverberating yet seemingly originating from no external direction.

It wasn't something I was keen on, but....there were goods to be exchanged, and certain advantages that were to be gained. Such a sight is never to be taken lightly, after all.

My steps, padded by the soft traditional shoes that adorned my feet, led me forward after no less than ten minutes. Even now, I could already see the guards clamoring, however, as I made my approach.

I need to get into business.



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Verdandi was walking through the market. She had finished with the current batch of trade requests. Another one would be coming in quite soon. Skuld took her time to polish her sword, it was her very own way of meditating. Urd blatantly took a nap in the very chair she had been judging all those trade offers in. Snoring away in a very non-princessy way despite the slightly disturbed or uncomfortable guards around her being forced to listen to her noises. Urd was cool. She had very specific priorities and knew exactly when she had to be the perfect princess and when she could be the lazy butt she preferably wanted to be. Skuld was way more disciplined, but she knew better than trying to argue with Urd.

Verd was wide awake. She didn't know why but something about this market and political progress was intriguing her. They successfully added to their already existing ambassadors a multitude of new ones. Verdandi's latest friendly relations to Mizuki had opened doors for political exchange with Kumo and after seeing the Yuki convoy trade with three great nations and even suna locals... Iwa was suddenly interested as well as if they thought they might be missing out. Continuously more people from smaller nations were joining in Yuki's offer for diplomatic relations. Many of the villages involved were places she had never heard before.

So After Water and Fire, Wind, Lightning and Earth country were convinced, names popped up like... Rain, Grass and Iron country? She couldn't help but laugh as she realized that they also now had an ambassador from the noodle country. Odd places. Verd scratched her head. The land of snow was still being rebuilt. Heidel alone wouldn't be the end of it. There was still years of work ahead of them. But she was fine. Kiri was doing its job... the villages that would engage in their usual squabbles over little territory would keep the big players occupied. There was no need to draw too much attention yet. Step by step.

I'll be to see you soon. I have something you want.

It would echo in her head. A strange odd voice. Verd stopped in her motions. Instinctively her palm gripped her sword. Her perception was quite high, her senses were finely tuned. Her ears could hear approaching footsteps. Her nose could distinguish dangerous or odd smells. Her eyes could catch unusual suspects within a crowd. But while her senses were working overtime here. The fact that she couldn't pin point or connect this voice with someone within her field of perception was odd and somewhat scary.

Verdandi inhaled a few times deeply. The voice was gone. Was it just a figment of the mind? She felt uneasy. Who was that. What could he have that Verdandi wants. The royal princess had everything she wanted. At least she would like to think so. But before Verd could get too lost in her thoughts. Avalanche appeared.

The young polar bear would nudge his head to Verdandi's thigh and then slowly crawl on to make her palm find its place on his head. He was subtle like that Verd smiled. Scratching through his heads fur and behind his ears. He was just a big dog after all. Dandi giggled. Avalanche growled in pleasant response for the caressing. They would move on. Back to the tent where the next batch of traders would come and bring their offerings or make their case for the diplomatic ambassadorship. Avalanche would follow. Maybe having a big mean looking bear with her would give Verdandi a newfound presence in the trader's tent.

Arriving there Urd was already awake and fixing her hair. Checking her face within a small pocket mirror. Skuld entered just after Verd. The guard's woman was quite fond of Avalanche too and gave the good boy a gentle ruffle to the head as well. The three women sitting down in their respective chairs as Urd remaining in the somewhat throne like position. Avalanche crawling next to Verdandi's seat and keeping his head within reach of her hand so she could continue to pamper him while waiting. Once they were ready, Urd signalled the guards and the next trader might come in.

Meanwhile, Utamuro Tanji was being searched by the guards at the entrance of the encampment for weapons. If they would find something they would insist to leave it in their care and mark it so he would be able to reclaim what was his before he entered. The guards alone were allowed to carry weapons. Trade goods however were not counting. Not being aware of what Tanji's items were good for, they would be passed past the security test as long as they didn't seem to be of threatening nature. Sealing scrolls would be asked to reveal their contents as well or leaving them in care of the guards.

Once the security process was over with. Tanji had the option of moving on to either, the open market where the general trade happened. Or directly move towards the rather short line of traders that were going to appeal to the princesses. Not rarely seeing disappointed faces leaving the tent as the goods those traders offered weren't impressing them anymore. Seeing how they had already collected a large amount of completed trade agreements. They probably had gotten more... picky by now.

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A few steps, and all the cogs were set in motion -

Stopped at the gate. Standard.

"Scuse me, we're going to need you to place your things on the table. C'mon now."

Right. Guards doing their job. Nothing unusual here. A single kunai on his person was not unusual, basic self-defense; a double-concentric-circle design was unique in slight. They did a rudimentary search of my person, ignoring an area it was rather uncouth to pat down. Such a figure as the one "I" happened to be now was not one to be taken lightly, after all. This kind of lavish life wasn't for me, but it was a facade I would need to keep up, all the same. The prestige of being an exotic noble certainly came in handy when the time arrived to meet with self-styled 'important figures'. All this, while they ransacked my person for any potential threat to the one that ran the show.

The bustle of the the market did not cease for my mere presence. A great many merchants deigned to do business in the hot midday sun, even given that for most this was far from a preferable climate.

Hika wrote:You know, I wasn't planning on talking to you. But you're quite the ambitious one, eh? Setting up a site dedicated only to creation and prosperity in the midst of this place of ruin. I wish there'd be more people like you around - doing things for the good of the world in a genuine way. This road that she travels....daresay it's as noble as her blood.

You'd best not betray such praise, even if I'm far from memorable.

I'm not going to say that the noises of commerce didn't annoy me, but the reprieve of sending myself into the tent after the one that had come before me was more than I'd expected. Despite being a simple cloth barrier, the sounds of the bazaar were dampened considerably - allowing me auditory access to the idle chatter of two nobles. It was my suspicion at first, given the posture of the soldiers at the entry waypoint stiffened considerably when her presence was made known. Their topics of conversation weren't anything important, granted, but the familiarity would come in handy. The simple fact of knowing their status could either put me in their good books or at least make me seem well-informed.

...I would have to watch my tongue, anyhow, as speaking out of turn has killed more than a few people at the hands of the aristocracy. Not to mention that if I say something that I'd recently heard but oughtn't know by any right, it would bring the suspicion of espionage onto my person. I couldn't afford to jeopardize the only advantage this mess had managed to bring - whatever the case, the deal of this day was not a thing I could flout. It was, in a sense, the beginning.

When I was finally through with being searched - as if I were some sort of threat, how thorough! - the place at which I was to meet them was clear, so much so that I didn't dally for any descriptions or directions. After all, the main tent wasn't a spectacle by any means, but the size alone was enough to alert one to the importance of those residing within, comparatively speaking. A light drapery covered the front, a sort of rudimentary door, but the air flowing through it suggested it was open on another side not visible to me.

As I entered, I spoke immediately in a tone that was slightly rushed, slowly decelerating as hopefully they didn't find my presence an annoyance. My tone lightly melodic yet a tad muted and a sliver monotonous - certainly enunciating and not muttering, but not being loud by any measure. It was my hope that being just under 'normal' volume I could get them to listen more intently just by merit of having to strain in such an amount they might not realize it.

"I trust you're left wanting for time to yourself given the recent events and your own endeavors in establishing mercantile presence here...."

I drew one leg back behind and across the other, letting it rest on the toe, and put my hand over my chest as I took a bow - then realizing the mention of the Feudal Lord, I dropped that leg to a knee as fluidly as I could before standing. I rested the hand that covered my chest retrieving a glass canister wrapped in cloth, allowing my sleeve to cover the actual item while my forearm made contact with my knee.

"So I will not be long. I trust this needn't be, given the subject matter. You perhaps have heard my name, but I am of little importance here and now."

Hopefully that was aught to icebreak with. It was no secret that Hao, the leader of the former criminal entity Shichiōza, had leveled Yukigakure no Sato with his use of Amaterasu. This was it...this was what Tame might have wanted such a disdainfully powerful eye used for. He had already told me - one who kills cannot change a world of killers. This was nothing that I could use in and of itself. As a tool for other means, it was much more effective. I could show everyone just how much clout those who vied against militarism could wield. Even if they thought to use it for their own purposes, what I could gain from this is far more valuable.

Firmly setting, - no, nigh-on slamming that durable container onto the table, I slid it over to the one sitting in the position of obvious importance - perhaps even self-importance, given...all this. Seriously, a throne? The guards already stood at attention when she so much as walked by.... was this a statement from their forebears or something she wanted all her own?

There was more to come. They seemed enough like reasonable ladies. If only I knew what was going on in their heads.... Perhaps 'why does this man sound like the person I heard earlier?'. A question she wouldn't get the answer to, but one I knew nonetheless. A transaction was rooted in understanding...but having and even withholding knowledge was the key to getting a deal.

"Perhaps you think it's only for what you've been spreading rumors about, but I've also some simple terms I'd like to discuss with you. This agreement can certainly come to a better close for the lot of us....

Skuld - Urd - Verdandi; heiresses all.

Certainly an honor."



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The young polar bear, yet almost the size of a human from his paws to his shoulders. Would slowly raise a bit as the next 'trader' would enter. Verdandi was busy trying to figure out what kind of strange voices kept following her today. She wasn't quite sure if she had been drugged, missed out on sleep, started to become schizophrenic or just hear the voice of a nearby person so loud that she simply couldn't put her finger on where it was coming from. She however wasn't in the mood to get called 'crazy nut' by her sisters for trying to discuss this with them.

Instead she calmed her bear by stroking his fur. Even though Avalanche wasn't showing hostility. There was something about this young man in particular that irked him. If Verd didn't keep her palm on his head, he would have probably moved forth to smell him up and circle him until he surrendered his dirty secrets to the mighty bear. However. His instinct was quickly put back in priority as Verdandi told him to 'sit back down' in a soft and gentle voice. Leaving the polar creature to slowly move his head back on top of his palms as if he was going to take a nap again.

The three princesses would gaze at their guest alike at any other. Verdandi's job was to use her massive skills within empathy to feel up hostility or mischief within their guest. However, as so often she couldn't feel anything with this particular specimen. But since it happened so often, it might didn't really bother her. Usually it was just what happened when meeting a more mind strong person that didn't exhale their emotions all over the place.

Skuld kept her palm on her sheathed blade. Not giving away any other expression than her being in absolute control of this room. It wasn't hostile. It wasn't even meant to aggressive intimidate their target. It was a simple gesture. Skuld didn't leave much room for negotiations when it came to the fact, that if someone would dare to try any funny business, her guards and at last, herself would do anything necessary to stop them, punish them and make sure to eternally regret their impulse of hostility. All of that, was easily being said by no words, but the simple grip of Skuld's palm on her sword.

Urd however, the one sitting on the central throne and henceforth occupying most of the new trader's attention for herself, would be the 'good cop' in this situation. Her smile could melt glaciers. It wasn't necessary connected to seduction at all. It was a simple warmth that she exhaled. Something that would make your heart skip a beat for the simply pleasure of being in the same room with such a kind and naturally good-mannered person. She was perfect for this job. Not rarely did the traders entering this room bend to the Yuki Clans terms just because it was Urd, that would ask them, with her smile that could make the ancient goddess of Amaterasu jealous in its very powers.

She told the man to feel comfortable, make himself at home and relax. Tea was presented at a nearby table. A chair if he wished to sit. But most didn't. Most weren't able to sit down in presence of the three snow princesses. Each of them having their very own, unique and powerful aura that would clash onto the person in front of them. If it was just one of them, a skilled shinobi would have easily kept their cool and not succumbed to the intrusive feelings overwhelming most of them into utter submission before their royalty. Verdandi the beautiful, strong and skilled. Skuld the admirable, intimidating and heartless. Urd the gorgeous, alabaster queen with that red lips covered smile that would hurt just facing it, in a yet beautiful way that left your psyche to ask for more.

The new trader would certainly notice all of these. How it impacted him however, was yet to be seen. His entrance was certainly but the first act of his well-studied performance. All the words he had just said, he probably had them already spoken out silently in his own head before entering this tent. Potentially multiple versions of them, choosing for one which he had deducted must have been the best, most diplomatic, most sensible and most versatile option within them. If that was true. It would soon to be seen, that once his studied act was over, he would remain as cool as he was now. Or start to succumb to the dominance of the three goddesses before him as so many others before.

Needless to say, however. Despite how the sisters felt in total control as always. They were yet unprepared to see what the man had to reveal to them. Skuld swallowed once empty. Urd's gorgeous eyes would widen and Verdandi's impulsive but calm nature would leave her to step up from her chair in utter disbelief. Avalanche was clueless what was happening but certainly interested by the fact that his Master suddenly was so riled up. Raising his head once more to clarify if he was needed or not. He didn't really get an answer however.

The container on the table, containing a certain medical fluid all of them were familiar with. And as soon as that unusual item within, turned once around its own axis, the very unique colour and dots within the iris of the eye could be seen. A sharingan. The damned weapon that, in its origin was but the very cause of Yuki's last, but certainly worst amount of suffering. A quick surge of anger, hatred and utter despise could be felt within the room. But it was however not directed at the trader. But at the item in question. To have access to such an object of certainly demonic origins, would give many of the remaining Yuki Clan scientists weeks if not months of data. Very very interesting data. Considering that their efforts to find a 'cure' to the 'disease' that they named Uchiha, was certainly a top priority within them.

If given the choice and they would have the chance to learn a secret that would eventually wipe out their whole damned Clan from existence. It would be a very, very, veeery hard decision for either of the princesses. But the simple possibility to gain something that allowed them to get back at the very source of all their suffering. Such a delicious treat. But their diplomatic skills were not that of a child. Either of them understood, by displaying their surprise and interest, they would suddenly, potentially, put all that dominance into the hands of the guy with the mighty leverage.

Verdandi would sit back down. The sister sharing simple gazes and nods and finally, Urd's eternally warm smile returned. Once again starting to melt hearts within her very presence. Her warm, soft voice felt like the tender palm of the very gorgeous woman, that would linger her finger down one's neck, leaving one with a heartbeat of excitement and clam pleasure. Usually. Most commonly so.

"Welcome Mister… Utamuro Tanji?" she said, reading the name from the request letter in her palm. Verdandi was meanwhile, indeed busy trying to figure out while his voice was indeed creeping her out somehow. "I see your merchandise is of quite unique and valuable composition. We just have to… for a minute, if you may allow us?" she spoke as she nodded to a guard. Leaving him to move from the room for a second.

"Before goods such as this can be part of our potential negotiations, we have to make sure it is what it claims to be within its appearance. I'm sure a man of your reputation and experience would certainly feel the same way if our roles were reversed in this one hmm?"

The guard returned. A medical nin of Verdandi's father's unit moved in closer. He shortly stepped to the table. Carefully hovered his palm over the item without even touching it. Clipping down what must look like a visor before his eyes. Chakra flowing over the contained but not within. He'd sensor it up and down, scan, without intruding the object too deeply. Then he'd simply step back. Bow to Tanji in regards to being allowed to do so, then moved politely back. Nodding twice to Urd and moving away from the room.

"It seems your merchandise is indeed of the quality it presents itself to be. You have brought this here for us and are already asking for your terms. We might just say, please state these terms and we shall decide if they would be acceptable. For us."

And hence, let the negotiations begin. Verdandi and Skuld remained completely silent. Their absolute trust in Urd's words just raised the very dominance she was already exhaling into the room by her godly presence. What could this strange man ask for such a thing in return. It was certainly not without accident, that the guards already brought a myriad of chests filled to the very brim with Ryo. Yet not commenting on it. Simply keeping them on the side lines. A simple tactic to put into view what one might deeply desire… but as so close it was yet so far out of reach.

"So, what do you ask of us?"

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Item Transfer:

"The eye of the 14th Hokage, Uchiha Tatsumaru"

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At her response, I returned from my former standing position to a lighter, more informal bow. I'd shown my respects once, bowing one's head perpetually was a sign of those that would bend at the slightest hint of resistance.

A professional, one they'd apparently had on hand, was able to confirm the veracity of my claim. A positive note, of course. Those who take no precautions are useless as allies, and the triple princesses were no fools. A Sharingan could be easily replicated with a contact, and failing that a more intricate iris dying could be accomplished with time and effort. The chakra, however, was unmistakable - a skilled sensor with a deal of experience might not have seen one in person, but the darkness of an Uchiha's chakra is matched by few.

...So I'm told. Not being a sensor-type myself, I had word of mouth and the description I was given alongside the eye itself to go off of.

"My terms are a simple addition to your own offer. I need some data regarding Kirigakure, as I'm aware you're affiliated. Nothing military, of course - certain morsels of information that those of your stature and position would be privy to."

I tapped my chin, wording my next sentences carefully.

"My travels have taken me across a good few of the nations, and I'm aware of the presence of a mercenary group with an unknown source of disproportionate income. It would behoove me to know their benefactors, but I'm unsure of who might grant such funds - so I'm searching everywhere I can. I'd meant to go to the Sand for another lead, but...

Well, you know."

It wasn't easy to talk about. I certainly wasn't above the sort of disgust for the people who'd committed the act - no amount of justification could save all the innocents destroyed in that cataclysm. I had to keep my wits about me, however; how this arrangement goes through depends on whether I can convince these three, of all people.

"That said, otherwise I like to keep an ear to the ground. Perhaps send me a messenger bird from time to time, while I'm away from business in Snow Country. The coordinates at which I can receive correspondence are located in this scroll, but it might do better to communicate via another method, which we can discuss later.

I do not request much, so I hope that I can be of service to your cause."

Right. These girls were so haughty, such prominent figures. I would suppose it's not unusual for them to act like such if they've been pampered all their lives, but it seemed off. The other two didn't sit quite right with me, though the inexplicability of the feeling left it by the wayside as I had other matters to attend to. Like trying not to seem like a groveling buffoon while I was asking something of literal royalty. It was demeaning, this system. Ah, there it was. What unsettled me wasn't the people, but the status they held.

There was no such thing as birthright in a false world. But their presence was....societally imposing, nonetheless.

Thus I took my seiza position, almost a dogeza, knowing what the custom was. Besmirching respect around them in any way was frowned upon, so the more formal, the better. This persona was not me, anyhow. Who was prostrating himself before them?

Not Takenaka Hika. One named such, for the time being, did not exist.

That person would make his name known when names had no power.

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Verdandi gazed over at her sisters. What the stranger asked was of no importance to the guard captain the moment he excluded the 'military' parts specifically, hence Skuld as fine with it. Urd nodded. Knowing that most data he requested were basically available to all Yuki citizens. Except for a few financial contacts maybe. Urd motioned Verdandi to come. The princess moving from her own throne, casually sitting her buttocks against her sister's seat. Leaning her ear towards her lips. Urd would whisper a few project names into Verdandi's ear that were official benefactors and various other sponsoring intel they got involved with. Kiri was showing a specific lack of effort into their will to help rebuilt the snow country. However, they would still show their support with financial aid. Whatever project they launched to be requested at the Kiri Administration would go through. Especially as it concerned the population of less than a thousand citizens for now. Verdandi returned to her seat. The three of them staring at the requestor emotionless and cold. Its not that he wasn't unaware of the act that they were bringing down on him with their royalty. Neither did the sisters believe he was unaware of it. But in a situation like this. Moments of power are staged. Fabricated. Feelings are imposed. Environments were guided and shaped to appear the way the illusion maker wished for it to happen. It was probably that moment when Hika became completely aware that, despite their age those three princesses were not that much different from him.

Their ability to set up a whole camp. To refurbish this tent into a place that would reflect luxury and glory. Golden fabrics woven into the carpets at their feet. The thrones specifically designed to show their superiority. The guards in numbers with expensive armor. Exhaling a threatening emotion. Skuld's armor in particular was showing signs of both, experienced combat and yet clean adamant materials certainly rare and expensive. Verdandi's attire as a shinobi remarked her as a skilled assassin with a powerful frozen bloodline at hand. The polar bear that could tower men easily and exhaled the aura that it was worth its own army of soldiers, was alone a status symbol as well as a threat to anyone daring to oppose this set of thrones. Skuld the scholar. Her wisdom was backed by the actual complete collection of active intel available in Yuki's extensive library. The number of books she had read in her lifetime would by far succeed any casual effort others would show towards such a drag of a hobby. Her access to highly restricted information not only from the current generation but also intel that was restricted to Yuki's Feudal Families for generations. It was all an act. It was all but the power of words and illusions. But if one was to stand a lone young man in the midst of all this. How could you not feel the influence of all these illusions crashing down on you?

Between the golden carpets, the shiny metal of the guard's halberds threating and staring at you. Between the bear that would occasionally growl as if to say 'you look like a nice snack, puny human'. Between the Wisdom of Urd, The Courage of Skuld and the Power of Verdandi. The illusion of the ultimate domination exhaled from those thrones. It would become reality. They would make it reality. They would turn illusion into truth. They would turn imaginary ranks and birth rights into enforced concepts. In this room. They were law. And that by all means was the power of the three young girls and this power allowed them to simply wave for one of Urd's scribes. Formatting a paper just as Urd would explain it to him in little words. The scribe would take his time. Awkward silence might occasionally fill the room. The three ladies on their throne just kept staring. They didn't care. They had all the comfort in the world within their own grasp. They too could feel the illusions they had created within these walls. The scribe's quill would find its way into a little ink pot as he patched up the noted as instructed by the heiress's. Once he was finished he would just casually wait for a minute to let the ink dry. Urd would stand from her throne and walk to the scribes makeshift table. Reviewing the contents of his words and nodding once she was satisfied with it.

The scribe dropped a thick blobb of wax onto the bottom of the paper. Urd signed her name below and pushed the Ring insignia of the demon-face representing the Dao Clan onto the wax. Allowing it to take its shape before she returned to her seat back on her throne. The scribe stepped forward. Keeping the scroll extended as he would read out loud.

" As by permission of eternal mandate from the Dao Clan. In the name of the current acting Daimyō. The royal family will hereby compensate thee Utamuro, Tanji within the amount of Three Thousand and Three Hundred Ryo. Furthermore, ye shall be granted access to the Yuki Clan's library at any time given thee visit into our beautiful nation of the snow. Sir Utamuro will also be allowed to make himself at home into one of the diplomat residences available at Heidel castle whenever he feels need of shelter as he visits the snow. In extension to the access towards the vast amount of knowledge already available within the Yuki Library, he will be granted access to non-critical, non-military and non-high-risk intel concerning his topic of choice. In this case the vast information the snow might have available upon economic statistics, contacts and evaluations granted, exchanged or created upon the subject of Kirigakure. Should any of the grants be found to become subject of abuse by thee Sir Utamuro, or being used to harm allies of the snow. Every and all rights and grants will be instantly voided and ye shall become branded as a hunted outlaw until justice has been sentenced and served. "

- Signed and verified by Yuki, Urd

- Requesting sign of Utamuro, Tanji

The paper would be hence put upon the young man's desk. The quill and ink put right next to it. All that was separating him with the intel he had been looking for was now but a signature on the paper. If he were to sign it. A second copy would be constructed without the wax insignia but with Tanji's signature. It would serve as a copy for the archives of the Yuki Clan. Should the contract be signed, it would take but a mere second until the Sharingan would be removed from the trade desk and brought elsewhere and Tanji would be offered help to seal the treasure chest full of Ryo in but a well portable sealing scroll for comfortable transport.

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I paced idle, hither and thither, in the makeshift tarp-room as the amanuensis penned our agreement into an official document, as binding as one's word could be in times such as these.

The document took a bit longer to draft than expected, but had the hand of one of the sisters, no doubt.

" As by permission of eternal mandate from the Dao Clan. In the name of the current acting Daimyō. The royal family will hereby compensate thee Utamuro, Tanji within the amount of Three Thousand and Three Hundred Ryo. Furthermore, ye shall be granted access to the Yuki Clan's library at any time given thee visit into our beautiful nation of the snow. Sir Utamuro will also be allowed to make himself at home into one of the diplomat residences available at Heidel castle whenever he feels need of shelter as he visits the snow. In extension to the access towards the vast amount of knowledge already available within the Yuki Library, he will be granted access to non-critical, non-military and non-high-risk intel concerning his topic of choice. In this case the vast information the snow might have available upon economic statistics, contacts and evaluations granted, exchanged or created upon the subject of Kirigakure. Should any of the grants be found to become subject of abuse by thee Sir Utamuro, or being used to harm allies of the snow. Every and all rights and grants will be instantly voided and ye shall become branded as a hunted outlaw until justice has been sentenced and served. "

- Signed and verified by Yuki, Urd

~ 歌室担持

My hand was shaking, and I turned my face away from the trio of princesses to the currently at-attention guards. My stance turned to the pensive as I let an eye-twitch out in that obfuscating pose. In that moment, my willpower felt stretched literally between here and Snow Country as it took everything I had not to say something about the grammar in this document. There was no place for me to criticize one of the presumably royal scribes - any member of the court was indubitably instated by the will of at least one of the family they served. Thus, any insult thereto only travels upstream.

After a small exhale, I traced my left index finger over the writing surface in a straight horizontal line. The cells on my skin in contact with the parchment darkened, unknown to onlookers, imprinting itself in a specific fashion - my current pseudonym.

I raised my right hand, showing no shenanigans were afoot, to shake the enthroned sister's hand. Even if Urd was the one who signed the deal, the one who radiated presence deserved the first acknowledgement. The others would follow suit, of course. It was common courtesy to seal a deal as such, and few were above such a formality.

And with that, I had killed three birds with one stone. My own abilities suited a political venture such as this to a T. By not using chakra, the guards would not have any reason to be on their guard. Due to the lack of necessity for hand seals, no one here could be any the wiser. It did not matter how much more powerful any of these people were than me. I had the advantage in cleverness.

The cells of her brain stem would realign their organelles in a particular order, starting a network that would only grow from here. To boot, the barest skin cells on their hands allowed me plenty of samples to analyze. There was nothing left to do here.

I took the scroll, my copy of the writ of passage, and awaited any closing comments.

And we're open for business.

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Name: Burning The Midnight Oil | 時炎影 Ji En Ei
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Type: Supplementary | Nenjutsu
Range: 20m ambient detection -> Touch range 'scan'.
Specialty: Iryōjutsu.
Duration: Up to 4 posts.
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: This technique allows the caster to detect ambient gene samples (so it cannot sense people); samples such as bodily fluids (instant gather), hairs (2 posts to find), or even a sufficient number of dead skin cells (3 posts to find) will do. When in direct contact with them, it allows the caster to analyze and memorize that sample for later use.

Once they have analyzed a sample of genetic code, they can later use this technique to 'scan' someone else against their memory of the same sample. The caster is alerted if the genetic codes do not match, or if the specific process of the Reflection Clone Jutsu has drastically shortened the telomeres in their DNA. It essentially is a fail-safe against skilled Transformation users, and the Reflection Clone technique itself; techniques of up to A-rank cannot fool this sensory method. (Shadow Clones appear to be the genuine article, but not clones created out of another source, like water or fire.)

Name: Subcutaneous Sealing Method | 皮下封印 Hika Fūin
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary | Nenjutsu
Element: None.
Range: 3m.
Specialty: Fūinjutsu | Iryōjutsu
Duration: At-Will.
Cooldown: None.
Description: This technique allows the user to harmlessly reorganize the structures of many individual cells en masse, commanding the organelles to stay in place and all further replacements to maintain the pattern needed for a Jutsu Formula; the user can cast Fūinjutsu using this technique's range rather than the paired technique's range, if it is less than 3m. A seal cast in this way can penetrate up to 1.5" with this technique's bioelectricity alone to be applied within the body's structures, small and intricate enough to require jutsu that grant the user microscopic vision to be seen (such as A-rank Byakugan, any rank of Chi-no-Me, or other visual-based sensory abilities of varying ranks). However, even if the pattern can be recognized as anomalous, it can only be recognized for what it is if the target is trained in Medical Ninjutsu or Fūinjutsu.

Notably, the seal can be destroyed and rendered ineffective just as any other body seal by breaking the surface it's inscribed upon; if it is broken by damage equating to C-rank or lower, its cooldown does not start immediately unless the user chooses it to. If the seal has a remaining duration and the broken area is healed, the seal returns to its normal function.

This technique must be used alongside whatever Sealing Jutsu the user wishes to use; even if it only functions via this method, the user must still pay extra chakra. For 5 chakra, the user can target a seal already placed on a person with this technique and change its location on their body.

As an auxiliary function, the user can alter the concentrations of melanin in the skin and even hair to 'write' on people, but only via touch. This only has an activation cost if the target is unwilling.

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Verdandi tapped the side of her cheek as she watched the whole final act play out itself. The situation, while still completely within means and design of the Yuki sisters' utter control, started to pull on her patience. Once the document was signed, the deal was closed. The items of trade had been exchanged and vanity as well as courtesy had been granted by all means. The three sisters would stand from their seat. Looking at each other. Nodding. Returning their attention towards their guest again. "It was a pleasure trading with you Tanji-san. We'll be looking forward to see you in Heidel. If you come for a visit, let us know ahead by messenger. So, we can welcome you with the proper extra care provided to our diplomatic partners. We wish you have save travels back home for now." Urd would smile. Bowing softly to the act itself. Hearing out if her guest had anything to say before she would leave the main tent to an adjacent one so she could change and take a break. Skuld did not speak any words. Her long white hair would simply layer her very feminine figure despite her massive guard armor. She did a slightly smaller bow out of courtesy and then followed her sister. Dandi waved her palm to the guards whom would either leave the room by the front entrance or follow the way Urd and Skuld had went for. Leaving Verdandi alone with their guest. She would brush forward.

Avalanche still remaining between the throne seats. The large bear having his eyes closed. His nostrils flared at the movement happening in the room. He did not need to open his eyes to understand which scents were leaving. The fact that Verd's scent was still here would be reason enough for him to keep napping. The bear could easily feel into the room. While there were no hostilities to be felt. He could rest assured that his assistance wasn't required as of yet. Verdandi just moved in before Tanji. The scribe had long since taken care of the documents and left as well. However, Verdandi had found herself to feel irked about something. A detail that was bothering and confusing her. She would gaze closer up and directly in her guests' eyes before she tilted her head a bit. "Have we met before?" she would speak idly. The fact that his voice in human form would ring so familiar to that she had in her thoughts was something that she couldn't shake but also couldn't really put her finger on. Having never experienced any sort of telepathic communication or otherwise. Not even aware that such things in similar form were existing at all. Verdandi tapped her palm onto the table a few times and would simply shake her head. Shake it off. The feeling that was haunting her too faint to make a big deal out of it. Verdandi chuckled. "I could have sworn, made just a coincidence. I wish you safe travels, new friend."

She'd await his good bye and then eventually, join her sisters in the adjacent room. For Verdandi it was time for a nap. Less important trades for food and other basic supplies would be next to deal with. Urd would have it covered for now. Avalanche would smell that his Master went missing and growled a few times as he woke and then trotted off to find the snow princess again. Probably the two of them cuddling into a corner where Verd would use the fluffy furball as a pillow to underline the comfort of her taking a nice long nap. If Tanji were to get up and exit the tent by its main entrance. The guards outside would greet him with a new attitude. Whilst they were rather crude and harsh in processing him into the camp. The new diplomatic status had already taken effect. He would be personally escorted to the encampments entrance. Offered to stay and linger within the trading market still busy in the courtyard. Helping him to some free goods and fruits if interested or eventually just escorting him to the front gates. His confiscated items and weapons would be quickly returned and he'd receive offers to some water bottles and other small amities. Underlining again that the royal treatment has but just begun if he dared to linger within it. If not, this would conclude the trade between the lot of them. Eventually either side gaining something of high value to themselves.

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I simply shook my head.

There was little to say, little to do. Yet, anyhow.


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The guest was gone. Verdandi would eventually wake from her slumber. Finding herself alone in the side tent. Voices coming from the adjacent one. The main tent. Urd was already dealing with new customers. Skuld had probably left the building to start and prepare the act of getting all the goods to the ships. Verdandi would move, leaving Avalanche to casually sleep. Stepping outside to find the research tent. Inside the Yuki medics that came along with the princesses were gazing with fascination at the Sharingan. A multitude of guards in and outside the tent. Skuld must have seen that this was something of specific value she didn't want to lose it to potentially greedy hands or thieves. Verd would watch the doctors for a while. Carefully casting their sensory techniques to feel into the object. Seemingly amazed like little children by the responses they had gotten from it. Verdandi sighed to herself. She was unsure what would come of this. But she had seen the look on her sisters faces. She knew that they were basically already planning on putting that thing into Dandi's face. She couldn't really put the finger on it. But that thought somehow was creeping her out. She was supposed to just get an eye replacement to get rid of the blinded, wounded oculus. Now they were talking of placing a chakra sucking super weapon into her face. Verd would have to think about this for a while. It wasn't like she could just pluck it back out if it didn't suit her.

In time, the trades came to an end. For weeks if not months the Yuki camp has overstayed its welcome and toleration by the Kiri protection. Starting to pack the goods up. Not many days after the special trade. Nothing of the Yuki Clan's encampment remained. Aunt Aya was still busy and had yet barely shown on the compound. Leaving Verd to wonder what was going on in her mind and schedule. She'd however, soon start to help her siblings and guards packing the materials. Escorting them to the harbour and loading the ships up. Verdandi's sealing and unsealing abilities of larger use for the lot of them. She would cuddle her sisters hard and see them off. Always feeling a heavy pressure on her chest when she parted ways with them. Knowing well that she was incomplete without them around her. As she was just one of three pieces that made a whole. But knowing the strain and pressure these trades and deals had put on her sisters. She was happy to know they would be getting a break from all of it now. Knowing well that especially Urd had outdone herself in this matter. Mommy will be proud of the family's little prodigy. Verd however, would grab on her trusty pets' fur and swing her frame onto his back. Letting him slowly stroll off into the distance. Watching the ships fade from view and disappear past the horizon.

Verdandi would return to what little has been left of the Yuki camp. Her father deacon was still around. Some minor trade still happening but nothing related to the princess's business anymore. Verd would watch the doctors huddle around the various tents, researchers had been examining the Sharingan for hours and would continue to do so for multiple days. Verdandi would return to do missions for Kiri as per say. But eventually. She'd have to face her father. Deacon specifically came here to help with Verdandi's wound anyway. Now that they had new plans than originally planned. Verd was put to the decision if she wanted to comply with the… experiment. Deacon seemingly having processed a sheer endless amount of intel just to calculate risks, chances, results. Continuously contemplating and explaining to Verd what the effects and results of such a transplant could be for her. Both in good and bad. But Verdandi wasn't the type to hesitate for long. She would soon make up her mind. If it could make her stronger. She would try and see if she had the power to deal with this and so. They would call a specialist, to do the deed. A legend of a medic.


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