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Verdandi moved from Squad camp towards a specific meeting place. Urd had arrived in Suna with her very personal guard, no one else then Skuld of course. The prospect of finding her snow sisters in an encampment within the lands of the wind was an odd one to begin with. But Verdandi felt content that her siblings were doing quite well. A myriad of tents had been set up. Some of the best guards from Yuki had followed along. In front of the resting tents was a larger one being set-up. Traders were already flooding the place. However, to keep control of the masses, the traders were to remain at the main tent to linger with each other, feast, eventually spark some deals between them on their own.

One by one, the traders would be given audience to speak with Urd. The high scholar of Yuki, despite her young age, had read books worth half of her life in time. She was knowledgeable but hence also not stupid enough to burden all decisions on her own. Aito Fletcher had joined the Yuki party, advisor to the feudal lord of Heidel. He had the one thing the smart princess was missing on. Experience. Years of trade and hardships. The man was in his late fifties and was not to be easily fooled.

Many of the traders that came forth in audience, had ridiculous offers. Many would be turned down, forced to leave the tent empty handed safe for what they came with. Supply deals would be made. While the demands for Clay, Wood and food were strongly satisfied for Heidel, some resources would raise in demand. Metal, copper, gold. Various luxury products would be bought within reasonable masses. Heidel was small and their focus would remain on their efforts to slowly rebuild one town in Yuki after the next. As Heidel's reconstruction finished, the neighbouring fisher villages would come to attention. Deals for reimmigration would have to be made at some point. The vast number of survivors that once fled Yuki no Kuni, was still living in Kiri. Convincing them to return back home would have to be done smart and politically correct. Step by step. But the Yuki family was in no hurry to accomplish their goals. While the large nations raced for power, the small faction from the north would pass by mostly unnoticed and hidden in the shadows of its big brothers.

Verdandi had finally arrived at the Yuki camp. The guards would instantly straighten up as they recognized either Verdandi herself or the family crest on her uniform. Verd passed by the multitude of guards. Many of them searching the traders for weapons as to ensure that no one would dare to cause conflict in the market. Seeing the main tent being lively and filled to the brim with people was quite a sight. Not sure why all those people really wished to create trade deals with Yuki. Probably some entrepreneurs could smell the potential revival of the north and were gambling with the idea of getting into the trade agreements early when they were still cheap. After all. Most of those people turned rich because they had good feelings and good ideas about how the economy would turn under certain circumstances.

That all being said or thought. Verd didn't really have much interest into bartering with the traders. She would spend little coins on buying some random shiny things. Her hobby. She'd eye the crystals closely and watch the pretty effects the would give away within the sunlight's. Jade stone. Sapphire. Ruby. Emerald. Verd already had treasure boxed full of these minerals at home and many of them would decorate her room by being tied to a little string and dangling down from the roof. Her own little horizon of shiny stars. Everyone deserved an odd hobby.

Proceeding on past the main gate and their guards. Verd would step into the room. A man claiming to wish he was here to sell hides and recipes would be received with mixed enthusiasm. Urd had clearly expected more fun resources to barter about. The diplomatic connections would give the traders with the highest bidding resources and most important roles a promised space at the diplomatic courtyard in Yuki. Basically, a free home to stay whenever they wished to come for a visit to the north and at the same time a means of getting into the inner circle for Yuki's most important trading partners.

Verd yawned. The diplomatic issues bored her. Urd was doing her best to find a deal for the man selling his hides but what she offered seemed to be not what he had expected. Angry he'd stomp out of the room. Excusing himself and letting the princesses alone with the advisor and the guards. Verd would move up towards Urd to give her big sis a nice and squeezy hug. As they engaged in small talk, Skuld would join them after her patrol through the streets. The three girls enjoying a cold tea together before they decided to combine their limited will and brainpower to punch their way through the remaining trade requests. Probably a hundred more? Maybe two? Who knows what could pile up out there in the tent…



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