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Mission name: Operation: Desert Lotus
Mission rank: D
Objective: Hunt down and Deal with a known bandit threat.
Location: Suna; What Lies Within
Reward: 150 Ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Kirigakure have enacted a vicious operation within the sand nation to push bandit groups to retreat in hopes of finding their bases of operations. Intel has been given to the ninja on the suspected location of suspected Bandit groups. Locate and identify the targets and engage with extreme prejudice, but in such a manner to force them to retreat, so that they may be followed.
Mission Details: The low level bandits that the forces of the mist are targeting aren’t pushovers, they’re veteran thieves and racketeers that have been preying on the poor for a some time in the absence of the Sunagakure ninja forces. The attackers will come face to face with at least 10 C Rank bandits with C-1 tier stats as well as B rank light armor and weapons with the base defense / damage for equipment of their rank.
Izumi’s heart was pounding, it had been years since she’d been to the Wind Country and to be here under such tumultuous circumstances was nearly overwhelming. Izumi had been undercover for some time now, but once she got wind of the activity in her home nation she couldn’t a resist a return home. Izumi’s hair had been dyed black for some time now, the crimson streaks in it a subtle reminder of the woman most people she’d known would recognize. The Karisuma woman had donned her Kirigakure flak jacket for the first time in a long time, it was simply a cover so she could infiltrate the ranks of her former village. Izumi's mindset had changed in her time away from the Mist, the straw that broke the camel's back was hearing of the village's doctrine for their excursion into the Wind Country. Izumi had gone over her plan over and over in her head. She was going to use this mission to get her foot in the door with the Suna leftovers.  Try to find out who was doing what in the area. Maybe her old mentor, the man she'd only known as the Jackal was still operating in the area. Izumi had grown so much since her last visit to this place. Regardless, this should be easy enough the mission called for Genin and Chunin to engage and track a group of bandits. Even if the young ones suspected that Izumi would betray them, they'd have had a pipe dream of a chance against her to begin with. It was going to be a massacre for the red haired woman. She couldn't afford for any of them to escape and would even send back a report with their location at a later date. But if even one of them were able to get word out that Izumi Karisuma was hunting them down it would be a world of trouble for her. Her disguise would be unlikely to hold up, which is why she'd been using a different name, Zhi. She sold her knew identity as that of a wealthy foreigner quite well, it was really quite easy given her very real wealth to sell facade. The name was to throw off any who might recognize her even past her disguise

Izumi was dressed in clothing suitable for the desert, fine silk garments in black and white. The light material breathing well even in the desert sun and the blowing sands. This was an environment Izumi was well suited for, it was her home. Izumi took a deep breath of the pleasing desert air before setting out to join the party set to raid the bandit hideout. Izumi donned a mask that she had adopted when extra measures needed to be taken to hide her identity. She couldn't afford for it to get out just yet. She knew she wanted out of the Mist villages barbaric plans to subjugate her home but didn't have a way to openly oppose it just yet. The raven haired woman sent raiton chakra into the environment around her as she approached the meeting area for them. There was a larger force than Izumi had assumed they'd send for such a simple mission that was listed as D rank on the dispatch she had intercepted. There were 2 chunin and 5 genin. It wasn't an issue for Izumi to deal with it was simply a surprise that they'd sent so many people for something so simple. It only meant Izumi got to have some fun toying with them. As Izumi approached wearing the haunting mask and the flak jacket the young men stiffened their stances assuming she was an ANBU of some sort. The Karisuma simply nodded at them and they were off, moving in formation towards the area their intel had pointed them with the raven haired woman planning to betray them at the rear.

Izumi reached out with her Katon chakra into the environment as they approached, luckily none of the kids had any skill with sensory jutsu and didn't notice that Izumi's chakra had permeated the environment and was the reason to blame for the sudden increase in temperature around them. “Ugh, why'd they'd have to send us here, we should just have the Mizukage kill them all herself freeze the whole damn desert. At least this ungodly heat would finally leave this place.” Izumi smiled under her mask, she loved this part of infiltration, the grand reveal when things were too late for them “You know, coming from someone born here I tend to agree. Why did they have to send you here.” They had arrived at the bandit encampment by then and Izumi decided it had been time enough for these children's lives. A single brilliant burst of flame would engulf the genin and chunin incinerating them nearly instantly. Izumi removed her mask and approached the door of the suspected bandit hideout and knocked.

The man who answered the door seemed terrified he must have seen what she'd done outside, Izumi didn't sense any obvious ninja talent among the bandits, they were mere civilians trying to survive albeit in a less than ideal manner. “So, who's in charge?” The man gestured her in and they'd have a long chat that night about the state of things in the Sand Village.

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