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Part of the wind

Verdandi would soon find herself captured within the tornado. Tossed around. Ready to be splat to the floor. Ready to be tossed about like a brick stone. Ready to face her demise. But as she started to twirl within the most powerful centre of the storm. Verd would scream for Fuu's name. Exhaling and calling for her. The wind seemed to make it nearly impossible for her to speak. Safe to say make it impossible for her to scream. But somehow. Somewhat. For some reason. Verdandi's pleads for the wind goddess would be heard.

Verd blacked out pretty much the very second, she lost control over inhaling enough oxygen to supply her lungs accordingly. The storm had eaten her up and was threatening to spit her remains recklessly to the ground. Instead, the storm would vanish and where it once was formed nothing else but a clear, large human body outline, made of wind, basically invisible, a bare change in the lights reflection would hint away that it was there and once more. It was holding Verdandi in it's very palm. Verd would wake as the create exhaled her wind to specifically pump some oxygen back into Verd's nostrils, proceeding to shake the little human, a little bit rash considering their size differences.

Ver would wake to stare at the eyes of an invisible shadow within the wind. A creepy view to say at least. She quickly wrapped herself up and at one point she thought to be floating in the wind. Before she could clearly feel that the air below her was as solid as rock in it's nature. Verd shivered. Facing Sui the calm, was one thing. To face Fuu the wild and free goddess was a completely different, way more scary feeling. But similar to the meeting with Sui. Fuu would place Verd back on the ground, close to her beloved bear pet.

Moving its head forth to slowly condense her very mass further and further. As she became smaller yet thicker, the mass would start to take the form of an actual human. Proper outlines could be seen. Imitation of hairlines. A mouth with a faint smile. Her body was beautiful in a way, but instable. Making it seem like she would collapse back into nothingness any second now. Verd shuddered. It was indeed both beautiful and terrifying. "I am Fuu, I am wind, who are you? How did you know where to find me?" she asked. Somewhat angry maybe. While Sui seemed to be easily found and desired interaction. It would become clear that Fuu had no actual desire to be seen like this. It seemed to make her uncomfortable. So Verd tried to look away and not into the goddess eyes. Showing the respect, a proper goddess of wind probably deserves. After all. There was no second titan alike Fuu in this world.

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A promise from the unseen

While Sui had been very forthcoming about Verdandi's request to help her in her path to become more powerful. Fuu seemed aggravated by the idea of Verd summoning her here for such a selfish request. "Fine." She spoke and poked Verdandi's forehead. Whom in return would instantly be sent flying backwards until she'd crash into the next hill behind her. "If you survive for five minutes. I will allow it." She added. Slowly moving forward as Verd just barely pulled herself back from the rubble. Dandi could see the outlines of a whirlwind moving her way. Followed by an air bullet. Dodging those both barely as suddenly a dozen bullets followed. Jumping to the side would show that all of these bullets were able to change direction and turn from their path to move towards Verd's new location.

Verd gasped as the first two bullets would hit her in the stomach and the shoulder. Luckily the way they hit and planted her to the ground made the others miss. Still. That hurt. A lot. Fuu chuckled within the wind. The earth below Verdandi started to crumble and a sudden geyser of heat ripped through from below. Tossing Verd quickly into the air. A rapid move to wrap her ice armor around her body allowed Verd to at least negate the damage from the heat that could have easily forced tissue damage on her skin. While the ice was already melting. Verd would feel that she was falling again and of course Fuu had already been waiting. A large whirlwind started to form from where they geyser originated. A tornado of hot, burning wind would slowly wrap itself around Verdandi. Quite a lot of the time she was supposed to survive, Verd would spend within the whirlwind, being tossed about until at last she could blow herself with a gale palm, wind technique out of the circle. Verd called upon the snow and would be gripped by the powdery surface of the nearby hill. Just as she could see Fuu basically storming towards her with an intense spear of wind following behind. Verd was certain that this was the last moment to her life. The massive damage she had already taken in such short time left her without any power left to defend herself. Panting hard as barely a hair before Fuu would push the spear inside Verd's guts she suddenly stopped.

Tapping her wrist and looking upwards towards the sun. "Seems like times up." She spoke and grinned a creepy see-through smile in her weird condensed body form. Quickly the spear and all it's components would disappear. Leaving nothing but a slowly fading Fuu in Verdandi's path. "Well done little ice princess. I guess you've earned your price…." She would speak with yet still deeply obvious amusement. Letting a little horn drop into Verd's palm. See-through. Probably made of glass. Adding another summoning instrument towards the clam of Sui. Content with the results. Verd slowly dropped back into the snow while Fuu simply vanished with her chuckles blowing through the wind.

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Searching for the frozen one

Verdandi would wake in the very hut she had experienced delusions before, the old sage was rubbing some weird green stuff below her nose, the herb had a stinky and distasteful smell to it but it certainly woke Verd and quickly forced her to her senses. Dandi would sit up and shake her head. Temo had put her down on a mattress, implying that Avalanche had brought her here, probably after Dandi passed out in the snow. The wind goddess was accounted for. It took certainly a heftier prize than the last one. Exhausting as it all was it was still somewhat satisfying. However, Verd didn't really intend to stay here for much longer. The valley was giving her the creeps. Temo was and would remain an oddball despite his very helpful behaviour.

He seemed to have a multitude of vials and medicines that helped Verd get back on her feet and bear the pain that still lingered in her sore muscles. Messing with an angry goddess was surely something she wouldn't add to her hobbies for the future. But then again, it would give Verd more insights over the nature of wind. Silent, invisible, intense and powerful. Passionate and angry. Destructive and beautiful. Indeed. A wonderful element and yet scary as well.

Giving her thanks, Verd would say goodbye to Temo and provide him with the latest of her notes on how to reach Heidel. He had to come by and reunite with his brothers sometime. "I will, when I finish my studies." He added. Verd could only imagine that he'd be tripping balls pretty soon again. An extremely odd guy indeed. But somewhat funny and interesting. The still weakened Verd munched some offered herbs that were supposedly 'just for food' but was sure this stuff was making her see colours she had never seen before. Clinging onto Avalanche's back as the large bear would slowly drag the princess off into the sunset.

Temo had left her with a note about a village north west of the valley. A place he'd sometimes visit to stock up on materials he needed for his studies. Apparently, it was the place to ask for hints about the last elemental she could find in these lands and the last one she'd need for her collection anyhow. Even though Verd was wondering how the other elementals would look like. Fire, Earth, Lightning. Maybe someday, she would go out to search for them too. Just to familiarize herself with all the natures. But for now, she had to find and face her god. Hyou. The titan of ice and snow. If there was any creature within existence that she had to meet to unlock her potential it was certainly him. But once again she'd be sure that it's not going to be as easy as expected or hoped for.

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Travel through the wild

Verdandi would leave the damned valley at last it had been blessing and curse for her. But for some reasons she missed the place pretty quickly. From all locations in Yuki it was the one with the least snow and the most sun. Almost warm in it's nature. Verd enjoyed a little bit of diversity every now and then especially since she had been stuck in that city for oh so long now. She was actually happy to be out and about in nature. Avalanche had been carrying her for quite a while and was obviously getting tired. Verd slowly slid off his back. She could walk a while on her own. Watching the sun set she would raise another igloo of her own. While the tired bear would quickly end up napping inside, Verd would go for hunting. A few snow does were lingering not far from their position. It still took her about an hour to claim them with a few well aimed ice spears. Two were enough for human and bear and reserves for the road. As usual she'd try to make use of every material and object that could be extracted from the animals.

Leaving the inedible parts to the crows that quickly came gawking at the smell of blood in the air. Verd made sure to set up a cozy fire. Roast the good meat, put bones and hides into her luggage. The town would make good use of those materials. Verd yawned. Feeding herself and the bear boy before smoking the remaining meat to make sure it'd be dry enough for transport. Slowly curling herself in her beloved pets fur and using him as pillow as she dozed off next to the fire.

The next morning, they would be greeted by a soft snowstorm. Verd had to concentrate a lot of her chakra to slowly. Bend the clouds to her will and force them to shut up. She didn't mind snow but a storm was something she wouldn't be able to handle right now. She was in need to find that village and that would go better if she was able to move without heavy winds pushing her back. Travelling through the snowy mountain path she'd keep a close eye on the different little dots she could see in the distance. She was impressed that every now and then a small hunter hut would appear. Even if abandoned it was good to know that a lot of the wild parts of Yuki had been left untouched or have recovered from Hao's flames already. She didn't know which of the two it was but it was making her happy non the less. Soon she'd come past a hill and would see the little huts of the makeshift camp ahead of her. It wasn't large enough to call it a village but it was certainly a gathering place for some people. Good enough for Verdandi in that sense. She wished for some normal human company. But she would probably find herself disappointed in that regard.

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Cultist in the snow

Approaching the camp would answer many questions yet raise endless new ones as well. The villagers here certainly had info's about the ice titan as a large statue of him claimed the centre of their… place. But at the same time Verd would recognize that all the people in the village were tightly clad in robes and hooded as well. Symbols of the frost giant would adorn their clothes and many of them could be found lingering around the great statue as they wanted to show their dedication to their god, praising the frost and praying for its good will.

Verdandi slowly palmed her face. She wasn't the type to go along well with those that could call themselves cultists. Then again, there she was, standing in the camp completely lost toward what she should be doing with the cowards that started to surround her. "Hail to the frost!" one would say and put some sort of snowflake-shapes adorned necklace around her neck. She had to admit it was kind of pretty. Still not exactly what she cam here looking for. Verd sighed as they started to walk around her and chant their blessings to the stranger. She was annoyed and the stupidity of the people would soon leave her patience tested long enough.

With a sudden scream she would use her Hyouton control to raise a myriad of frozen spikes from the ground. Raise the frost armour around her body and conjure upon the weather to become stormy again with heavy snowfall. Quickly, the cultists would kneel before such display of power. Calling Verdandi the goddess, to promised one. The saviour of their lord and god. The chosen one.

Verd didn't really feel like this all had the effect she was hoping for. But they weren't annoying her as much at least. Kneeling to the princess as they should. One of them came forth and bent his knee before looking up at Verdandi. "You are the chosen one Mistress of frost. You have come to free our Lord. He is deep within the frost of the mountain. Please…. Save him!" he pleaded and begged. Despite his pathetic attitude he had still provided Verdandi for free with what she had been searching for. The explanation as to where that damned snow god was sitting. Verd thanked the priests and inhaled. "Fret not you pathetic little worms. I shall free your god from his chains. But as a true servant of the frozen one, I shall command all of you, leave this town once I've freed your Master, you have fulfilled your roles. But it is now time to return home, back to your families. They are waiting for you." She added with a deep nod. Causing an obvious ruckus beneath the common men and women. Leaving them to question Verd's holy course and fate, but luckily the priest himself was in such awe that he instantly supported Verdandi's claims.

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Knock knock, little frostling

While the majority of the cultists were outraged by the idea of having to leave their holy place of contemplation and freedom. Verdandi would be pulled aside by the priest himself. "Finally, someone with a little sense. Do you know how hard it is to keep those fools from sacrificing themselves for her god? They come up with new stupid ideas every day!" he proclaimed. Verd would start laughing, seeing how the priest himself wasn't the kind that easily wished for anything of this type to happen. Still he had a duty to fulfil and that was to protect his people. Leading Verd to the entrance of the cave system as he mentioned that their god had been trapped in there for quite a few years now.

Dandi and Avalanche nodded and headed forth into the caves. Mot even far away from it, a pretty thick wall of ice would appear and behind the icy glass Verd could clearly see the outlines of Hyou's body. Placing her ear at the glassy frost crystals, she would hear loud snoring noises coming from within the ice cage. Knocking a few times seemed to have no effect so Verd started to simply melt the entrance away. Once thin enough, Avalanche would break the remaining ice. The fact that this could have been easily broken by normal humans, who instead decided to worship the sleeping titan instead was bugging her more than it should. Wasting lifetime was not something she overly enjoyed in its concepts.

Once past the frost entrance, Verd would step into the completely ice filled room, the frost adorning every inch of the caves insides. After trying to wake Hyou with some soft coughs she would poke him. Avalanche started to lick at the icicle's face. Hyou would instantly wake from being licked like this. He was upset that someone dared to disturb his slumber. He screamed loud and exhaled a strong power. The cultists outside the cave quickly realized that something big was happening inside the caves. As they started to chant, Hyou would break from his frost into a small ice golem form. Slowly move past Verdandi and go outside. As he escaped the cave he would start screaming and tossing snow at the cultist who instantly fled the premises in fear that their displeasured god would kill them.

Hence, they had naturally fulfilled Verdandi's command, or request or however one wanted to look at things. The priest alone remained. Hyou would proceed to tear down the weird statue they had created in his name before slowly returning into his normal frost-golem sized body. Verd moved out from the caves and down into the encampment. Hyou would seat himself next to the priest as they started to contemplate what happened here the last few years. The hope for the frost gods blessing had kept many of those fools alive during troubled and suicidal times. Eventually the camp had turned into a refugee for the mentally instable. But they had their chance to return to normal life's and Hyou just made sure they would rather pursue that then stay here and worship the titan.

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The final piece

As the priest enjoyed his talk with Hyou, he'd pack his things and slowly bid farewell to his god before he slowly moved off in direction of the southern fishing villages. Verd and Avalanche used their chance to loot through the camp and pick up any materials or resources of interest. Such as food and rare materials. Soon they would move to sit next to Hyou, whom was obviously yawning again already.

Verd showed the ice titan her two collectibles. The clam to summon Sui and the horn to summon Fuu. Implying that she wanted them to reunite and bless Verdandi's path at some point. Hyou laughed. Claiming Verdandi had already found the strength she was looking for while trying to appease to the titans. But he wasn't one to mess with a young girl and her hopes and dreams. Slowly he placed a little rune into Verd's palm. "Whenever you wish to face all of us, or just one of us separately, you may use this charm to summon me child. But be aware. The day you try to take us on, you better be ready. Cause if you are not. Your death will be certain. We aren't here to humour the desires of little spoiled ice princess you know. We are elementals. We work within the nature of all things. Our slumber might seem lazy to you, but as we rest we still control and balance all of us and our brethren to make sure the world stays within balance. Understood?" he laughed and petted Verd on her head. In the end, this was easier than she had expected. Surprisingly so. But Verdandi's path wasn't over yet. Hyou slowly melted away and disappeared from her sight. Her task she had been hunting for was completed.

Verdandi had explored Heidel's wastelands. She visited the last Aisu temple, she found remains of Amaterasu in the depths beneath the glaciers. She found her Masters, she found the sages. She uncovered the secret of the Lotus and forced the old guardians of Heidel to return to their duties. She uncovered the secret of the elementals and their existence as titans while they were being worshipped by men and yet seemed to care so little about their divinity. After all they weren't really gods. Just parts of the worlds ever flowing chakra system. Part of the life stream within. She had now the means to invoke her next plan, but certainly lacked the strength to turn it into action just yet. Still. She could now summon the elements to wherever she pleased. Facing them. Until one day. She might be able to bend them and make them accept her as the true Master of Wind, Water and Frost.

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Reflections and returns

On their way home. Verdandi had to recognize that Avalanche had grown quite a bit. Her own powers were channelling as well. The Hyouton chakra inside her was shimmering with power as if it was about to burst from her any minute now. The whole journey did for sure net many things and allow for a large progress within Verdandi's own goal to become stronger. However, she knew that this wasn't the last of her adventures. What would happen once she was able to summon and defeat the elementals? What future would await her if she actually managed to grow the amount of powers she was planning for?

Thoughts like that would remain saved for another day. Verd jumped on Avalanches back as he casually trotted down the mountain path. Off, in direction of Heidel. Off towards Home. Ready for a long warm bath and another large yummy meal as they had obviously gathered a large amount of food resources amongst other things while they were traveling. Heidel would surely welcome the treasures they would bring along with them. Some scrolls that could be useful for Urd. Locational information for Skuld's mapping system as she tried to re-create a proper tactical map of Yuki no Kuni. Food for the inn, rare metals for the smith, hides for the tanner. Avalanche was carrying most of the treasures. He didn't seem to care much about it's weight. Not that any of it was actually disturbing him at all. Verd would see all the treasures but realize soon, that the powerfully growing polar bear was probably the greatest treasure of all that she had found out here.


280 / Total WC: 16'460

WC Usage:

5 x D-Rank Jutsu (3'750 wc)
5 x C-Rank Jutsu (5'000 wc)
5 x B-Rank Jutsu (7'500 wc)

Total WC cost: 16'250

The WC will be used for the ice library techs.

Ice Release, Shards of Winter Technique
Ice Release, Twin Killing Icicles
Ice Release, Fractal Shield
Ice Release, Powder Snow Breath
Ice Release, Supernatural Evasion Practice

Ice Release, Swallow Snow Strike
Ice Release, Simple Ice Prison Technique
Ice Release, Ice-born Blade
Ice Release, Frozen Touch
Ice Release, Frozen Blade

Ice Release, Doppelganger Technique
Ice Release, Ice Rock Dome
Ice Release, Scuplture Technique
Ice Release, Cold-steam Cut
Ice Release, Certain-Kill Ice Spears


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