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Mission Details:
Mission name: Forward Base Assembly.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Establish camps for Village shinobi to advance so operations can proceed smoothly.
Location: Suna Excavation Site.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Konoha is requesting ninja to assist army with setting up forward camps where ninja can stay as they travel toward Suna.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Assisting the army may involve clearing native flora and fauna, ruins, bandits or other threats, or merely quickening the pace at which camps can be established.

Kirei had come to the Land of Wind with a single goal in mind: the aid of its people. For two days now the Uchiha stalked the sands, acclimating to the sweltering desert conditions with far greater ease than he had done those years ago in Kirigakure's bitter winter. The squad of Konoha shinobi bounced from dune to dune, each of their eyes observing the formations of dotted glass which, once rare, were now plastered throughout the scenery. This strange geography signaled their approach toward Suna's ruins; the Village Hidden in the Sands had fallen before Kirei had ever had a chance to see it in person, the first time his eyes would lay upon it would be now, in this desperate state of affairs. As the sun set over the desert, Kirei thought of the two women he had known and where they were now; with the operations beginning in Suna, the land would be crawling with shinobi once again, and in the back of his mind Kirei hoped they would be among them.

Cloudless horizon did nothing to steal the sun's creativity, which painted long orange and pink strokes across the sand. Lowering beneath the most distant dunes, the sun caused the group's shadows to dance dozens of meters long as if the puppets in some abstract performance. The Uchiha looked over his shoulders, mask, and hood shrouding his face; none here knew his identity, few in Konoha saw him without his guise donned. Currently assigned to the ANBU's ranks, the boy's responsibilities upon traveling to the sand had increased tenfold, he was in charge of this unit of shinobi who made their way toward the lost Village and had been for some days. The group had made their supplies last, with enough to last this night in the camp which they would assemble, but shortly after would need to make their rendezvous with the other groups of Konoha ninja who were fast-tracking supplies through the other routes. Keen eyes scoured the darkening sands and trailed up the slopes of nearby dunes which crested over a valley of glass formations. Kirei's left hand twitched, fingers rising and Katon flickering in small sparks to catch his comrades' attention. Once they turned, he would point to their destination and Kirei would pivot, rushing toward the hill.

First to climb to its apex, the Uchiha was greeted with the rolling expanse of Suna's ruins first hand, which, while still a considerable distance away, was clearly visible below the dune. The boy's eyes narrowed, searching first for any signs of predatory wildlife or thieves ready to capitalize on groups of travelers, but who were not prepared for shinobi. Sharingan twisted into his eyes, and the encroaching darkness gave way to the dojutsu's prowess, which effortlessly analyzed the dunes, peering through the reflections of crystals and motes of dust which rose with the wind in the distance. There were several wild dogs, but they posed no threat and would easily be scared away by the bonfires and tall flags. Kirei had never witnessed the Sand Village in its prime, and to him, the crater of glass and ruins, smattered with makeshift scaffolding, looked like a miserable place. No stranger to the cover of night, Kirei did not hesitate in moving forward to overlook the slopes on either side, a helix of sand and earth doing his bidding, providing footing for him to stand on above the perilous fields of razor-sharp glass beneath. When the scout was satisfied, he looked back upon the quick work of his comrades, who had erected the flagpole already.

"Alright, when we're done here, we will head into the ruins and scout the rendezvous in advance. It's been a long trip, but we're finally here. We'll split into teams of two, so let's get this set up and move out."


Alongside the unison reply, Kirei rushed for the pile of sheets, supplies and took his share, while commanding the earth to lift the majority. Deft fingers of soil held in place the foundations for his tents, opening for the nails and then hardening at the Uchiha's behest, allowing him to make quick work of several assemblies. Peering up, the boy watched as the green banner of Konoha's military unfurled in the quiet desert evening, his eyes looked to each of the Chunin under his command, and they all acknowledged him in turn and were off toward the city. Whether or not it was right for him to push the squad to their limits like this, the Uchiha was far too eager to explore Suna's ruins and seek out his true target.


750 completes d-rank mission


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