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Mission name: Operation: Earthshaker
Mission rank: B Rank
Objective: Eradicate the Key location
Location: Suna, What Lies Beneath
Reward: 500 Ryo + 3 EP
Mission Description: A demolition expert has been sent to your location to breach a key location of the enemy in response to the success of Operation: Desert Lotus. Collapse on the enemy encampment, and sweep up the cell. Be ready for any last minute surprises.
Mission Details: Attacking a fortified location is one thing, protecting a VIP to the front doors of that location is entirely another. The demolitions expert is a B rank ninja with C-2 stats across the board and A rank katon and fuuinjutsu. Upon reaching the massive iron gate of the building he will require 2 posts to place his jutsu and then to clear the location before setting off the A rank explosive specifically made to gain entrance to the heavily fortified base of chakra enhanced stone. Only this jutsu is capable of breaching the base.

All the while, the base is protected by booby traps, arrow and senbon launchers, siege weapons as well as crossbowmen and enemies wielding jutsu through small holes no larger than a foot wide. Once inside, the ninja alongside 2 teams of hunter ninja will attempt to wipe out everything within the base. The base is held by a combination of C and B rank fighters with tier 2 stats for their rank across the board as well as various B rank weapons and armor. Each of them have B rank ninjutsu with a wide array of library techniques at their disposal.
Tenjin was called up in the midst of battle, landing on a the site of a notorious warlord who is attempting to usurp the power within Sunagakure no satos underground system. Leading a squad with a partner, of 12 men on this trying night, who had no battle experience. These two team of hunter ninjas were inexperienced at best, and the squad already began to scramble throughout the fort under heavy fire, with the goal of having all the men survive this siege as it would provide a turning point within this war once breaking into the base utilizing the demolition expert. A Jonin soon began to speak, “Exactly 231 allied shinobi have died or have been wounded already, including my own brother, Roland, who was among those killed on this here battlefield.” The jonin clinched his fist, and continued speaking, “This here is a mission to end this pointless battle. The name, Operation: Earthshaker. The goal, a demolition expert has been sent to breach a key location of the enemy base in response to the success of another mission, Operation: Desert Lotus. Collapse on the enemy encampment, and sweep up the cell. Now go, and be ready for any last minute surprises.” As soon as Tenjin turned around to face the battlefield, it still had all these people laying down on the areas surrounding the fort that were killed, it was chaos. The warlord had soldiers who were firing down on allied shinobi from trenches veiled by earth which they have made trenches out of, and from a major pillbox type of bunker that was made of concrete. Senbon, kunai, and shuriken launchers littered the ground and before Tenjin was remotely close to feeling some type of emotion resembling fear, he heard a someone speak.

“Synagakure wasn’t always like this you know. But when everyone's last cent is gone and the village, due to the long duration of its citizens unemployment, discontinues its payments, great hardships begin. Now we all walk the desert, hungry; often we seek to pawn and sell our very last possessions; our clothing becomes more and more wretched; and thus we all collectively sink into our external surroundings which, on top of our physical misfortune, also poisons our soul. At this point, his misery is very great. This old story is then repeated amongst all the members who continue to live here. The same thing happens a second time, the third time perhaps it is even worse, and little by little we have learned to bear the eternal insecurity with greater and greater indifference. At last the repetition became a habit.”

Tenjin turned and seen one of the hunter ninjas without their ANBU mask on as he he sported a Sunagakure headband, the young chunin then began to speak himself. “And so this glorious village, who was formerly so hard-working, grew lax in his whole view of life and gradually became the instrument of those who use it only for their own base advantage. The more I witness it, the greater my revulsion grows for the criminals who avidly and cruelly crushed those who lived in this village. When they arrived, they belonged to the devil; after destroying the remaining infrastructure, Sunagakure was lost.” Tenjin saw as the shinobi put his mask back on to again join the battle, and Tenjin thought, ‘I have seen this in hundreds of instances. I’m repelled, no outraged. Or is this a simple tragedy, a tragedy of this misery and its deeper causes. These people are the unfortunate victims of bad conditions. even more dismal in these days are the housing conditions. The misery in which these villager lived was frightful to behold. Even now it fills me with horror when I think of these wretched shelters, sordid scenes of garbage, repulsive filth, and worse.’

Tenjin was then caught off guard. “You must be the shinobi sent here to guard me. I’m the demolition expert, Kenji Otsuka, from Iwagakures Explosion and Demolition division.” As the man spoke, he simultaneously began to take off gloves that were covering his hands while looking at his target. “Doesn't seem like the impenetrable wall that they were describing. I can do this no problem. Where is your partner?” The man asked rhetorically knowing that the other team leader has yet to arrive, “They’ll be here soon.” Tenjin said quiet distant and cold, but this was only because he was under the influence of his alter ego that was simply focused on training and becoming more powerful rather than socializing. This is why Tenjin kept his mask and cloak on despite even knowing some of the individuals that he has done missions with, and even when applying to missions in his own village for this relief effort, Tenjin has joined the roster under a pseudonym.  The explosive release shinobi then spoke abruptly, “Well as soon as she gets here im charging on ahead. You two lead your teams and cover my back, we dont have time to waste.” The man looked at the fort and finally said, “I have heard this is one of the bloodiest war zones in the effort to purify Sunagakure of its gang activity.”

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Once again the young special jounin found himself in the service of Kirigakure no Sato and their quest to take out those that hold power over this land, with the help of his partner Tenjin the two of them were able to track down an fort that belonged to an associate of a man known as Tente. While this man was not directly involved, this fort is reportedly the property of one of his underlings, and with any luck it would lead the pair to the man himself. The cloaked shinobi watched from his vantage point as the siege below raged on, it was here at this fort that the information the boy sought would be revealed. Tenjin had opted to go ahead and help prepare for the assault on the base while Raphael dealt with some other matters, though the plan was to meet up here and lead the demolition man to the gates of this base. "It would be so much easier if I could just carry the man over the battlefield with my windstride," the young shinobi said aloud to himself with a sigh. The boy could only wish it was that easy, walking through the air was a simple technique that with practice was just as easy to do as walking on water, unfortunately he can not hold the weight of another with himself and he did not have the time to teach the technique to this demolition expert even if the man had wind chakra so the boy had no choice but to do things the hard way.

Raphael began his slow walk down through the air, if anyone were to look above them they would see the young boy in his white cloak descending from the heavens standing on solid air. The boy cared little for those whose bodies were now all scattered across the sands in front of this fortress, he did not know them nor did he wish to however he would not stand for the senseless death of these people, if he has to do it himself then he will. He was here for a reason and that was it, if this base stood in the way of him finding Tente then he had no choice but to end the lives of all those within this fort, of course the first problem came with getting the expert to that wall. Raphael smiled as he saw Tenjin standing with the demolition expert no doubt plotting their advance upon the fort, Tenjin wearing his mask as was usual for the man full of secrets. It was fine with Raphael if the man did not wish others to know his identity, and if that was what he wished for then the young special jounin would not spoil it by saying his name out loud. Raphael's work with Tenjin in the past few days has proven to the boy that he was worthy of his trust as well as a capable fighter, he would be a major asset in this coming battle. Once he was on the ground the young special jounin would look to Tenjin and the demolition expert, "So, it has come to this... Well let's get down to business, I will draw their fire." The boy's words were cold and emotionless, despite the fact that he did not care about the soldiers on the battlefield he was tired of the death that this war was causing because of stubborn individuals like the ones behind this wall.

Without another word Raphael rushed to the battlefield, he knew that Tenjin would be able to get the man to the wall without incident so his main focus was to make it as easy as he possibly could by providing them with cover. Rallying the troops on the battlefield the young special jounin lead the assault on the base, though there was no way for them to get through the wall they would provide the distraction that Tenjin and the Demolition expert needed so that they could get close enough to do what was needed. The group with Raphael began their attack drawing the attention as well as the attacks of those inside the fortress giving the other pair an open shot to the gate so long as they moved fast enough then it would not take long for them to get into the base and end all of this fighting and death. Raphael stood behind the cover of an earthen wall not far from where the base was, from his position he was able to see all of the defensive measures that this base actually had and it was a lot more than he had expected. So many defensive measures, how did these bandits get all of this equipment? The boy wondered as he watched a small group of the attacking forces get bombarded by a large sum of arrows flying down from the top of the wall, he was not sure how much longer it was going to take but he could see that Tenjin and the man had made it to the gate and the man placing the seal so he hoped it would not take much longer. Raphael knew what needed to be done quickly forming a string of five handseals the boy launched over the earth wall and created his wind dragon surrounding him in a protective layer of swirling wind, the boy could not help but laugh as he watched the different attacks of arrows and shuriken hit his protector tornado and bounce off of it. Raphael used his dragon as a medium launching his wind release techniques through the dragon, focusing most of his attacks on those that were using jutsu as they would be the biggest threats however it was easier said than done as most of them had a very small window in which he could attack them. However the boy's plan seemed to be working his dragon kept him protected from the basic attacks and whether his own attacks were hitting or not he was at least keeping the jutsu users from attacking for now.


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Continuing on Solo due to Inactivity,
Sorry Tenjin

Sweat began pouring from the young shinobi's forehead as he continued his assault against the fortress, the enemy forces did not seem too effected by his attacks but at the same time they could not do much to him either. "Focus your attacks on the openings, I will cover you from those on the top of the wall," the boy called to the group of soldiers and shinobi that where attacking with him as he shifted his dragon's focus to the top of the wall. The plan seemed to be working at least for the most part, he did not know how much longer they would be able to last so he could only hope that the demolition expert moved fast. Just as that thought crossed the boy's mind he saw the signal from the expert who was now back behind cover of a rampart, Raphael saw no sign of Tenjin the fear of his comrade falling in this battle filled his heart with anger as he launched more attacks at those on top of the wall. He knew Tenjin was a more than capable Shinobi no doubt with a few tricks up his sleeve, so just because he could not see him did not mean that his friend had fallen it was just as likely that the man had taken a postionthat the boy could not see from where he was. The explosion went off sending a tremor through the ground as well as the wall knocking down those that stood on the top, the battlefield was soon covered in a cloud of smoke and debris. The young shinobi knew that this may be their only shot at getting into the fortress under the cover of the smoke, he only hoped that the man's demolitions were as good as they said that it was. "Now move in! No mercy, No Survivors!" The boy yelled at the top of his lungs as he ended his wind dragon god technique and rushed the now demolished gateway along with eight hunter ninjas while the other continued to attack from the outside keeping the enemy distracted.

Once inside the fortress the hunter ninja wasted little time in beginning their elimination of the enemies, the boy broke off from the group and headed down a hallway that lead deeper into the fortress. The hunter ninja had their mission and the boy had a mission of his own, he needed information on Tente and where he was hiding. The boy knew the information that he sought was somewhere within these walls he just had to figure out where, the sooner he found where Tente was hiding the sooner the boy could end all of this blood shed. The inside of the fortress had a castle motif that matched the outside appearance, very little technology if any at all could be seen with the sandstone walls that made up the inside with the only light coming from the occasional candle that lined the wall. Just as the boy was about to round the corner he was nearly struck by the sudden appearance of a katana wielded by one of the enemy forces. The man was clearly not very skilled in the use of the blade as he waved it wildly in the air around him swinging it trying to hit the boy but finding only wall in its stead, the blade sung with every strike against the wall creating a ringing throughout the hall that more than anything else simply annoyed the boy. As the boy continued to dodge the man's attacks he quickly channeled chakra into his hands before striking the man's arm releasing the built up chakra to weaken the man's grip on his blade before ending it with a swift kick to the under side of the man's arm with such force that sent the blade soaring into the air before stabbing into the ceiling of the fortress where it stuck and did not come back down. With the man disarmed he stood little chance against the taijutsu expert that the boy was, with a few well placed punches and kicks the boy had the man on his knees in a matter of seconds before ending the man's life by snapping his neck with a sickening crack.

No sooner had he finished with the first man did the boy see two more heading down the hallway towards him, looking behind him only to see three more headed for him as well. With both pathways now blocked and nowhere to go the boy had but one option, channeling chakra to the very top of his tentesu points throughout his body the young shinobi would wait until all five of them were almost on top of him before releasing a powerful blast of wind from all around him that sent the enemies flying backwards away from him. The boy knew his burst of chakra was not enough to harm any of them, but he hoped it would disorient them long enough for him to be able to take them out one at a time himself. Moving against the three men that had came up behind him first, the young special jounin made quit work of the three low lives while they were still disoriented by the push back of his wind burst before turning his attention to the last two. Unfortunately the boy did not get as lucky with the two as he had with the first three, by the time he made it to them they had already overcome the disorientation that had been caused by his jutsu. Taking on the two of them one at a time the boy would not have even broken a sweat, however taking them both on at the same time proved to be a challenge for they boy. While neither seemed to be as skilled as the boy in hand to hand combat they did provide a challenge as they covered the others weakness. When the boy would go to strike one of them the other would stop the attack causing the boy to have to focus on them while the other was given a chance to recover before coming to the aid of the other once again, this cycle seemed to go on forever and the boy was making little if any head way as far as an end game for dealing with the two. Luckily for the boy no other enemies seem to come down the hall, with any luck the hunter ninja were able to deal with the rest of them and these two were the last of them.

Finally a ray of hope shined for the boy and he was able to deal the final blow to one of them, finishing off the second shortly afterwards and not a moment too soon either as the boy was running low on energy he did not think he would of lasted much longer against the two of them nor did he believe he would be able to deal with any others that stood in his way. The boy finally made it to the center chamber of the fortress to find a few hunter ninja already within the room, "where have you been?" One of the hunters asked in a slightly annoyed sounding voice when he saw the boy leaning against the frame of the door almost out of breath. "Had a few loose ends that needed to be dealt with, is there anyone left?" The boy asked as he continued to catch his breath however also trying to hide the fact that he was having to catch his breath. "Most of the enemy forces have been dealt with, those that have not will meet their end soon at the hands of the others. I found something I think you should see," the hunter stated as he motioned for the boy to come stand next to him. Moving towards the man the boy saw what it was that was concerning the hunter, on the table before them laid a map of the land of wind much like those that the villages held within their dispatch tents. Though there was a major difference in this map compared to the others, it showed the locations of the four major village's border camps as well as multiple routes that were often travelled marked in red but then there were several markings on the map within the land of wind itself as well as a bunch of routes marked in black. A quick study of the map revealed the markings were other bandit camps throughout the desert and the black routes were ways to get between them without crossing the path of the red routes which were used by the village. "You understand the importance of this information, do you not?" The boy asked in a serious tone as he looked to the hunter nin, who simply nodded in reply. "Good, then I need you to take this information with you back to the Mizukage. I am sure this will interest her as well as help in your endeavor to rid this land of the bandits." The boy stated as he found the mark on the map that he had been looking for, heading to the doorway to exit the fortress the boy was stopped by the sound of the winter's voice. "What will you do?" The man asked to which the young boy turned and smiled, "I have my own orders, and a job to complete. Just ensure this information is put to good use." And with that the boy was gone, continuing on his quest to track down Tente.

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