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1 The Golden Scarabs [Invite | NK] on Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:32 am

Haka Osada


A shinobi is like a treasure trove on information. Talents, skills, knowledge. A thousand ways to deal with a single situation pumped into a single man or woman. These people are trained since they are kids with a set of dark goals in mind - infiltration, espionage, assassinations. The shadows are a dark place to be, but these people learn to wield it as a weapon. So when a camp full of these treasure troves gather together, forging plans to sabotage the progress of other Villages, sharing information and insight, it is no surprise counter-initiatives occur. A shinobi camp is not fail-proof. Shinobi opponents make for worthy adversaries in a came of intrigue and espionage, after all.

Kirigakure's camp was simple. Not quite as organised as that of Kumogakure, but certainly not bewildered. They held the militaristic discipline of well-trained shinobi in equal measures to the privateer's heart they carried as the born and bred sailors livings in the Land of Waters, even in a dried up environment as the deserts of the Land of Winds. They grey and blue tents of the Forces of Kirigakure looked like a brooding mass in the gold and white of the sands and was thus easy to spot for those interested to take a bite out of the treasures they offered.

The 'Golden Scarabs' was a rag-tag band of greedy people. Missing-nin, former Suna-nin, ronin. They had gathered together to create their own fame and riches. They had predicted the forgotten ruins of Sunagakure's country would draw in those hungry for expansion, and they had been right. The facade of 'offering help' was just an imagery held up for the gullible so the Villages could continue their actual agenda. The Golden Scarabs had been right, and they would now pluck the fruits of their long-term anticipation. Their own agenda wasn't difficult. It mattered not who came here, nor who would win. All they wanted was to infiltrate the camps and gather as much sensitive information as possible - names, ranks, talents, plans for the future, battle strategies. They had come to gather all sorts of information and sell it to rivalling Villages for a healthy amount of ryo.

One by one they had entered Kirigakure's camp as refugees. No weapons, barely any clothes. Just keen perceptions and cunning intellect. Things that couldn't be detected at the gates and would effortlessly be carried inside the camp. These agents had stayed quiet for days, contenting themselves with listening in on stories, eating grub and trying to get some much needed position such as cook or clean-up crew. In doing so, they had picked up a lot of drifting information already. Worthless to many, but valuable for any of Kiri's opponents. However, the surface was not enough. Such information was cheap to sell and easy to procure, the ryo they'd get barely worth to cover their effort. No, the growing greed to find more sensitive information and cash in big was an itch that grew with every passing day..

Haka had guard duty this evening. Wearing her leather battle armour, the dark and light grey of her outfit allowed her to blend in with the grey and blue of the camp and the darker shade of doton walls that formed the edge of the base. The job was considered a bore by many and some would go so far as to say this sort of duty was unfit for a daughter of Sero's, but the spider didn't mind walking on and off the walls slowly. Mostly by her own, it allowed her some time to reflect on her future as a kunoichi of the Village. She had been a chuunin for a while now. Administration had hinted it wouldn't take too long for her to rank up, others had nudged she'd make a fine Hunter-nin or ANBU. She generally cared little for gossips of that kind, but she couldn't deny that joining the Hunter or ANBU factions were an interesting nudge in the direction of what she liked to do as a wolf spider - hunt down prey.

Eyes open, apathy reflected in the red amber colour of her lookers, she watched left and right to see if there was anyone wanting to crawl over the wall. Anyone she could kick back off or web to the ground to have them apprehended. So far there was no one. All she could see was the bustle of the day slowly setting to sink behind the surface and throw the whole camp in darkness. Guard duty just having started, that meant Haka would be around in the first part of the night, meaning the moment when things went bump she'd be one of the shinobi ready to take down intruders. She'd do so gladly, since they would be just like little flies in the eyes of the wolf spider.

Her point-to-point wandering did make her wonder what a Hunter or ANBU truly did behind the screens. Hunting was a simple thing to her but she knew humans had an odd sense of making things far more complicated than was needed. Often, it got so complicated they couldn't handle it by themselves anymore. Such information was kept away from prying spiders as her, however. All she got to hear was a generalised idea of what they did but the intricacies remained unanswered, meaning she would either take a risk or figure it out herself - the latter much preferred. The spider-nin just needed to figure out how she could catch a Hunter-nin or ANBU and pry loose the information.



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2 Re: The Golden Scarabs [Invite | NK] on Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:09 pm



Maigo reached down into the room, pulling a scroll apart and looking at it's contents through his mask. The scroll had a lot of inscriptions and notes, commentary on the village ninja and their operations here in Suna. The information contained within the scroll were more hand scribbled notes than anything and nothing truly dangerous but among the mess of the dark room he stood in, there wasn't any doubt that more incriminating and dangerous secrets could be lost.

Maigo would stand up to his full form, the grey cloak covering his body and his hood down, revealing his dark hair flowing from his head but his face covered by the white and red mask of the hunter ninja. He was new to the organization but he carried himself clearly as if he belonged there and didn't let anything change the standard for which he would carry himself. Poised, understanding, and prioritized on the task at hand. It was alarming, that the information on their operation within the Land of Wind could be compromised by some random informant but he had to act without compromise.

Letting his honey colored eyes scope further out the room to further uncover the story, various items strewn about and a chair knocked over. Definite signs of struggle but nothing was broken or damaged, there was no blood around or anything to give away the cause of the situation. Instead, it was as if it were all thrown around by whoever was in there, searching for and collecting items maybe? The pile of clothing left from the dresser and strewn out showed that it's owner might have been leaving hurriedly and collecting what he could carry. Maigo recreated various images in his mind until he came across a notebook that sat on top of the dresser, alone in its position and tilted so it wouldn't sir parallel within the building.

Maigo's hand would reach for the book and measure its weight in his hand while observing the seal on the front of the black leather. A golden scarab etched into the front of it, Maigo's hand feeling along its surface and tracing its logo for a brief moment. As he pulled open the cover and began to flip through the first few pages, his eyes would widen as the light flashed from the inscription on the book.

It didn't matter, Maigo would close the book and toss it in front of him as he turned his body and dove through the window exit into the alley below. Using his arms to shield his face and break through the glass as he rolled head first, feeling the flames of the explosion covering his legs and his back as it almost propelled him forward. His forearms broke his fall to the ground as he rolled forward and slide across his legs into the street below. Glass and shrapnel rained down below with flicks of paper and other debris while smoke and fire pillowed up into the air. Maigo coughed briefly and stood up a bit hesitatingly as he looked up at the third floor housing unit as others began to approach from the street and nearby tents as the town that they had set up their camp in slowly rose to life at the sound of the explosion.

Maigo knew what he had to do though, he knew where he was headed and who he had to capture, the man he'd followed and studied for the last few days. Maigo's eyes flickered around and as a women stepped forward to feel out whether he was alright or not and help him out. Maigo flickered away and jumped to the opposite rooftop as he dashed towards the towns walling, knowing he could find some new information there, he would start by finding out if anyone had come or gone recently, his stealth was intact as he would approach the wall.

His footsteps would be absolutely silent and the trace of his physical presence would be gone with it as he would land on the walling just a few feet behind a girl with a familiar face. Though, whether she would recognize Maigo would be hard to tell with his mask on and his voice changed slightly, given a different tone and more methodical pacing, he would speak up to break her attention.

"I'm looking for a man leaving the encampment." he would begin to grab her attention while his yellow eyes focused on her actions. His cloak was singed at the bottom and a bit dirty, torn even unlike it normally was, as a result of the explosion and how little time he had to waste. "He would be packed as if he was leaving and has brown hair, it's important to catch him." Maigo would leave off and wait for her reply while his eyes would wander to the dunes beyond the town, looking for any details that might lead him to his next clue and the next lead.

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275/300 Chakra:

Name: Silent Killing Technique
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Hunter Ninja
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration + 3
Description: (Must be paired with a Stealth Technique.)
If the Hunter Ninja using this technique has obscured themselves from vision with a stealth jutsu, this jutsu allows them to vanish from the other natural human senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing and chakra presence), not leaving a trace of these aspects in the slightest, even obscuring ones footprints after the point of activation as they are attributed to one 'touching' the world around them. This jutsu leaves little other than an ambient yet almost palpable murderous chakra lingering over the discernible area, creating a sense-able killing intent.

However, Silent Killing does not hide the user from sight, meaning that if a ninja is capable of seeing through the stealth technique paired with Silent Killing, this jutsu becomes useless, and little more than a tax on the hunter's chakra.

(The facets of the Silent Killing Technique can be seen through with a Sensory technique of 1 Rank higher than Silent Killing.)


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3 Re: The Golden Scarabs [Invite | NK] on Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:43 am

Haka Osada


Haka turned around when she heard an explosion in the distance, the camp instantly brought in alert. Flames licked the air around it and a puff of black smoke distorted the general clarity of the evening sky. Just briefly, as fire and smoke subdued almost as soon as it had come up. Though it was too far to perceive minute details of what had transpired, the short duration of the fire indicated an amplification by chakra, meaning someone had infiltrated to attempt a coup or traces had to be erased in a hard way. The answers would have to be discovered by other shinobi off duty. The crowd around was partially in panic, others gathering to watch the situation as if it was a touristic attraction. A shimmer suddenly removed a single person from the crowd - Body Flicker Technique - while a few others pushed their way through the crowd. Away from the explosion.

Her gaze shifting between the suspicious movements, Haka tried her best to keep track of them as good as possible just in case one of them was a potential culprit. The first one embraced his family, a woman urging herself to safety to assure herself and family that she was alright. Shocked, but unscathed. The second one stumbled into the mess hall, possibly looking to find a drink to drown his fear with alcohol but Haka couldn't be certain as the roof of the mess hall would cover his actions from her sight. Then lastly, one man moved into a couple of less crowded streets, rummaged into something hidden from sight. He changed clothes, shape, and moved on with a different attitude. Henge no jutsu? It was hard to say as she had not been given a clear shot on his actions and the distance between Haka and the possible culprit was too far for minute details, but there certainly was something fishy about that one.

Haka eyed the gates. She stood in the middle of the two and had no confirmation as to which one he'd take to move out. Running to one gate left the other open, and she couldn't run in to meet him directly as she was on guard duty. She'd have to abide her time, observe, wait. Something the wolf spider was an ace at. But the situation would change, offering new opportunities to the spider-nin.

"I'm looking for a man leaving the encampment."

The voice had come as unexpected as the explosion as he had left no sound and hadn't come into view. To be confronted with someone that had efficiently escaped her arachnid perceptions annoyed her, but she would turn around to face the man that stood behind her. Her red amber eyes would analyse him. Yellow eyes, Hunter mask, unfamiliar voice. His clothes were hidden from sight, only a part of his trousers and shoes remaining visible, but nothing that stood out, and a singed cape that reeked of burned. This man had experienced the explosion first hand, yet she shook her head at his statement on the brown hair.

"I've spotted one suspicious person fitting that description before he disguised himself.", her eyes moved back to scan the streets. She knew how he looked like now, but he had been clever about his disguise. Average features, common clothes, he looked like your average Joe now. It took her a while to find him back in the crowd, spotting his movement towards the east gate. "Cleverly disguised, possible Henge no Jutsu, moving towards the east gate. I'll bring you."

That was the most information she could give since she disliked assumptions. Describing his disguise would be like describing half of the people that walked around the streets - vague and lacking sufficient detail for a reliable description. There was no telling what tricks he had up his sleeve or how strong he was, but he knew how to make use of chakra and that made him already sufficiently a threat. Expecting the Hunter-nin to follow her, Haka would move to the man in question, jumping over the tents and roofs as she did so to maintain a bird's point of view, all the while keeping a low profile as good as she possibly could without stealth techniques. Though moving through the streets would have allowed for a more subtle approach, it would be impossible to keep track of his movements. Haka didn't want to risk losing him.

Landing on a roof that looked out in the streets where he was walking, her monstrous aura would instantly give away her presence as he moved through it. He looked up, his blue eyes looking straight into her red eyes. A single glimpse telling everything. He knew he was spotted, she knew she had been correct in her analysis. This was the fugitive the Hunter was looking for. Instantly after, she molded chakra into her mouth and spit out a web in an attempt to catch him and get him stuck where he stood but he simply ripped through the webbing revealing that his strength was clearly above that of an average person. With his disguise having failed him, he would give up on the Henge no jutsu and quickly looked around to see if he could spot any other forces trying to apprehend him as he calculated the next step towards a successful escape.

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C Rank - Trapped Prey:

Name: Oikomareta emono (Trapped prey - 追い込まれた獲物)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 25 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: The spider nin can form chakra in their palm or mouth and mold the chakra into a solid web that they can then fire at 25 meters per second that is one meter tall by one meter wide. If a target is caught within the web they are bound to their surroundings for three posts. Any jutsu of equal rank can break out of this or a Katon jutsu of a rank lower can burn through it. Anyone with B rank strength can remove themselves from this instantly.


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