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Well done, Lucifer. Your last mission was a success. Your contributions to our cause have not gone unnoticed, and as such, we would like to reward you with a special assignment.

We are sure that you have heard the rumors floating about the inauguration of a new Kage. It would seem that Kumogakure no Sato has finally gotten their issues sorted out and elected a brand new Raikage. And with the installation of a new Kage usually comes a crackdown on crime in the area, and the renegotiations of trade policies. While we do have figures, plans and models in place within the civilian government of Kumogakure no Sato ready to bend the policies and such to our expectations, we require someone outside of the political spectrum to operate in the field.

And that is where you come in, Lucifer.

You are to rise within the rankings of the Kumogakure no Sato shinobi system and act as a double agent, providing intel to us and acting on our behalf in the region. There will be others like you, who will make themselves known to you when we wish for it -- we are you sure you understand why we cannot inform you of who they are, lest this information fall into the wrong hands.

How you go about your mission is completely up to you, but please take heed; if you are exposed, do not expect any help. None of the other agents will assist you in anyway, shape or form if you are exposed to be a double agent, however, given your skill set, we are not worried about this.

Your 'official' information file -- that is, your shinobi record -- has been planted in the Kumogakure no Sato shinobi records, with all the correct information including a graduation date, class scores and test results. There is no need to worry about the papers being found as fraudulent; several of our planted agents have already seen to it that your paperwork has all of the official stampings. Copies of these records have been sealed into this scroll as well; familiarize yourself with them, then follow protocol. If nothing else, we are thorough in preparation. You cover story is the usual -- you are transferring to Kumogakure no Sato from one of the minor allied villages as part of a policy that we were able to secure within the village some years ago.

When you arrive in Kumogakure no Sato, you are to head to the address we have provided to you; this address is to be your base of operations while you are stations. It is where we shall send any and all operatives when we require you to assist them, or be assisted. In the morning, you are to report to the administration building to sign your paperwork and begin in your 'official' capacity as Kumogakure no Sato ninja.

Lucifer refolded the letter with a small sigh, and fed it to the lone candle that resided upon the table at which he sat. The world outside was quiet with darkness having descended several hours ago as the Devil had arrived back at his homestead to find the letter slipped under his door. As much as he liked the scenery in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, it would be nice to get out of there. His mission in Konoha was completed; a simple delivery mission, but still.

As the male settled into his housing, he began to form a mental list of things he would need in the coming days; weapons, for sure. Supplies, food, and paperwork.

Weapons would be easy; the child was well versed in hand to hand combat, and worked well enough with a simple kunai. Other supplies would come as he needed them, and food was no real issue. But, it was an issue that could be solved tomorrow. Blowing out the candle, Lucifer would make his way over to the pallet, and settled himself down to sleep.

The next morning, the male would take his time, making his way through the shops and stalls of the Market District, purchasing the wares that he felt he would need to aid him on his journey, along with enough food to last him the whole way. When the male felt that he had purchased all that he required to to make it, he would head toward the village gates, and depart on his journey, heading towards Kumogakure no Sato.


141 WC remaining

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A new mission for the Devil. [Defection] JqW3Lnz

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