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1 Kenjutsu Practice [Shinoko | NK] on Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:04 am

Raiu Mizuki


Special Jounin
Kumogakure's camp was a busy place compared to the village. Having this many troops gathered together revealed how much forces the village actually had, whereas the day to day activity made it look deceptively low in comparison. Still, duties didn't change one bit. Scouting, guard duty, protecting and in the case of Mizuki, even training the younger ones. A budding shinobi of Raphael's squad was sent to her to pick up a few bukijutsu techniques. The most interesting part about the youngster being the fact she was no ninjutsu specialist, making lessons rather limited as Mizuki had few pure bukijutsu techniques herself. Those she had were part of an advanced sword style taught by her father, Kiyoshi Raiu, and required a strong determination and solid pair of sword arms as the style strongly focused on breaking through the opponent's defences. Assuming the girl was familiar with the basics of kenjutsu, it was to be seen if she had what it takes to pick up the raiton inspired Heaven Sword style - the thunder splitting the venerated oak in twain.

For the occasion, Mizuki had decided on the makeshift training area of the base camp. It was to be found in the corner of the camp, a small fence providing a minor separation between the training grounds and the passage that happened right next to it. Shooting targets were lined up against the earthen wall, fighting targets against the other. Simple but an approach that had survived the history of mankind as a generally accepted and efficient setup. Mizuki would probably make use of them. Firstly seeing how much strength the girl had when wielding a katana with both hands, secondly testing her balance when faced with a parrying party. If there was anything her father had taught her, was that experience was anything. Unopposed balance was an incompletely trained one. Practice made perfect. A Storm Release user knew all about that.

After having set up the training puppets in preparation of Shinoko's training, Mizuki would sit in seiza, resting her hands into her lap as she did a small meditation. Patience was not something people were born with. It was something that required practice like many other things. Aside from allowing time to trickle by at its own pace, it helped the kunoichi to clear her mind and mentally prepare for the duty to come. She wondered if her new student would be ready as well.


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