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Nova Makato

Nova Makato

Mission name: Attack Village Camps.:

Mission rank: C-S.
Objective: Cause chaos by attacking village encampments.
Location: Border camps.
Reward: Variable ryo + 2-5 EP.
Mission Description: Rogue groups have hired willing ninja to attack border camps and disrupt village operations by causing chaos in their ranks.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Hired players will arrive at a border camp of their choosing and attack it as brutally or as merficully as they desire, it will be defended by at least one Shinobi of equal ninja rank with two chosen chakra natures and all Library techniques of their rank and lower. If this mission is done with another Player Character in opposition who is taking the Defend Village Camps mission, both participants may claim rewards for both missions as if they had completed them when handing in the reward for this mission and it counts as a mission of the highest rank the two of them could accomplish together.

Nova stood slouching slightly, resting her weight back on her heels as she scanned the horizon. Below her was a view of endless sand dunes with a spattering of tents pointing upwards between them. With her faux wooden leg, hidden under a pair of leather boots and thick black leggings, she would nudge forward a small rock off the plateau they had perched on to set up their assault. Izumi was still taking whatever steps needed to prepare for battle, far different that what Nova had to do. A black tank top hugged her curves though a black shawl masked her form, a black blur against the still dark dunes. With her left hand, she would slide her fingers into the pouch she wore on her hip. Running her fingers over the rough pressed paper she touched each scroll, recalling the contents of each. As much as she preferred having her puppets physically at her side, traveling quietly was not quite a possibility with their hulking metal forms and she had started keeping them sealed within the trio of scrolls. Besides her own creations, was a bound scroll centuries older than the others. Ancient dried paper that somehow had resisted the decay of time, though it was bone dry to the touch and yellowed. Despite the fact that its contents were very rarely shown, Nova had become very familiar with it. Though he was silent Nova felt the anticipation that Sasori's did, like a wolf preparing for the hunt.

That single pouch of scroll was all she needed, no other tools for a fight. Just the trio of puppets and the chakra that she controlled, with Izumi at her side. Nova herself was not accustomed to missions like this, infiltration under the cover of darkness, Izumi often worked as an assassin or infiltrator since their return to the land of wind. Despite her unfamiliarity, Nova was excited to be able to offer Izumi aid in one of her missions. They had not discussed to deeply what the plan was, other than to cause chaos and hopefully disband the temporary camp set here along the border of the village. When Izumi would approach from behind and stand beside Nova looking out at the purple and black streaked sky above the desert.

Several small tents were clustered on the side closed to the cliff, their size and closeness suggesting that they were sleeping tents, whereas a trio of larger more ornate tents lay beyond them in a ring around a large pyre. Though they were far below, it could be seen that the occasional dark smudge would move within the camp, and that combined with the still lit flame suggested some of the inhabitants were still awake. “I think I should climb down the cliff in Doku Tsuki.... it should be dark enough that it will blend against the stone. That way I can gauge how many people are there and how many are awake. You can follow down, I'll go beneath in the sand and start from the other side-” Nova would pause for a moment an point to the trio of larger tents, “surface over there and start working inwards. I don't expect that there will be much of a resistance and I dont think they know we're coming.” Taking a step sideways, Nova would slide her arm around Izumi's waist and kiss her on the cheek before sighing softly. Though she knew Izumi was more than capable of taking care of herself on the battlefield, it still made her anxious to know that she would be in the face of danger yet again. Whispering into Izumi's dyed hair Nova would show her concern, “Be safe...” And with that, they would set off to enact their plan.

From the pouch at her hip, her fingers would touch to the centermost of the scrolls and unseal its contents. Around her body, the hulking metal form of Doku Tsuki would appear, hatch on the top already closed and sealed. Now with Doku Tsuki's armored frame around her, her fingers would twitch to weave emerald chakra threads that would connect to the puppet. While the puppet would jolt to lige, she would let her senses wander and acclimate to the vibrations from the earth around her. Smiling slightly, she would feel the movement of the reptiles and rodents that inhabited the porous cliffside before letting her senses wander further into the camp. Nova would not be caught unawares, she could feel any movement across the earth within a hundred meters from her. Metal legs clinking softly across the clifftop, Doku Tsuki would come to the ninety degree drop and continue downwards. Doku Tsuki's metal legs clung to the face of the cliff as she quickly maneuvered her way downwards, weaving back and forth like the creature it was modeled after with its tail still arched over its back. Though the cliff was easily fifty meters tall, Doku Tsuki covered the distance in a matter of seconds before settling down against the sand horizontal once more. Nova could feel the movement of Izumi still working her way down, and without waiting Nova would begin tunneling beneath the camp.

Doku Tsuki slid through the sand with ease, and now more than forty meters beneath the surface would tunnel forwards keeping her senses alert for any movement above her. The puppet would slow its movement, stopping immediately below the largest of the trio of tents and twitching her fingers to switch the missile ready to fire from Doku Tsuki's tail. Slowly she would let the emerald threads that ran from her fingers to her puppet detach from her fingers and ball up, still controlling the puppets movements though they no longer were connected to her body. With her other hand, she would touch the oldest of the scrolls while hearing the voice whisper in her mind Do not hold back......

[993 WC]

Chakra 190/225:

10 chakra
Name: Generic Sealing Technique (Han'yō Fūin no Jutsu ~ 汎用封印の術)  
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Direct contact.
Specialty: Fūinjutsu.
Duration: Instantaneous.
Cooldown: None.
Description: This technique is a standard ninja skill which allows a ninja to summon an assortment of items that have been stored using fūinjutsu. Scrolls are the most common choice for item storage. When needed, the owner will activate the seals releasing their item or weapon of choice, either on the ground or in-hand.  The jutsu can be used to either store an item in something or to summon it from something, but it can’t do both. This jutsu can only seal the user's items, or items that were stolen from a target for more than 3 posts, or items stolen from a KO'd or killed character. This jutsu has a variable chakra cost depending on the item summoned from the scroll/other item. 
A-Rank: Ten Chakra.

The items used to seal something with this technique need to bought in the item shop.

5 Chakra
Name: Puppet Technique (Kugutsu no Jutsu ~ 傀儡の術)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 30m.
Specialty: Kugutsu.
Duration: -5 per post
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: This jutsu generates long, fibrous, malleable chakra strings from each of the user's fingers. They are partially intangible to prevent tangling; this jutsu cannot be used to bind people. The condensed chakra takes a hue of variable color depending on the user. Use of this technique on puppets is only available to those with the Kugutsu specialty. However, people without skill in Puppetry can still generate chakra strings to control weapons they have the specializations to wield, within 30m. This consists of whipping them around like a flail or yo-yo, or controlling their path of travel when thrown. Unless durability is enhanced by a separate technique, these chakra strings can be broken by any D rank technique that causes blunt force, cutting, or piercing damage.

This technique cannot control living people; it can only control corpses, or Human Puppets currently in the user's locker.

20 chakra
Name: Puppeteer Clique 
Canon/Custom: Custom 
Rank: B 
Type: Supplementary 
Element: N/A 
Range: 60m 
Specialty: Kugutsu 
Duration: Maintainable 
Cooldown: Double the Maintained Duration 
Description: Nova separates a few kugutsu string from an already active jutsu and condenses them into a small orb of chakra threads that float, emanating the users selected color chakra. These yarn-ball like orbs   can, on their own, move at about 5mp/s. On contact with a puppet, owned by the jutsu's user, that would require strings they absorb through the body and float within the puppet. The threads that make up the orb extend to make contact with the puppet, and behave as if they are being controlled by the jutsu's user. 
The jutsu can not move outside of a 60m radius of the user or will disperse, leaving the puppet out of the users control. A stipulation of this justu is puppets controlled with this technique must be structurally able to move etc in order to do so, as they have no external force controlling them or holding them up.


Nova Makato|Jutsu|Locker
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"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet,
regardless of time, place, or circumstance.
The thread may stretch or tangle,
but it will never break."

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