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1Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Empty Iki Clan [Revamp v2] on Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:05 pm

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  5rh1it4

Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  FAHfQ33
Clan Name:

  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  5rh1it4 [ Iki Ichizoku - いき一族 ]


  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Latest?cb=20090830222812 [ Iwagakure no Sato - 岩隠れの里 ]
  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Latest?cb=20090830222755 [ Kirigakure no Sato - 霧隠れの里 ]
  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Latest?cb=20090830222821 [ Konohagakure no Sato - 木ノ葉隠れの里 ]
  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Latest?cb=20110124122229 [ Kumogakure no Sato -  雲隠れの里 ]


  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  New-ke10 [ Bukijutsu - 武器術 ]
  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Taijut10 [Taijutsu - 体術 ]


  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Earth11 [ Doton - 土遁 - Deity: Nai-no, the Giant of Earth ]
  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Wind11 [ Fūton - 風遁 - Deity: Susanoo, the Master of Storms ]
  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Water11 [ Suiton - 水遁 - Deity: Watatsumi, the Lord of Seas ]
  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Fire11 [ Katon - 火遁 - Deity: Kagutsuchi, the Djinn of Flame ]
  • Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Lightn12 [ Raiton - 雷遁 - Deity: Raijin, the Lord of Thunder ]

Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  HhU72Pp
You told us to never forget you.
We listened. We remembered where others forgot.
And when they forsook you, we kept you alive in our memories.

Storytellers. Orators. Keepers of ancient secrets. The Iki is an old clan, with older secrets. They are the keepers of an ancient library, one that recorded the history of man before the time of shinobi. Nowadays, the clan is little more than a family name but at a time in history, the Iki were revered.

The clan were infamous as shamans, priests and priestess of the old religions; men and women whose lives were inexplicably tied with the deities they worshiped. To the people around them, the Iki were strange folk, obsessed with what they believed were 'the spirits of the world'. Mythical creatures; dragons, dijinn's and aspects of the elements, just to name a few. The Iki worshiped them all, and in return were protected by these creatures.

As time passed, the old religions fell and the world of the Shinobi rose. The collective deities, knowing that they would have no place in the 'modern' world, gathered their followers for one last request. The Divine Court, as they were known, gave their followers one final decree; the members of the Iki clan were tasked with carrying on the legacy of the Divine Court. The Iki were to keep the stories of the of the Court alive through the ages; in return the Iki would forever be protected by them.

Each of the five basic element is represented by a guardian deity that the Iki worship:

Raijin, the Lord of Thunder, is represented as an old man carrying a staff. Ramuh typically appears as an old man with a large beard and mustache, balding and wearing flowing robes. Through him, the Iki have acquired the ability to channel Lightning through their weapons to attack.

Nai-no, the Giant of Earth, is represented as a colossal male that is adorned with tribal markings and tattoo, as well as gold jewelery around his neck, wrists, and ankles. Around his waist, Nai-no wears a loincloth. Through him, the Iki are able to channel the power of the land around them into attacks.

Watatsumi, the Lord of Seas, is represented as a gigantic, massive sea serpent that effortlessly controls water and rules all who dwell in the oceans. Through him, the Iki are able to channel the power of the seas and water into their attacks.

Kagutsuchi, the Djinn of Flame, is represented  as an impressive bipedal creature standing at ten feet tall. A mane of fire red hair frames his face, through which a set of twisted horns emerge, curved and pointed forward. Thick arms are attached to an even thicker chest, ending in clawed hands. Kagutsuchi's lower half is clothed in a simple 'pouch', leaving his legs bare, so to speak. His feet are clawed as well. Through him, the Iki are able to channel the power of Fire into their attacks.

Susanoo, the Master of Storms, is represented as a green-tinted man with claws and talons and wings protruding from his back. Though elegant of form and graceful in motion, the capricious and ruthless nature of this bloodthirsty being engenders mindless terror even amongst her devoted worshipers. Through him, the Iki are able to channel the power of wind into their attacks.

You asked us to love you.
You protected us for so long
You shall no longer be a memory.

But those of the Iki clan took this literally, They were angered that their Gods were cast aside by the rest of the world in favor of the teachings of Nishu and Ninjutsu. The elders of the clan declared that the followers of Ninshu were weak; there was to be War! In the name of the Divine Court, the followers of Ninsho and Ninjutsu were to be exterminated by the degree of their Gods.

It was at this point in time, the clan changed their purpose in life; rather than preserving the memories of their Gods, the Iki weaponized them. They called upon their gods, and bound them to their mortal bodies to grant themselves immense power the ability to harmonize with their god's natural power in a heightened state of awareness. The clan transitioned themselves from humble orators and storytellers into warriors, armed with weapons that they believed to be filled with the power of their gods. Their goal was simple in the beginning; to prove their Gods and by extension themselves  worthy to exist.

To rend one's enemies is to see them not as equals
But objects hollow of spirit and meaning.
-13th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow

Armed with this new understanding of the world and themselves, the Iki set out into the world. Through their weapons and their bodies, the Iki channeled the might and fury their forgotten gods and began their campaign of destruction of the followers of Ninshu and Ninjutsu. They attacked everywhere they were able to, forcibly recruiting those they conquered into their cause by demonstrating the power of their gods. It was not long until the clan found the eyes of the world turned upon them, including those of the Rikudō Sennin. Upon hearing how the Iki wished to preserve the existence of their gods, he approached the elders of the clan to speak.

What do you seek, my friends?
We seek to never be forgotten again.
Then prove yourself worthy to be loved, not feared.

Through his words, the Rikudō Sennin was able to convince the Iki to abandon their campaign of destruction. He informed him that their mark on history was surely set, given all they had done. He revived the Iki's gods to them in their full glory, something the Iki were grateful for, but it came at a price the Iki, once the harbingers of this world's End, were charged to protect it, to keep the world going along its natural course. The Iki agreed, and settled themselves as the watchful guardians of the world. Traveling to a location in what is now known in modern day as Hoshigakure, the Iki began to practice and spread the tales of their God's once more.

We shall not obey and worship a false God.
We shall not be marked by defiance.
From your ashes, we shall rise.

The clan settled into their lives within the village of Hoshigakure without much fuss. Before the clan decided to remain within, they request a meeting with the current Kage, during which they drew out a 'contract' of sorts with the Kage. So long as the Kage and his successors followed what the Iki believed to be 'The Path of Good' as dictated to them by the Rikudō Sennin, the clan will serve and follow the kage without question. However, the moment that the clan heads decide that the Kage is not following the path, the clan will terminate the contract and leave the village. At the current time, the Hoshikage agreed to the terms.

For years, the clan seemed to be at peace, until a certain event. With the discovery of the meteorite that led to awakening of the Mysterious Peacock Method, several of the clan members took this as a sign from the heavens that a new god had been chosen. In honor of the occasion, the Kishi began to devote themselves to this new god, worshiping his physical form through training themselves in the style of the Mysterious Peacock Method. However, with the discovery of the side effects of the training and the emergence of the chakra color mutation within the clan, the Iki clan became angry. They felt that they had been fooled by demons with the presence of the meteorite, and so they sought to leave Hoshigakure.

Upon finding out about this, the then current Hoshikage sought to keep the Iki clan, and prevent them from leaving. He attempted to turn the village upon themselves, using the other families that made up Hoshigakure as pawns to undermine the political and financial power of the Iki. The Iki did not care they were once a clan of orators and storytellers. They came from nothing, and for them, so long as they continued to worship their gods, they would be happy.  In an attempt to strike a blow to demoralize the clan from leaving, the Hoshikage ordered that every Iki shrine be demolished in the span of a single night.

Your weapons are drawn to begin battles.
Ours are drawn to end them.

- Mushin Iki

This attack against the Iki clan's shrines would not go unpunished. While the clan was furious as to the desecration of their shrines, they knew that the village as a whole was not to blame for the actions of the Hoshikage. Once more, they sent a messenger to the Hoshikage, informing him that they would be leaving village. Mustering his army of loyal ninja, the Hoshikage attempted to cut them off before they could actually vacate the village, only for the then head of the clan, Iki Mushin, to present himself to the Hoshikage with a warning to not attempt to stop them. When Mushin saw that the Kage would not heed his words, Mushin sacrificed himself to utilize a Kinjutsu to wipe the village of Hoshigakure off the map.

Gathering the remaining families of Hoshi, the Iki clan took them in and helped them pick up the pieces of their lives and move on from Hoshi. With the additional families added to their ranks, the clan scattered themselves in the larger ninja villages, preaching to the world about their gods...


  • Iki, Mushin [Deceased]
  • Iki, Luca [Current Clan Head]
  • Iwamoto, Jacques

Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Y4syLuV

Kekkei Genkai Name:

Divine Oath [ Kami no chikai - 神の誓い]

Kekkei Genkai Description:

The Iki clan are divine paladins devoted to their gods. Upon graduating from the academy, each member of the Iki clan takes an oath to a single god of their choice referred to as their Oath of Devotion. The Oath of Devotion is founded upon the six tenants below which Iki clan members are bound to follow.

Oath of Devotion

  • Honesty: Don't lie or cheat. Let your word be your promise.
  • Courage: Never fear to act, though caution is wise
  • Compassion: Aid others, protect the weak, and punish those who threaten them. Show mercy to your foes, but temper it with wisdom.
  • Honor: Treat others with fairness, and let your honorable deeds be an example to them. Do as much good as possible, while causing the least amount of harm.
  • Duty: Be responsible for your actions and their consequences, protect those entrusted to your care, and obey those who have just authority over you.

After taking the Oath of Devotion, each Iki clan member takes part in a ceremony to receive their Arcane Focus from their god. This focus is formed by mixing divine energy with an Iki clan member's chakra to create an object unique to the shinobi for which it is for, however it may not be a piece of armor or weapon. The Arcane focus serves as a conduit for the Iki clan to cast their divine spells to smite their foes. The Arcane Focus is applied for as a free D-Rank item following the template below. After creating an Iki clan shinobi, you must begin with a 1000 word solo thread which describes your character taking their oath to their deity and receiving their focus. If the focus is destroyed or broken, it can be fixed used the regular item rules, or can be remade in another 1000 word solo thread.

Arcane Focus:


[b]Name:[/b] Insert Focus Name
[b]Type of Item:[/b] Arcane Focus
[b]Rank:[/b] D
[b]Elemental Alignment:[/b]
[b]Quantity:[/b] 1
[b]Ability/Function:[/b] Enables Iki clan members to cast divine spells. Cannot be used for physical combat.
[b]Appearance:[/b] Describe focus here
[b]History:[/b] Link solo thread here


Blessing - Cleansing Touch: The gods bless each Iki member with elemental power infused with their divine essence. The divine power cleanses the element of its elemental weakness while retaining its strength. For example, a follower of Watasumi who uses a Suiton jutsu will no longer face the -1 penalty versus Doton.  

Blessing - Divine Sense: The god's grant the Iki deep awareness of ones sense of space and can passively sense when something encroaches into this range, akin to those with Senjutsu, which scales with perception. This ability begins with a 5m radius and increases by 5m with each full rank increase of perception.

Blessing - Arcane Magic: The Iki clan have been bestowed the ability to case arcane spells. These spells are considered arcane magic to the Iki clan and can do things similar to ninjutsu such as make an elemental dragon. Spells can be cast using an Iki clan member's arcane focus as a spell conduit. Spells follow the same rules as ninjutsu and fall under a character's maximum jutsu count. Spells can only be cast at a rank of the lowest rank between the Iki clan member's Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, and elemental ranks. For example, if a character has B rank Taijutsu/Bukijutsu and C ranked Element, they may only cast C rank spells. Spells may not be cast if an arcane focus is broken or destroyed. Arcane spells must be labeled Arcane Magic under the specialty field in the jutsu template.

Blessing - Exalted Champion: Upon reaching Spec. Jonin rank, Iki clan members can take on a 3000 mission to prove themselves to their god and become an Exalted Champion. Exalted Champions are bastions of their God and are blessed with the ability to achieve their exalted form. Upon completing their mission and paying 1k ryo, the Iki can manifest their Exalted Form beginning at B rank and is able to train their Exalted Form rank by rank up to SS rank following the specialization rank up rules. Each Exalted Form is created with 2 prominent attributes, which are always able to be set to the maximum value for a jutsu of their rank.

Exalted Form:

A ninjas unique Exalted Form, much like a sage mode differs from user to user. Each Exalted Form boasts differing colors, forms, traits and often differing abilities based on the ninja who uses them and the rank of which they are used. Exalted Forms usually take on characteristics of the god the Iki member worships. A Exalted Forms are applied for and displayed at the top of their jutsu list under their spells. Each level of a user's exalted form must be applied for and functions as jutsu of its rank with the same activation and maintenance costs. Iki clan members can have variations of the same level of their Exalted form but each counts as its own separate jutsu in regards to total jutsu count. Weapons for the exalted form may be apped as jutsu as well but must pay an equivalent chakra cost for the rank of jutsu.

Exalted Form Level 1 (B Rank): The Iki shinobi forms a dense shroud of divine chakra around themselves. The shroud, a translucent white with bubbles of chakra (reminiscent of boiling liquid) forming all along it. The user undergoes slight physical transformations of their choosing which related to the God and Element for which they are Exalted Champions for. For example, followers of Watasubi may begin to develop snake like fangs or scales across their skin. The shroud that encompasses the Iki is malleable and as such the shroud can extend beyond the reach of the Iki, often used to create chakra-arms that allow them to interact with their environment.

Exalted Form Level 2 (A Rank): Using the Iki's body as a sort of endoskeleton, an opaque, pure white layer of chakra envelops them. The physical manifestations that are vaguely present in Level 1 states become fully defined in Level 2 with muscle mass increases and attributes such as tails or horns becoming clearly visible. Because the shroud forms so tightly around them, features of the Iki shinobi may be identifiable in Version 2, such as the hats or pieces of armor. Entering Level 2 creates a great deal of energy, producing craters beneath the Iki and cleansing status effects such as stuns or paralysis upon activation. The shroud remains a reliable defence against attacks, and other features, such as chakra-arms, are still accessible. It is even possible for the Iki to manifest minor pieces of armor around themselves including pauldrons, gauntlets, sabatons, and greaves made of their element of choice.

Exalted Form Level 3 (S Rank): Level 3 of Exalted form appears similarly Level 2, but allows the Iki shinobi to manifest full body suits of armor including chest plates, helmets, and leggings. At this stage, the Exalted Form may possess another attribute at maximum effectiveness for it's rank. The armor is once again made of the element of the Iki's god. For example, followers of Nai-no may have full suits of armor made of stone or sand covering their white chakra shroud from Level 2.

Exalted Form Level 4 (SS Rank): Level 4 is regarded as the Iki's Paragon or Perfect Form. Level 4 looks nearly identical to Level 3 but it spouts giant wings made of divine white energy which allow the form to fly indefinitely while active. It is said that this Exalted Form is of similar power to the legendary Susanoo of the Uchiha.

Exalted Forms are applied for as jutsu using the standard jutsu template. Ensure attributes which are maxed are labeled clearly and the specialization should labeled as Arcane Magic.


Aura of Devotion: Due to the Iki clan's immense devotion to a particular god, they are bound by oath to only use the element associated with their god and only worship that one God. Each god requires their followers to prove they are worth of the element they revere, and as such All Iki clan members begin with their element at D-rank. Clan member's may not change the god they worship after character creation and as such are locked to the element associated with their god.

Divine Martial Fighter: The gods frown upon those who stray far from the sword and fist. All Iki clan members are limited to Bukijutsu and Taijutsu for their primary or secondary specializations and may not have another other specializations. Primary specialization begins at C-Rank and secondary specialization begin at D-rank.

Divine Health: All Iki clan members are blessed by their gods. However this blessing comes at a cost. All healing medical ninjutsu performed on Iki clan members is less effective due to the lack of divine energy from shinobi of other clans. As such each Iki member must take the Pharmacophobia negative SC without balancing it.

Oath Breaker: Iki clan members who break their oath to their deity must pay the price. Upon breaking their oath, Iki clan members lose access to their chosen element, spell casting abilities, and the Exalted Form if they have unlocked it. In order to regain their abilities, Iki clan members must atone for their broken oath in a 5000-word thread where they take on a mission or social thread which proves they are worthy of their God's gifts.  Upon completion of this task, the Iki clan member can regain their abilities, but their element and specializations will be reduced back to D rank as punishment for their failure to uphold their oath. In addition, they are no longer exalted champions and must repeat the process for unlocking their Exalted Forms and ranking it up again.

Breaking the oath: An Iki clan member must uphold the six tenants of the Divine Oath. The following list demonstrate example ways an Iki clan member can break a tenant of the oath

  • Honesty: Lying, Stealing, or Cheating.

  • Courage: Acts of cowardice such as fleeing a fair fight or desertion in the face of the enemy.

  • Compassion: Ignoring pleas for help, failing to step in and protect the needy, or failing to show mercy for the deserving.

  • Honor: Acts of dishonor such as attacking a non-combatant, sedition, or treason.

  • Duty: Dereliction of duty, broken oaths to others, or disobeying lawful orders from a superior.

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Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Wm6Woa7

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2Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Empty Re: Iki Clan [Revamp v2] on Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:38 pm




So are you locked to a single god? Additionally does this mean you're also locked to only one element?

Blessing - Channeled Divinity~

No clans save for a few canon ones, may begin with Senjutsu. Your increased chakra pool will be fine however. It still cannot stack with Senjutsu though.

Blessing - Divine Sense~

This ability is essentially Sage mode Sensory but passively. To simplify make it like deep awareness of ones sense of space and can passively sense when something encroaches into this range, effects scaling based on perception.

Blessing - Arcane Magic~

Not really seeing any benefit to this besides fluff? In fact it limits you, since your tertiary spec cannot exceed S-rank, effectively denying yourself an opportunity at an SS-ranked spell.

Exalted Champion ~

Please clear up the text to make it more understandable.
To make it easier to track what rank it currently is at, please add in a Rank tag in the code for Paragon. Additionally, there should be a chakra cost associated with this, especially with two maxed out values. As for what those values are, and how Paragon works, can you elaborate on this? Because it seems like two jutsu meshed into a Sage Mode variant.
Animals will be fine, mythical creatures are not. (Outside of Events and EP prizes as per the usual)

Your drawbacks seem good.


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3Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Empty Re: Iki Clan [Revamp v2] on Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:06 pm

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

Updated a lot of things. Pretty much do a full review again please.


Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Wm6Woa7

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4Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Empty Re: Iki Clan [Revamp v2] on Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:21 pm




Blessing: Arcane Magic:

While clans are afforded a degree of flexibility with Specializations, as with that Sasori based clan which can use Kugutsu in place of Taijutsu due to their puppet anatomy. However at most I can see you being able to use ninjutsu like abilities with the Arcane focus, not with Medical as well. However I will clear this with the other staff.

Exalted Form:

Level 1: "The shroud, a translucent white with bubbles of chakra (reminiscent of boiling liquid) forming all along it, provides a degree of physical protection." Since all the attributes of your exalted form is fleshed out when you app it with the item mods, unless this has some actual protection or effect, you can remove the 'provides a degree of physical protection'.

Level 2: "Entering Level 2 creates a great deal of energy, producing craters beneath the Iki and destroying any restraints that might have been placed upon them beforehand." So like a status cleanse?

Level 3: "At this stage, the Exalted Form gains another max-rank attribute." Please change this to something akin to, 'may possess another attribute at maximum effectiveness for it's rank.' Just a wording thing, making it clear that, as a jutsu it's entitled to one maximum attribute, and that this form may possess another.

Level 4: Remove the mention of tailed beasts

As for the Exalted Form template, it occurs to me that you can simply use the jutsu template and clarify which 'Affinities' your form has.


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5Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Empty Re: Iki Clan [Revamp v2] on Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:25 pm

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

Made Following Changes

* Removed Medical abilities from Arcane Magic
* Removed the line about physical protection in Level 1 Exalted Form
* Clarified the status cleanse effect on Level 2 Activation
* Clarified text per your guidance for wording for Level 3.
* Removed mention of Tailed Beasts in Level 4.
* Clarified that Exalted Forms follow the standard jutsu template and that should clearly label maxed attributes.


Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Wm6Woa7

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6Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  Empty Re: Iki Clan [Revamp v2] on Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:55 pm



Kisei enters the thread in a black gown and a shawl.


Blessing - Divine Sense: Apologies, however can we please elaborate on how this sensory works, because it still effectively works as Senjutsu sensory but with an even bigger range.

Blessing - Arcane Magic: So you will be fine with this however you are going to have to tone down the other skills.

Exlated Form: Apologies again, however while looking at this again it functions too similarly to Susan'o. Please revamp or drop it, as it cannot pass in this current state.

That's all for now. We can move on to drawbacks once the KKG is finalized more concretely.


Iki Clan [Revamp v2]  BIgWlMn:3 | Jutsu | Arsenal

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