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1 Forward Base Assembly [Private | Mission] on Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:18 am



Mission name: Forward Base Assembly.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Establish camps for Village shinobi to advance so operations can proceed smoothly.
Location: Suna Excavation Site.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Konoha is requesting ninja to assist army with setting up forward camps where ninja can stay as they travel toward Suna.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Assisting the army may involve clearing native flora and fauna, ruins, bandits or other threats, or merely quickening the pace at which camps can be established.


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2 Re: Forward Base Assembly [Private | Mission] on Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:23 am



On her diplomatic mission to help the war effort on all sides of the invading forces. Verdandi was commissioned to do a series of support missions, mostly due to the lack of competent manpower in for, to say it bluntly, lower ranked jobs. Verd sighed as she had to realize that the actually capable troops were probably somewhere at the frontlines doing heroic deeds and getting famous for it. She however admitted to herself, that doing a little bit of errand jobs was not necessarily a bad thing.

Having come to terms with the current situation. Verd would slowly move around the base camps. First assignment came from Konoha and was hence of the more comfortable type due to the obviously positive relations between said nations. Verd wasn't the type to understand deep matters of politics just yet, she simply had better things to do, at least that's what she would tell herself. Frankly enough she just didn't care enough to stick with the topic for too long.

Avalanche would slowly trott along as she made her way to the Konoha compound. Meeting with a relatively friendly looking Jounin of the leaf that was giving away and coordinating the missions as they came in. They administration centre had requested additional grounds to house further troops and store further materials. Verd nodded while she would caress the furry head of her companion. Picking up the mission briefing and moving off towards the location specified.

The area she was moving into, was obviously bare and no one was really set up yet. Caravans were forming at the border of the new compound part and Verd would simply join in to help with baring and evening the fields. Removing clutter, rocks and filling holes. Stuffing support beams into the

sandy ground and even helping the carpenter with slowly fixing the floor together for the more important, central storage buildings. Many of the lesser tents would be just boldly stomped into the ground as if their inhabitants would be satisfied with a little shade in the sand.

Verd shrugged, it wasn't her position to search for ways to increase the comfort level of the soldiers and so she went with the instructed muscle work. Multiplying herself into a myriad of shadows would obviously help and increase the speed at which her assigned tasks would be completed. Verd seemed to be the only ninja assigned to this part of the compound, so she was the only one with nasty magic tricks like that and could shine in the eyes of the normal non-shinobi soldiers around her.

Enjoying her time with this particular workout of sorts, Verd would converse with her fellow allies and try to small talk her way a bit in their political relations. For once seeing a chance to eventually learn something of use about the war effort. Verd for example was barely familiar with the fact that the nations had different tasks or goals within their charge into suna. However, they all seemed to share a somewhat common goal towards how they would wish to have a more positive influence on suna, despite their obvious selfish goals behind those reasons though.

Verd shrugged it off. Avalanche was busy dragging wooden pillars around. The bears ability to carry stuff without moaning about it was greatly appreciated. Even though he was doing things slow and required continuous elemental care of Verd to keep the snow-born creature properly hydrated and cool. After all, ice people might have ways to counter the heat surrounding them, they still come from places where the sun would never shine as angry as here in suna.

Verdandi however, despite the certain take on energy on the hydration part, would go forth and carry out even the menial and annoying tasks as days end slowly came closer. The perimeter wall was certainly the last thing that had to be raised. After all the compound was of military nature and would be open and defenceless, filled with potentially important war effort materials such as weapons and stored water.

Once the wall was up and the tents were all neatly put in place, Verd collected Avalanche from his own duties and bid quickly farewell to her allies. Slowly trotting off into the sunset. She would stay in the Konoha encampment however, using the available hospitalities to find some rest before she'd move on to different work jobs for them. Setting up a simple few tents would be seemingly not enough borrowed help. But she was glad to be of use.


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