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1 Path to a better life [Private | Mission] on Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:20 am



Mission name: Path to a better life.
Mission rank: C-rank.
Objective: Convince citizens a better life awaits them in the four great nations.
Location: Suna excavation site.
Reward: 300 ryo + 2 EP
Mission Description: Stubborn groups have chosen to remain in dangerous areas, or are being recruited by criminal groups. Convince them that there is more than the life of poverty and theft which awaits them here.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: In the Excavation site, shinobi will find a group of refugee candidates who have chosen to remain with an independent tribe in the desert. There is a C-ranked shinobi who has recruited them, he has Wind and Water natures and all B-rank and lower library techniques for his elements and Ninjutsu. The tribe representative is not inherently violent, ninja can debate him or choose to fight him to overcome his influence on the citizens. If this mission is done with another Player Character in opposition who is taking the Encourage Independence unaffiliated mission, both participants may claim rewards for both missions as if they had completed them when handing in the reward for this mission.


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2 Re: Path to a better life [Private | Mission] on Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:41 am



Verdandi moved on to her next task. This one was indeed a little bit juicer than the first. She wasn't sure if she really had the proper diplomatic skills for what was asked of her, but she would certainly try her best. With a bunch of casual soldiers in her back, Verd would move with Haka on her tail towards the specified location. It was a little encampment in the desert. A few shady looking houses had been built around what looked like a trading or village centre. Most of the specified number of people could be found there at the very start.

Verd would re-read her mission briefing multiple times. The idea to force those people away was somewhat against her primary instincts. Lucky her, the mission headquarters had given her the full opportunity to do this the purely diplomatic way. Verd would watch the mean looking faces glare at her as she moved into town. She couldn't blame them. If someone would come to Heidel and tell her family to flee their home country, Verd's response would be questionably dull and mean and certainly remain negative in its core purpose.

As she moved into the deeper parts of the trading area. She would tell the soldiers to back off and scatter for now. There was no specific reason to do this with the impression of oppression and force. She didn't send them home however, not really trusting herself to deal with the situation alone if suddenly one of them would start to scream revolution in her face and demand her to be burned as witch.

Verd decided to do this the immersive, feely way. She didn't even bother trying to start a direct conversation or confrontation with the leaders. Instead she went to the local pub and got herself hooked on a fine drink. Avalanche had to wait outside as pets were obviously not very welcome on bar grounds. He followed Verdandi's scent however from outside and would peek his head through the closest window. To the obvious distress of the guests near said position.

Verd giggled. Her pet was of no harm and they wouldn't dare to mess with him just because he was around. Downing her drinks, she would however raise a few eyebrows of the Konoha administration if they were to figure it out. Drinking on the job was not something they would love to see, she guessed. But this had to be immersive, at least she told herself that. Maybe she'd fail and just end up drunk in a mass of strangers that clearly just wanted to kick her out of their place.

But as time went by, Verdandi's somewhat unorthodox in her ways, would get to know a few of the younger, unbiased members of the tribe. She made sure to not even start talking about going or not going away from here. Making sure that they would ask for it if they really wanted to talk about it so bad. She even brushed some of them off when trying to persuade her as to why she was here or what the soldiers were supposed to be doing here.

Her persistence about having nothing to do with all that accused heat was at least having its primary intended effect. And causing the people to come ask about it further and further. Until eventually most of them would end up forced to see that their initial accusations about her being the demon that comes to collect them slowly turned out to be nothing but accusations but if Verdandi wanted to keep things that way, she kind of had to immerse herself even further into the situation. So, as she booked the hotel room for the night. She'd bid her fare wells to the customers at the bar.

Verd made sure to inform the captain that they should temporarily retreat to a concentrated location a bit on the edge of the tribe's camp. Under certain protests in question of security the captain would eventually agree and leave the princess to her own devices. Seeing as how she was obviously determined to go through with her own plan.

Once that was settled and the soldiers somewhat removed themselves from around the camp to linger and hide in their own tent. Verd would go to sleep. But before that. She had to do one specific thing first. Under the specific intel gathering she had done while at the bar. Verdandi easily recognized which people were the ones that everyone looked out for. Specifically, the leader and persuader.

So once Verd was sure the guy was sleeping. She simply put herself into his disguise via the transformation technique. Stumbling drunk back into the tavern. Claiming to be not done just yet. Starting to order another few rounds and contemplate with the people about 'he' suddenly thought about it all… and figured that, even though it's probably just cause he's drunk, he totally thinks that leaving here would be the better idea. The safer way. The one that'd keep everyone alive and well. The one way that'd be in favour for the group and not their pride or individuality. Verd made sure to add that he'd probably forget about this by tomorrow… seeing how extremely drunk he is and then left the tavern once more. Actually, slipping by the guys room just to properly immerse the whole illusion in case anyone would see them pass by on simple chance.

Once Verdandi passed the room she would just transform into a faceless beggar in a bush around the corner of his house. Making her way back to the hotel. Eventually forced to climb it by the window in order to get herself back into the position she should be in. Verd specifically made sure she'd oversleep that night. With a sort of cheeky smile, she went down to find the men already arguing. To add insult to injury, Verdandi saw them, greeted them and made sure she implied that she was about to get going now. But she was stopped. By a wonderful number of people that now certainly were sure that leaving this place would be totally in their favour. Something… she could… maybe help them with.

Verdandi nodded of course. Somehow, she was completely prepared for this. But she couldn't show it too clearly. Verd would make sure to instead tell them that she might, under certain circumstances be able to arrange such a thing. Which of course instantly teased the men. But Verdandi set the condition that she and her convoy were only able to do that if the encampment in question would come willingly and complete in set. Unable to offer like, half a deal or something like that. Only able to do it if she was fully convinced that they would wish to really join.

It was a perverse way of twisting the situation. The men quickly started to get into heated discussions while Verd slowly retreated. She would use the obfuscation technique to slowly hide in the shadows and watch silently. Sometimes whispering words into their ears to create the situation she was aiming for. At some point there was a rather large fight breaking out in the bar, attracting more and more of the locals until basically the whole camp was inside, either fighting or trying to break them up.

At last, the leader himself called it that it'd probably be easier to just roll with it than to end up hurting each other in the process or become divided. Verd would leave the room while she was still hidden. Preparing her soldiers ahead to make sure they were acting like they would be leaving without the villagers. Hence as they saw the men marching to the exit of the camp, the villagers lost their last calm. Verdandi agreed to take them along. If they would only take the important things and belonging with them. But she actually gave them quite some time to catch up with their stuff. She wanted to make sure they were yet kept emotionally stressed. Conned into forgetting about their ideas of remaining here.

Verdandi might have felt a bit bad about it in general. She personally would have probably encouraged them to stay free as they were. But a job was a job and the few dozen people here wouldn't make the biggest of a nasty difference. Also seeing how they were currently living it might not even be a bad idea to leave this area and find new ways to go on about their lives. Not sure if they would be better off in Konoha or kiri or wherever. But it felt like anything would be better than this hole.

Dandi arrived back at the compound. Her errand jobs here were done. So it was time to move on. Her diplomatic inquiry wasn't over yet. More little missions were to be finished in a display of good relations.



WC Usage:

Using 1500 wc for minimal mission pay


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