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1 Scouting Assignment [Private | Mission] on Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:52 am



Mission name: Scouting Assignment.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Search for refugees and mark their locations on maps.
Location: Any.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: Iwagakure military personnel are requesting scouting reports to locate refugees for evacuation efforts, find them and report back.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: A relatively simple mission, scouting assignments involve venturing out into the wilderness or locating groups of civilians and refugees for Iwa to evacuate and help organize between the visiting nations to best divide the crisis. The desert is filled with rogue thieves and native wildlife which may or may not interfere with these assignments.


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2 Re: Scouting Assignment [Private | Mission] on Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:44 am



Verdandi moved along the borders of the excavation site. These diplomatic little errands were starting to become easy. Getting on top of things with her skill and naturally sanguine and upbeat behaviour. Verd watched the caravans stroll through the area. She had been assigned for scouting. Reporting and just basic intel gathering. Watching the caravans stroll past the area was yet not just a hobby. Verdandi didn't intend to just randomly snoop around the desert and hope that she might see an encampment from afar.

The young kunoichi closely monitored the caravans for at least a day. Going in and out what seemed like some sort of highway path that most of them took. Connecting dots between the various ponds, oasis, mountain stops. However, Verd figures that most of the caravans tended to disappear from her long-distance monitoring. Unable to see fully through the scheme they were putting up, Verd accepted that she had to actively put energy into this. Slowly moving down to catch up with the next caravan. Verdandi used obfuscation to blend in with the shadows and get closer without being noticed. She mimicked the clothing and equipment of the people in the caravan, knowing well that they most likely wouldn't notice another girl in their midst, seeing as the caravan itself was about almost thirty people in size.

Dandi just kept on the low end of the trail and casually enjoyed the walk into the sand. To not blow her cover she couldn't really keep her usual protection of ice on her skin. Realizing for the first time in quite a while how annoying it actually could be when sand constantly splatted towards your face. Finally finding use in the protection layers of cloth for not just the body but also the face and the goggles along with it. Being somewhat unintentionally deep disguised like this. Verd could easily mix herself among the people.

After some hours she would eventually engage in idle chit chat with a few of the caravan people. She would try to ask as many questions without being forced to answer many in return. Keeping however a very low profile to not raise any suspicions to begin with. Verd actually ran into an elderly woman who was sitting on a pulled camel, the lady had the privilege of age to not walk these dunes anymore. Dandi trotted along her side. The lady was perfect, she was eagerly willing to tell tales and Verd would not feel ill to actually motivate her to go a few steps further. Once they reached the steamy topic of politics and suna refugees. Verd would try to find a way to persuade her into telling her about the local hidden encampments.

The lady was of simple mind and quickly gave away everything she knew about it. It wasn't perfect and complete intel but seeing now that there were at least three hidden and two publicly accessible refugee spots, Verd had what she wanted. She thanked the old lady by listening further to some of her stories about giant lizards being used as mounts and stuff like that. It wasn't particularly deep but still entertaining information of sorts.

The caravan idly passed by the first underground refugee, Dandi quickly disappeared in the shadows again once they reached the camp. Scouting for potential numbers of people and eventually criminals, mercenaries or other sort of shinobi that might have some sorry interest into not letting these refugees leave any time soon.

Verdandi quickly re-joined the same caravan as she could make sure they would be going to the next encampment. The remainder of the scouting duties remained uneventful. Verd had found an easy tactic to not stir up any commotion while casually obtaining the information she was tasked to put together. Both hidden camps were not looking much criminally infested and would be easy to persuade in case they had to be called in by Iwa's administration.

The way back home was long, but Verd ended her voyage at one of the publicly open oasis trading spots. A place where she could drop her disguise after stocking up on water supply. Then Moving back home towards the Iwa administration central. Verd dropped a detailed map she scribbled together onto the table. And various pages of info's about number of people as well as the current state the encampment seemed to be in. Statistical report of sorts. But certainly, more than enough information for the Iwa-nin to start their own projects to bring those people in as needed.



WC Usage:

Using 750 for minimal mission pay.


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