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1 Divert Refugee Allocation [Private | Mission] on Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:50 am



Mission name: Divert Refugee Allocation.
Mission rank: C-rank.
Objective: See that a disproportionate number of refugees wind up in Kumogakure.
Location: Village camps.
Reward: 300 ryo + 2 EP
Mission Description: The Iwagakure administration would like shinobi to ensure even distribution between all villages, make sure more refugees end up at the correct camps.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: All Iwa shinobi have been given a dossier for undertaking refugee assignment and extraction efforts, this document details which villages should be the primary focus to ensure all nations receive the same number of refugees. Unknown to all but the highest ranking Iwa ninja, every shinobi’s dossier suggests favoring refugees in Kumo. Ninja should escort refugees to the Kumogakure border camps, along the way it is likely they will be beset by rogue elements or wildlife, with at least two C-ranking threats presenting themselves.


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Verdandi stumbled past the tents of Iwa and moved into the administration building picking up her assignment for todays diplomatic mission. She sighed at its contents, despite being naturally upbeat about things in general she felt like this one would end up being a drag. She however didn't intend to let this ruin her motivation and nodded. Packing her things and getting herself ready as she made her way past the camp towards the location in question.

Allocating refugees. A somewhat simple idea. But seeing the compound where they were held at made it feel rather more like a drag-job again. The camps were over filled with people. More humans were here than tents could hold. Since the suna project had yet but just begun. A lot of the primary refugee allocation had yet to be done. The refugee camp sections within the villages were still in expansion and so many had yet to organize themselves.

Verdandi decided to stroll through the mass of people at first. Gently helping the elderly where possible and also moving in to take part in the whole food sale process. Verd was sure that the structure here was currently too improvised to work correctly and the people helping here seemed to be mere civilians and soldiers. Barely and shinobi around. Seizing the opportunity of advanced experience and rank, Verd would move to the admin tent for the refugees and slowly get a few inputs redone for the setup. Instead of trying to relocate the people by randomly approaching them. A new section was added to the end of the camp.

A new tent was setup, providing as information desk on how to proceed. Another desk was set up where people could pick up written forms that shortly collected the basic data about the refugees. Aside from information about name, heritage, origin, reason of searching for shelter, the main question in the forms was if they had family or not and if they were refugees as well.

Whenever they had their forms filled out and were complete as a set of family and or close friends. They would proceed to a new tent where their data would be shortly reviewed and then allocated by stamp towards one of the village camps. Verd would help set-up a lost and found tent for items, belongings and also one that served as connection desk for those who were still searching their next of kin within the refugees.

It took a few days to setup the primary order and kind of get people to step up in line properly. But the efficiency of the method could not be questioned as the refugee camp was finally emptying itself faster than it was filling itself up. Verd quickly realised that a lot of families came here together and stick together in simple ways that allowed them to simply fill out the forms and move on. But soon the problem of finding somewhat lost family members would start to cause an own, bigger problem.

In terms to find a solution, she advised the workers that were still expanding the camps anyway. To make a completely separate section for those that were either still waiting for their next of kin or missing some completely. Verdandi grinned wide as she would love to spend most of her time hence forth in the new family recollection centre. Seeing them find each other once again and the joy of lost lovers or family members reconnecting was a beautiful view. However, Verdandi noticed that an increasing number of people started to pile up once more.

Verd would make it her own personal quest to go in and talk with these people. Many of the new ones had to be patient and sometimes she'd see new refugees suddenly, finally releasing someone who had been waiting for days if not weeks, from their worries what could have happened to their sibling. But some had been here for weeks and were tortured by the sight of all the happy, lucky people reconnecting, while they themselves were simply unable to find their significant other or worse, their own children.

Identifying a new problem. Verd once again reconnected with the tent builders and set up another section right next to the family care one. One specifically for kids. Orphans or those who simply lost track of their parents. Being in close proximity allowed the parents to actively search within the kids camps for their own children and those parents that were still waiting to be reunited with their kin, would gladly help out playing makeshift parents for the younglings. Maybe, at some points. Some of the people would loose hope in finding their own child or sibling and instead decide to take care of a specific orphan that had no family to begin with.

Verdandi once more saw progress. The number of people emptying away from the camps was increasing over time again. Especially now that a few weeks passed, many had moved on to the village camps. Dandi wondered why a lot of them seemed to be sent to Kumo in the process, but she honestly didn't really care as she left the selection and allocation process to the soldiers in charge of said tent. As long no one would complain she wouldn't really care either way.

After a few more days, the camp that was once filled with thousands of people and many of them having no home to last with or tent to give them shelter, was almost empty. A few mere hundred remained in the large tent. Food distribution became easier. Some tents could be torn down by the workers to be used elsewhere. The lost and found camps, family reclamation camps, the kids and orphans camps, they soon all returned in very close proximity to each other, eventually giving another chance for some lost people to find themselves now that the numbers were narrowed down of sorts.

The administration could now actively use their documentations and filled out forms to send people to their camps even when incomplete just yet, able to offer them, that they would be contacted if their missing next of kin would show up. The orphanage would remain the last, biggest camp in the refugee centre and some of the family member that simply refused to give up hope to directly reunite with their own kin were dedicated helpers to feed and protect the young orphans.

Verdandi was basically done with her primary assignment. She had yet to take care of a last job within it. A caretaker at the orphanage had been claiming for days that some of the orphans had gone simply missing. Reports say that two strange cloaked men had been seen around the sub compound and ever since some of the younglings never came back home from playtime. Verdandi shuddered at the possibilities within what these men could be doing. She disguised herself under the transformation technique as one of the younger teens and sneaked her way into the orphanage, under cover as a newbie. She spent a few days playing with the kids. That was to her very surprise an actually fun part of the job.

After a mere two days. Verd would spot the two cloaked men moving into the camp. They were talking to a young boy and claimed to have found his parents. Excited by these news Verd would step into his shadow as he grabbed his things and quickly went to follow the men to the supposed grounds where the parents were supposed to be. To Verdandi's surprise, they would actually lead the kid not far off the compound into a shack where they would actually reunite him with his parents. However not exactly the way he wished for. The parents were caged in something that seemed to be sized to house multiple bears even. Many other cages remained in the shack and parents as much as kids were there.

Verd remained in the shadows to watch what they would possibly try to gain here. After seeing papers of official slavery sales, Verd shortly stepped from the shadow. Her appearance took them by surprise. Her blade quickly found its way with the handles only, onto the back of first guys head, knocking him out cold for a moment and she instantly moved forth to grip the second one by the throat while her eyes brightly glowed in mean sapphire blue. His body would quickly freeze into a statue. Verdandi proceeded to create a shadow clone, keeping a close eye on the rogue shinobi while the clone quickly went in to free the cages civilians and lead them out to safety, back into the nearby camps. Verd would toss the two, half frozen and headache ridden men into their own cage. Remaining guard until her clone would eventually return with a number of Iwa Anbu in support.

Leaving the matter to the people in charge, Verd returned to the camp to check if all was well as supposed now. Content with the work done and the efficiency provided as well as with the rogues dealt with, Verd could move on to her next diplomatic encounter. This one had not been as bad as she imagined it after all.



WC Usage:

1500 wc for minimal mission pay.


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