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1 Erase the Past [Private | Mission] on Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:43 pm



Mission name: Erase the Past.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Eliminate Sunagakure Iconography.
Location: Suna
Reward: 150 ryo + 1 EP.
Mission Description: Destroy Sunagakure symbols and banners on behalf of the Kumogakure administration.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: The divine mandate demands removal of all past affiliations from the Land of Wind. Scour the ruins and remove all reference to the dead village.


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2 Re: Erase the Past [Private | Mission] on Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:13 pm



Verdandi had done quite some diplomatic work already. But seeing herself commissioned to take part in Kumo's activities left a somewhat bitter taste in her mouth. Not that she specifically minded Kumo they way it was and existed. But the mission objectives she had been introduced with seemed to be overly aggressive of sorts. Never mind though, Verdandi remained loyal to the cause of her diplomatic mission and move in toward the Kumo camp and its administration headquarter tent. Picking up on a little squad of normal soldiers, she'd proceed into the borders of the excavation site.

The group of soldiers was a funny mix of village soldiers with mostly Kumo connection. For Verdandi to lead them on as a Kiri-nin didn't seem to bother them much. Many of them somewhat trigger happy in their nature it did in turn seem that her appointed squad was basically made perfect for the mission at hand. They were to sweep through a set of villages along the border. Most of them either evacuated or otherwise empty.

The soldiers were equipped with torches and made it easy to accomplish the task of burning the banners. Verd sticked to her own thing and collected statuettes, accessories, shiny things with suna related symbolic to them. They were to be loaded in a big cart. Most of them probably going to be melted down in order to destroy their old meaning and use the fine materials for something else instead.

Verdandi watched the squad burn the banners, tear down suna specific administration shacks. Sweeping the buildings. She was somewhat glad that there were no civilians to watch her do this sort of job. If put to the question to hurt a civilian that would be willing to defend such objects she'd barely have the rogue mindset to just slay them or oppress them into doing it. But even while she was morally conflicted, the task seemed to be going fairly well and easy.

The squad moved through a myriad of villages and camps. Verd was sure she helped evacuate some of those towns in one of her earlier missions. Even came across the hidden ones she gathered intel on previously. She remembered well what the camp looked like on her first visit. Seeing it empty now despite the lack of visible destruction, Verd had hope that they were evacuated without actual bloodshed. Since she personally worked in the refugee camps before as well. She was well aware of how they were treated once within the camps, so he worries all together were soothed somewhat.

They had filled many carts full of more so symbolic objects. Verd recognized the wind insignia in many of them and wondered if this could actually be related to some sort of religion even. It felt like they were destroying evidence of religious fanatics when yet they were just normal human beings that seemingly ended up being born the wrong country. Her sympathy seemed not to be shared by her squad however. Their words and emotions were of purely destructive nature. Allowing Verd to remain focused on the less important goods while still leading the bunch.

Here and there desert scorpions would pop up and settle to reclaim the territory that was now devoid of human activity. Verd concentrated her efforts on slicing them apart as the soldier loaded the fleshy parts up claiming that cooked scorpion was some sort of delicate and expensive food in these parts. Verd shrugged it off. Moving on towards the last few villages on their list. The final one was the biggest one with a large statue of what once seemed to be a Kazekage. The men gathered around and placed multiple exploding tags on the thing. Dandi would watch while they blew it up and celebrated the action as if it had been the work of a saint.

Moving back towards the compound the men sang songs as if they had raided pirate ships. Leaving Verd to tag along and sort some of the claimed goods on the cart while she was idly pulled. They didn't seem to have minded her rather passive involvement in this job. Neither of them seemingly concentrating on Verdandi's actions anyhow. Some of them would probably wish to claim part of the booty for themselves. But on that end Verd would play the though one and make sure that all the materials caught in would be properly delivered to the Kumo compound. Satisfied with her work, Verd was paid as usual. However, they had yet another last task for her.



WC Usage:

750 for minimal mission pay


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