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Mission name: Forward Base Assembly.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Establish camps for Village shinobi to advance so operations can proceed smoothly.
Location: Suna Excavation Site.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Konoha is requesting ninja to assist army with setting up forward camps where ninja can stay as they travel toward Suna.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Assisting the army may involve clearing native flora and fauna, ruins, bandits or other threats, or merely quickening the pace at which camps can be established.
Nayoko sighed as he took off his dark bluish green cloak and hung it on the side of the wagon he had been riding on for the past day and a half. The journey into the desert had been long and hot, but fairly uneventful with all things considered. The caravan that he had been travelling with could have been set upon by any number of threats including wild beasts, bandits, and even foreign shinobi that were not happy with their relief efforts. But instead Nayoko had just been napping most of the time, sitting and waiting for someone to wake him up so that he could defend the wagons. He was not usually that laid back when it came to his protection duty, and in fact his he had had a choice, he would have been wide awake the whole time, but for some reason his nightmares had grown to be much fewer than usual, and he was actually getting rest for the first time in almost a year. Not only that, but the caravan had been protected by some chuunin and genin as well, and with their permission he was resting in short bursts of time. It had been refreshing, but the heat was finally getting to him; and since it was time to get to work, his cloak was coming off.

The Hattori man had been tasked with assisting in the establishment of yet another forward camp for the Village Hidden in the Leaves within the Land of Wind. Refugees and their safety had been the priority for his village and that meant getting to the refugees before they died of thirst in the desert. Most of the other four great nations did not have camps pushing this deep into the country as far as Nayoko knew, so it also gave them a slight territorial advantage if anything ever went down that would require more forward scouting positions. Regardless of whether or not it was a good idea to extend themselves this deep into the country, orders were orders and Nayoko was going to follow them. After about an hour of standing around and planning with the other ninja as well as the civilians on the site, the team got to work and began assembling the camp in its entirety.

The first thing to go up were the tents that would serve many different functions. A lot of them were for sleep of course, but not for the ninja that were there to help. Instead, the tents were mostly going to be used for lodging of the refugees that wound up staying with them for some time. They were and orange hued colour that filtered the light of the Land of Wind sun through it to make everything appear to be a pale orange when inside of them. For hours Nayoko pounded in tent peg after tent peg, securing the pegs into the ground with his doton techniques when required, simply because of how soft the sand was on its own. When sleeping tents were finally up, Nayoko moved on to helping with the small medical center that the camp would have for new arrivals. Setting up the white tent was quick and easy at the point since he had done the same task so much. It was followed up with the Hattori carrying box after box and crate after crate into the medical tent where the medical ninja that had been assigned there could unpack the goods and prepare them for use. Despite the number of boxes that the jounin carried to the tent, he got the distinct feeling that this camp would not stand against any kind of coordinated assault without him present at the very least. It was concerning, but his superiors had their reasons, so he stuck to the plan.

The last thing that Nayoko had to do was set up the mess tent where everyone would meet to eat. All of the tables and chairs were what took the longest to carry off of the various wagons since Nayoko could not carry them all at once like he could the tent pegs. The trips back and forth from the wagon to the tent ate up a lot of his time. But before too long, the Hattori along with the other ninja that had joined him on the mission had set up the camp. After a long day of work, Nayoko walked back over to his cloak that was still hung on the wagon and leaned against it, pulling out a canteen to take a drink. It had been a long time since he had enjoyed such a simple mission. Perhaps he would have to seek them out more often in the future…

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