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Mission name: Operation: Desert Lotus
Mission rank: D
Objective: Hunt down and Deal with a known bandit threat.
Location: Suna; What Lies Within
Reward: 150 Ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Kirigakure have enacted a vicious operation within the sand nation to push bandit groups to retreat in hopes of finding their bases of operations. Intel has been given to the ninja on the suspected location of suspected Bandit groups. Locate and identify the targets and engage with extreme prejudice, but in such a manner to force them to retreat, so that they may be followed.
Mission Details: The low level bandits that the forces of the mist are targeting aren’t pushovers, they’re veteran thieves and racketeers that have been preying on the poor for a some time in the absence of the Sunagakure ninja forces. The attackers will come face to face with at least 10 C Rank bandits with C-1 tier stats as well as B rank light armor and weapons with the base defense / damage for equipment of their rank.

The young special jounin looked out over the vast wasteland of sand, from his current position the boy stood a little under fifty meters away from a small encampment of low lives. Based off of their movement's that he could sense thanks to the boy's wind sense the pathetic bandits did not know he was even there, the vast amounts of sand dunes obscuring his placement. So far everything was going according to plan, and with any luck at all they would not know until it was too late. Under normal circumstances they young shinobi would just rush the encampment and take them all out without a second thought, but this was not a normal circumstance and that was not the plan that had been concocted to deal with them. No unfortunately these low lives would be left alive, well a couple of them at the very least. There was no doubt that he would be able to kill a couple of them, but he had to ensure that at least some of them lived and believe that they got away so that him and his partner could follow them to the real target. There were individuals that Kirigakure's administration have deemed unfit to allow living, these individuals were at the top of the most wanted list for all nations but kirigakure is the one that placed the bounty on them. Of course this was probably their attempt to give their nation a foot hold within the land of wind, something that it seemed all the nations were doing. As far as Raphael was concerned this was nothing more than a pissing contest between the Kages, all of them wanting more land, more power, or whatever else it was that drove them. The young special jounin may have sworn his allegiance to the Raikage and the village hidden in the clouds, however in his heart he was still a child of the land of wind, he was born and raised here, most of his life spent on these very sands. So while the Kages argued about who had the bigger "member", Raphael would do what he had come to do and deal with the actual problem. The Anbu of all the villages as well as the Hunter ninja of the hidden mist village had been trying to track these individuals however they haven't had much luck, that's when this plan was concocted.

The plan was pretty simple and straightforward, bandits have been raiding villages and other out posts in this land since before the fall of the village hidden in the sand. However since the fall they seem to be more well organized, rival bandit clans working together, the same village never raided more than once within a week, it was as if someone else was pulling the strings of these low lives to get the most out of the chaos and mayhem that has fallen on the land of wind since the destruction of the village hidden in the sand. So it stood to reason that given the right incentive these low life bandits could lead them to the puppet masters that stayed behind the curtains, unfortunately this was easier said then done as those that were captured and tortured refused to talk, it was as if no matter how much suffering they went through these vermine were still more afraid of their masters then they were their captors. That's when this plan was concocted if they could not get them to talk maybe just maybe they would be able to follow them, and that is exactly what Raphael and Tenjin were sent in to do. They tracked this encampment down easily enough, now they just needed to provide the bandits within it with enough incentive to flee and return to their masters so that the pair can follow them and relay the information to the powers that be and with any luck find the men that they were actually looking for. Raphael waited for the signal from Tenjin, the pair had agreed to split up attacking the encampment from two sides as it was more likely to overwhelm them and force a retreat. Raphael had been monitoring Tenjin movements with his wind sense, and explained that once he was in position all he had to do was stop moving for a few seconds, once Tenjin stopped Raphael would no long sense the disturbance in the air and know that he was in position.

The moment Tenjin stopped moving the young special jounin began, taking off as fast as he could running straight towards the bandit encampment, picking up movement from Tenjin's position shortly afterwards. Raphael began picking up speed forming a string of handseals one after another, preparing himself for what needed to be done as soon as he was twenty five meters away he formed another set of handseals creating a tornado around himself, forming a fifteen meter tall dragon of wind. "This should get their attention," the boy said aloud though no one was around to hear it. A smile formed on his fa've from his own comment, lifting his hands to his mouth and giving breath to small balls of wind in each hand before releasing them to be shot from the dragons mouth before creating a third to do the same. Whether they hit the bandits or not did not matter as the goal was to disorienate and confuse the targets making them think that they would be over ran and flee. As soon as the third ball was released the boy would launch himself out of the dragon and continue his path forward towards the encampment, once he was ten meters away the boy began to flow his wind chakra into the bottoms of his feet and began to climb up into the air as if he was running up stairs. Once he was over the encampment the boy released the technique dropping down from his five meter height, using the force of the natural gravity to increase the power of his drop kick as he drove it into the face of one of the bandits. The man crashed backwards into the sand burried under the weight of the boy who descended from the sky.

If the group was not confused by now then they had not been paying attention, a quick look around Raphael could see the destruction his wind spheres had caused to the small tents that made up this encampment as well as the damage his partner had caused. There were only five of the bandits left after the one the boy drove into the ground, at least that he could see anyways and he was not sensing any movement anywhere else in the encampment except for Tenjin's movement but he could only assume. Raphael looked to the five vermine in front of him, slowing flowing chakra into the palm of his left hand as he slowly began walking towards them slowly shaping the chakra into his Rasengan as his eye's pierced into the eyes of these low lives, "In my eye's you are out manned and now yoj have but one choice, stay and die or flee." The boy did not expect them to just run away at his words, there was always those one's that no matter what are just plain idiots that do not or can not see a good offer right in front of their eyes. As expected the vermine smirked and snickered before one of them launched themselves at the boy while another launched at Tenjin, in one fluid motion Raphael grabbed the arm of the man that came at him with his right hand before driving his Rasengan into the man's chest with his left. Looking over to Tenjin to see he had been able to deal with his assailant as well the young special jounin looked back to the three remaining low lives and raised an eyebrow. He could not help but chuckle as the three of them seemed to trip over themselves as they began to run away, he let the vermine get some distance between them before looking over to his partner. "We will let them think they are safe and have gotten away, as long as we keep them within a hundred meters I will be able to sense them." The boy said with a smile before looking back in the direction that the bandits had fled. "Once we find out where they are running away to we can turn in the report and get more forces in helping us to find the one's we are actually after."



Mission: -750
Training: Strength from B-0 to B-1 (-700 words)

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