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Related Mission:
Mission name: Attack Village Camps.
Mission rank: S-rank.
Objective: Cause chaos by attacking village encampments.
Location: Border camps.
Reward: 2000 + 5 EP.
Mission Description: Rogue groups have hired willing ninja to attack border camps and disrupt village operations by causing chaos in their ranks.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Hired players will arrive at a border camp of their choosing and attack it as brutally or as merficully as they desire, it will be defended by at least one Shinobi of equal ninja rank with two chosen chakra natures and all Library techniques of their rank and lower. If this mission is done with another Player Character in opposition who is taking the Defend Village Camps mission, both participants may claim rewards for both missions as if they had completed them when handing in the reward for this mission and it counts as a mission of the highest rank the two of them could accomplish together.

Also Ayakashi and I have agreed to the use of his revamped jutsu list located HERE and the use of approved jutsu awaiting payment and being trained in this thread located HERE. additional thread participants acknowledge and agree to this also.

Hints and Rules:
- Seeing as this is an opposed mission. The basic completion reward is raised to be doubled and hence 4000 Ryo + 10 EP.
- Please be aware that completing an S-Rank mission costs min. 5'000 wc.
- You may claim the mission reward even if your party failed it's objective of the mission. (Attack / Defend)
- This is a Major S rank Story Thread. A-Ranked shinobi may use this for rank-up requirements.
- The mission ends upon story mod decision or once all participants have left or are dead / knocked out.

Splinter Threads
- The idea of Splinter Threads is to reduce clutter and allow quicker posting between the people actually involved in their current battle.
- Splinter Threads to the siege will, once finished, all count towards the same mission and it's result.
- Minding the timeline of the current rounds. You may move between Splinter Threads as your character wishes to interact with a different battle.
- If a new player enters the battlefield late, they must place their arrival first into the main thread and may move into a splinter thread by next round.
- The post order is first-come first-serve basis but every person can only post once per Round. Mods may interfere if this abused. Participants may return to strict post order if preferred. The system only works as it is agreed upon by all participants.

EP Topic
- Story Mods might decide to change the claimable EP or give away other participation prices based on the final outcome of the threads.
- To lower confusion in the Event Mission Modding Thread, Please do not request your Ryo / EP for this until the mods gave their final word on potential rewards.
- The passive EP is currently claimable based on rounds. The overview on the rounds / timeline on each thread will be monitored here in a spoiler I will update throughout the event as long everyone finds it useful.

Related Story Mod Info

Ok, so, this is how this is going to work:

Any new people coming into this thread will have to post in 'this' thread first  to claim EP from that posting round onwards, however, following that. Depending on which conflict people wish to be a part of, they are able to fracture into several 'splinter threads' which will stem from this one by simply posting the link at the end of their post to the splinter thread they are moving to at that point in time and a link to where they came from in their entrance post. As all these threads are happening simultaneously, people cannot be in 2 at a time, but can move freely from each of them, so long as they do so concurrently with the timeline of the threads and link to which thread they're going to / where they came from in their entry post. So be mindful of 'when' things are happening compared to other threads if you plan to jump around as a free agent of sorts.

Both this core thread and the splinter threads are considered 1 thread cumulatively, for the sake of undertaking missions etc. Ie, you could not do 1 mission in the core thread and another in a splinter thread, as it's all 1 thread.

The splinter threads will all be named: 'The siege of Inabayama: (subtitle here.)' And can be made by anyone for any alternate action you guys wanna take. If you'd like to add an adversary, NPC or otherwise, go fo it.
The WC from this thread and the splinter threads will all count as if its the same thread, from the point you joined the core thread onwards for purpose of EP WC.

These threads are now cumulatively considered a single Major S rank Story Thread for the purposes of ranking up etc.

Timeline / Rounds:
Round 1

- Yosei Link
- Ayakashi Link

WC: 3'624

Round 2

- Yosei Link
- Ayakashi Link

WC: 3'381

Round 3

- Yosei Link
- Ayakashi Link

WC: 3'181

Round 4

- Yosei Link
- Ayakashi Link

- Fuyoko Link
- Kisei Link
- Verdandi Link
- Lamya Link
- Akusha Link
- Mizuki Link
- Takao Link
- Chigetsu Link
- Izumi Link
- Maigo Link
- Nova Link
- Nayoko Link
- Rysano Link

WC: 20'339

Round 5

- Yosei Link

- Lamya Link
- Kisei Link

- Syekren Link
- Daremo Link
- Yasubei Link
- Fuyuko Link
- Verdandi Link

WC: 12671

[Currently still active round]

Active Participants:
- Yosei
- Lamya
- Izumi
- Nova
- Rysano
- Yasubei

- Ayakashi
- Takao
- Maigo
- Nayoko
- Verdandi
- Chigetsu

Unclear / Spectators:
- Fuyoko
- Kisei
- Akusha
- Mizuki
- Daremo
- Syekren

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To change the world, one needs chaos, absolute chaos. For only from absolute chaos, comes absolute order. To change the faith of men, one needs a monster so great and terrible that in the end when all hope seems lost, the true god of shinobi may rise to lead humanity to the greater path.

As if the massive outburst of chakra was a sign, dozens upon dozens of men dressed in black garments adorned with a silver embroidered emblem of an eight-headed serpent sprung forth from the dunes surrounding the encampment and the barrier, engaging in fights with Kirigakure's shinobi and most of the people caught in between the crossfires of what had already started to become a shitstorm of troubles. "Finally," The woman who was seen as the greatest threat to the peace and so-called stability of the shinobi world, the most wanted nukenin of the current era had shown just where she stood, by aiding the stranger who had attacked the Mizukage in eradicating the incessant Kirigakure presence in the nation.

With a confident, devious smile hidden behind a glossy black mask and shiny golden rebreather with skeletal features, the rogue shinobi assessed the situation rather calmly, as her jutsu had done it's job perfectly. The barrier keeping within the powers of the Sealer and the Ice Witch had started to wither away and crumble. With the connection of just a few ANBU gone, the entire construct had begun to fade away as the others desperately started to scramble just in order to try and ensure that the barrier was in some form or another maintained, not to mention the fact that they were being swarmed by the mysterious people she had under her employ. To say the least, it was a very amusing sight to see the infamous shinobi from Kirigakure no Sato in such a desillusioned and desperate state. Everything would go exactly according to plan, if it weren't for the fact that her own leaking chakra and the now openly sensible and even practically palpable clash of chakra signatures had drawn in more insects than Lamya had even ever suspected.

Not far from her position, a number of notable signatures popped up and though she still would deem them insignificant to her own massive amount of chakra, the woman could not ignore them entirely, as they were the same signatures which had managed to haunt and hunt her all the way from Kumogakure to the edges of Kaze no Kuni right after her public announcement to the world that she was in fact one of the conspirators behind the hellish raid upon Sunagakure. This team of hunters, despite instantly accumulating even more chakra in the form of a massive crocodile, was of much less consideration than her more obvious issue: a shinobi with an air of superiority and absolute devotion jumped at her with a nearly unmatched grace and speed that even she was impressed.

When she thought she had to choose her opponents carefully, her lips curled into a grin when she noticed her own men falling upon the group of shinobi that had certainly been aiming to get a piece of her, allowing her to focus solely on the obvious Konoha presence that was instantly aiming for the kill.

It seemed that this particular shinobi in all his arrogance or stupidity thought to single out the Dragon Empress herself as a target and immediately went on and attacked her with a futon based technique, already proving that though no doubt strong and experienced, this shinobi was obviously not well informed on his opponent. "Uraeus, to me!!" The woman hissed loudly, the ground underneath her feet rising as a large white snake revealed itself, hissing at the incoming threat from above. In the meantime, Lamya's hand rose towards Takao's incoming projectile, simply snapping her fingers to create a large, purple colored barrier right in front of the vacuum sphere, absorbing the impact and as it vannished after completing it's task, Lamya had already started at initiating her own handseals of Rat, Snake, Dog and Heaven. Instantly the rogue shinobi seemed to be glistening, envelopped as she was in a small film of her own medically charged chakra.

Her snake in the meantime suddenly regurgitated a dozen of snakes of it's own size, mingling within their numbers to make himself indistinguishable from them, but also making it so that all around Lamya, there were now a dozen of white snakes of easily 6m long slithering at her feet and making it much less practical and safe to get close to her. "Seriously, what kind of Konoha division are you supposed to be? Some new type of ANBU...or maybe an old doesn't really matter, you're nought but a pest in my eyes anyhow," The dragon empress' sighed, her voice distorted by the helmet she wore, yet still audibly laden with contempt and a certain degree of hatred. "You lot certainly have a knack for filling up voids, a division for every problem and another division to yet again fall to corruption and chaos. Konoha is a disease that needs to be cleansed and I am the come on you pest, show me the best you got and I'll show you just how insignificant you truly are."


Chakra: 315/360


Jutsu used:
Name: ANBU Technique-Severing Void
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Defensive
Element: None
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Range: 5 meters
Duration Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
As the name implies, this is in fact a jutsu created by the Orochi members that have served or are serving in the ANBU. This jutsu requires incredible chakra control and is a testament to the user's skill in that department.

With a simply flick of their wrist, ending with their index and middle finger stretched out and upwards, they can erect a 3m wide, 5m high purple colored barrier comprised out of pure chakra which can defend against jutsu up to 1 A rank jutsu without cracking or breaking, but when it has done its work it disperses immediately and is therefore only to be used in dire situations.

Jutsu in cooldown
Impalement Cruelty: 1/5

Pet use:

chakra: 55/75
Dozen snake clones:

Name: Dāsu no hebi kurōn [ダースの蛇クローン- Dozen snake clones]
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Element: Doton
Range: self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: instant (clones remain until destroyed)
Cooldown: 4 posts (only counts down when last clone has been destroyed or dispersed)
Uraeus regurgitates about a dozen snakes out of his mouth, each equal in  size to himself, but they have no chakra pool and their stats are all D-rank only.

It takes just one C rank or two D-rank jutsu to destroy each snake (elemental weakness rules apply here) or a single hit from B rank or higher strength to completely disperse them.

They are solid clones, so it'll need at least two tomoe sharingan or B rank byakugan to distinguish it from the real thing.

Strength : S-3
Speed : SS-0
Endurance : S-2
Perception : S-2
Reaction Time : SS-1



Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve



Kisei would never get an answer to his question. Even if they did answer their words were lost in the grinding of earth and bones, the shriek of screams drowning the arid desert air. Kisei snapped his head towards the sound. His heart skipped a beat at the realization of what he was looking at. Like a splatter of the wrong kind of paint on a canvas the unnatural streaks and blobs of blood an bone on the desert sand struck a cord with him. An all too familiar sight in a too familiar setting. He dropped his pinwheel.

Too soon.

Kisei bit his lip, holding back an instinctual scream. His lungs sucked in a deep breath. The Ushinatta kept a hand clapped against his mouth, hushed breaths circulating.  Oh not again, not again. Kisei whispered to himself over and over again. Not here, please not again. The blood and the bodies and the desert, all of it reminded him of that time before. All of those he couldn't save before laying dead on the sandy streets of his former home. He had saved dozens of lives, got them out of that nightmarish place. Though it seemed for every life he saved, dozens more were dragged into that Hell of glass and screams. The scent of human flesh being cooked like steak, and the ash of once living beings filled the air. Kisei hadn't much time to reflect on the memories, what with the Chuunin exams and his forced move to the Leaf Village, but the sight in front of the young blacksmith drew him back to that place.

Calm down, calm down. He tried to tell himself, thankfully breathing became easier, his heart regaining control of itself. Though he could still feel it pumping out of his chest. When he gazed in further in the direction of the mess of blood and spiked earth his fear was shook from his blood. Even from this distance he could see the cause of this destruction. Just to the side of the earth spikes protruding from the ground he could make out the the face of the Snake mistress. The lady he had seen manipulating the massive snake at the exhibition match. His rage was interrupted as a massive sphere of wind  tore through the air. Someone was quick to join the fight, opposing the snake lady. He heard a shout and a barrier flew up to protect the kunoichi from the jutsu flying at her. Kisei hurried his movements, straightening out his pinwheel, laying flat against the sands and stepping on top of it. His chakra would flow into the weapon at his feet, circling around it like coiling springs and turbines, and in a moment he shot towards the scene. Bursting forwards on his pinwheel like a high powered skate board, weaving through arming ninja and enemy fighters closing in on them.

In all but two seconds he was five meters behind the trio that appeared against the kunoichi. His umbrella was clutched tightly in his hand. Around him he could tell that there were other battles to be fought, plagues of allied ninja and foreign foe we're locked in combat. To breach or defend the barrier holding the two combatants captive. Logically he should have left the fight to these professionals, but he wouldn't let her slip away. Even if what he could do was small compared to the shinobi here he would do what he can. There was a pile of snake near her, no doubt under control of the lady they were facing. Alright, if I can take care of the pets that'll leave the others a bit more free to attack the real threat here.

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Takao watched as his translucent torrent of air was dealt with and exhaled a sigh. It hadn’t been a master-class of an attack, more or something meant for the less-than-astute. After casting an examinatory glance over his chosen opponent and listening to what he imagined was her attempt at inducing some sort of nationalistic response out of ire, he found it increasingly surprising that she had managed to deflect the projectile as she did.

"Blah blah-blah blah-blah. I’m a pest, I’m insignificant, a disease… Do all of you antagonist types read from the same "How to act evil" book? The originality is just overwhelming-- I can hardly tell you guys apart from one another anymore." Takao rebuked, a glove-clad left hand raising to idly pick at his outer earlobe. "Here I was expecting you to bust out at least one “irrelevant”, and you didn’t even call me a Konoha Dog. What’s up with that? Isn’t that usually the go-to for you people? I think you’re slipping." A faint smile pulled the corner of his cheek upward. He knew this game all too well, and their exchange of irreverent quips only left him entertained. Breath inflated his lungs and lingered within following each retort he uttered in response to her petulant whining, his clear and unbroken deep timbre acting as clear indication that the situation didn’t seem to have him bothered in the slightest. Was it all a farce? Perhaps he was merely that confident? Or perhaps yet, could his actions have been unintentionally brazen and foolhardy? Whatever the source, there was little to gain in the way of knowledge from his smirking visage.

“I guess I can’t be too harsh on you. All that specious “I hate the Leaf” garbage can’t leave much room for clever monologuing in those hollow domes of yours.” His hand rose to mockingly knock upon his own head with appropriate timing alongside his dialogue. The entertainment garnered from the pointless back and forth remained stalwart, although his interest fell upon the main course of their interaction-- the fight. His eyebrows furrowed, black eyes narrowed, and his mouth remained curled in a slight smile. Unlike some of the others, he hadn’t come to defend the shinobi of the Hidden Mist, nor had he any interest in risking his life to defend them. For as long as Fuyuko remained in the fray he would as well, and as much as he wished to be protecting her by her side, his place was better suited where it was at present. It may have been childish of him, but he was enjoying his taunting of the hubristic snake.

His eyes shifted along to the visage of an out-of-place crocodile and the Kirigakure ANBU that brought it forth from the aether. They had announced their intentions to engage both in word and action, turning Takao’s amused smirk into a thin line of disapproval. His manner of combat did not easily incorporate the inclusion of allies. Their presence was not only a danger to themselves and even himself, but a hindrance. On top of that all, he doubted the chances of their survival. Throwing more bodies onto the pile wouldn’t do much good against one single enemy, however, two forces weakening each other was directly beneficial to Takao. Gloved fingers twitched and squeezed on Muninn’s handle, eager to utilize the blade yet unwilling to do so frivolously. Without so much as a glance from Lamya, his peripheral vision revealed the battle beginning to rage on around them. Onlookers thought to be nothing more than spectators of the fight threw back their veils and attacked the Kirigakure forces en masse, taking the illustrious Hidden Mist’s coveted military by surprise. His left hand rose, careful not to reveal the weapon lurking beneath the fabric, and waved off the Kirigakure forces joining their fray.

“This one’s handled! You guys should go help the rest of your people, it looks like they could use a hand!” Takao called out, garnering the attention of Kirigakure’s Alpha Squad. They protested, understandably given their relation to the masked snake, but were quelled by Takao’s words regardless as they cast a glance at the chaos erupting nearest the barrier. Conflicted but driven to action, the Kirigakure squad of ANBU reluctantly departed, and joined the battle against the radical assailants.

“Anyway, I see your game, and unfortunately I’m not going to play along so easily. You’ll have to coax me into showing you just how insignificant I am. Until then, I’ll just be here to impede you.” It was a little tongue-in-cheek of him to claim to defend Kirigakure when his goals would benefit from the unexpected thinning of the Hidden Mist’s forces. Had Fuyuko not been present, he would have opted to watch the massacre from a distance, but now his hand was forced into the cookie jar.

“So what’s your story, Snake?” Takao asked, eager to continue their witty rapport. He began a slow circle around her, his steps taken carefully and cautiously during his leisurely saunter.

“Did you get dumped by a guy from Konoha? Lose somebody to the big bad Hidden Leaf?” The purpose behind his words was not veiled well, as if his aversion to being inconspicuous in these attempts at taunting was intentional.

“Come on, I’ll give you a second chance to monologue me, because your first attempt was kinda shit.”



CHAKRA: 330/350

STR = S-3
SPD = SS-2
END = S-3
PER = S-1



The woman's face, hidden within the helmet was showing signs of being completely dumbstruck by this strange fellow, who by all intents and purposes didn't act as dignified or as serious as most shinobi would be doing when they'd be standing in front of her. It made her wonder wether or not the man simply knew no fear or was generally incapable of meassuring the serious nature of the situation around him and as time passed by agonizingly slowly, it became clear that it was most likely the latter. Letting out a soft chuckle was basically the only thing she could respond with, it was after all quite amusing, not to say rather refreshing to have someone act in such a peculiar way when facing her.

She practically ignored the Kiri-nin alltogether, knowing very well that they weren't in a position to intervene, not with so many of their brethren being locked in battle and needing back up as the Hidden Mist's forces were facing an uphill battle against the multitude of strangers that had managed to attack their base of operations in such a swift and devastating manner. "Well, we at the very least agree on one thing, you got no reason for those overbearing idiots to annoy us," Another chuckle escaped the woman's mouth, as she tilted her head a bit, calmly keeping an eye on the man in front of her. So far, he had made the first move, yet seemed to hold back now. It was a wise strategy, to await an opponent's action, so he could react. That very bit of information made it clear that despite his seemingly aloof behavior, he wasn't some second rate shinobi.

Tapping with her feet on the sandy underground, the rogue shinobi made it obvious that she wanted the snakes at her feet to slowly slither onwards, expanding their circle, while she would calmly continue to concentrate on the man and his rather intriguing way of talking to her, actually defying both her nature and her prominence on the shinobi world's scene. If one thing was clear to Lamya because of this though, there had to be something to compel someone like him to stand in her way. Was he trying to act so aloof to cover for something or someone? Was there something he was hiding? What did this stranger gain from standing against her, besides perhaps the fame of having had to face her in combat, something she doubted would actually befit the man's actions and quirky behavior. "I wonder to what purpose you'd impede me...what do you have to gain...or lose from this?"

Even if the man seemed to act rather strangely, Lamya was actually surprised more by how he presented himself and thus could not resist to be drawn in by his talking. "My story?" Not being able to resfrain from letting out another chuckle again, the woman's chuckle soon was followed by a soft and slightly restrained laugh. "Not really, no sad sobbing story, no entertaining background. I served Konoha just like you seem to be doing. I served as its shadow, only to realize that I just didn't want to be a shadow."

Raising her hands and opening them, Lamya laughed again, though slightly hollow sounding this time. "Konoha is weak, it's leaders allowing it to be trampled on by Kirigakure, blindly acting like slaves to other nations... it's rather sad that it takes probably too much time and too many words for you to comprehend the very reason why I stand here at this fleeting moment in time," Suddenly clenching her fists, the woman ordered the ones closest to Takao of the dozen of snake clones to attack the man. even if she had not managed to distract him entirely, by this point they would've been spread out a lot, so the Desert Snake decided now was truly the time to step things up again. Lowering one hand and motioning with it towards the only white snake which had remained behind, Lamya instructed the real snake to move away from this, as she believed him to be too weak to make any difference in what would be about to follow.

While the snakes were making their move, slithering at their fastest towards the strangely clad shinobi, Lamya decided to test him out herself as well, with her hands slowly reaching for her back as she leaned slightly forwards. "Hmm, this ought to be an interesting match."

With one hand, she suddenly threw a handful of senbon at Takao, aiming square for the man's face in an attempt to cover up the fact that she suddenly shifted her entire weight into his direction and hoped to surprise the man by stretching out her other arm towards him in which hand she held one of her trademark thin scalpels in an attempt to slice at one of his legs. "Let me see you dance than, if you are so certain of your survival."


Chakra: 315/360

STR = S-3
END = S-2
PER = S-2

6x senbon
Kōketsu scalpel
Passive: Soft Body Manipulation



Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve



Yasubei arrived on the scene securely contained inside of the storage unit of his most cherished puppet. Normally he would've piloted from inside of Ogre while remaining inside of his own body, but the nature of this predicament required a little more tact than normal. A simple maneuver would dramatically increase both his performance and the performance of his puppets. Precise hands would find their way just over where a human's heart would be, shifting aside the cloak that impeded their path. Wet suction created by the tube being removed from its home, echoed within the chamber inside of the more massive marionette, as the thin tendrils wriggled and grasped at the open air. Yasu's lithe arm slowly inserted his chakra core into the throat of Ogre, a space made specifically for this function. Blinking a few times Ogre acclimated to the feeling of controlling this body without chakra pathways it was able to be much more mechanically magnificent, responding to Yasu better than his normal body could, and relieving him of much of the mental strain associated with controlling his own body and other bodies simultaneously.

Ogre was cloaked in the same dark robes as his master and the interns that he'd previously acquired in such a manner that all of their faces were heavily obscured. In his right hand, he held Intern 2 the corpse of a small boy he'd taken the puppet strings technique off of during his transition. Standing on each side of him was Intern 1 and Intern 3 respectively. The group of them stood out among the ninja in the area many of them being intimidated by the very presence of the two powerful ninja who were winding up for a large battle behind Ogre. Rapidly approaching through a brigade of stunned ninja was a small framed ninja with dark hair. Well height was relative, as the ninja was easily taller than Yasu's chakra wielding body, but as Ogre the ninja making his way forward would be minute in comparison to his own size. Ogre in a clean swift movement lightly tossed Intern two into the air, and rotated 270 degrees so that the "sword" in his left hand would be pulled completely back ready for a swing and still be able to make contact, as it stored up potential energy like a fully tensed bow. The little deceased ninja had chakra strings reattached to his body and he spun in the air, his spinal column acting as the axis determining his rotation until his feet made contact with Ogre's weapon. He went into a crouching position as Ogre started his swing, transitioning simultaneous with Ogres swing into a jump as he launched forward towards Kisei. The interns body pointed like a bullet aimed directly for its target.

Ogre and the two interns took off in the wake of Intern 2, who would be about 5 meters into his leap before taking his first step on the battlefield, in that step he'd alter his trajectory to leap further towards the approaching ninja altering his angle to intercept him. The boy would unsheathe a rusty tanto dulled and broken from before he'd died, and while it'd probably be unable to cut through flesh anymore, it would still serve as an extension of his own arm. Low to the ground after he'd pushed off of the sand he'd swing for the Ushinatta's legs hoping to knock him off of his vehicle. The other three would hope to surround block off his path forward as the three of them would continue forward, with Ogre ready to swing at the ninja should he chose to leap above him. Two meters between Ogre and his other two Interns 1 and 3 would be the distance he'd deem appropriate.

"I'm afraid we must stop you." The smallest of the interns would say has he entered within one meter of where he expected his target to be. Yasu hoped he'd picked someone at his skill level. This ninja's movement was about equal to a technique of his own, so it was hopefully reasonable to assume that he was of a similar rank. If he'd miscalculated there'd be Hell to pay, but If he was right this was one less ninja to interfere with the Fyujin's unification of the remains of Suna. One less ninja to stir up chaos. The leather-like skin groaned as Ogre tightened his grip on the slab of rock he carried with him. He and the three corpses would continue to chase their quarry down until he stopped, and then they'd pause just behind him. Yasu wasn't fond of hurting people, but the way he saw it, every ninja that died or fled Kaze no kuni was one less ninja who would rile up the Ryujin or hurt a citizen of this nation.

[WC = 828/2136]

Chakra 125/140
-5 for Puppet strings
-5 for off screen Summoning Jutsu to Summon Ogre

Stats and Stuff:

  • Ogre: All Stats = C-Rank, Wielding "Sword?" mod, holding Myself inside of internal Storage Unit

  1. Woman: D-3 stats, wielding Fuma Shuriken
  2. Young boy: D-3 stats, wielding a broken tanto, simply flavor to extend his reach and does no additional damage.
  3. Man: D-3 stats

I'm assuming all interns have broken Kiri flak jackets and head bands.


”Oh, Guest, will You show me something aesthetic?”

Completed Missions
D:3 | C:1 | B:0 | A:0 | S:1



dick cheney made money off the iraq war

“Mm... Better. Still not good, but better.” Takao responded dismissively. The look on his face, while still appearing thoroughly entertained, was not entirely impressed with her second attempt at a villain’s monologue. It was surprising that she entertained the notion of his criticism as well, which had nearly brought a deep, chest-borne laugh to the break the sounds of battle and chaos.

“I don’t have much to gain from this, honestly. I’m mostly just here for the hell of it. There’s not much I stand to lose here either. You seem like the type that’ll get frustrated when you finally realize you can’t beat me, and that shit cracks me up.” Takao admitted-- not entirely a truth, nor was it entirely a lie. He, personally, did not stand much of anything to gain nor lose with their match. However, it was more of a precautionary measure, and so long as Fuyuko may have been in danger, he would be nearby to help. There was not guarantee that Lamya and Fuyuko would have crossed paths in the conflict, yet that slim chance remained, and thus he did as well.

“You’re probably right though. Boring villain backstories don’t hold my attention all that well, I’d stop listening right after you started. I’m sure that you think that you’re the only one that can break the wheel of the Leaf. You’re the one that cleanse us, or deliver us to retribution, or blah-blah-blah. You get what I mean?” Takao said with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

“Like I said, you guys are more or less the same. Predictable and forgettable. You’ll do some damage, maybe, and we’ll beat you, rebuild, and forget about you. This is a unique opportunity though. I get to show you just how prosaic your legacy will be before you do your minimalistic damage, when I leave you bleeding face down in the sand.” It may have seemed like tactless bad-mouthing to some, and strategically irksome belittling to others. It was a mix of both-- the first person to act recklessly in a battle stood to lose the most, and there were countless avenues to manipulate a person to do so.

Their bout began when a number of snakes began to cross the distance of sand between them and strike out at him. Though quick, they were not quick enough to pose an immediate threat on their own, even with superior numbers dwarfing his own. Each snake that launched into an attack against him was struck down with such little effort that he hadn’t even needed to take his attention off of Lamya, and merely reacted utilizing the peripherals of his vision. His right hand released its grip on the handle of Muninn in favour of reacting to the snakes as they came, dispersing six with superior might than that of which they could withstand.

She initiated the advance with half a dozen senbon, aimed at his head and with enough speed that his reaction needed to be fast. The left arm that had returned to his side after waving off the Kirigakure shinobi retrieved a trio of shuriken from the pouch flush with his thigh, and his arm swung upward in an arc, releasing them at controlled intervals with precision that denoted a lifetime of precision. The shuriken collided with three of the senbon and manipulated their path to interfere with the remaining three, knocking all six from the air using half of the resources as she. The nine projectiles fell innocuously to the ground between them, now resting harmlessly in the sand.

Despite the requirement of his precision, the senbon did precious little to disguise Lamya’s arm stretching toward him. The shinobi world was filled with oddities and anomalies; people whose abilities went beyond the realms of his imagination’s capabilities were far from a rarity. Although the action was surprising, it had not taken him by surprise, and he launched deftly into his reaction to the third consecutive threat.

His right hand reclaimed the handle of Muninn as her arm quite literally extended across the sands, blade in her scaley grasp taking a swing at his legs and only cut through the air harmlessly as a result. Takao’s leg tensed just before her hand came within measure and he leaped feet over head, flipping effortlessly over the attack and responding twofold: firstly, he moulded chakra within his lungs and exhaled it in an instant. A massive plume of fire rocketed toward Lamya, aimed slightly down at her arm halfway between them but the sheer size of the projectile easily capable of consuming her entirely if left unattended. The mass of flame quickly extended to be forty-five meters across and twenty tall, effectively taking the form of a wall as it would slam into the sands. The swathe of fire soared forwards like a rocket at sixty-five meters a second, providing Lamya with a minuscule window of 0.15 seconds to react before the flames threatened to reduce the limb to ash and 0.3 before her body followed. Secondly, his right arm shot forward, and sent the chakra-laden bladed edge of Muninn in an arcing swipe at Lamya’s arm, intent on slicing her hand free of limb. This action utilized the blinding nature of the sheer volume of the wall of fire as a disguise whilst being enacted in rapid succession, limiting her ability to react with precision.

Takao landed immediately after his flip and swing were completed and maintained his breath, continuing to steadily exhale the plume of fire at Lamya. His hands would come together immediately after, holding a seal beneath the fabric of his cloak.



CHAKRA: 295/350

Techniques Used:

Name: Fire Style: Supernova (Katon: Chōshinsei ~ 火遁・超新星)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire Release
Range: 50m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 Posts
Cooldown: 7 posts
Description: Fire Release: Supernova is a technique that requires eight hand seals (Horse → Tiger → Boar → Ram → Tiger → Hare → Dragon → Horse). After inhaling a large breath and kneading chakra into the oxygen within their lungs, the user exhales a massive swathe of fire that rapidly expands into a projectile 45m wide, 20m tall, and 3m thick. This flamethrower accelerates quickly and travels at speeds of 65m/s up to 50 meters from the user, and can be maintained for up to two posts. The user can also move their head up to 90° while exhaling this technique, maximizing the destructive area. The flames reduce everything in their path down to ash, and inflicts severe 3rd degree burns to anybody standing within 1 meter of the fire. The fire will continue to burn until it runs out of fuel, chakra or otherwise, or extinguished.



Before he could make a move and attack the snake pets the white snake devil had Kisei heard a metallic creeping to his left. With his good eye he caught sight of a ninja flying straight at him. Quickly he croched down on his hover pinwheel. The ninja flew overhim, puppet strings attached. As he stood up he channeled wind chakra into the umbrella in his right hand and slashed in a narrow strike upwards. A breath of wind shot out and cut the strings while mutilating the body slightly. It didn't bother getting up.

The crunching of sand to his left brought to attention the three other enemies running towards him. One of them whispered in his ears, but with a hulking mass of muscle sprinting towards him with a weapon he didn't stay for any introductions. He oriented his shoulder parallel to the massive sword wielding man before him as he dashed backwards, slicing once again with his umbrella in a horizontal fashion. Hitting the two other ninja with him and hopefully the giant as well. With the battle taking off between the stranger and the snake as well at this tiny development, Kisei wouldn't be able to make a meaningful effort to assisting the other ninja until he finished with his own battle.

He continued to dash backwards, up to fifteen meters away from the massive ninja that attacked him. He trained his umbrella towards them and clicked, aiming for around the collar bones as that seemed to the biggest target. Obviously a head shot would be ideal, but they were much less more reliable that body shots, especially when your weapon isn't a speedy one. A ball of light fired off from the tip of his weapon and flew forward towards his target. Judging from the puppet strings he was dealing with a puppeter. A really bulking puppeteer, but the world was filled with strange tactics, he wasn't really able to judge. Considering his tactics....

After the shot he pulls a cartridge and begins reloading the umbrella without breaking his concentration on the giant puppet master. Kisei had fought puppeteers before, Ryo Knetegawa was one such opponent. A dear friend and comrad, and a creative man when it came to that particular craft. However this one... Wasn't a like him. If anything, he was harder.

However, the Ushinatta couldn't let that dissuade him. Kisei needed to quickly end this battle if he wanted to move on to the real battle. His next attack, he won't hesitate to finish this interloper. Especially not when the criminal that destroyed his home was standing less that thirty meters from him.

A blast of fire flared in the background, an orange light emanating out of his blind spot. This fight was beginning to heat up, hopefully he could survive.


Art of Dissolution: Mockery - Maintained (-10)
Crescent Breeze Activated - Cooldown in effect - (-15 total)


:3 | Jutsu | Arsenal



It was obvious that her pet's clones wouldn't do much in terms of damage, even if they'd had managed to reach her opponent, what was strange though, was how he had managed to remove not one, two or even three, but all six of them, while not all of them went for him, but than again...she was fighting someone who at the very least in terms of speed seemed to exceed even her. However, the frustrating part came in the fact that he seemingly had kept his eye on her as well, making her initial attempt to distract him with the snakes look like child's play as he suddenly managed to swat away all six of her senbon with just three shuriken, something she had only seen an Uchiha do once and always thought to have been a fluke, a lucky strike of sorts, but no...this man proved that there were others capable of it.

To make matters even more mindboggling, this strange ANBU not only managed to remove her snakes and senbon from the equation, but even managed to avoid even the slightest touch from the thin blade of her scalpel reaching for him from what could be perceived as being an unnatural distance for an arm to reach at.

His skillful jump over the direction of her arm, his back arching backward as he leapt over her swing made it all too clear that he had experience in dealing with close quarters combat, it was entirely possible that he had some skill in taijutsu which went beyond the basic training most shinobi got in that particular art of fighting. Despite it being a rather disappointing thing to happen to Lamya, she could not refrain from feeling somewhat elated by how this opposing force was behaving by showing greater elegance and eloquence in his actions than with that foul, boorish mouth of his. In fact, he had to have had some sort of superiority complex or maybe what some people called a hero complex, thinking he'd overcome any challenge and send it home packing. True, he showed great, if not abnormally great potential...but that was all, it had become apparent to the rogue shinobi that any words would be wasted on this crude man's brazen belief that he could not be beaten by her in any way.

Retracting her arm at the very instance he lept up to avoid her slice, she already hoped to go on the offensive again to pressure him, but in a mere instant, with her arm having only retracted a few inches, the stranger spewed out a massive inferno of scorching flames towards her, the light of it eerily reflecting upon her helmet, which hid the now wide open eyes of shock and amazement. However, it was still fire and fire could be extinguished, so in an almost instant reaction, she started to spout a rather large defensive wall of water around her, allowing for it to hold off the supernova of flames to the best of its ability. In an instant, the wall had managed to reach the six meter mark, the edge of its range, holding off and even cancelling the incoming flames with an enormous cloud of steam being formed around it, as the continuously supplied water evaporated in the truly insurmountable heat coming from the stranger's surprisingly powerful breathing attack, which almost reminded Lamya of the dragons she had read about in old and ancient fairy tales.

The woman could only be thankful for the fact that she was practically ever vigilant due to her meticulously honed senses and still far above average speed, even if it was apparently not quite as impressive of that of her opponent, it was no doubt a saving grace for herself, as she managed to retract her arm out of harms way at the very least, safely within the wall of water which was protecting her from the massive outpour of fire that was clashing against her defenses with unbridled ferocity. "This guy is dangerous," She thought to herself, still slightly upset by the fact that she had been pushed on the back of her feet so easily. It made her remember that bout with that kiri-nin from before, which had been quite the eye opener to her. "I can't do anything from within this wall, but at the very least the very sound of the flames turning my water into steam gives me some indication of what's happening."

wc: 758/1609


Chakra: 295/360

Soft Body modification

Name: Water Release: Water Encampment Wall (水遁・水陣壁 ~ Suiton: Suijinheki)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton
Range: 6 meter radius around the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: This defensive technique creates a wall of water around the user, in a 6 meter radius. Enemy attacks can be intercepted intercepted by a fence of water blown out from the mouth when the technique is first activated, but whatever it blocks against will count towards its total defensive capabilities. The water is blown out in the form of a semi-circle around the user, and is raised in the form of a massive water wall . The wall's strength can over come two techniques of equal rank, three of a rank lower and one of a rank higher. Furthermore, because the field of vision is maintained while defending, one can easily perform another technique, which is a great advantage. The wall can also be formed from a pre-existing water source. Water created from this technique remains on the battlefield for an additional two posts and can be used as a source of water for other techniques.


Cruelty Impalement: 3/5



Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve




Been asked to review the latest sequence by participants. This splinter is held until a ruling is done wew lad.


J U T S U | | I T E M S




Lamya is unable to retract her arm to the defensive barrier with enough quickness to completely avoid the Supernova technique, resulting in moderate 4th-degree burns (reduced due to her clan's natural resistance to Katon) to the hand and half of her forearm of her distended limb before reaching her defense, after which, the technique is successfully defended against by the Water Encampment Wall.

Relevant references -
he moulded chakra within his lungs and exhaled it in an instant

but in a mere instant, with her arm having only retracted a few inches, the stranger spewed out a massive inferno of scorching flames towards her

Given the fast jutsu casting and established positions of both the technique, the players, and Lamya's defensive technique, it seems unreasonable for Lamya to retreat to a remote defense unscathed.

Thread can continue requiring affected players to acknowledge the ruling in subsequent posts.


J U T S U | | I T E M S



This thread is on hold pending action from staff.


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Theme Song
Taijutsu SS-Bukijutsu SS-Senjutsu S || Fuuton SS-Suiton SS-Hyouton SS

EP: 5



Suspension is over, I'll be accepting this ruling



Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve




The pungent arouma of seared flesh made his nose wrinkle. Dark eyes laid upon the flames as they were rapidly cooled by the wall of water they collided with, producing massive plumes of steam between them. He hadn’t quite seen the result of his attempt, yet his blade slicing through the air meant that at least that portion had been unfruitful. The faint, rapidly fading smell suggested that at least some damage might have been dealt.

The employment of snakes and the usage of a technique that elongated one’s limbs were vaguely reminiscent of an old shinobi whose legacy Bakao had once educated himself on, utilizing his brief stint as Hokage to gain access to sensitive documentation that he otherwise may have been hard-pressed to obtain. Among them was the bequest of a former Hokage’s student, whose unique physiology and aptitude toward the usage of snakes had left a faded etching in his memory. The name escaped him, as did the intricacies and details of such a person and their abilities, yet the concept remained. Perhaps this masked individual was a descendant, as he had recalled the original was a defector-- or perhaps she was merely an imitator, attempting to relive the legacy of a villain long since defeated. Despite apeish tendencies, having an extensive repertoire of knowledge was something he believed to be a prerequisite to surviving as a shinobi. Limiting the variables that could legitimately take one by surprise was, in his humble opinion, the best way to maximize chances of survival. Being taken by surprise was a fatal mistake to endure.

Whilst the flames still erupted from his agape mouth, Bakao shed the cloak from his shoulders and roughly tied the cloth around his waist. Whilst he did so, a pair of tags were placed upon its fabric, sticking to it in irremovable fashion. Having completed the seemingly mundane action, Bakao’s hands came to form the bird seal. This motion was not intended to produce chakra itself, but merely act in preparation for what was to come.

In the instant that followed, Bakao’s exhale of the flames ended. The steam would linger, but only in the way that it naturally did, as he channeled chakra into the cloak around his waist whilst simultaneously breathing in. As soon as his chakra had taken effect in the fabric, he exhaled a second time. With his breath came a torrent of wind, circulating in front of him in the form of a tornado. It rapidly built up speed and size, abruptly reaching its twenty-five-meter radius immediately after being cast. The torrential winds began to pick up the sand, drawing it into the centre of the tornado as it spun. Lamya was in danger of being caught within the blast, as was anything within the fifty-meters that experienced the insurmountable suction force. The seal that Bakao had made and held earlier left him unaffected by such forces, as it did for anything and anybody else he wished to be untouched by his technique’s effect. Despite the incredible winds that the tornado picked up, they would not damage on their own. Those trapped within would merely be rapidly flung to and fro within the vortex, likely disorientating and certainly not an especially pleasant experience, but not harmful in a quantifiable way either.

(Reaction Dependent)
Should Bakao have seen Lamya trapped within the vortex, he would exhale yet another technique at the tornado. His hands were merely required to maintain control over the tornado’s suction effect-- its path traveled forward regardless of his input. With the torrential construct of wind acting independently on its path forward, Bakao spit forth another plume of flame. It was not unlike the first that had acted as precursor to his own variant. Although inferior still in nearly every discernable aspect, the technique was still volatile, especially when paired with the tornado that acted as a massive fan to his fires.

With Lamya inside of the tornado, this flame was exhaled and traveled to overtake the wind technique in an instant. The flames would be fanned and expand throughout the tornado, capable of burning everything within down to ash had they been without adequate protection.
(End Reaction Dependent)


CHAKRA: 265(240)/350

Techniques Used:
Name: Substitution Technique (変わり身の術 ~ Kawarimi no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: One prepared item in the user's clear line of sight.
Speciality: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post preparation. Infinite postponement, Instant activation.
Cooldown: 6 posts after activation.
Description: The Substitution Technique is an age-old skill which enables the user to evade the effects of an attack by switching with an item in the area. (The item---or substantial clone---used for a Substitute must be as large as the user's torso, and must be prepared at least 1 post in advance by infusing it with 5 chakra.) Activating this jutsu for another 5 chakra, the ninja moves at untraceable speed for just a moment, and the item does so as well to take the user's place; the ninja leaves behind a flickering after-image for a second, which, if damaged, releases the chakra which holds it in place in a small smoke cloud, revealing the nature of the technique and the item they have switched with. Higher-rank ninjas' afterimages are able to show some of the signs of natural impact as if it were an actual human, if only for a very short period, before 'poofing'. The user coming out of the technique creates a similar audio and visual cue with a small cloud of translucent smoke and a 'poofing' sound on appearance in the location of the item they Substituted with. This technique causes the user to move at speeds untraceable to human perception, and therefore even the user cannot coordinate attacks during the Kawarimi, or activate any other jutsu. They, however, can maneuver near someone and then attack them after the fast-movement is finished.
Name: Wind Release: High Pressure Wind Funnel (Fūton: Kōatsu-fū jōgo ~ 風遁・高圧風漏斗)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Element: Wind Release
Range: 25m Radius - 40m travel distance
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: High Pressure Wind Funnel is a technique that requires twelve hand seals (Bird → Snake → Dog → Snake → Dog → Snake → Dog → Snake → Dog → Snake → Dog → Bird) to be performed, and for a large amount of air to be taken into the user’s lungs. As they exhale, a large tornado approximately twenty five meters in radius is produced. The vortex is infused with wind release chakra that produces winds of about 110m/s, putting it more or less on par with a F5 tornado, although the winds themselves do not inherently inflict damage. In addition to these winds, the technique also produces a very powerful suction effect that forcibly siphons anybody within a radius double the size of the tornado projectile. The tornado can move up to forty meters away, traveling at 40m/s from the user’s initial casting point, and can be maintained for 3 posts.

A strength check of SS or higher while holding onto something that is firmly rooted is enough to resist the technique’s effects. Otherwise, an S Rank technique that roots the target would be required to resist the technique’s effect. After the technique is exhaled, the user must hold and maintain the bird hand-seal in order to control what or who is affected by the tornado’s siphon effect by manipulating the wind chakra produced by the projectile. Breaking the hand seal will not prematurely end the technique, only the user's control over the wind. The technique can be stopped at will by the user.
Name: Fire Style: Majestic Destruction Flames (火遁・豪火滅却 ~ Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: S.
Type: Offensive.
Element: Katon.
Range: 70 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 13 posts
Description: The user inhales deeply for a few seconds as they form the Horse, Tiger and Dog Hand Seals before exhaling a stream of fire. This stream will rapidly expand, forming a gigantic wall of flames that advances forward until it reaches its maximum range, at which point it simply dissipates. The user must maintain exhaling the stream while they perform this technique otherwise the wall will simply fade. Whatever crosses this technique's path will be turned to ash in an instant. The wall of flames is twenty meters wide, a meter thick and 10 meters high. It travels forwards at 35 meters per second.



With a vein becoming notable near her left temple, lamya managed to withold herself from gritting her teeth in pain as she surmised the result of her defensive strategy, Lamya's gaze went from the wall she was still keeping up by spewing out large quantities of water to dowse the ever infernal flames which were being blasted towards her. At first glance, her arm looked to be in pretty terrible shape, with her skin on her upper arm and hand having blacked and crackled at the majority of its surface, yet what was even worse was the fact that one of her favorite scalpels had been turned to a lump of molten metal while she had still been clinging on to it, resulting in the metal having practically seered intself into her skin and only with great self control could she refrain herself from from yet again gritting her teeth or screaming or anything that would halt the continuous stream of water she needed to expell to protect herself. In an instant she ripped off the chunk of half-cooled metal, ripping off part of her skin in the process and revealing the red tissue of her hand underneath.

Casting the remains of her scalpel aside, the woman stopped using the water wall when it became apparent that there no longer was any need to do so. With the battlefield filled with a thick layer of steam slowly condensing into puddles of water at the Desert Snake's feet, the former Konoha ANBU captain looked at her opponent. She knew she had to be careful with this guy, as his earlier assault had made abundantly clear, this one was not someone she could just walk over like she usually stepped upon and over the insects and pests which dwelled in this failed nation with its past fame and glory. "Tsk, using full force from the get go, pretty damn ballsy," Letting out a sigh followed by her inhaling air through her teeth as she could feel the pain course through her wounded arm like a jolt of lightning as she moved it, grabbing three strands of her hair and infusing them with some chakra, the three hairs turned into small snakes which instantly coiled around her wounded arm, eliviating the pain while starting the process of resgrowing skin and rejuvinating her cells. With the pain already slightly subsiding, at the very least she wasn't going to lose focus.

The woman glared at the figure beyond the slowly clearing steam. She had never been the best in a straight up brawl and this guy seemingly liked to keep his distance, which already made it pretty difficult for the rogue shinobi to handle him properly, all in all this was becoming a drag and she could really avoid those at this moment. She had succeeded in dispersing the attention at the camp and had managed to break the barrier and cause enough chaos for her forces to drive a wedge into the defenses. However, she still had one more job to do before she could truly tend to the business at hand and this skirmish with this insolent stranger was not something she had counted on nor did she plan to drag this out too much. "I guess simply discussing terms won't be an option with a hotheaded buffoon such as that...thing."

Given that her opponent wasn't really far away from her location, give or take about fifteen or twenty meters, it wasn't extremely hard in any way to keep an eye on what he was planning, thus when she could see the remainder of the steam being pulled in towards him, hearing the beginning of someone inhaling deeply, she quickly made the handseals ram, horse and snake following this by slamming her hands upon the ground to have a large wall of mud erupt in front of her. This would at the very least allow her some cover as she prepared to leave this battlefield behind her. "I'm sorry, but this will not be the day in which we face eachother at the best of our abilities," The woman chuckled, though at the same time she looked at her arm and frowned slightly behind her mask. This man was dangerous and with her having taken this damage to her arm had put her in quite a disadvantage, having needed to use one of her more powerful jutsu just to heal damage like this was quite a vexing thought and the fact that he seemingly needed no preperation at all for the powerful jutsu that wounded her made it painfully clear that as she was now, if she continued this fight, she'd lose more than just some skin and chakra. "My part in this era's turn over will not be ending just yet...stranger. We'll meet again when the time comes."

Using her Black ANBU armor's ability to fully hide her presence to all except the most skilled in the sensory department, the woman quickly formed a half tiger handseal to flicker herself out of this mess. Facing this threat to her life had to wait, this fight was not yet destined to happen, but she would remember this man well, for he had shown her one simple truth: she needed more power, for there were still those that could challenge and even overcome her.



Chakra: 235/360

jutsu used
Ninpou - White Snake style - monitor snake:

Name:White snake technique - Monitor Snake (Hebi o kanshi suru-蛇を監視する)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: supplementary
Element: none
Range: self/touching range
Specialty: Medical ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable (10c/post)
Cooldown: 4 posts+2 for each extra snake made

Lamya can channel some chakra into up to three stands of her hair, turning these strands into actual snakes, she can either split them off and place them on others or keep them on herself.

Each snake can heal a single wound or secondary effect (burn/necrosis/frostburn, etc) up to B rank within 2 posts by injecting Lamya's medical chakra into the affected area, if more than one snake would be used to heal wounds they can heal up to A rank wounds in two posts if there were two snakes present and up to A rank wounds in one post if three snakes were present at once.

Earth Release - Grand Mud wall:

Name: Earth release- Grand Mud wall
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Defensive
Specilization: Ninjutsu
Element: Doton
Range: 20 meters
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 10 posts
After making the necessary handseals ram-horse-snake, the user slams her hands on the ground, forming a five meter high, five meter wide and two meters thick wall made out of sticky, gooey mud.

This wall can absorb up to 1 S rank jutsu or 2 A rank jutsu before it returns back to a puddle of mud.

Body Flicker Technique:

Name: Body Flicker Technique (瞬身の術 ~ Shunshin no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: None
Range: All
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: Shunshin no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. The ninja will appear and disappear in an instant, allowing them to retreat suddenly. To facilitate the movement, the ninja will often use nearby elements such as mist, sand or leaves to mask their appearance or disappearance. This jutsu cannot be used in combat; only as a way to escape from a thread, or a fight (by moving far away enough that the attacker would not follow).

Exit splinter thread



Not the monster you need, but the monster you deserve




Strong winds kicked up sand and debris alike, even lifting their shuriken and senbon from their earlier collision. Nearby sand radicalists were also lifted, had they been close enough to the bout, and were thusly thrown like ragdolls into the air. Black eyes narrowed in on the erect wall of mud that acted as her saviour against the wild torrents wrought under Bakao’s control, kicking up a haze of sand that made the untrained eye hard-pressed to see into. His hand retained the seal for as long as the vortex persisted, although it had begun to fade rapidly in accordance to Bakao’s will dispersing it. He stood slowly, hands moving together to weave a string of hand seals, but he was brought momentary pause by her declaration that they would fight again at another time.

“You’re just delaying the inevitable by running. It doesn’t matter where we meet again.” With furrowed eyebrows and a growing smirk, Bakao’s gaze remained deadlocked on Lamya. “Here, in Konoha, somewhere out in the hinterlands. I’ll bounce your head off the ground anywhere. So feel free to run away if you’re scared. I’m not interested in chasing after you.” With a dull rasp, Muninn retracted into the forearm housing on Bakao’s arm. He didn’t expect that its use would be required at present, certainly not in the bout that had just ended.

“It’s gonna be a little difficult for you to cure Konoha if you can’t even keep up with me for more than a minute!” Bakao remarked, lifting his hand to lightly rub the curve of his inner ear in a similar manner to how he had done before. He clicked his tongue a few times, clearly disappointed with the outcome. Continuing his earlier shittalk did little in drawing her back, for she had already fled the battlefield in its entirety. Had he cared more, perhaps he would have followed, but his problem with the Snake was much less personal and more to do with the unfortunate circumstances of their simultaneous presence.

Distant but audible, Bakao’s ears twitched and his head jerked in the direction of a woman’s scream somewhere deeper in the battle that pit Kirigakure forces against Sunagakure radicals. Trained eyes rapidly scanned the scuffle but could not find the source of the familiar voice, which soured his expression and tore any remnants of thought about the prior battle to shreds in his conscious mind. He turned and erupted into a sprint, plumes of sand erupting beneath his feet with each heavy step forward taken. A faint but growing crackle of fire began to build as small embers of flame began to fall from his skin.

As he neared the walls of conflict, jets of flame erupted from behind his body, throwing him forward and into the crowd. He cared so little for the bouts of the Kirigakure shinobi around him that he opted to avoid them rather than offer aid where applicable. Despite his best efforts, several would land lucky shots with their improvised weaponry, slicing bare skin and fabric here and there.

Total Inabayama Contribution: 4,283

CHAKRA: 245/350

Techniques Used:

Name: Fire Release: Burning Ambition (Katon: Atsuho Hōfu ~ 火遁・熱歩抱負)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary-Offensive
Element: Fire Release
Range: User
Specialty: Ninjutsu-Taijutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration
Description: Fire Release: Burning Ambition is a fire release technique that heavily augments the user's mobility using high-speed ejection of high pressure fire akin to jet propulsion, allowing them to move at speeds up to an additional +30m/s of their maximum burst speed. These jets can manifest anywhere on the user, allowing them to quickly dodge attacks or rapidly maneuver themselves within a 3d space as opposed to 2d. When used to climb vertically, the user is only capable of reaching heights of 30 meters above the ground before the propulsion becomes unstable and too difficult to control. This is not sustained flight, however, as it only occurs in bursts. It can also be used to quickly increase the speed of a strike depending on where the jets are manifested. Although not the intended purpose of the technique, the plumes of flames produced by the jets can inflict moderate first degree burns and set fabric alight on contact. Each post that this technique is used reduces the user's speed by 1 tier (up to -2 tiers after 2 posts) for 2 posts after the technique is ended.


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