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Mission Details:
Mission name: Secure Supply Lines.
Mission rank: B-rank.
Objective: Paths used by the army for relief efforts are constantly under attack, defend them.
Location: Border camps.
Reward: 500 ryo + 3 EP
Mission Description: Escort high risk cargo or intercept bandit raids on supply lines into Suna.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: Often raided, supply routes are a target for rogues and bandits who seek fortune by exploiting the relief effort. Shinobi can intercept the bandits or escort army cargo and wait, either way they will encounter a B-ranked bandit leading shinobi with Wind and Fire and all B-rank or lower library techniques for his elements. He will be accompanied by at least ten C-ranked bandits, thieves or similar and they should either be killed or forced to retreat.

Fuyuko once more looked through all the possible missions available to her from all the villages. Most of the missions were not… her taste to say the least. She was here to help the unfortunate. That meant that Kumogakure’s missions were of the board really, not an option. They were hardly related at all to helping the stragglers of the dying country. Iwagakure’s missions, although slightly more related weren’t all too appealing to her. Kirigakure’s missions while they would certainly help the people, they required the killing of other people. While Fuyuko had slightly opened up to the idea of doing that, it was still an option that if plausible she would avoid. So there was really only one village that could potentially give her a mission that she could fulfill with a passion. Luckily for her, those missions were more tailored towards helping out the people of the country.

There was a particular person she in mind doing this mission with. Fuyuko hadn’t seen the boy in quite some time and wanted to catch up with them. Hopefully they had also joined their countries effort in helping out. So with a small smile on her face with the thought of reconnecting with an old friend she set off to Konoha’s main base of operations.

After striding through the desert for an entire day and watching the sun rise once more from behind the dunes. Just as that happened the sight of Konoha’s main camp came into sight as well. Not long after that Fuyuko walked through the front gate of the camp and searched around the camp looking for the person she wanted to meet. After looking around for a bit she wasn’t able to find him anyway where, so she headed to the general admissions tent and started asking about. “Hello, I was wondering if you could help me out here, I’m looking for a friend whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I was wondering if you could tell me if he’s present at this camp or not. His name is Kirei, I assume his last name is Uchiha.” “I’ll see if he’s assigned to this camp, that’s about all I can do.” The Konoha ninja replied as he started to shift through some papers checking to see if the name was present.

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