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Mission name: Open Negotiations
Mission rank: C-rank
Objective: Parley with a third party on behalf of Lord Hastur
Location: Sunagakure (What Lies Beneath)
Reward: 1 EP
Mission Description: The bandits that are raiding the local area seem to be working for a Gasuna, Oboro. We have come bearing resources and a deal: Join Kumo's side and they won't need to worry about raiding camps again. The only issue is getting past her 10 guards to initiate the deal.
Development References:
Build up:
Mission Details: Get past the Gasuna Oboro's 15 D rank guards who wait in the room before Ms. Gasuna's office. Each of them have C rank bukijutsu as well as B rank fuuton and D-3 stats across the board. They have various B rank weapons from the item catalog as well as all library fuuton jutsu. Knock them unconscious if you must, but do not kill them. We come bearing a peace offering, so fighting is not necessarily the only option. The woman behind the door isn't the real Ms. Gasuna, and is actually just a D-Rank bandit with stats to match. Despite this she will take you to her lieutenants location after hearing what you've got to offer.

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