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1A Holy Day [Private/NK] Empty A Holy Day [Private/NK] on Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:05 pm

Akira walked through the desert. He had said his goodbyes to his sisters after witnessing the events that took place. There was death. Death everywhere and all around him and the survivors. It was magnificent, it was glorious, no words could describe the beauty that took place. Blessed. Akira was utterly blessed. He and his sisters were blessed by the Shinigami to have been able to witness such an event. Gifts. Gifts for him everywhere. For his patron. The Shinigami. Akira couldn't contain his excitement. Himself. His face hurt, a light pain from the smile across his face. He hummed a cheery tune. Akira was in such a jovial state of mind that he had forgotten his mission, and why he had come to Suna in the first place. Akira stopped...he felt something...he felt something inside his soul. He couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was...strange...very strange. He felt chakra flow. It was a weird type of flow. Excited, Akira knew what this was. It was time...time for him to receive his gift. From the Shinigami.

Akira was choking up. He used the blood sacrifice by nipping on his thumb, and placing his hand on the sand. “KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU!!!” When he said the incantation, a cloud of dark red mist appeared. Akira backed away to get a look of the figure. It was a girl. A pretty one. Her hair was in a strange style, her bangs and forward half of her hair were in was a soft color of pink, but the other half, was longer and white, the hair on the back of her head made into cat ears, but there was a lot left for more hair to flow down to her legs. She looked around, confused. And then panicked. She peered on Akira, who had a face of amazement. They met eyes. He inched closer, holding out his hand, trying to touch her. So a gift from the Shinigami. She then grabbed her scimitar, and pointed it to directly at him, the tip close to his forehead. “Where are they!?! Tell me, or your death will be a slow one!!”
“Don’t act like you don’t know!! Ai! Suki! Kisaki! WHERE ARE THEY!?!” Akira instantly recognized those names. They were all members of a female band of female criminals. They were killed in a final stand against the law.
“They are dead. Just like you. I am going to tell you a bit of information that may shock you. You were revived from the dead, as a gift from Death Itself. But you are the only one that I am able summon right now.” She dropped her scimitar and fell to her knees. “I’m...dead?”
“Yes. And your friends too.”  She looked around herself, tears flowing from her eyes. “She grabbed her scimitar again, and pointed it at him once more. “Bring them back! You can bring me back so bring them back too!!...please...I’m nothing without them…” Akira felt his heart being pulled on, as she fell back to the ground. She should know that they are comfortably sitting with the Shinigami, but something told him that she wasn’t going to be convinced in her time of grieving. “I...can bring them back. But its going to take time...lots of time...and I can only pray to the Shinigami, the one who has given you your new body, to bring your friends back to me as summons so I can reunite you to them. But I cannot promise you anything. But I can try. But if you wish to see your friends you have to serve me as my summons for now. Okay?” She got up from her knees, and took her Scimitar. “Alright then You have yourself a deal. What’s your name?”
“I’m Akira, at your service. Well, you are at mine, but let's not get into formalities. I am going to summon you away back into my soul now. Goodbye.”
“Wait hold on-”
With that she was summoned away in a could of red mist.

An hour later Akira noticed something quite odd. There was an abundance of ninja that were walking around, socializing, talking about their days. Though there was something rather off about them. They looked tough. Too tough. And some gave Akira looks that made him feel very intimidated. The number of buildings started to increase. He was reaching towards an outer part of Suna, where the destruction is minimal compared to the rest of the Village. He hid behind a building, not wanting to be seen. He used the Summoning Jutsu once more to poof Akisu into existence. She took a deep breath but then looked around to get a better understanding of her environment. She looked at Akira with a face of frustration and rage. “No! You are not doing this! You are not going to keep summoning me in and out whenever you want. Understand me?!”

“Watch your tone. I don't think you realize th-”

“I said no! I'm alive again! Alive! And I want to know what it feels like again. For twenty four hours, you can't summon me away. Don't. I just want to be alive again.” Akira saw the look in her eyes. She was manipulating him. He knew it. She knew it. But Akira couldn't see past her reasoning regardless. He thought for a moment. She would definitely be asking him if this again. But he could use it as a reward. To condition her into complying with his wishes. Of course he could take away her free will, but Akira would rather have a life filled gift from the Holy Shinigami than a robot servant. He shook his head at her. “Alright. You have my word I will keep you on this plane of existence for twenty four hours. My absolute word. On the Shinigami.” She smiled and turned around, swaying her hair. “So. Where are we?”
“Some part in Suna. The outer reach. Where it took the least damage. There seems to be a bunch of ruffians that are…”
“Yeah I get it. You're scared. A big Ole scardy cat.”
“Considering my current level of abilities and power, I'd say I'm in the right to be fearful.”
“This reminds me of the places we used to go. The Iron Maidens. That's what we called ourselves, by the by. We used to end up in places where criminals go and either drink, have sex, and or kill each other.” Akisu spotted what appeared to be a bar, burn marks and the majority of the roof missing. It was aesthetically pleasing that the orange sky of the late day shined on it. The interior was very much intact and visible to the outside world. People would simply walk over the walls than use the door. Akisu smiled and took Akira's hand. “We're going there.” Akira couldn't help but get an unsettling feeling inside his gut. This wasn't his type of place. And he couldn't shake the feeling that he was outmatched by everyone around him. He slightly tightened his grip on Akisu’s hand. He quite instantly felt much more secure. When they walked through the near destroyed door, Akira's feelings felt far worse. There were ruffians of all sorts. A pair was in the corner drunkardly fighting each other. Akisu sat Akira down at the bar, and sat next to him. He began to wonder what she has gotten him into.

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2A Holy Day [Private/NK] Empty Re: A Holy Day [Private/NK] on Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:35 pm

The week had been a hard one for Nova, her raids on caravans with Izumi had been fruitless and frustrating and missions otherwise a bit dry as what could be compared to the eye of a hurricane in this war had come to pass. Often they would plan to route or destroy caravans of the intruding villages during their travels while they were less prepared and far more vulnerable, though it seemed that their movements had halted at least for the moment. Izumi was off on a more stealth oriented mission for the time being, a skill Nova was very much lacking for numerous reasons.

Between the lack of things to do  and a sense of frustration, Nova would find herself seated in a rather run down and exposed bar; one both run an frequented by those of a more criminal nature than not. Through the crumbling wall, she would look out to the fire-colored sky as she would signal to the large bearded man of a bartender to pour her another. Every person here was visibly armed... except for herself; A fact noted by many others in the establishment. While she was not the only female, she was by far the most feeble looking of them. As usual the combination of the wooden prosthetic leg and lack of musculature gave her an innocent and helpless look, her skills all being hidden behind such an appearance often worked in her favor and made those who oppose her underestimate what they were up against.

Tilting her head back and shaking her lavender waves of hair back over her shoulders, she would down the glass of whiskey she had been poured and set it down again with a clack. Beyond the barstool at which she sat, near a half missing pane of glass a outburst would sound as some disagreement between two of the more inebriated men was solved quickly with the smashing of a nose against a wall. Though it was certainly unexpected, Nova would not even do so much as flinch as the festivities such as this had been going for the better part of the time she had spent her so far. Several drinks in already, she would call for another and slide her payment and adequate tip towards the man who has been pouring them as she desired. With a clatter of coins being dropped onto the marred wooden surface of the bar, a man would draw Nova's attention. A shaggy mane of salt an pepper hair with a rough looking beard would be the visage she was met with, under that a pockmarked and sun-wrinkled face with dark eyes would glare out at her, “Let me get that next one for ya darlin.”. Paying for a drink was often an ill received offer, though the peculiar look and air to this man left Nova wondering if it was safer to merely accept and move on with her day. A curt nod and false smile would signal the bartender to pour the drink that had been paid for by the new arrival.

Though he had just arrived moments ago, in his unwanted closeness to where Nova sat she could already smell the scent of cheap booze on him as he breathed. Pulling the barstool closer and sitting nearly shoulder to shoulder with the lavender haired girl, he would breath in a deep growl, “It really is dangerous to be out here alone... so who are you here with?”. This man was neither a master of subtlety nor even a practicer of such, Nova immediately felt her heart sink for a moment as she saw the ill intent written clearly upon the twisted smile he would flash. Taking a deep breath and trying to steady her own drunken spinning thoughts she would put that false smile on her face again, “Thank you for the drink sir, but I really think it best that I get back to my friend. She's in the bar and I just need to get back to her ya know?”. Turning in the barstool to slide onto her feet, she would be stopped as the mans bony hand would shoot out to wrap around her shoulder. Leaning in and growling in her ear the man would speak only loud enough for her to hear. “I know as well as you do that you are here alone. I think you should stay for another drink here with me. Then perhaps we can go have some fun elsewhere.”

Smiling a wide predatorial grin and showing several yellowed and rotting teeth, his hand would tighten again on her arm. Yelping and wincing in pain as his finger tightened around the eternally tender part of her arm marred by a thick banded scar from another time Nova would gulp and turn back to the bar. Looking at the bartender pleadingly for a moment, he would greet her with an emotionless look and pour another drink for her as the man pushed a few more coins in his direction. Nova would reach for the glass, and as she brought it to her lips she would feel the creep of hands grazing the inside of her knee and up. Before she let the liquid touch her tongue she would instead flip the liquid into the mans face and with her free hand land a solid slap across his face. Though it stung, it could not have cause much more than annoyance in the man who would stand  quickly. Towering over her now he would grab a handful of Nova's purple hair and yank backwards, sending her falling backwards and landing heavily on the uneven ground as he would step over her. Leaning down, he would grab her by the collar of her dress and begin trying to drag her from the bar as the other patrons of the bar paid the actions no mind.

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Akira was stuck with his feelings of anxiety as Akisu herself relaxed. “Why are we just sitting idly in a place like this? Aren’t you going to partake of a drink?”

“Firstly, you just sit in places like these and enjoy the vibes.” She was speaking rather quietly in the bar, to which no one seems to care nor notice. And...I uh...have no money.” She looked down, and slightly away from Maikeru. He then raised his hand towards the waiter, and snapped his fingers. “Excuse me...waiter?” Akisu quietly yelled at Akira. “You are ruining the coolness!”

Ignoring her, he continued on. “Can you by any chance give my friend here a drink.” The bartender paused, giving Akira a long look. A look of confusion, as if he had saw someone do something utterly stupid. “Uh...yeah...coming right up…” Akira lowered his hand and smiled at Akisu. But then he felt many other patrons give him glances, and some even gave him hard stares. This made him even more uneasy than before. He leaned towards Akisu. “Um...why am I being looked at by the other patrons?”
“You stuck out too much. You are too well spoken for starters. You look kinda clean too. The only clean people that come into places like this are career criminals. Very successful one. But none of them have the same demeanor as you. They plan to rob you. On the bright side, I got a drink.” Akira lowered his head for doing something utterly stupid. “Don’t worry, because if any of these guys give you any trouble, I’ll send them to their graves.” Akira smiled, feeling an earnesty from her. “Thank you, Akisu.”

“Whatever. Even if I didn’t you would probably use my link to you to force me to do it anyway.”

The bartender came over to their table and gave Akisu her drink. She grabs the cup and gives it a gulp. “Wow...this sucks.” She sighs, and gives it another gulp. “I remember when we went to a bar, and Genzu tried to get a drink. Kisaki instantly went into mother slash protector mode, and began to lecture her on why she shouldn’t drink at her age. And she gave the entire thing while drinking one of the hardest liquor the bar had to offer.” Akira laughed a bit. She then took an even deeper sigh. It was a sad and depressing one.  “I wish...Genzu didn’t have to die. Out of all of us, I hoped she would have survived it. Kisaki went down first, you know. It was surprising. She NEVER goes down first. She was the strongest. And she did it shielding Genzu. Keeping her safe. She was especially protective of her.” She took another gulp. “Genzu was going to be an assassin specialist. She was small, and new stealth techniques.” Akira noticed her sudden change in mood. Feeling for his companion, he spoke up. “How strong was Genzu?”

“She was the weakest out of all of us. But you know the saying, your team is as strong as your weakest link? We had a strong one. But I’d say she is comparable to most Chuunin.” Akira’s eyes lit up “Chuunin? I can summon that!” She tore herself away from her drink and looked at Akire with a stunned face. “Really? You can?”

“All I need to do is pray enough for her specifically from the Shinigami and I can conjure her within the month.”

“You better hurry then. I want to see the little one.” In their excitement, neither Akira and Akisu realized that a man had begun to drag away a girl. “Hold my drink, Akira. You put me in such a great mood, I think I am going to do my good deed for the day.” She grabbed a chair and walked up to the man. He turned to her. Akisu noted how disgusting his teeth were. “You wanna have a party too?” She held the chair above her head. She smashed it against his, wood shattering everywhere. The man swayed around, until falling to the floor. Akisu, with her hands behind her back, casually walked over to him, and kicked him in the mid section. She offered a hand to the girl who had been assaulted. “Hello. My name is Akisu. I like your hair.” She smiled at her, with the back part of her hair playing a role in her comment. Akira watched with an eyebrow raised. “I suppose that’s one way to deal with a ruffian.”

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Nova kicked and screamed and clawed at the man who pulled her by her hair. Rage boiled inside her, seeing nothing other than red and only moments away from unsealing that secret that she carried in an act of defense. Her plight fell on deaf ears, the other patrons either uncaring or perhaps even pleased to see such an act being performed on an innocent looking woman. Despite her sharp manicured nails that found purchase in the mans flesh, he paid her no heed as he began the path to whatever less populated corner he could find. As her free hand would slide down to her leg and that rage bubbling up, the man would stop in his tracks for half a second. “You wanna have a party too?”, and unfamiliar voice would  emanate from somewhere in front of the man, a feminine one with a hint of attitude as she spoke. Paying no heed to the voice, again he would yank her hair as he tried to shove past whoever stood in his way. Not another word would sound as a large crash and explosion of wood shards would rain down over her. He would not crumple completely, but the grasp on her hair would loosen enough for her to yank out of his grasp and scoot a few feet away. Delayed, perhaps by the dullness of the man himself, the impact would take its toll and he would fall heavily to the floor.

Nova, now able to look around the room around her, would see the patrons now paying attention; the abduction of a woman no interesting scene but a man struck in the head by a chair seemed to turn enough heads. Aside from the booing and cheering that seemed to come from that cround, Nova would spot an unusual pair that stuck out from the rest in the same way she likely did. A woman, arms folded behind her back would walk beside the man, swinging a nasty kick into his abdomen and more than likely shattering a number of ribs. One arm would unfold from where she kept it as she extended it down to Nova who still lay upon the floor. Desite her unfamiliarity with this individual, if their actions now were anything to go off of they were a friend to Nova. Gladly taking her hand and making full use of her strength to pull herself to her feet, she would eye the woman curiously as she would speak, “Hello. My name is Akisu. I like your hair.” between the near-traumatizing experience she had just went through and the drink that she had consumed, Nova could do nothing other than giggle helplessly for a moment as she took in the situation. The woman who had extended her hand was indeed a beautiful one, though peculiarly had a pair of feline ears that poked out from her long locks of hair. Taking a deep breath, Nova would try her best to not slur her words, though that was an attempt that was altogether unsuccessful, “Thanks.. I like yours too. Also those are cutee..” Nova would poke at the feline ears, barely restraining herself from touching them.

“I suppose that’s one way to deal with a ruffian”, another voice, this one a masculine one, would come from behind the woman stood. Realizing a potential faux pas, Nova would immediately began thanking the pair profusely, though she would leave out the detail that she had her own plans for the man had he succeeded in getting her alone. Letting her thanks flow for a moment, she would ask a simple question, one that very much could be asked of her as well, “So what you you guys doing here?”


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