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Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki


He ran. He ran so fast. Faster than he had ever moved before. He hadn't been able to feel anything in that moment. His body was lost to him. There was only movement. The wind against his face. The sweat against his skin. Her hand in his. Perception and emotions evaporated and were left to blow about in the wind and be lost in the endless expanses of blowing sands. It was all fear. An emotion so powerful that it burst up out of his gut and grasped at his mind. It pumped his lungs and spun his legs before conscious thought returned to him. Pride, what little of it he had, was left to die. He didn't need it. An iron point pounding against a steel plate would grow dull, but that difference in material could barely be used to explain what he was in this moment. He could feel it. Metal fracturing like glass against a fortified wall of flesh. Futility. That was the only word to describe it. There were no analytic thoughts or rationalizations made.  

Yet he rushed ahead, going into the fire for those few moments. His body hadn't been quick enough to react. He saw it all happen. The rumbling rage of the two Gods were kept contained within their makeshift arena. Glancing at the audacious challenge to Kirigakure's military might felt almost perverse, as if he were seeing something that he wasn't meant to. Any ability to observe was cut short as the second horseman arrived. As the first had come to conquer and had went out conquering, so too would the second arrive as a beast stained with blood. The death of ANBU, respected warriors who Chigetsu aspired to be, were made trivial and effortless. Death and destruction spilled out as the bowels of the dead were exposed to the air, and the fetid stench of death seeped into the minds of those who remained alive.

Among the remains was the target of his desire. A piece of fragility among the sea of discarded and ruined strength. They too had ran, seized in fear, and meeting them Chigetsu would seize her hand. Had she not moved in those moments it likely would have been her corpse that he drug away, but that would have been his duty just as surely as this was. The convergence of pounding hearts rang out together, and they would flee until the spears of earth that had nearly pierced her through were far, far away. He wouldn't look back. The entrance of another figure to combat the growing chaos wasn't something he could find any comfort in. The flock of others that similarly fled would similarly be cast aside in his vision. All of it was ignored until he was panting for breath and his legs screaming up at his body to stop lest they give out under him. Adrenaline could only drive him so far before it burnt up, and he would drop back down into conscious thought.  

Only once he stopped would he look back. The girl he had called out for was still alive. Unharmed. That was the only thing that mattered now. Dragging back her corpse, which he surely would have dove in to risk his life for all the same, would have left him with a deep emptiness. Unable to pull his eyes away, he would just look at her as he caught his breath. The sureality of their near death was something he needed to digest. He kept his hand in hers. His grip was tight, even as the alarm that lit his body on fire passed into cold dread. It washed over him in those moments, flowing down with the beads of sweat that trailed down his forehead. Unlike Verdandi he didn't quite have the same tactical mind. Focusing on more than him and her in this sea of disaster wasn't something he was capable of. Panic still controlled him, and the endless number of possibilities that tugged at their future in this battle kept a storm raging in his mind rather than provide any reassurance to his fate.  

The squeeze of her palm against his brought his attention back to the woman he was holding dearly, and as he met her gaze he would understand. Before she had even spoke he was able to guess what she would suggest, and the unfortunate truth hit him in an exceedingly uncomfortable way.  "I can't run away for good... I swear I want to, but I couldn't sleep anymore if I did so now I guess. So yeah... will you join me smash some faces?" He would grimace. The suggestion very clearly didn't please him. While Chigetsu was far from a coward (at least, that was what he told himself), he very clearly knew his place in this conflict. It wouldn't be decided by the clashing of pawns. Their actions going forward would be a futile attempt at making themselves feel more important, as if they were actually contributing to this mess in some way. Blasphemously putting oneself on the same playing field as a deity was beyond the level of Chigetsu's pride. He was a lacking tool, useless and ineffective in this clash. Yet, he couldn't refuse.

He would nod, even though he didn't want to. Maybe there was still something he could do. Struggling for words, or anything that he could offer to express himself in these moments, Chigetsu would find himself lost. It came out wrong as he said it, frustrated and coursing with the emotions that ran through him. "Don't die here. I won't forgive you if you do." He would stagger on the words that came out of his mouth. "I won't leave without you." Her hand was released. The spark of combat would be lit. The mess of splintered forces that seemed to rise in unison would surely be her target, but Chigetsu let his eyes roam elsewhere. Turning back to where they had come from, he would take another glance at the raging battle of titans that they had left in the dust. He didn't know what exactly he was looking for in the conflict, but he wouldn't find it nonetheless. More questions instead invaded his mind.  

The presence of a strange figure, donning Kirigakure gear, up on a high dune that overlooked the camps turned battlefield was revealed to him in his glance over the area he had retreated from. Even with the distance between them he could clearly see that it was a book they had held in their hands rather than any weapon. So far removed from the place of combat, he could only wonder what it was they were doing. There was little time for thinking in these moments though. Rather than ponder and speculate he would go to approach, climbing up the dunes. Gaining a high ground was appealing to him for its own reasons. Keeping a close eye on Dandi while sniping down from above with his water bullets seemed like an attractive idea, and one that would keep him especially far away from any direct combat. In his quick ascent to their location, Chigetsu would announce his presence, and vocalize some of his concerns.

"What are you doing? Are you just sitting here watching?" Perhaps he sounded a bit more frantic than he really was, but the heat of the moment was still bearing down on him. Over his shoulder he would glance down at his squadmate's location, and once he confirmed he could still see here from where he was strange figure would be turned back to. Only then did he recognize them. In his anxiety the familiar face hadn't been paid a second thought, but now as he came closer it was impossible to not see. Twice before he had seen this woman. The first time he had seen her in Kumogakure, watching her combat in the Chuunin Exams, he had been beyond impressed by her skill. Her talent was impossible to ignore then, and it had been again the second time he had seen her. In Kirigakure, she had been a part of the training that their little group had received from Miss Nozomi. The first-rate kunoichi, Izumi Karisuma, stood before him. His shoulders drooped as he realized.  

"Izumi?" He had to think. Despite their simultaneous presence at the Death Camp there hadn't been a single word shared between the two. There was no familiarity built up, except perhaps in passing. Watching her at the exams made him much more familiar with her than she would be with him. Would she even recognize him? It was impossible to know and worrying about that right now would be a waste of precious time. The point was bared and he would shove it forward. "Please." Even if he was a futile piece of refuse in this combat surely, she wouldn't be. "You're strong. Come together with us, it'll be safer if we're all together." Turning back down to look at the beginning of the raging combat. "I'm going to go meet up with Verdandi and try to keep her from getting herself killed. If you come back we should be able to clean up all these damn towel heads that popped up..." He would let out a deep and steadied exhale, pressing his and back through his hair.



The Siege of Inabayama – Bitterness   GSmttz8

The Siege of Inabayama – Bitterness   2uLtLjA

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There was plenty of action to fill the pages of Izumi's book and plenty of time to muse on the words her new master, not only was their the orders to attack the Kirigakure shinobi there was the additional orders she'd received in confidence of the other two “children”. Izumi's closest friend and lover, Nova Makato was surely making a show of things having decided to take on two of the Kiri-Konoha Jounin that were no doubt there as backup for the Mizukage. It was excellent to have an excuse to fluff up the gallantry of the woman she held so dearly in her heart. It was clear which conquerors wrote this history book as the words on the page gushed about the beautiful woman that was the target of the Karisuma woman's affections, detailing the artistry of her fighting style. The two sand mavens  were as deadly as they were beautiful and the dunes of this desert were but one of the many canvasses for their deadly displays. The first interruption would come in the form of a man she'd nearly forgotten after so long. When Syekren had appeared much to Izumi's surprise and slight displeasure. In the past the woman would have swooned over the presence of the man she'd once desired beyond all else. Perhaps if her life had taken a different path she'd  have belonged to this man but their time had come and gone with the winds of fate. She'd felt his approach long before he'd shown himself. The battle was picking up as the regular armies started to clash, peasants killing peasants at the command of their masters.

"Ah think it'll be time ter git up lass. The fun is jus' beginnin, ye see." His gruff tones were followed by a raucous laugh that in normal circumstances would have brought more attention to her than she'd want but amid the pitch of battle it was little more than another voice in the throng. Resisting the urge to yell at the man for daring make a pass at Izumi at a time like this and for his general boisterousness, Izumi simply nodded whilst gritting her teeth dismissing him kindly. Her former crush charged to join the battle, curiously enough taking up side with current lover, Nova in her battle against the two Jounin. Truly this would be a tale for the ages. By the time the second distraction would rear its ugly head Izumi's patience was wearing thin both because her duty to record the event for progeny and her duty to her new mysterious contract holder she was unable to join up the fight with the love of her life. Of course, should she be shown to be in serious danger Izumi would damn the rules and be at her side in a heartbeat. In the chaos following the great serpents entrance a few figures would scatter from the destruction. One of which headed straight towards her, a Kiri ninja based on garb and cowardly tendency. Their supremacy is only thanks to their brutish tactics, look at how they run when the odds aren't in their favor... The figure paused for a breath or to survey the carnage, whatver reason they had for their respite it mattered not to the raven haired woman taking in the scene like an avian scout.

As the figure approached it called out to her, her cursory disguise working perhaps too well. “What are you doing? Are you just sitting here watching?" Izumi didn't really recognize the voice but the figure appeared to belong to that of a young man she had some minor familiarity with, Chigetsu Hozuki. Not wanting to break cover just yet, Izumi would apathetically reply “How else am I supposed to record the battle as it happens in my journal.” It appears the young man recognized her as well, what with his demeanor changing to that of a cowed animal upon receiving her words. Whether it was her voice or the distinct scar over her eye the young man let out a sheepish reply in the form of her name. The Mist chunin shuffled up to her and unknowingly made the worst mistake of his young life when he kicked a bit of sand onto her journal causing her to make a poor stroke on the page and ruining a couple lines of text. In his panicked pleading he didn't seem to notice the palpable anger evident in Izumi's body language and facial expression. As he pleaded with her to help and his back turned, Izumi didn't hear the words she only heard the angry voice in the back of her mind telling her to make him pay.

Izumi could easily have felled the young man with her opening maneuver but in her rage made the ill decision to toy with the young man wanting to punish him for daring to interrupt her while she wrote; worse still having the audacity to kick sand on the page of her journal. The only calm action she'd take from this point was when she closed the journal and it disappeared in a puff of smoke into her sealed location for her keepsakes. As she did so, adrenaline surged through her body increasing her ability to move, the young man would have little to no chance detecting her movements with the naked eye, less so with his back turned to her. Chigetsu might notice the air surrounding them heat even further than the desert's normal scorch. With an angry cry Izumi would encircle the pair in an arena of flame restricting the distance between them to a maximum of 10 meters with searing flames encircling their duel. “Chigetsu, this is going to hurt.”

976 words for a total of 1,892 words.

Name:  War Against All Reason | 理駄武る
Canon/Custom:  Custom
Rank:  B
Type:  Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Up to 3 allies touched
Specialty: Karisuma | Medical
Duration:  3 posts
Cooldown:  5 posts
Description: Izumi touches up to 3 willing targets who receive a burst of adrenaline and saratonin, numbing their senses to pain and giving them a boost to their minimum running speed of 25 m/s. After the duration is up they paralyzed, their systems in shock from the hormonal burst for the same amount of time.

Name: 火遁: 残虐無道猛火 | Katon: Zangyakumudō Mōka {Fire Style: Cruelty Devouring Blaze}
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: C-A.
Type: Offensive.
Element: Katon.
Range: 5m|10m|20m.
Specialty: Ninpō.
Duration: 2|3|4+maintained.
Cooldown: 3|4|5+duration.
Description: This technique is an expression of fire mastery designed to wield destructive flame in an area around the user. After a Tiger hand seal, the user sends Katon chakra into the air en masse to raise temperatures, create flames and burn items within the radius. While this technique is activated, its radius counts as a dry/arid/desert/unusually hot environment for all relevant interactions. Flames created by this technique cannot be manifested within 1-meter of another shinobi.

C-rank - At this rank the area projected covers 5-meters. Within this range, the user can create and manipulate flames at a rate of 10-meters per second. These flames are capable of causing major 1st-degree burns.

B-rank - At this rank the area projected covers 10-meters. Within this range, the user can create and manipulate flames at a rate of 20-meters per second. These flames are capable of causing major 2nd-degree burns. At this rank, paper, wood, fabric and combustible substances are ignited by the heat produced around the user after 1-post. Items such as weapons, puppets (due to extreme heat affecting complex mechanisms and small parts' ability to function) and armor begin to heat up, becoming unusable after 3-posts of prolonged exposure.

A-rank - At this rank the area projected covers 20-meters. Within this range, the user can create and manipulate flames at a rate of 40-meters-per-second. These flames are capable of causing major 3rd-degree burns, 4th-degree after a post of exposure. At this rank, paper, wood, fabric and combustible substances (that are not currently affected by direct chakra flow) are ignited by the heat produced around the user immediately, bursting into flames with a 5-meter radius that causes major 2nd-degree burns. Items such as weapons, puppets (due to extreme heat affecting complex mechanisms and small parts' ability to function) and armor begin to heat up, becoming unusable after 2-posts of prolonged exposure.

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Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki

“How else am I supposed to record the battle as it happens in my journal.”  

Chigetsu paused, confusion now written clearly over his expression. The words that she had said were all clear, and he had heard them perfectly, but they weren’t something he could register in his mind. It was a sentiment he was unable to process. In this battlefield, in this foreign and hostile land, to be worrying about such a trivial thing was completely alien to him. Writing down the results of a battle wasn’t something he would consider normally to be important. But now? When the Mizukage, their leader, was being battled down on even ground? When a sudden attack by unknown enemies was taking place? There were people surely dying right now. Some of them were likely faces that Chigetsu knew. The few friends he had made in Kirigakure. And then Verdandi, who he had nearly seen die. To watch your allies die was a callousness that Chigetsu could not easily respond to.

So, he skidded to a halt, unable to properly think in response to that simple sentence. He would stand for a moment, flabbergasted. Just staring at her now, Chigetsu would hardly notice the sand that he kicked up. He would hardly notice it spraying into her book. Perhaps if he were thinking more rationally he would have understood the anger. Sand was something he especially hated. The beaches of Kirigakure weren’t something that irritated him, but this dry sand in Suna that flowed into the air and stuck in his lungs was something that would eternally haunt his nightmares. But rational thought was difficult, if not impossible when the wretched stench of blood was thick in the air. All he could think about were the dead. Each passing millisecond drew him down deeper into those words. Perspiration rolled down his neck. If he wasn’t already covered in a thick layer of it this surely would have been the moment he started sweating.  

Perhaps from her perspective he appeared as a cowed animal now, and perhaps that wasn’t all too far off from the truth. The sheepishness and fear that he displayed simply worked to extend the gap between them. Further and further it split open, and there would be no ability to bridge it in these moments. From her perspective he was a frightened little dog, and from his perspective she was surely a hound preparing to run wild. Perspective, though, was something that was unable to be shared between the two. All that he knew about Izumi was indirect. From watching her. At the Chunin Exams. At the Death Camp. Never had has sat down and spoke to her or gotten to learn about the kind of person she was. It was an ignorance that led to this image he had of her now, as some blurry and indistinct person who he had to surpass, lest his own weakness and irrelevance continue forward into the future. What little he did know about her were left behind now. If he had remembered that she was a refugee from Suna, perhaps he would have known better than to approach her now. It was something that he had learned back at the exams, before the full extent of the land’s fate was even revealed to him. If he had remembered that perhaps he would have thought of her connection to this land.

Surely, she had the same worries as he did. Those that she cared about dying. Likely that had already happened. The invasion by Kirigakure forces into her former homeland was sure to test her loyalties. He couldn’t know her connection to this land. These were her people that they were trampling over. Who knows what her connection to them was. Those who survived the initial destruction were likely being hunted down and slaughtered by his fellow Mist Shinobi. None of this though was something he could considered in the moment. The idea of her origins being from this land were long forgotten to him, and perception and panic didn’t mix well. Her following actions made that understanding even further away. The sudden increase of heat brought his body on edge. Already incredibly sensitive to the scorching rays of the desert sun, the unnatural chakra enhanced warmth was something he noticed immediately. It sent an uncomfortable shiver through his form, one that only grew worse once the fire surrounded them both. A quick glance around him showed that he was completely surrounded by the flames. There wouldn’t be any direct escape now.

“Chigetsu, this is going to hurt.”

He flinched. While it was fair to say he was cowardly, Chigetsu was hardly stupid. He knew what was going on, even if he couldn’t understand why. The idea of an ally betraying him was beyond the pale, especially right in the middle of this battle. Why was she doing this? A million thoughts came to him quickly. Speculative suggestions that he came up with in an attempt to fill the gaps. More than anything he would remember back to his experience in the Death Camp. While they were supposed to all fight together against Miss Nozomi, Izumi had taken to ambushing their group from behind. Perhaps it was something meant to teach them all a lesson, but it only instilled a sense of bitterness in him after it happened. Treachery. Even if he was bitter about that moment it wasn’t something he had blamed on her. Surely it hadn’t been her idea. That was what he thought at first, at least. Seeing what she was doing now changed that opinion. Treachery. Perhaps it was just that Izumi Karisuma enjoyed the act of betrayal.

“Why?” Was all he could eek out. Although he wanted to stay and confront her, more than anything he was afraid. She was stronger than him. Even if it wasn’t true he had the irrational belief that she, along with Nova as the finalists of the exams, represented an unreachable summit that he would never be able to climb. It very likely was true that she was stronger than him as well, even without the irrational beliefs of his mind chittering about. In his gut the formation of several hand signs began. He would run and regroup back with his allies, and then see if he could talk Izumi down when his back wasn’t against the wall.  

“Coward.” The voice of his kunai reminded him that it was there. Strung around his neck as a necklace, it would rumble with a deep voice that penetrated entirely though his mind. “Can’t you do even this right?”  

The rush of hand signs in his gut would be completed, a slight squelching sound from their construction ringing in his ears. The ground beneath him would begin to liquefy, sand turning into a marshy puddle that extended a foot or two from where he was standing. In the same moment he would transfer down into that wet sand, replacing his body entirely with the clone that would serve to be his decoy. Even if he was going to run, which the taunt from his kunai was quickly making him reconsider, having something to take his place and act as a distraction was of paramount importance. With his body hidden in the water beneath his feet he would be safe from direct view, kept entirely hidden in a movement that was instantaneous and perfectly hidden. The hand signs in his gut and the act of replacing his body with a clone were both perfectly executed, leaving nothing to be seen that would expose his actions. The only tell was the slight puddle that formed around him that could possibly give any act of movement from him away. He would work towards moving further underground, a good two or three feet beneath the surface, and from there he would attempt to arch and curve beneath the sands. While he couldn’t directly see above ground the vibrations that were sure to be in the sand would tip him off to any movement from Izumi. She was just as limited by this arena as he was, after all. Keeping a direct connection of liquid to his clone would mean that he knew exactly where it would be moving as well. An attack from beneath, aimed at her feet and leg. He would wait for the right moment to enact his plan. Until then the clone would serve as a distraction.  

“Why are you doing this?” The Chi-clone would ask, desperate now for at least some sort of answer while his master was waiting below the surface. “You’re a Kirigakure Shinobi, just like us. Aren’t we family?”  


Chakra 191/240:

Wet Dreams | 夢精 Musei:

Name: Wet Dreams |夢精 Musei
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Element: Suiton
Range: Touch | 4 meters
Specialty: Hōzuki Ninjutsu  
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration x 2
Description: [Costs 1 Hydration Points]
Using the Hōzuki ability to liquefy their own bodies and objects they’re in close proximity to, the user coats themself with this liquefying chakra. They are able to then selectively liquefy anything within a five meter radius. This technique has many uses depending on what purpose the user needs it for. They may liquefy portions of the ground and swim through dirt and rocks, liquefying the ones they come in contact with and solidifying them as they pass. Reaching their arm right through a wall by liquefying it is similarly possible and easy. Any physical object may be selectively liquefied in this manner as long as it is not a item in a player’s library or a physical object created by a defensive technique. Additionally, living creatures may not by liquefied in this manner.

Fake Water Clone Technique | 偽水分身の術 Nise Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu:

Name: Fake Water Clone Technique (偽水分身の術 ~ Nise Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Suiton
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: May Hold Charge Indefinitely + Until Destroyed
Cooldown: Duration + 5
Description: (Hare -> Tiger) (Requires Mimic Octopus Skin)
The Replacement Water Clone Technique is a spin on the traditional Water Clone Technique created by the Hozuki clan. Just like the Water Clone Technique, it creates a clone out of water that have one-tenth of the original user's chakra - taken after the initial activation cost has been deducted. The jutsu is largely the same with the exception that it must be used in conjunction with a water bottle. Typically this water bottle is an E-Ranked item specifically used by the Hozuki clan to rehydrate, however it could theoretically be of any rank, or even a completely normal water bottle, or even any sort of miscellaneous container that contains water. This jutsu will be cast in advance, and then at an indeterminate point in the future the caster will take a sip from the water bottle or in some way touch the liquid that is in the container. On contact with the water the jutsu may be activated, and seamlessly the Hozuki will replace their body with the liquid that was in the water bottle or container. The user may not fit into any space smaller than a typical 16.9 ounce/0.5 liter water bottle, but may fit into containers that are larger. Their body will be replaced by a water clone, functioning exactly as a traditional water clone would, using the water that had been in the container to form it. The water in the container or water bottle will be replaced by the Hozuki, taking on the appearance and form of the water exactly as it was. The transition from water to clone is seamless, allowing for no external signs that anything has changed in the user. Any technique that can see the movement of chakra (such as the Byakugan) will be able to see the movement of chakra into the water container, and any technique that can tell clones apart from their creators will also be able to logically tell that something has happened. Only one Water Clone may ever be made from this technique at a time. The Water Clone created by this jutsu is unique in that it shares sensory information with the user, allowing the user to effectively see through the clone while they are hiding.

At any time the user may choose to burst out of the water bottle or exit the container. Bursting out of the water bottle/container or ending the jutsu will automatically destroy the clone, doing so in a way that does not return unused chakra to the user. While inside the water bottle/container the user may still shift their body in a way to create hand signs and cast jutsu normally, however, this will completely erase their cover and make it obvious through the movements in the water that something is hiding within it.


The Siege of Inabayama – Bitterness   GSmttz8

The Siege of Inabayama – Bitterness   2uLtLjA

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The boy was terrified even before the wall of flame went up, seeing his fear Izumi would activate her sensory technique sending her ration chakra into the environment feeling the young man and his chakra signature, he had no way of hiding from her this time. The first time they had crossed paths the young man had elected to hide from the chaos brought on by Izumi during Nozomi Himitsu’s “training”. It was little more than an ego pump for the jounin, who while skilled had no real idea how to train a bunch of genin. Her idea of training seemed to be to simply beat the children into submission with little instruction on how to avoid the same thing in the future. Izumi wasn’t even that impressive at the time, a mere high level chunin with something of a knack for fighting. Perhaps it was Nozomi Himitsu’s recommendation that resulted in her soon after promotion but that was a notion easily dismissed by Izumi’s self-confidence. Chigetsu’s cowardice now was the same as it was then, if the boy was capable of it in a more traditional he’d have been wetting himself. “Why?” It was almost comical how scared the boy was, his voice shaking as he spoke. Even if his fear was healthy, Izumi was amused by it. It was a common look she’d received before she’d silence wandering tongues for the Mizukage. Except this time it was her choice whether he was worth of justice or clemency. The truth of the matter was ugly, even if she wanted to leave the boy alive she couldn’t trust the coward to not tell his comrades whom it was that had attacked him. Izumi simply couldn’t afford Kiri hunter ninja chasing her at this time. She had enough heat as it was from other villages thanks to the mayhem she’d been causing.

Her options were clear, kill the boy or risk her true loyalties being exposed. The boy cobbled together some hand signs while Izumi circled him like a panther waiting for its perfect moment to take the neck. The boy clearly had no clue that she’d seen this moment several times over as he shambled under the ground like his nature suggested he would. The figure Izumi circled was a clone but that didn’t worry her, there was nothing the Chunin could throw at her that she didn’t feel she could deal with. Unbeknownst to the Hozuki, the flames that surrounded him were under her full control the pyromancer’s control over flame having been honed to an exquisite level of control with the assistance of the leaf shinobi, Kirei Uchiha. It would have been no fun for Izumi to not see the look in the eyes of her prey as she drove her hand into his heart bleeding the life from him so close that he could smell the sweet floral perfume she wore. Izumi wanted to see the light fade as she’d had from dozens of foes in the Mist Village. Her time had turned her into a savage, a woman who not only took part in killing but had come to enjoy the warm flow of blood on her hands. She wondered what a Hozuki’s blood felt like, would it be cold like the water that made them or warm like any other persons?

The subtle differences in chakra signatures of the clones was the sign Izumi needed to know which Chigetsu was the real one. The one before her had only water chakra but the real Chigetsu curiously enough had Katon chakra hidden deep within him. Perhaps that was why he was a coward, he suppressed the passion that lay deep within his soul. There was likely more to his suppression of his innate fire but that was of no concern to either in the face of his doom. The figure before her spoke, Why are you doing this? You’re a Kirigakure Shinobi, just like us. Aren’t we family?” A poor choice of words, that would only further taunt Izumi. Izumi’s rage generally was a quiet seething but Chigetsu had spurred her speech with this latest insult, “My family!? My family was killed by a single man, Mitsuo Sarutobi. He destroyed my clan and as if that wasn’t enough for him, he returned and destroyed my village too. And now I have to watch as the villages fight over the remains of my home like it’s nothing more than their next conquest. I hate the villages, you will never understand.”  A jet of flame originating from Izumi would totally evaporate the clone that stood before her, the hissing sound made suddenly heated water that came with steam was satisfying and loud. Surely the real Chigetsu knew he was being toyed with, unless the fear had so totally blocked him from rational thought that he was comforted by such feeble defensive measures.

The sound of a thousand birds chirping would fill the makeshift arena, and a ball of pure lightning would gather in the Karisuma woman’s hands. “I don’t think you deserve to die for the sins of your village Chigetsu, but you came to the wrong place at the wrong time and I can’t afford for the Mizukage to know I’m no longer loyal to the Mist.” To the average observer it would appear that Izumi had disappeared and that the ball of lightning she’d created had dove into the earth effortlessly slicing it’s way to the location Izumi’s sensory abilities told her the young man awaited. Her left hand tore into his abdomen, and sure enough she now knew the feeling of Hozuki blood. The boy’s eyes widened on impact, clearly surprised by the speed the young lady was able to move and possibly even more by the fact that his body hadn’t liquefied on impact. Izumi had read a book on the history of Kirigakure’s clans while she lived there. The Hozuki didn’t particularly appreciate being electrocuted, having the effect of disabling their bloodline’s power. The Karisuma whispered in his ear, “I’m sorry you had to die, and moreso that they’ll never know what happened to you.” Before the light faded from his eyes the woman would give him a soft kiss on the cheek to accompany his journey into darkness and what lied beyond. Her work was only half done now, she couldn’t afford to leave the corpse behind and quickly extracted it. She had no time to experiment with the burning of a corpse made of water and so opened a tunnel in the flame dome for her to escape through and passed through with the boy over her shoulder at blinding speeds.

Izumi would dispose of the body later, for now she needed to find somewhere safe to rest while the effects of her jutsu took their toll on her body. The extraordinary speed she showed was not given without consequence at the end of her jutsu she’d be paralyzed as the hormones supercharging her body left her with the strain the burst caused. Izumi took off into the desert far from the fighting in order to avoid detection and to make camp, when she felt better she’d look for Nova and bring her back for some quality bonding time.  Even though the deed only got easier the guilt was always there for the taking of another life. Izumi felt particularly bad for killing someone who hadn’t even done anything wrong save for piss off the wrong person. But it had come down to him or her and it was a choice she’d have made the same every time.

1,309 words for a total of 3,201.

Cruelty Devouring Blaze maintained -10.

Name: Chidori (千鳥)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: Touch
Specialty: Ninjutsu or Taijutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: (Costs 25 Chakra)

  • Ability: Chidori: Chidori / Raikiri and its variant techniques are able to cut through, effectively ignoring the first Jutsu / armor they come into contact with of the technique's rank and lower.~

The user draws all the raiton chakra in their body to the palm of their hand creating a singular point of raiton chakra between their fingers with an echoing noise that sounds like 1000 chirping birds as the lightning arcs violently from the user's hand in a potent display of chakra.

Upon impact with an opponent the Raiton chakra cuts 3" deep almost impaling the victim on the user's hand with a direct hit, cauterizing the wound and delivering minor 3rd degree electrical burns to the point of impact and severe second degree burns both internally and across the surface of the hit portion of the body (arm, torso, etc.) in long streaks.

Should this technique come into contact with another jutsu or item of its rank and lower, its ability to functionally ignore/bypass the first instance of an item or jutsu in its path, effectively hewing it in two.

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Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki

He shivered. The pulse of chakra was barely perceptible. He had only been able to notice it due to its nature as Raiton aligned. Even under the sands he could feel its pulse through the environment. Passing through his liquid form it made a small crackle of electricity well up inside of him. It was annoyingly painful, and if he hadn’t been hiding under ground he likely would have jumped from it. Up until this moment he had been unaware that Izumi could use this element. It added a new challenge. Katon was something that wouldn’t immediately result in his demise, even if it was annoying for him to have to deal with. The intense flames were something he actually handled better than normal, it was just the drying effect from his body evaporating away from the intense heat that crippled him. Raiton was something else. It barely took a crackle of it to completely cripple him. That small surge of chakra was enough to cause a dull pain in his chest, even though it likely would have imperceptible to others.  

Things happened too quickly for him to think up a new plan of action. Connected to his clone, Chigetsu could hear everything that it heart. Izumi’s words reached him, even with where he was. It was his ignorance laid out clearly. Everything that he hadn’t known would become clear. Perhaps if he had remembered that she had come from Sunagakure this all could have been avoided. It sounded funny to him now, those words that had come out of his mouth. Family. It was out of desperation that he had mentioned it at all. It was those chains of blood that bound shinobi to their villages, that he in his innocence called lofty words like ‘loyalty’. Was that the same as having a family?  

Mitsuo Sarutobi. Sunagakure no Sato. Izumi Karisuma. Chigetsu’s clone evaporated before he could think any further on it. The fire that she had created swallowed it entirely in a moment, before even a flinch could squirm its way through his body. For a moment he would relax. Even as he recognized her skill he underestimated how badly she outmatched him. The pulse of chakra went unrecognized as a method of sensory, and so the boy thought he was safe. With his clone evaporating away she would assume he was killed. It would be easy to reposition away underground and find a way to escape her wrath now. He would be given a moment to think and reconsider his position. It was clear that she had no loyalty to Kirigakure, even if she was wearing their banners. Whether this was a single moment of rage or a coordinated plan of rebellion mattered very little to him. Refugees from Suna couldn’t be trusted, especially not considering the circumstances. He would have to go inform someone of higher rank after this ended. His thoughts were interrupted again. The gentle chirping of a chorus of birds sprung out from above.

“I don’t think you deserve to die for the sins of your village Chigetsu, but you came to the wrong place at the wrong time and I can’t afford for the Mizukage to know I’m no longer loyal to the Mist.”

Her arm sliced down through the sand. It was just as the last syllable reached his ears that his torso was pierced. The unbridled torrent of electricity that she had collected in her hand would be unleashed indiscriminately. Long streaks of the chattering chakra would eject around from the impact point before soaking entirely into his body. The pit that Chigetsu had dug himself into lit up then with a great flash of light, that shone with a blinding intensity. Light would shine up from the tunnel that Izumi created through the sands with her arm, and it would only end once she allowed the chakra to disperse from her hand. Her hand would return stained with his fluids, a thick red that now seeped into the ground and merged with the shed essence of the others who had been cut down on this day. It would not be long that Chigetsu too extracted himself up from the ground, seeping upwards to meet the air with a great ferocity. It wasn’t by his own will that his body moved though, and rather it was the lingering torment of the Chidori that ravaged his body. It became clear once he surfaced. His body, now drained to an unnaturally paper white shade, trembled as each remnant spark of electricity popped inside him. The straining of his now dilated pupils up to the woman, keeping steady despite the lack of control he had over his body, was one of the few things that signaled his consciousness. The sparks that flew from his body originated from the wound that she had created, a clearly visible hole through his lower abdomen. The intensity of the Chidori had seared it closed nearly as soon as the impact occurred, but despite that there was still a surprising amount of blood.  

The contents of his lungs erupted up from his mouth and nose in the form of steam. The electricity had cooked his breath, which had scalded the insides of his chest and throat with an indescribable pain. The Hozuki not appreciating being electrocuted was an understatement. It was a death sentence. Even if hadn’t been enough to nearly cook him medium-rare, the Raiton would have been enough to paralyze his form and prevent any further hydrification. The cells of his body broke down in contact with their intensity, and the conductivity of water meant that if any part of his body were injured every part would be as well. The spasms he was enduring was an unfortunate side effect of this, as his musculature clenched and tore itself apart from the coursing electricity. The last of the sparks would leave his body slowly, and the convulsions would eventually die away. He would get the pleasure of hearing her last words to him, for all the good they would have done for him, or the gentle kiss that she had sent him off with. His mind had already faded away into the mercy that was unconsciousness.



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As the full effect of her jutsu took its toll on the poor Hozuki Izumi was filled with regret, had she really come so far to kill innocent children for simply kicking sand on her? There were tears in her eyes as she collected the heap that was once another living person that had simply wandered to the wrong place at the wrong time and caught the wrong person in a bad mood. She gently picked up his slumped over body, as she picked him up she could have sworn she heard labored breathing from the young man like someone barely holding on to life. Izumi had a strange spell of mercy in the moment, the boy being in her hand reminding her of the time the night Sunagakure was destroyed when she held a dying child in her arms, the first time she watched someone die. She wouldn’t let Chigetsu die alone in this desert, it was probably a poor decision but that was something of a specialty for the Karisuma woman. Izumi set off at high speed into the desert carrying the young man easily with her trained strength and speed. Izumi was blur of colour crossing the dunes carrying the young man who she’d just recently mortally wounded. She couldn’t let him go but she wouldn’t let him die.

Upon reaching the clearing that was previously set up as a camp for herself and Nova, Izumi would notice his breathing had gotten worse. She put her ear to the young man’s chest and the problem became apparent quite quickly. The young man’s lung had collapsed from the pressure caused by her Raiton assault to his torso. It was a simple enough problem for the Karisuma woman to fix and Izumi pulled out a senbon. Operating on a Hozuki was a unique puzzle that became expedient immediately upon the senbon’s impact with his chest. At the point of impact the Hozuki’s flesh turned to water and the strike was ineffective, Chigetsu continued struggling for air painfully. He wasn’t even conscious but simply fighting for his life on instinct alone. A thought occurred to her, it seemed that her Raiton chakra had disabled his strange aqueous form. Izumi pulled out her wrist blade that had recently been enchanted with her chakra to be aligned with her Raiton chakra.

As she flicked the blade out she channeled medical chakra in her body preparing hormones within her body that would sweat out from her pores. With her right hand she gently touched the young Hozuki’s shoulder stunning him with the desire to remain in contact with her skin. Izumi slowly lowered the razor sharp blade to his chest and softly depressed it into his skin, it had worked and thanks to the stunning nature of her pheromones she easily made her mark. The pressure on his lung was released and his breathing returned to somewhat normal. The Karisuma woman only now noticed that her tears hadn’t stopped she had apparently become frantic while she worked on the young man. For now she’d let him rest, seeing as she’d soon be paralyzed thanks to the intense strain her jutsu kept on her body luckily for her she had gotten hundreds of meters away from the main fighting and shouldn’t expect many visitors. Even so, the young woman maintained her aura of fine tuned Katon control, the jutsu not require gestures for her to send waves of flame about as she pleased. The young lady couldn’t afford for anyone to find her and her new captive so she spread the fire in a circle around them once again trapping them in a fire dome that provided them protection from view, to an outside observer it would just seem like a rogue fire nearly a kilometer away from the actual Battle of Inabayama Rock.

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Name:  Radiating Treatment | 波亜っ治
Canon/Custom:  Custom
Rank:  B
Type:  Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Touch
Specialty: Karisuma | Medical
Duration:  1 post
Cooldown:  3 posts
Description: By gathering chakra in her body, Izumi sweats out a pheromone infused liquid that when it comes into contact with someone's skin causes their body to start producing dopamine causing them to be addicted to her touch. The victim will not want to break physical contact with Izumi, stunning them for one post

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Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki

It’s very easy to feel strong and powerful without recognizing the fragility of life. A newly born doe, born in the arch of spring, might believe that all the world was only a thriving garden of abundance. The shock that they experience when autumn and then winter come must be an experience that can hardly be put to words. The emotion of having to watch their world drain away wasn’t something that Chigetsu had to imagine though. When his body could turn into water so easily pain wasn’t something Chigetsu had become well acquainted with. Even as a child scraped knees and bruised shins were something he never experienced. Growing into a shinobi his heritage blessed him to never have to feel the edge of a blade. He had none of the experience a normal soldier of his age in dealing with pain. The first time he had his body’s nature work against him was in his fight against Verdandi, and while being stunned in pain from having both arms shattered off might be understandable, it still led to him being unable to evade the electrified arrow and falling into unconsciousness. Perhaps if he had been better able to swallow the pain he could have continued that fight. The Chidori that Izumi shoved through him was a different experience. The pain was so immediate and intense that he had been nearly sent into unconsciousness before it could be registered in his mind. The burning around the place of entry wasn’t something he could feel at first. He felt nothing around the hole in his chest, but the spasms of electricity that ran through his paralyzed body in the aftermath were intensely painful. He struggled through it. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t breathe. His body jerked and flailed against his own will, like a salted frog leg jerking around. Bubbles and fizz formed around the wound, the hole tearing through his lung and sending a flurry of foam from his chest with every ragged inhale. Even if he could speak in the moment there wasn’t anything for him to say. The words weren’t there. Unconsciousness took him quickly, and he didn’t resist it.  

The ink wouldn’t stick against the paper. He remembered being frustrated by it. The scratching of the pen against the paper made an irritating noise, and too often he swapped between nothing coming from his pen and splotches of ink blotting down on his paper. Too many times he had crumpled up what he had been working on and thrown it aside because of that. The memory was hazy and distorted as it played back in his head. He wasn’t really a poet, but he had felt compelled for some reason to write for Hanza. It should have been a task for someone more suited for it. Somebody with more creative talent and experience in writing would have been able to write something elegant and smooth, that flowed into the ears with its meter and Chigetsu couldn’t do that. He was only vaguely aware of concepts like stanza and the correct manner to construct a poem. The idea had been inserted into his head though that at the funeral of a great soldier a piece of poetry extolling their virtues should be read. The old samurai traditions told that a great soldier was also well developed in the arts, and an understanding of poetry was paramount in developing a warrior’s soul. So Chigetsu wrote. Extolling the virtues of this other boy was difficult though. Truthfully, he had never met Hanza, or spoken with him before. He was entirely an unknown to him, only having seen him as a watcher from the seats of the Chunin Exams. It hadn’t even been very long since that last match ended. It was uncomfortable, awkward, and impersonal. Still, imagining Hanza dying alone in this foreign land was too much for him to not do anything.  

Of course, those was his own fears. Hanza wouldn’t be alone in death. The boy had friends, family, and an entire clan. There were surely others who cared about him who had come to be with him in Kumogakure. There wasn’t any reason to assume Hanza would be forgotten. That awkward poem was something he wrote for his own sake, even as much as Chigetsu tried to rationalize it away.  It was delivered and read out to Hanza’s still body to ease his own anxieties. Dying alone in an unmarked grave seemed too real of a fate for him to end up in at the time. It had been before he had made any relations with teammates, and the frosty relations he had with the main brain of his clan in Kirigakure closed him away from having a true family. He read his poem out nervously to the bedstand, not able to look the at the boy as he did. To his surprise he hadn’t been the only person there putting their mind to rest over Hanza’s comatose body. Never had he seen a more graceful and yet imposing figure. TheMizukage would comfort all who were present with a gentle smile. In those moments Chigetsu had been too shocked by her appearance to understand why she had come.  

Just a lowly Genin who had been too cowardly to even take part in the exams, he couldn’t muster up the courage to even respond to her as she passed by him. He hadn’t been able to understand why she would come there. The purpose of a sword is to be held. Without a hilt a sword is only a piece of sharpened metal. Completely useless. Only when it can be comfortably held within the hands of another can it reach its end. Genin lined up by the hundreds to be sharpened and fitted so that they may be used by their village. Now the point was being driven down into Sunagakure. Even if it was Chigetsu’s first taste of war it surely wasn’t the first time that fresh shinobi were sent to die on the whims of their homeland. His generation would be thrown again and again into war, until their sharpened edge chipped down.  

Slowly his vision would open up, and he would begin to return away from his unconsciousness.  He could vaguely see her now. It was mostly a blur, and every time his eyes drifted open and shut he would make out another unfocused splotch of familiar color. In his feverous haze he could barely make out the dreams and memories he had been lost in from reality as consciousness slowly returned to him. The warmth of their surroundings flooded into his body. Fire still surrounded them. If he hadn’t known any better he would have guessed he had been shoved in an oven. Light from the fire done shone from every direction, and a myriad of shadows scattered down in every direction. Hazy eyes would focus in on the woman before him, illuminated to be nearly blinding by the fires behind her. Squinting now, just enough sense had returned to him to remember what had happened. He attempted to whisper through dried lips, but his voice came out as a hoarse cough. A dry jolt ran through his throat, and he fell into a fit of soft coughing after that. It would disperse after a few moments, but it shook him further awake than he desired to be. He had no idea how long he had been unconscious for, but it hadn’t been long enough. A sharp pain ran through his entire body now, too intense and sore for him to want to move. “Ahh..." His first words upon waking up would be a verbalization of his pain. The tension was written clearly on his face. He would lay where she left him, only twitching his limbs to confirm he still had control over them. At least he could still feel everything. He was lucky that the electricity hadn’t cooked his brain inside his skull or fried his eyeballs out. It was a nice silver lining to this situation.

Breathing was difficult. He didn’t dare crane his neck down to see what the state of his body was. Where he remembered her hand piercing through him was numb. A long inhale flowed into him before he would attempt to speak again. "Why?" He didn’t know exactly what he was asking ‘why’ to. Why did you attack? Why did you betray us? Why did you let me survive? He couldn’t vocalize it all.  With his elbows he would try to shift uncomfortably across the ground before falling back limply where he was. “Please” He would cough it out quickly, remembering the situation he was in. “Have mercy." The pain had made him forget how terrified he was. Asking questions about why she had spared him were wasted breath and could just as easily send her back into a rage. Or reveal some horrible truth. Was it to torture him for information? He didn’t know anything valuable at his position, but maybe she didn’t know that? Or maybe she just wanted to torture him for fun? His perception of Izumi led him to believe that could be true. Too crippled by that Chidori to attempt to flee in earnest, he would pathetically attempt to shift his body away from where she was, only to find that he couldn’t. His body wouldn’t allow him to drag himself away, even as he willed it too. Surges of pain ripped across his form every time he tried to, too powerful for him to dare to try and fight through. It only took one attempt for him to drag himself away for Chigetsu to give up entirely on trying to escape that way. Staying close to her, as likely as it was to result in his death, gave a pleasant numbness to his exhausted body. Instead he would lay there, watching her and waiting for his fate.  



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The Karisuma woman who minutes ago was remorselessly attacking her old comrade was now sobbing into her knees. A combination of factors had led to her current state, the bleeding unconscious boy, the flames surrounding them, their current location, all of these came together to remind Izumi of the most painful event in her life. It wasn't something she'd ever really dealt with emotionally she'd instead channeled all the rage and hatred she felt into her training. Where had it gotten her? Izumi was coming to the realization that she was becoming what she so hated. Izumi sat there in a heap on her side, tears falling into the sand silently and paralyzed from the side effects of her hormonal manipulation. She wasn't truly paralyzed, still able to talk and move her eyes but she was still unable to move from where she was or adequately defend herself with her body. She was far from defenseless however, her sensory jutsu would warn her of anyone who wandered near them and the flames that surrounded them were controlled by her able to be unleashed with a mere thought by the raven haired woman crying on the ground. The started and then cried out in pain. The young man was squirming about his breathing was still pained and struggled but at least it continued. Izumi weakly murmured in his direction, her voice breaking from her tears “Don't move Chigetsu, your lung collapsed. You'll get better though.” Her words were probably lost over the roar of the flames but her body and voice were far too weak at the moment to speak much louder. The boy sucked in a large breath that sounded like it was life itself returning to him. “Why?” The one word made Izumi feel even worse than she already had, if she had the strength for it she'd have just curled into a ball and cried. The tears picked up against Izumi's will, she really didn't want Chigetsu to see her like this but unfortunately she didn't really have a choice. The boy tried to get up but collapsed and managed to cough at a pained “Please … have mercy.”

Izumi took the deepest breath she could in her weakened state and spoke up, barely overcoming the roar of the flames, “I'm not gonna hurt you any worse than I have Chigetsu. I'm sorry.  I can't let you go though. If I let you go home you won't be the same, I'd have to be sure you couldn't talk about where I am and what I've done. Your lung collapsed and you need to rest try not to move too much.” The flames that surrounded them receded but the residual warmth of her Katon chakra remained, Izumi's voice sounded cold but it was just because she didn't want the tears to come through in her voice “I let the flames down to make you more comfortable, but if you try to run I will incinerate you.”  Izumi's tears continued to fall silently into the sand while she sat unable to move she laid in her small but increasing puddle of tears. The Karisuma woman hated herself in the current moment but there was no way the boy in front of her could no that. All he felt was the same fear she felt when she confronted the man that destroyed her home and clan. She knew exactly how the young man felt but there was no way she could show him the pain she already knew.

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Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki

Sand had diffused throughout his body, leaving him with a gritty texture that permeated through his internals. It was uncomfortable. The shock that he had taken made it so that he couldn't control his body's natural liquification, and so he laid out as a half-solid slime in the shape of a person. Against where he touched the ground the sand mixing with his flesh would turn him to an off-colored sludge. His breathing was pained and difficult. Each inhale came as a struggle, with a shaky peak that was punctuated with a sharp wheeze. Up from his throat would leak a pool of red foam that spread from his cheeks to the sand around his face in a small puddle. It was blood, whipped up with the oxygen that had been brought together from the piercing of his lung. The taste of it was heavy in his mouth. It was one of the things he focused on to keep the pain from overwhelming him. The taste in his mouth, the way his skin felt against the sand, and the visage of the girl before him.  

"I'm not gonna hurt you any worse than I have, Chigetsu. I'm sorry. I can't let you go, though. If I let you go home you won't be the same, I'd have to be sure you couldn't talk about where I am and what I've done. Your lung collapsed and you need to try to rest. Try not to move too much. I let the flames down to make you more comfortable, but if you try to run I will incinerate you." He could only tell she did as she said and lowered the level of flames as the temperature dropped around them, prickling against his skin as the boiling heat suddenly dropped down. Comfortable was an interesting word used to describe it. Laying on the sand here surrounded by flames in the scorching heat of the desert after having a hole punched through his chest, Chigetsu didn't think he could even understand the word comfortable. He just couldn't understand it. The unclear and hazy vision he had made him see her as only a distorted image of shapes and colors.  

She put him in this state and then went through the trouble of keeping him alive. Why? She hadn't answered that question. He tried as hard as he could not to seize into a fit of coughing, and so he had to measure his time and energy. He wanted to say something. To ask her again why she was doing this. To demand answers. But he couldn't. It was too difficult "I hate this." He would mumble to himself, speaking with weak wheezy whimpers. "I want to go home." He felt completely pathetic, whimpering to himself and airing out his own self-pity. With the hole in his chest now he had come to a realization. There was nothing he hated more than this godforsaken hellhole. That emotion filled him, and he would grit his teeth. He knew that this was the fate of the weak, to be ground down and buried in unmarked graves at the behest of their masters. Every sword would one day be discarded, and every warrior one day would cast their life aside. He knew it would have to happen to him one day. Even if had tried to swallow that fear of death and accept what would become of him, it was impossible. He was now the closest to death he had ever been, and more than anything he wanted to live. There wasn't anything he would trade to return back to his friends, and to lay down in his bed in his tiny little apartment in Kirigakure and see their faces. This was too demeaning. He had killed countless already, and so had countless others died in these sands, and this moment shouldn't have been any different. Chigetsu would be just another corpse.

And Verdandi. He had left her for just a second, and this had been what happened. Letting go of her hand was the worst mistake he had ever made. Verdandi was down in the chaos still. He had promised to fight together with her. Would the same thing happen to her? It wasn't something he wanted to imagine. He was worthless. There was nothing he could do to protect them. Clenching his fist, Chigetsu would struggle to collect what little strength he had. There wasn't anything he could do now. Shifting in the sand, he would press his face down and scream. That muffled scream would quickly turn into a raging cough.  

All he could feel now was bitterness. "Why are you doing this? Why are you keeping me?" It flowed out of him as soon as he could breathe again. "I don't have anything I can tell you, I don't..." He would hack up another glob of red, dripping down from his chin. "I don't... Please. I won't tell anyone. Just let me back. I can't let them fight alone. I want to be with her, I can't let her be alone..."



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Izumi was strong enough to sit up now and as she did so she noticed that the young man's condition wasn't improving yet. He was half way a puddle and halfway a man, Izumi weakly wiped the tears from her eyes. To the young man she probably seemed a madwoman devoid of reason, why would someone save the person they'd just tried to kill. More or less, Chigetsu had won Izumi's emotional lottery a maelstrom of conditions combining to make a setting that awakened some painful memories for the lady of the sand village. To say Chigetsu “won” was a bit of a stretch of the term but the fact that he survived an encounter with an enraged Izumi is pretty lucky especially when he was so close to death already. Normally it wouldn't have even elicited a second thought to drive her dagger into his heart and incinerate the remains but she'd hesitated in taking him away from the scene unsure if her flames would work on a puddle man. There was a sickly red foam in his mouth, some sort of amalgamation of blood and water unique to Hozuki. The buy mumbled some further complaints clearly in pain and still upset that he was attacked. Izumi couldn't imagine what was going through his mind, she'd never been so gravely injured to have to consider the things he must have been thinking of.

The expression on Chigetsu's face changed to a pained display of anger and he started something of a pained tirade against the Karisuma, it was the greatest of spark of bravery he'd every shown Izumi. His voice was weak and he coughed through many of the pauses but his words were stronger than he could know, Why are you doing this? Why are you keeping me?" I don't have anything I can tell you, I don't... I don't... Please. I won't tell anyone. Just let me back. I can't let them fight alone. I want to be with her, I can't let her be alone..." Izumi was luckily able to save embarrassment for herself by masking her tears up to this point but another wave of guilt swept over her when the picture of the dying child from the academy popped up in her head again. For some reason every time she saw the child it had Chigetsu's face. Izumi collapsed into her knees and started slobbing, loudly. Izumi was able to get a laboured apology though her tears, “I-I'm sor– sorry.” Izumi knew Chigetsu didn't care or want to hear her side and just wanted to voice his anger but it didn't matter, it still affected the raven haired woman. Izumi needed to get a grip and to do so she used the same method she'd used on the night of Suna's destruction. For five seconds she'd allow her sadness and pain to overtake her and then it was back to the typical icy demeanor she showed. In those five seconds Izumi sobbed into her knees without any cares for her audience.

The crying woman weakly wiped her eyes, still weakened from own jutsu before taking a deep breath and returning to a composed manner. “I don't have a good answer for you. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I can't let you go, we both know that. You know how the Mist Village is, they'll make you tell them what you saw. I don't know who “her” is but there's a chance you'll never see her again. When the man fighting Ayakashi returns I'll talk to him about putting a seal on you to keep you quiet. You didn't deserve this but it's what happened. I know you probably think I'm crazy for saving you at all, but I have my reasons.” Izumi began gathering medical chakra in her hand as she weakly crawled over to Chigetsu, and gently put her hand on his chest flowing the healing energy into him “I'll try to help you get out of pain, but I'm not the best at medical ninjutsu you'll have to wait for some of my friends to get fully patched up. I'll just make it so you don't suffer while you wait. I'm sorry I hurt you.” Izumi would do her best to maintain Chigetsu's comfort while she waited for Rysano and Nova to come back from the battle.

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Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki

It was then that he noticed the sobbing. Out of all the things he could have seen, that was perhaps what had would have expected the least. He paused. The righteous anger that sprung up from desperation collapsed just as his mind did. His image of the girl was shattered. The Izumi Karisuma in his mind was a ruthless and bloodthirsty girl, who enjoyed violence and hurting others. Every time he had met with her it came to result in him witnessing some unnecessary cruelty committed by her hands. The destruction of the competition in the Chunin Exams followed by the hospitalization of Hanza. Her betrayal in the Death Camp, where she had turned on Chigetsu and the others for what he could only assume to be her own amusement, and finally now. Seeing her now like this brought an image of a different Izumi, one that he didn’t and couldn’t know. It was too strange, and for a moment Chigetsu wondered if he really had died after she plunged her hand into his chest. If it hadn’t been for the pain he would have assumed it was a dream. He stared at her while she was on her knees, unable to speak or continue his begging. The words were stuck in his throat, and he felt as if he were choking.  

Then, as soon as it started, it ended. She wiped her eyes and regained her composure, standing again against her tears. Maybe with enough time he would be able to reconnect the shattered image he had of the girl and make sense of what he just saw, but it wouldn’t be now. There wasn’t the time, and he didn’t have the energy. Maybe the time for understanding was over, and attempting to would just be a waste of time. Even if he understood her, would that matter? He was still down on the ground now, and she would still be standing over him. He was weak, and she was strong. The words he might have been able to say wouldn’t have changed that, and even if he could have bought himself a different fate with that understanding nothing would have changed. It would just be trading this moment for another in the future. This was his own fault. And then she spoke again, and he was hardly prepared for that either.  

“I don't have a good answer for you. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I can't let you go, we both know that. You know how the Mist Village is, they'll make you tell them what you saw. I don't know who “her” is but there's a chance you'll never see her again. When the man fighting Ayakashi returns I'll talk to him about putting a seal on you to keep you quiet. You didn't deserve this but it's what happened. I know you probably think I'm crazy for saving you at all, but I have my reasons.” He hung his head. The words hit him hard. Would he never be able to see her again? Just thinking about it, he couldn't imagine. His squad had become such a large part of his life since meeting them, just thinking about never seeing them again left him feeling empty. Without their presence, what did he have? His devotion to Kirigakure had grown hollow, especially now as he was sent off here to die. When did he stop thinking of himself as just a weapon for Kirigakure? Was it when he met them? “I'll try to help you get out of pain, but I'm not the best at medical ninjutsu you'll have to wait for some of my friends to get fully patched up. I'll just make it so you don't suffer while you wait. I'm sorry I hurt you.”  

He was left silent, unable to do anything but accept his fate. There was no way he could resist her now, especially like this. If that man came back who had fought against the Mizukage there would be a zero percent chance of him escaping. He could only assume that Izumi had labored to keep him alive for some sort of information gathering purpose, and likely they would have someone interrogate him later. Swallowing down the emotions that had nearly burst up and out from his chest, Chigetsu would stare down into the sands and wallow in his despair.


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