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Explore the mountain city:
Mission name: Explore the Mountain City.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Explore Iwagakure's old districts and map old tunnels and structures for the city planning commission.
Location: Iwagakure.
Reward: 150 Ryo.
Mission description: The city planning commission in Iwagakure is always looking for volunteers to help map old districts, tunnels and structures in the mountains. Some of these caverns haven't been explored in decades, so cartographers should be careful of cave-ins and dead ends.


"If it ain't broke don't fix it ayame..." Ayame said, letting out a sigh as she did so. Undoing the ponytail she had put her hair into. She had spent the better part of the morning attempting to shake up her outfit, by either putting on different clothes, or put her hair in different styles, or something. Anything. But alas, her traditional outfit was the one she liked the most out of all of them. So she slowly pulled apart the outfit she currently had, and pulled her normal outfit already mostly put together off of a coat hangar, taking it off the hangar piece by piece, and then grabbing her headband. A little dissatisfied with how the morning had went already, Ayame decided she still wanted to mix it up, even if it was just a little a bit and so she instead put her headband on her thigh instead of around her next where he usually put it. She had seen a few other girls do it, and it worked for them. If Ayame was being honest though, she preferred it around her neck as she thought it looked better, and she was also worried that it might draw attention up her skirt, but she wasn't going to worry about that today. She knew what she had planned for the better part of the day and so she wasn't worried about there being a lot of instances where she'd need to worry about her skirt hiking up to far. Or at least if it did, there not being a whole lot of people around to witness it. She was sure she'd be alone for the better part of most of the day.

After considering that thought, and shuttering at the idea of someone being there just at an inopportune moment, Ayame headed out of her room, grabbing the towel she had used to shower on the way, and tossing into her laundry bin, which admittedly was getting a bit full. She'd need to remember to do it, either when she got home, or tomorrow, but no later than that. Either way that wasn't her concern at the moment. What she was really after was the letter addressed to her from the village that she had left on the table. Wandering over to the table, Ayame's hand graced over the parchment, before she wrapped her fingers around the stationary, and lifted to bring the letter up to her face so she could read it clearly. She'd then unfold the letter, reading over the note once more, just to make sure she had all the details correct before she'd out.

"Uchiha Ayame, You've been assigned to explore the ruins of the old Iwagakure No Sato. The City planning commission of Iwagakure has need of maps for tunnels, city structures and ruins, any of the possible caverns you might come across that may be of use. Included with these maps should be details about the locations you visit, including and hazards or potential dangers and threats you see or meet in the area. The City has plans to renovate some of the area that used to make up the old city market, so we recommend you begin there, however if you find anything useful or interesting we may use it, so don't be afraid to be a bit adventurous while your out mapping and exploring. Additionally, we'd also advise caution as you are being payed for a D-rank Mission, and we're not expecting you to risk your life, and any additional hazards you brave while out in the field will not increase your compensation. Once you felt you have enough of the area mapped out and measured the areas relative safety, please return your findings to the Administration building, there you will be handed compensation for your work, and your information will be deliveries to the appropriate hands. Finally, remember that you represent Iwagakure for this mission, and you are expected to behave with the utmost professionalism."

-Iwagakure Administration Building

Ayame would set down the note after she finished reading it over once more. She enjoyed the professionalism of the letter, and how she being treated as an actual member of the Iwagakure. She'd face a bit prejudice when she first arrived, as people were worried that the Sunagakure Refugees wouldn't be loyal to Iwagakure. However eventually these concerned settled after a little bit, and people grew to know the refugees that were now living along side them. Granted, there are still some people that are against Ayame and the others staying around here, but the slowly become a minority and their voices drown out over the hum of the latest news. At least enough that Ayame could ignore them without feeling like she was unwanted in the village. Regardless, It was still good to see that Iwagakure officially didn't take this stance, or at least whoever wrote this letter prioritized their job over whatever bigoted nonsense they may be holding inside their head. Or maybe they simply didn't know that Ayame was originally from Sunagakure. Though she found this possible scenario unlikely, and highly improbable, given whatever file Iwagakure had on her, likely not only included where she was from, both also the shinobi status of her mother in the village hidden in the sand. Not that it really mattered to Ayame what her own village knew about her. She doubted they would attempt to use that sort of information to black-mail her, or to hunt her down. She understood that that sort of information was there so that way other shinobi like her sensei's and higher-ups could understand her better, or be used against her if she ever decided to betray Iwagakure. Which, at least at the current moment, she had no intentions of doing. So she wan't really opposed to them having that sort of information on her. If it ever did become a problem, she might bring up who has access to the files, or their purpose then, but for the moment it really was the least of her worries. If she spent her life worrying that anything that ever existed on her or could be used against her would be, then'd she'd never leave her house and just be some paranoid nutcase. People leave a lot of openings in their day to day life, and a lot of people don't realize that.

Finally setting the letter down, Ayame would turn her attention to the kitchen. The morning was still early, and she had a fair bit of preparing to do. She'd gotten the letter late into the night and so hadn't had any time to really prepare what she would need to, if she wanted to spend the day outside and exploring ancient ruins. Though she had to admit, she was a bit excited. It wasn't every day that people got to explore the ruins of an old city, as well as tunnels and caves. But still, preparing came first. So Ayame moved herself from the living room straight into the kitchen, grabbing a backpack along the way. Once in the kitchen, Ayame immediately headed towards the fridge, and pulled out a few bottles of water. She generally took one every day with her when she went out to train for the morning, but today she'd need a bit more so that way in case she got lost, an needed help, or she was just out there for longer than she planned, water was essential to her survival. After that, she'd grab an entire box of granola bars from her cupboard and just stuff it into her backpack. Like with the water, food was an essential bit of survival, and she'd want extras in case she got lost, or trapped, and granola bars were nice, light on the stomach, but pretty filling and nutrient rich, so she figured it was a good choice. With both of these things packed up Ayame assumed that she was probably good on the survival end. She thought something like blankets or maybe a why to call for help would be a good idea, but she decided against it, in favor of keeping her load light. Sure they'd probably be nice if she got herself in a sticky situation, but really what were the odds of that? Also, Keeping her load light, meant she could conserve some energy in that kind of situation, which was also pretty important. So she decided against those two things, and after putting on some shoes, she headed out of her home, and towards the old city.

It didn't take long for Ayame to reach the old city. Sure she hadn't been in Iwagakure for awhile, but that didn't mean that she didn't know her way around the city. She had developed her first two weeks in the city to learning as much as she could, spending most of her free nights out and about just wandering around memorizing the place as much as she could. So she had already discovered a bit of the Old City, though she hadn't explored it much. Once she found out that it was abandoned, she really didn't try to focus on it, knowing that she'd get it later. And here she was. As Ayame arrived on scene, and sort of at the entrance of the old city, under an archway that was missing parts of the wall surrounding it, and even the middle bit of the arch, she stopped to put down her bag, grabbing out a small notebook. She'd use the first pages to begin mapping out sections as she saw fit, and used the pages after to list details about each section. The girl would begin with the section she'd dub as 1-A. With the section listed at the top of the page, she'd pick up her bag once more before hopping up to the highest place she could find in the nearby area. There were places that were higher further in the city, but she didn't want to be that far away from the section she intended to map out. So she simply settled for the highest place in section 1-A, which was a measly pile of rubble, as most of the area around the entrance, had been fairly cleared away due to all the people that entered into the old city from this point. The girl would then stand there for a bit, mapping out how the section looked, and what pathways could be taken, and what buildings could possibly be restored or taken down. There wasn't any apparent danger in this location to Ayame, so she ignored that bit, at least for this page. Ayame would then continue doing this, moving zone by zone, finding the highest point and then mapping out the zone. Moving around the section if she had to, to fully map out what walkways were usable, or to investigate something she might consider a hazard, or how a building looked structurally speaking from the inside. Up until she had gotten a good portion of the way through the ruined city. She hadn't really done any cave diving, or looking into the many tunnel around, but she felt that was a risk she could save for another time, and besides she had been told not to really risk her life here. The girl mapped all the way up to 9-A, and if the pieces were put together, it would look like a 3 by 3 square, with 9-A being in the bottom right and 1-A being in the top left. Ayame was pretty proud of her mapping, and her report as the sun began to just start setting, so she decided to head back before it got too dark that she wouldn't be able to recognize the landmarks she had laid out in her map. Though she figured if she needed to, she could probably navigate the location in the dark, as mapping a place out did a lot to help her memory of it.

With her report finished up, Ayame headed straight for the administration building and delivered her report. The praise she received from the clerk was nice, and basically made Ayame's night. Enough so that she felt like going out to eat for a successful mission. And so she did. Simply stopping off at a simple restaurant she ordered herself some fried rice and dumplings, before she headed off towards the training grounds, to at least catch some training before she then returned home to call it a night. All in all it was a rather good day for Ayame, even if she hadn't met any new people, or even really socially interacted with anyone. She still felt like the day was rather successful, and the girl went to bed, thinking of the praise she had received from the clerk. It was a good day.

WC: 2202

[exit thread]
Mission Complete! [750/750 Words]
Words left for training: [1452]
Burning Artillery (C-rank): [1000/1000 Words]
Reaction time D-1 -> D-2: [400/400 Words]

WC left over: [50]


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