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Mission Taken - Scouting Assignment:

Mission name: Scouting Assignment.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Search for refugees and mark their locations on maps.
Location: Any.
Reward: 150 ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: Iwagakure military personnel are requesting scouting reports to locate refugees for evacuation efforts, find them and report back.
Development References: What Lies Beneath Event.
Mission Details: A relatively simple mission, scouting assignments involve venturing out into the wilderness or locating groups of civilians and refugees for Iwa to evacuate and help organize between the visiting nations to best divide the crisis. The desert is filled with rogue thieves and native wildlife which may or may not interfere with these assignments.
Maybe it doesn’t bother me that badly because I lived here for the first fifteen years of my life.

“It’s so hot here, how does anyone stand it? I could never live in a place this hot all the time…” Niala could only shake her head as she heard a nearby Iwagakure shinobi complaining about the heat: it was not the first of her comrades who had done such around her and she knew it wouldn’t be the last. They hadn’t been raised in such heat, hadn’t spent the majority of their lives adapting to it, but she had - even though she had spent several months in Iwagakure already the heat still didn’t bother her like it seemed to bother everyone else, nor did she suffer from the sunburn that many were afflicted with because they weren’t used to it and conditioned to it. She counted herself lucky, sure enough.

For now though she didn’t allow such thoughts to linger, and instead focused on the task that they were preparing for. The mission was simple: her and the group she was to be exploring with were to scout and locate refugees for evacuation. Yet, instead of rescuing them they were simply to mark the way for the rescue teams to follow. It sounded simple enough, but in a world now plagued with criminals and low lifes who were attempting to take advantage of any and every situation they could it still had its potential for danger if they were lax or didn’t watch their backs well enough. Thankfully, the group she was going with was prepared: talking among themselves about sticking together, handling things seriously - far different than another group nearby who were all joking and laughing among themselves as if this mission was some kind of joke to them simply because it was labeled as D-rank.

The sooner this is begun, the sooner this is done.

While Niala knew the importance of this mission she was still keen on getting it done and behind her: her uncle knew she was going on the mission and had training planned afterward if she wasn’t too exhausted. Considering she was used to the terrain, blistering sun, and general heat of the day? She doubted that would be the case. This was doubly so considering she had pointed out the difference between the heat of the day and the cool of the night, causing everyone to agree that doing this mission in the early evening hours would be for the best of everything: giving them enough light to see by while allowing them to avoid the heat that would surely defeat many of her comrades.

“If no one else has any more questions about our assignments we’ll head out then. Remember, stick with the group. Does everyone have plenty of water on them?” After conformations were made the group headed out, Niala remaining in formation with the rest as they moved about the sand, heading to the target area they were expected to search in. As they went they were all alert for any wildlife in the area that might make an appearance, hoping to take advantage of the cooling air and make a snack out of them - but thankfully none showed. Likewise, even as they located several groups of refugees, marking them on the map for later rescue and giving them basic medical attention and supplies as needed, they found their mission free of bandits, scavengers, and general lowlifes who would try and have a go.

I’ll be taking my payment and moving on, thank you very much.

So, it was without incident that the group including Niala reached the safety of their camp after hours of searching, handing over the information to the team that would be making the actual rescues of the refugees they had located. As Niala adjusted her ponytail, watching the rescue teams prepare to leave, she found herself being approached by one of the older members of the group. “Mind if I ask how you knew the best time for us to do this?”, the male asked curiously, turning his focus as well onto the group as to keep from staring at her. Niala smiled a bit, surprised the question hadn’t come earlier, “Because for the first fifteen years of my life I was a member of Sunagakure. It’s also why I knew where some of the caves we searched in were that hadn’t been marked on the map..”, Niala explained, shifting her blue eyed gaze off the group as they headed out and onto her comrade who nodded at her in understanding. Giving a brief smile she turned and headed off, ready to collect her payment and meet up with her uncle for training.
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