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Akui, Kyorinrin (Stats) Giphy


-Because of the alien nature of the Void, Akui members have trouble learning to control the very gifts they were blessed with. As such, when attempting to rank up their level of void control they experience a 30% WC increase.

-Akui clansmen have a strong affinity for the void and find it hard to understand those who aren’t part of their clan. Thus when receiving training from those not of the Akui clan for specialization training they receive an additional 10% WC increase.

Path of Desecration:

  • However, due to their reliance on summoning, the Akui of this are less trained with their own abilities, and thus start with their primary specialization at B-rank and require an additional 15% to train all their specializations. As as technical note; their summons, because of their connection to Naraka, are only capable of techniques with no elemental affinity or are aligned with Kukyoton.

Speed : E-Rank
Speed : E-Rank
Endurance : E-Rank
Perception : E-Rank
Reaction Time : E-Rank

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