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It has been a while since the hallway had been dusted and every footstep Kisei took scattered more dust and sand along the hall. The Ushinatta was disgusted by the state of things, even though this hallway, this house, was nothing but a doorstep to the true secret of the grounds, Alpha had never allowed it to reach such a state. The stairs in their closet leading down to this hall was thankfully intact, and by intact he meant in tatters. The wooden doors hanging on their hinges, and the left one was missing, assumed to have been scavenged for wood. Thankfully Alpha was thorough in shipping all of their stuff to Konoha. How he got people to mail this to his shop Kisei had no idea. How his brother knew he had a shop, Kisei had no idea. But here he was, shifting through the rubble of his former home for anything left behind.

It had been a bit difficult to look through his old room, only to find it as empty as the first day he had moved in. The chill of the room in the darkening sunset hadn't quite settled in, but it's presence, or lack of presence was easily felt in the sandstone room while he was there.

His trip down memory lane came to an end when he was confronted with the familiar intimidating wooden door frame. He moved closer, and closer, walking through the hologram with ease. The light scanning over his skin. Kisei came face to face with the true visage of the hallway. A massive semi-circle steel door, equipped with two massive bolt locks on the side. Pinwheel strapped on his back, umbrella at his side, Kisei stepped closer and immediately two lasers on the sides flashed on, one pointed at his forehead, the other at his heart.

"Entry Code Verification." The robotic recorder played.

Without hesitation the young Ushinatta stepped closer, a microphone popped out of the wall and he whispered. "Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Chi, Psi, Omega." He responded.

A few beeps of the door and the left bolt opened.

The door spoke again, this time in a more familiar voice. "Alright you clever bastard, now say the real password." The record of Alpha chuckled before cutting off. Kisei chuckled a bit with him before saying the second password. "Omega, Psi, Chi, Tau, Sigma, Rho, Pi, Omicron, Xi, Nu, Mu, Lambda, Kappa, Iota, Theta, Eta, Zeta, Epsilon, Delta, Gamma, Beta, Alpha."

Another few clicks and the second bolt pulled back, allowing the circular door to spin in on itself and fall below the floor. Opening the way to a darkened laboratory.

As Kisei stepped through the gate it closed behind him. A blink later and the lab was a chorus of lights. As Kisei walked through he recognized some of the different projects his brother and himself had been working on before. Such as prototypes for the umbrella and pinwheel, blueprints for his planned puppets, the space-time distortion detector.

"Wait, what? The space time distortion detector?!" Kisei ran towards a series of computers connected to a massive monitor on the wall. Kisei flinched when the black screen came to life, rendering a three dimensional model of the Sunagakure, however a small red dot was flashing in the desert a few kilometers off from the ruins of the Sunagakure.

"I can't believe Alpha had gotten it to work. Measuring three dimensional events are easy, any sort of recording can do that, but tracking distortions in forth dimensional "space"? The amount of computing and the equipment to be able to measure these kinds of events... This is amazing."

Kisei was in awe at the sheer brilliance of this technology, for the moment. The weight of what he was looking at would sink in about... Now.

"If this machine measures space time distortions... Why is there a red dot in the desert? That would mean- something from World Omega is here." He gasped in realization.

Kisei dashed as fast as he could out of the lab after memorizing the coordinates. As soon as he made it outside he ran on the sunagakure wall directly next to his home. Huffing when he reached the top. The adrenaline pushing through every ounce of blood in his body. He didn't even know what it was but that didn't matter, this was something Kisei had to know. Plopping on top of his pinwheel he activated his 'Mockery' jutsu and drove off to that location as fast as he could.

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Kisei rode through the desert dunes on his pinwheel, gliding just over the surface of thousands of miniscule sand grains. Thinking silently to himself. The distortion detector marked a location about here, judging by his speed it should be-

I hit the brakes on my jutsu, bringing me to a complete stop.

"What the..." I breathed, awed and terrified at the sight around him. A hundred meter field of steel like dust coating the sand, thin holes In the sand, small indents barely noticeable. Each spaced a meter apart. A lump formed in my throat. Not really knowing what to make of this I slowly glided around the apparent battlefield, looking around. Examining what could've caused this. After a thorough look around he noticed how some of the sand had been turned into glass. A foreboding sign of what had happened....

'Not all fire belongs to that one. Whoever they were.' I reminded myself. I still didn't know what happened, not a clue, and if guy instinct was as reliable as it was in the past I won't be able to by just looking around. So for now I'll settle for locating the relic. With a new goal in mind I set to rescan the area again.

An hour passed quickly.

It turned out that the relic was just outside the blast zone. The discovery however... Wasn't.. really... Exactly what I was expecting though. It was a massive 3x3x3 cube. It's identity inrecognizable to most people, however its function was not lost on me. "A computer frame."

One of the old relics of my home world had been rediscovered. Sealing it into to my locker I headed back to base camp for my duties, not telling anyone of what I saw.


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